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A Vision for Health Care in America

Here is a vision for health care in America that all people can agree upon:
Imagine a doctor and patient sitting in a doctor's office.  The patient has all the money they need to pay for their medical needs.  There are no insurance companies in the room.  There are no government bureaucrats in the room.  Just the doctor, the patient and the money.

How Do You Get There?  
With the tax deduction “Cash in the Hand”: 
For Individuals:
  • If you could deposit your income tax payment in a Health Savings Account, would you do it?
  • If you could deposit your property tax payment in a Health Savings Account, would you do it?
Waiters and Waitresses:
  • Would you like all the sales taxes collected each day by your employer to be divided equally between all the workers in the restaurant and deposited into a Health Savings Account for you?
Workers in a big box store:
  • Would you like your employers property tax bill divided equally between all the workers and deposited in your Health Savings Account for you?
  • Would you like your employers corporate income tax bill divided equally between all the workers and deposited in your Health Savings Account?
What can you do with the money in an Health Savings Account?
Buy Health Insurance
Pay for any health related expense
Do you want to live under the ObamaCare health care laws or would you rather have a Health Savings Account made possible by the tax deduction “Cash in the Hand”?

This and other papers can be found at

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Why does BO not tell "we the people" the facts and post the actual dollar amount of Taxes paid by the Millionaires & Billionaires. There is not enough room on this post for all the zeros; so you will have to do the math. Very easy to find the amounts with a search. "Who Pays the most US Taxes". Buffet says "he pays less taxes than his secretary." OK Mr. Buffet why don't you give your empoyees a much needed RAISE? #game over!


According to the Office of Tax Analysis, the U.S. individual income tax is "highly progressive," with a small group of higher-income taxpayers paying most of the individual income taxes each year.

  • In 2002 the latest year of available data, the top 5 percent of taxpayers paid more than one-half (53.8 percent) of all individual income taxes, but reported roughly one-third (30.6 percent) of income.
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E-Blast Request to stop Sustainable Development

An open letter to the Albemarle County Board of Supervisors

(where Jefferson's Monticello, and University of Virginia are located)


Ladies and Gentlemen,
The climate may be getting hotter, but man has not reached the technological prowess to affect it in any way.  The attached should show why.  It is a picture of the earth, and the sun, to scale!  Actually, the whole sun would not fit in the 800x600 frame with enough pixels to display the earth as anything recognizable.  Not even close! 
That picture, and the fact that the observed results are far different from the "predictions" made by the "models" of scientist that conspired to control the global media message destroy the anthropogenic climate change argument.  Their measurements were not properly taken.  The East Anglia E-Mail incident showed their political motivations.  Quick research on the events of the 21st century should stand as incontrovertable proof that anthropogenic climate change is a fad, farce or fraud.
In any case, it does not justify a tax to pay for information collection on individual citizens.  The result will not be far
from the kilowatt hours billed to those citizens in the first place.  Ultimately, the greenhouse gasses generated by buildings connected to the power grid come from the fire used to generate that electricity.  Around here, a big portion of that is the Lake Anna Nuclear Plant...  ZERO Emissions!   The information is available in the annual reports of Dominion Power!
Every cent paid to an entity operating a "market" proscribed and protected by the government IS A TAX.   Every regulation, especially those demanding lower power light bulbs, IS A TAX.  Cap and Trade IS A TAX.  They call it sustainable government.  Given our latest economic results, we know that their reasons, and their budget are NOT SUSTAINABLE!

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Is there a way to halt the payment of the $2B to bolivia that Obama promised them?  As I understand it, the money is payable to an oil company in Bolivia to drill off shore for oil.  Mmmm?  Why pay them to drill for oil?  Open up the Gulf coast for off shore drilling and put AMERICANS back to work.  And let them drill closer to shore.  If there is an accident, they can contain and repair it quicker.  Put AMERICANS back to work and use the $2B to help with the deficit.
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I joined a Tea Party April 15th , I met many Patriots!

I found the The Tea Party Revolution is….

our revolution for equal liberty and fair confirmation of our laws ….

our liberation of pure unalienable rights that lead to our constitutional value….

our resolution to renew the truths of freedom in the United States of America…

our absolution in life for our children’s future....

The children, in Washington D.C., leading our country these days are in large part from a distant young generation shredded by political turmoil and fantastic worldly advances surrounding the sixties decade. This past forgotten generation, part my generation, the self acclaimed Aquarius movement, moved to inspire beautiful idealistic dreams of a future where all mankind could live in equality, equal in love without true charity, equal in peace without rule, equal in life without work.

They fingered the man, spat on our soldiers, trampled on equality --- with celebrations that delighted in burning our beloved stars --- bleeding the very stripes of our precious freedom. They became disillusioned in government --- angered at the all powerful big brother, hateful of political oppression, violent against our nation’s best morals, they immerged from some darkened pit and dawned a new age of grimacing indignation toward the American family core.

These distant immoral minorities --- now eyes entrenched in red with bygone rage, minds clouded in storms of lost psychedelic futures --- now wade deep gorging on thick governmental waste --- blindly marching forward in time devouring the futures of our children. These now immoral majorities smirk in closed governmental caucuses communing with each other to ignite intentional fires that would consume our United Statehood Constitutional fabric --- all the while waving their arms high in allegiance over blue fielded cloth they will use to cover the very coffin that will entomb our solemn brave few blessings of liberty --- our Bill of Rights.

The children who rule this day in Washington trumpet the wave of socialistic politics in the name of public care --- are the governmental well fare, the big brother, the omnipotent oppressor!

Today, in our nation’s capitol, politicians railroad imperialist laws --- ushering in this new dawning age --- this new enlarged age of taxation.

Today, in the world, our politicians give way ------ of giving away the inspired treasures of our great nation.

Today, in our homes, these leaders raise nightmares --- haunting our very endeared American dreams.

Now, Mr. VP Joe Biden, Ms. Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Mr. Nobel President Obama ----- You are the socialistic justifier!

You are the man!

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Our VP on "The View" explaning his tax sham

Biden responded: "Well, the president and I haven't said they're'far-right lunatics.' Look, I think there's an awful lot of people outthere who are frightened and scared. There are fringes in every outfit,but the vast majority of these people, I think, are just frustrated,and what they don't get yet — and I understand it — is they're going tosee that we spent our time cutting taxes. We gave the largest tax cutin the history of America to middle-class people."

Really, Joe does not get that cutting taxes and not cutting spending is cheating America. There is only one type of a tax cut, which is a spending cut. Anything else is what the IRS calls a "tax sham"

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Why we are poor

Vice President Biden loves to say that a rich nation (America)
has a moral obligation to pay for this and that (currently Health
Care). One problem, we are not rich. Here is what each of us
need to fund each and every year. Except, as I discuss below, fifty
percent of America pays no income tax.

Per Capita Government Spending in the United States

Fiscal Year 2010

Government Pensions $3,196 / person

Government Health Care + $3,529 / person

Government Education + $3,388 / person

National Defense + $2,901 / person

Government Welfare + $2,429 / person

All Other Spending + $5,484 / person

Total Spending = $21,055 / person

Half of us pay almost all of the Country’s income tax (97%).

So, take the 21,055 times two, which is about $42,000 from each
us every year.

Of course, all this has not been paid and can not
be paid. That is why we are poor.
p.s. for the folks making more than $200,000 (10% of Americans)
you are pay 70% of all the Countries income taxes.

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As Thursday's Tax Day demonstrations drew over two million enthusiastic protestors out for the occasion, totally ignored by the mainstream media was the unveiling of the TEA (taxed enough already) Party’s “Contract FROM America.” The Contract from America consists of the “Top-Ten” most popular planks from among the group’s twenty-one original planks. Of the top-ten planks in the Contract, the number-one issue is clearly protecting the Constitution . . . not just because a plank by that name received the most internet votes and a closely related plank was voted into fifth position, but also because each and every one of the other eight planks honors the concept of limited federal government, returning power to the people and the states vis a vis the federal government and controlling size, spending and interference of the federal government. Here are the Contract From America's Top Ten Planks:

Protect the Constitution of the United States

Reject Cap and Trade legislation

Demand a balanced budget

Enact fundamental tax reform

Restore fiscal responsibility and constitutionally limited

government in Washington, D.C.

End Runaway government spending

Defund, repeal and replace government-run health care

Pass an “all-of-the-above” energy policy

Stop porkbarrel spending and earmarks in legislation

Prevent further tax hikes

These are the ten yardsticks for measuring candidates this coming November which the TEA Party will employ. Rajjpuut finds nine of the ten items he supported on the list as well as his item #13 and is deeply impressed with the wisdom shown by those who voted on the twenty-one item list. For those of us who believe that informed and caring citizens are the nation’s only chance of stepping back from the precipice of doom, this is a most heart-warming result. For the imbecilic mass media who called these gentle and concerned people “racists, haters and violent extremists,” Rajjpuut reminds you of Glen Beck’s nightly close using this Gandhi quote. “Let truth be your anvil and non-violence your hammer. Whatever does NOT ring true when struck on the anvil of truth by the hammer of non-violence must be rejected . . .” so let it be when the media’s lies and hate and extreme left-leanings are brought upon us . . . they are all rejected in the process. Just as the TEA Party says to the legislators “You work for us, we don’t work for you,” Rajjpuut says to the liberal media, “you either cover the truth or you only pretend to cover the news.” This fine document (these top-ten planks making up their 2010 Contract from America) is truly exactly what this country needs now. Let the media cover this great grassroots revolt truly and honestly or let them all die from lack of solvency as people refuse to pay to read or hear their lies.

Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,


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A wide range of polls over the last three weeks show that as Tax Day approaches Americans are becoming more and more convinced that congress and the president do not listen to them, tax too much, spend too much, have run up too much debt, and are on the wrong track for curing the ills of the nation, particulary jobs and the economy. Whether old respected polls or the polls of the networks or spot polls on the internet, the conclusions have been the same. More recent polling paints a “hardening” of those attitudes . . . today, Rasmussen Reports pollsters found "more of the same" in their surveys:

Item: only 21% of the voters believe that the decisionmakers in Washington have the consent of the governed while 61% believe Washington does NOT have that consent

Item: 66% of those polled say Americans are overtaxed including 81% of mainstream America feeling we are overtaxed . . . but in contrast 69% of the political class feels Americans are NOT over taxed

Item: 69% say the American Dream is becoming impossible for their children and grandchildren and 58% favor repeal of Obamacare and 47% say repeal of Obamacare will be good for the economy and only 33% say repeal of Obamacare will be bad for the economy
Item: 50% of unaffiliated voters say their views are closer to the TEA Party than to President Obama 38% of unaffiliated voters align with President Obama’s views and overall 48% of Americans feel closer to the TEA Party views than to Obama while 44% feel the President represents their views better.
Item: 96% of the political class** have an UNfavorable view of the TEA Party movement but 58% of the mainstream hold a favorable view of the TEA Party. To understand this polling statistic better . . . the Political Class typically varies from 6% to 18% of the populace depending upon the answers to three key questions on any given polling date. The mainstream percentage typically varies from 46% to 70% depending upon when a given poll takes place. The upshot is that the political class believes that the people in Washington are the experts and they know what’s best for America. The mainstream believes the voters have a much more realistic idea of what’s needed and what’s NOT needed at any given time.

Ya'all live long, strong and ornery,

** Understanding "Mainstream and Political Class" designations
Rasmussen's designations of "political class" and "mainstream" do more to clarify attitudes than perhaps any other system of classifying voter trends. The two groups not only shift in temperment from time to time, but also shift in the sizes of the respective groups over time, for example, a late January, 2010, Rasmussen poll showed that only an unbelievably low 4% aligned with the political class at that time. It is unusual for the political class to drop and stay much below 8% for any extended period of time. The three questions Rasmussen uses to calculate the Index are:

-- Generally speaking, when it comes to important national issues, whose judgment do you trust more - the American people or America’s political leaders?

-- Some people believe that the federal government has become a special interest group that looks out primarily for its own interests. Has the federal government become a special interest group?

-- Do government and big business often work together in ways that hurt consumers and investors?

To create the designations, each response earns a plus 1 for the mainstream answer "YES", a minus 1 for the political class answer "NO", and a 0 for not sure.

Those who score 2 or higher are considered part of the Mainstream. Those who score -2 or lower are considered to be aligned with the Political Class. Those who score +1 or -1 are considered leaners in one direction or the other.

In practical terms, if someone is classified with the Mainstream, they agree with the mainstream view on at least two of the three questions and don’t agree with the Political Class on any; and someone is classified as part of the political class if they agree with the political class view on at least two of the three questions and don't agree with the mainstream view on any.

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Windfall Tax on Retirement Income

Just One State – be sure and read the last part...This is only one State.................If this doesn't open eyes, nothing will!From the L. A. Times1. 40% of all workers in L. A. County (L. A.. County has 10.2 million people) are working for cash and not paying taxes. This is because they are predominantly illegal immigrants working without a green card.2. 95% of warrants for murder in Los Angeles are for illegal aliens.3. 75% of people on the most wanted list in Los Angeles are illegal aliens.4. Over 2/3 of all births in Los Angeles County are to illegal alien Mexicans on Medi-Cal, whose births were paid for by taxpayers.5. Nearly 35% of all inmates in California detention centers are Mexican nationals here illegally.6. Over 300,000 illegal aliens in Los Angeles County are living in garages.7. The FBI reports half of all gang members in Los Angeles are most likely illegal aliens from south of the border.8 Nearly 60% of all occupants of HUD properties are illegal.9. 21 radio stations in L. A. are Spanish speaking.10. In L. A. County 5.1 million people speak English, 3.9 million speak Spanish.(There are 10.2 million people in L. A. County. )(All 10 of the above facts were published in the Los Angeles Times)Less than 2% of illegal aliens are picking our crops, but 29% are on welfare. Over 70% of the United States' annual population growth (and over 90% of California, Florida, and New York ) results from immigration. 29% of inmates in federal prisons are illegal aliens.We are fools for letting this continueHOW CAN YOU HELP?Send copies of this letter to at least two other people. 100 would be even better.This is only one State...............If this doesn't open your eyes nothing will, and you wonder why Nancy Pelosi wants them to become voters!*************************************LET'S IMPEACH HER NOW BEFORE SHE DOES FURTHER DAMAGE!! WHAT AN IDIOT!!Windfall Tax on Retirement IncomeAdding a tax to your retirement is simply another way of saying to the American people, you're so darn stupid that we're going to keep doing this until we drain every cent from you. That's what the Speaker of the House is saying. Read below...............Nancy Pelosi wants a Windfall Tax on Retirement Income. In other words tax what you have made by investing toward your retirement. This woman is a nut case! You aren't going to believe this.Madam speaker Nancy Pelosi wants to put a Windfall Tax on all stock market profits (including Retirement fund, 401K and Mutual Funds! Alas, it is true - all to help the 12 Million Illegal Immigrants and other unemployed Minorities!This woman is frightening.She quotes...' We need to work toward the goal of equalizing income, (didn't Marx say something like this?), in our country and at the same time limiting the amount the rich can invest.' (I am not rich, are you?)When asked how these new tax dollars would be spent, she replied:'We need to raise the standard of living of our poor, unemployed and minorities. For example, we have an estimated 12 million illegal immigrants in our country who need our help along with millions of unemployed minorities. Stock market windfall profits taxes could go a long way to guarantee these people the standard of living they would like to have as 'Americans'.'(Read that quote again and again and let it sink in.) 'Lower your retirement; give it to others who have not worked as you have for it'.Send it on to your friends. I just did!!This lady is out of her mind and she is the speaker of the house!
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