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The Blog Post " was" created >3 yrs ago and the link "About this Site" is printed below.  It is the Executive Summary of a proposal that my partner & I were going to send to prospective partners who would help fund the needed technical, marketing, and management talent to get this major project online. It would enable every member to send FREE correspondence to their "supposed" reps. However, it is still a skeleton and I, alone, am continuing the fight to save our Constituion and America's freedoms.

The maintenance of the Web Mall would be paid for by banner ads above the articles. If you read an article, you will learn  about any political issue, then click on the "Letters" link below it. A variety of interactive letters with Title Links would open for the member to choose from and modify as desired. Then they could click on Email/FAX/Both, and when they click on "Send", their own personal page (created from their zip code) would show names, titles and contact info of every one of their politicians or media, from local to national. In about 1/2 hr, you could learn about an issue, modify a letter and add your contact info, and then click on names of one or ALL to send it to by both Fax & email without paying a dime.  If our politicians are drowned by thousands of letters every day, they would have to pay attention to the voters, and could no longer ignore us. This could stop the corruption, and possibly even start Recalls and a vote for Treason for the VIPs. Then we can clean house, vet all the politicians, and get rid of the corrupt. We could take back control, since neither the Democrats or Republicans seem to be worried enough to get their hands dirty.


It's Your Issue


We help you communicate with your elected representatives.

Mission Statement

The mission of, a unique internet utility, is to provide a thus-far unfulfilled, easily utilized, and desperately needed communications channel between concerned citizens and their government representatives and/or the media. As people review the multitude of web sites that provide news/views about political, social, economic, and domestic/foreign policy issues, many feel an urgent need to rise up and shout "NO." Now, can be the no-cost vehicle for all of them to quickly and efficiently reach their representatives in order to communicate their questions, demands and complaints.

The Issues

Americans are living in a period of transition, and millions of them are uneasy about the changes they see. Worse yet, they feel frustrated and impotent because there is no easy way to communicate their concerns. The very segment of the population that should have the most influence in determining government policies--working Americans--are the people who participate the least. Few of them have time to research facts about an issue; write a cogent, well-informed letter, and learn how and where to send it. They don't have time, and they don't want to wait for their views to get to their representatives, because they want to make a difference now!

Currently, thousands of special-interest web sites and blogs focus on--and are generally well-informed about--a few specific issues. Their purpose is to influence public opinion so that people will be motivated to contact their representatives with their demands, and thus affect public policy. However, some of those web sites charge a significant amount of money to send out prepared faxes; others ask you to sign a petition which they will email; while many plead for viewers to write letters to fax or mail, or even to make telephone calls to their representatives. None of these methods are self-satisfying or very effective in achieving their goals. The result is that our representatives live in a bubble dominated by their party constituents, lobbyists and well-funded special interest groups. We, the people, are left out of the loop.

Before the creation of, there was no existing framework for time-strapped citizens to reach their politicians or the media. That has changed, as provides a free, powerful tool for all web sites to influence government policy by making it very easy for their readers to learn about the issues and then contact their representatives. Every American can deluge their representatives with their requests and/or demands, and then they can make a difference.

The Model uses a unique, dynamic, multi-layered advertising model that allows its use to be free to all. The use of an open-source model (such as Wikipedia) will keep the content current with evolving events and issues, and will make this site very attractive to use for anyone concerned about government actions, bills or policies. An added attraction is that the site will make it easy, fast and efficient for citizens to communicate their concerns to their elected representatives as well as to the media. This will emphasize the messages that Americans are sending to every level of government--from national, state, and district--down to county and city.

Discrete page generation for each individual user will allow the most relevant and concise advertising targeted to the user as he moves from issue to issue and through each political level, from national to local. A separate banner or column for advertisers will appear at the top and/or bottom of each issue page and every letter page referring to each issue at every political level.

Advertising on each layer will be targeted to the users' interests, gender and geographical location; so that interest-specific advertising will follow users clear down to the city or town level. The Second Amendment issue makes a good example: Southern states' users interested in border security might see advertising from insurance companies at the national level, private security companies at the state level, lawyers at the district level, and gun shops at the county and city level. A variety of the ads could be placed on the Article pages as well. We believe that this targeted, multi-layered advertising model will be very compelling for a wide and diversified advertising base. The dynamic, diversified and actionable content will ensure a very high level of consistent traffic.

Nuts And Bolts provides a forum for blogs, informational sites, news sites and special interest sites of all political persuasions to compete in the arena of ideologies. The users will be able to compare issues information between their own political philosophy and several others to determine the views that best fits his or her values.

Any web site interested in shaping public opinion or policy can provide an ItsYourIssue link button at the end of any particular article. If a reader clicks on it, the site then leads to a number of interactive letters emphasizing that belief system for the viewer to choose from, to modify, and to add personal contact information. Another link opens to each viewer's personal page of political representatives at all levels, complete with all contact information. There, they can choose to send the letter supporting their particular point of view to any number of their representatives via email and/or fax, as well as to local or national media and to themselves.

We believe that some people will go to for the purpose of communicating with their representatives about specific issues that have been in the news or that they are passionate about. They may want to view the status of current issues, and to compare the competing letters about these issues. The home page of directs a new user to register, for which a sign-up box opens in a new, secure window to insert personal information, including their email address, a password and the zip code. A user who logs in with that information is forwarded to a page with a current list of national issues' links on one side, and his own State, District, County and City links on the other side. (The local information would be automated by each user's zip code.)

If he is interested in a national issue and clicks on--say--The Second Amendment link, he would find a short definition of the Second Amendment, the current issues involving it, and any related information. By clicking on a link on that page to Articles, the user would see a choice of several articles on the issue. If he wants more information on the subject, he can read two or more articles.

A list of competing open-source letters on this issue (with title links) would be included in a side column on each Articles page. Each title, when clicked on, would open into a full-sized window. The user could then read one or (by returning to the previous list) a series of current letters written by people who wish to influence government policy in one direction or another. The letters would be event driven. Some letters would be contributed by well-known writers and commentators. Most would come from blogs, special interest sites, or political sites. The source of the letters will always be displayed to the users, so the user can better assess bias and validity. No letters will be displayed unless they can be sourced to a specific writer. The site's interactive provisions allow a user to modify a chosen letter to give it a personal touch and their contact information before it is sent to the intended targets, whether those are political representatives or media commentators.

In a box at the bottom of each letter, two link buttons are titled: Representatives and Media. When--say--the member clicks on Representatives, another window will open with all his personal National, State, District, County and City representatives listed, along with their titles, email addresses, phone and fax numbers, and mailing address. Next to the email and fax contact information would be the directive: Send by: above open boxes next to both Email and Fax, one or both of which is to be checked by the user. When he checks the Email and/or the Fax box, and then presses Enter, the letter is sent immediately.

If he also wants to send the letter to the media, he could then back up to the previous page and click on the Media button. If he would like a copy of the letter sent to his email address, a box could also be checked for that to occur. In just a few easy steps, that voter will have communicated fluently with his chosen national representatives and/or commentators and newspaper editors, and even have a copy to insert into a Political Folder of his own.

The same construction would apply to each political level of each user of the web site. After completing their national communications, the member would be encouraged to go to the next level--to their State, where one would see a whole new archived list of issues. They could respond or not, just as they did with national issues. Next they could view (and possibly respond to) their District issues, County issues and finally their City issues. At each political level, advertising relevant to that location would be inserted, just as it was at the National level.


Because has an infinite number of issues to cover, we expect to attract an infinite number of users. We believe that as a result of its ease of use, we expect to be the "go-to" website for millions of working Americans that do not have the time, the knowledge of the issues, or the passion to dedicate themselves to activism. We also expect to see a good deal of cross-pollination, exposing users to a much broader array of issues and advertisers. It is unlikely that a person interested in Second Amendment rights would not be interested in Illegal Immigration issues, or even Health Care issues.

We believe that this novel concept, when implemented, will generate millions of page views a day by attracting virtually anyone who has even a passing interest in what government is doing. We are confident that this model will appeal to the broadest possible array of advertisers as well as users--national, state, district, county, and city. To our knowledge, this concept is new and innovative; and it affords investors the opportunity to make a very good return on investment by providing a service that is not available anywhere else.

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By Dan DeWalt

Newfane Vermont


While Vermont may be stirring the waves with its march towards universal health care, and marching to its own drummer by expanding collective bargaining rights in the state, its most pressing and immediate issue is one that should rally tea party folks from across the nation to come to its aid.


I'm not talking about the Dick “never met a prostitute's toe I didn't want to suck” Morris' Tea Party, which is simply an attempt to co-opt the movement for the Republican establishment, or the “official” Tea Party, which is more interested in suing to protect its name brand and selling ads disguised as policy statements than it is in actually doing something constructive. No, I'm talking about Americans who are simply mad as hell and are not going to take it anymore. Americans who have had their fill of federal government overreaching and stepping on states' rights. Americans who are tired of seeing powerful corporations raiding the U.S. Treasury for taxpayer dollars in order to cover for their failed business plans. I'm talking about people who are well represented by their local and even state representatives, but discover that that representation is only something to be trampled by corporate lawyers and the federal judiciary.

In short, I'm talking about Americans who recognize that Entergy Nuclear of Louisiana's bid to usurp Vermont state authority in order to shove twenty more years of the leaky Vermont Yankee nuclear reactor down our throats against our will is not only a moral outrage, but is also a key threat to aspects of the Republic as outlined in the Constitution.


The tenth amendment reads as follows: “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the States respectively or to the people.”


Entergy Nuclear wants the federal courts to take away Vermont's right to regulate affairs within its borders. For the sake of promoting profits, Entergy wants the federal government to trample Vermont's right to determine the policies that its citizens demand and deserve. It wants the feds to say that we have no voice in determining our own future. If there ever was an issue that brings together a host of important questions that should galvanize citizen action, this is it. Vermonters are calling on citizens from across the country to join us next March, when we will close down the reactor if the feds and Entergy Corporation are still colluding to keep it open. Vermont Yankee was licensed to run for 40 years. That license runs out on March 21, 2012. Entergy, in spite of lying about the existence of underground pipes that leaked large amounts of tritium, along with cesium and other dangerous elements, wants to run the plant for another 20 years. Vermont said no. We said it in town meetings, not town meetings where people simply get a chance to let off steam, but actual legal town meetings where the official business of our towns is decided for the year (one of the last vestiges of true democracy still extant in our nation). We said no in the legislature where, by over a four to one margin, the state Senate voted no to continuing VY operations past 2012. And we said no last November in a clearly defined gubernatorial election when we voted in the governor who campaigned emphatically to make VY close on time.

What part of NO do these people not understand? The part that interferes with their profits. The part of NO that they have not yet experienced is the NO that they will discover on March 21 next spring, when thousands of us will be clogging the streets and fields surrounding their leaky reactor, making operation impossible and forcing them to shut down simply to be able to maintain public order. This is an opportunity for all Americans to say that we have had enough. We have had enough of corporate welfare, enough of federal government over-reach, and enough of having our democracy crushed by powerful monied interests. Vermonters are now calling on the nation to join us in this definitive fight that will stop the erosion of our rights. Help us rebalance the lopsided power that has been concentrated in the hands of the establishment elite. Help us defend the Constitution. Vermont is a state where community and citizenship are still valued and practiced. Join us and become part of a movement that brings our nation back to its democratic roots. Ask yourselves one question: who could you expect to represent your aspirations and interests more, citizens using the democratic process to control their lives, or profit greedy corporations and their political lapdogs trying to promote an industry that the free market has abandoned.


The choice is yours. The future belongs to all of us.

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