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Obamacare’s First Implementations Reveal

Obama Abortion-Betrayal of Promise to Stupak

Regardless of how Americans view abortion, roughly 75% of Americans have agreed on one thing: public funding of “elective abortion” is a very bad idea. Elective surgeries including things like “stapling stomachs, hair implants, cosmetic plastic surgery and elective abortions are all personal choices and are not absolute medical emergencies like, say emergency, therapeutic abortions are.

Based upon his personal history as candidate and president, it was only a matter of time before this most incredible of all Obama lies surfaced. The surprise is that it came on the very first publicly announced implementation of Obamacare, the very first. Barack Obama who accused his accusers of “bearing false witness” against him at the final moments of passage of Obamacare, has been proven to be the ultimate bearer of false witness in the most dishonorably possible way. And remember he said to turn off FOX News because they and the Republican Party were “fabricating things.” And of course charges that Obamacare was 1) going to cost far more than advertised and 2) would raise the deficits of the nation were “fabrications” also.

The very first implementations of Obamacare today are setting up state coverage for “elective abortion” at 80% in New Mexico, Pennsylvania and reportedly two other states. Doesn’t Bart Stupak look like a complete idiot now. If the poor cretin blew his brains out, would anyone blame him . . . how humiliating, he made a stand supposedly on principle and then took the word of the president of the United States that no federal coverage of abortion would occur . . . and now it’s obvious Stupak was an A-1 Sucker! Remember Bart Stupak telling the country, with that signed paper in his hand, that “Republican claims that federally funded abortions were part of Obamacare were "disingenuous?"

There are a few good things about Barack Obama:

A) He’s made the nation aware of the evil of progressive administrations like FDR’s and Woodrow Wilson's. For example, a large percentage of Americans now understand for the first time that FDR, rather than ending the Great Depression (only World War II did that) actually extended it at least another eight years.

B) He’s been unable to keep his communism under wraps (55% of Americans now believe Obama’s a socialist according to a poll released today by James Carville a liberal survey group) Americans are becoming aware of his communism, slowly but surely. Remember he wrote an autobiography called “Dreams from My Father,” (meaning his Kenyan birth father), the man who wrote this masterpiece calling for 100% taxation among about six other atrocities upon Kenya’s people:

C) Some, like Rajjpuut’s wonderful readers have learned about Cloward-Piven Strategy . . . how C-P Strategy deliberately bankrupted New York City via the NWRO creating a welfare crisis; how Cloward and Piven suggested to radical followers that housing and voting were the next areas to implement (abuse) and how the Motor Voter Act has been abused by ACORN and how an Obama political appointee to the Department of Justice has now ordered the DOJ NOT to enforce even the weakened Motor Voter Act against dead people, felons, duplicate entries and fraudulent entries on the voter rolls. Oh, and for those who suggest Rajjpuut is

"paranoid" rather than just revealing the news, remember this: 32 ACORN voter registration officials have already been convicted; and in the Black Panther voter intimidation case, the biggest victim was a Black poll watcher the Panthers called an "Oreo" and an "Uncle Tom" and threatened that if he came outside he'd get the "sh__ kicked out of him," so the real "racism" comes always from the left while they accuse everyone else.

D) Some, like Rajjpuut’s wonderful readers have learned about how based upon C-P Strategy, ACORN took advantage of Jimmy Carter’s ’77 CRA (Community Reinvestment Act) and expansions in ’92; twice in ’95 and the steroid version of mortgage guarantee laws in ’98 to force home lenders to make loans to people without jobs; people without rental references; people without homes; people without I.D.s; and even illegal aliens. Thank you, thank you, ACORN; and thank you, too, progressives.

E) Many people have come to believe that global warming and the cap and trade legislation that Obama’s been pushing to respond to “global warming’s dangers” is 100% a lie, as the ultra-liberal London Times admitted back on Nov. 29, 2009:

F) It appears that virtually the only TANGIBLE job creation by the Obama stimulus and recovery act are a series of huge green and white signs commissioned for Democratic sign-makers saying "This project (the sign itself?) brought to you courtesy of the Stimulus and Recovery Act" at $10,000 a sign.

And on top of the great news today about the Gulf Oil Spill being at least tentatively capped, Barack Obama has shown his true colors with the Oil Drilling Moratorium he’s called for. Here are the facts, if he's allowed to pull that off, he himself has most likely caused more ill-effects to the Gulf economy than the spill itself . . . ah, inhumanity!

That’s the good news, but while Barack Obama moves us every day ever closer to calling him Chairman Big Brother, it’s a mighty, mighty thin soup . . . .

Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,


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Hillary Clinton back in Newsweek in 1994 or 1995 said “Abortion is wrong.” Now she’s not only shifted her stance, but she’s gotten downright impolite about it . . . going to one of our biggest allies and taken to telling them how to run their country, ugh! Understanding that the Canucks were aiming to make maternal health the showpiece of Canada’s initiative at the next G-8 summit, Hillary, attacking that plan by Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper, said “You cannot have maternal health without reproductive health and reproductive health includes contraception and family planning and access to legal, safe abortion.” Talk about bad manners!

So now Hillary is telling the Canadians they must have abortion-on-demand and is willing to scold Canadians in Canada about that, but also she is indicating just how invalid the little Obama piece of paper promising Bart Stupak his anti-federally funded abortion dreams is going to work out to be. Dumb, Bart, really, really stupid! Now the normal province of the Secretary of State is clearly NOT publically pushing abortion for other nations . . . so where did this come from? Answer: Obama is trying to connect to his abortion-loving progressive-wing and remind them, “When I said that to Bart Stupak, I was only funnin’, only funnin’" . . . So Obamacare is NOT funding abortions, has been proven to be just another lie. Ah well, it was just a matter of time till the matter was taken to the Supreme Court and Stupak’s idiocy was ascertained for good. Now you know . . . your taxes will fund elective abortions. Just another Obama lie.

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