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   This has been one of the most unusual presidential campaigns in modern history;but Hope is Still Alive in some conservative circles, and We the People of the Conservative GOP can still envision a brokered convention that overcomes all of the injustices, potential fraud, corruption, lies, and muddy money thrown at the honorable Statesman, Patriot, and still most qualified to lead and defeat Obama...Newt [You can count on me to support any GOP candidate provided it is a TRUE CONSERVATIVE choice, and not a Mirage]. Our path to VICTORY is simple. For the balance of the primaries, we must rally support behind our former opponent, Dr Ronald Earnest Paul, and here's why: quite simply, he is the only one left with money, machine, and zero debt, to #StopMitt.  #RonPaul cannot likely make 1144 at this point either, but with help from a #NewtRevolution coalition, neither will Mitt Romney.
Last Week, Texas Politico Polling showed Newt within "Striking Distance" in Texas with 45% to Romney, 35% to Newt, and 14% for Ron Paul. If that Poll would hold, then Paul would normally get ZERO delegates from his home state,since he got less than required 15%, and Newt and Mitt would divide them up. However, Newt's suspension of the campaign is big game changer, and, the all too soon unconditional surrender by Randy Evans, Gov Rick Perry, and other surrogates whom quickly endorsed liberal Romney, assures us that the 35% Poll numbers will not hold for Newt, but will plummet to inconsequential levels.
However, Ron Paul is still very much alive on the campaign trail, with money in the bank, zero debt, and a great story to tell. He has already reportedly made an alliance with Santorum followers in Colorado and other places to address injustices and corruption within the party.They are there. No use continuing to be in denial. But we the people still can do something about it.
My main opposition amongst conservatives is worrying about Ron Paul. First of all, this is not about Ron Paul, Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum or Mitt Romney. They all have great personalities, or they would not have the big crowds, speaking of which, Paul's crowds have been competing with Obama in size. Yes, i still have problems with Paul on Foreign Policy,but he appears to be trying to mainly get back to putting more war decisions in hands of Congress, vs one man, the presidency.All that said, I AM STILL #WITHNEWT, Period [although I would support any TRUE CONSERVATIVE with a Proven Record and not a Mirage}.
As Conservatives, our goal is NOT "Anybody But Obama". We are NOT against Obama as a person. Rather, we stand against the ideas, philosophy,and policies that are shipwrecking our great country. Newt has always said it best, that this conservative battle is a battle for IDEAS, and that IDEAS MATTER.  The Left in the GOP is begging Paul, Newt, and Santorum supporters to UNITE and to be UNIFIERS, because they want to nominate Mitt Romney, since, if Mitt does manage to beat Obama, the end result is still the same...THEIR IDEAS WIN. To replace Obama with an Obama look alike is ridiculous, and certain suicide for the true conservative cause.
If those with Santorum and Newt will rally behind Ron Paul now, he will gain an amazing number of delagates, and #STOPMITT from ever getting 1144. But Ron Paul will not likely get to 1144 either, at this stage, however, at an Open Convention, everything will be on the table without any outside, disingenuous influence from Democrats in Open Primaries or ballot shenanigans. We the GOP will decide whom our candidate will be, not the liberal and moderate GOP Establishment, not Fox News, CNN, or the lame stream media.
Right Now, I hope you will join me, and the many others whom understand that this could be the Newt's [and Tea Party Patriots'] finest hour; for,  while he may have thought he left the race, truth is, the Spirit of his IDEAS is still very much alive. It is for those IDEAS, and the common cause of defeating the wrong ideas, that I and many others enjoin our efforts with Dr Ronald Earnest Paul, to Save the Republican Party from destroying itself by nominating a self proclaimed "Progressive" (Mitt Romney Video on YouTube,"I'm a non-partisan Republican and a Progressive"], which by definition is "soft communism or socialism".  [ See also  ]

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