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        The cycle of abuse is a social cycle theory developed in 1979 by Lenore E. Walker to explain patterns of behavior in an abusive relationship. Walker interviewed 1,500 women who had been subject to domestic violence and found that there was a similar pattern of abuse, called the "cycle of abuse". http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cycle_of_abuse

        Walker also cautions that the length of the cycle usually diminishes over time so that the "reconciliation" and "calm" stages may disappear, violence becomes more intense and the cycles become more frequent.

1: Tension building-During this period, the abuser feels ignored, threatened, annoyed or wronged. To prevent violence, the victim may try to reduce the tension by becoming compliant and nurturing. We see President Obama and the left do this on a daily basis, lest we forget the 'Apology Tour'

2: Acting-out-During this stage the abuser attempts to dominate his partner, with the use of violence. The release of energy reduces the tension, and the abuser may feel or express that the victim "had it coming" to them. Anyone that has read any public boards after the Garland, TX attacks, read the similar comments 'Well, she shouldn't of provoked them'.

3: Reconciliation/honeymoon- The victim feels pain, fear, humiliation, disrespect, confusion, and may wrongly feel responsible. The abuser will often times ignore the event, or offer false apologies.

4: Calm-During this phase, the relationship is relatively calm and peaceable. This stage the enemy regroups and the false sense of rightness prevents separation or intervention. Next few weeks, it will be calm in America, she has earned her day of calm, after appeasing the Muslims.

          Walker also cautions that the length of the cycle usually diminishes over time so that the "reconciliation" and "calm" stages may disappear, violence becomes more intense and the cycles become more frequent. But, don't worry. The cycle will start up again over some perceived offense from the muslims. 
           The point of terrorism is to inspire terror to control people. The point of the Garland, Texas Art contest was to tell the terrorists they are not feared and will not control us. They will kill you whether you draw cartoons or not because they believe you should be killed for not being a Muslim. This isn't about cartoons, it's about world domination of Islam.
           Just like an abusive husband will continue to abuse if the wife lets him, Islam will continue to lash out every time they feel offended.  It's time to quit walking around on eggshells like a battered wife, and stand up to the terror that is assaulting America.

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'In the first place, we should insist that if the immigrant who comes here in good faith becomes an American and assimilates himself to us, he shall be treated on an exact equality with everyone else, for it is an outrage to discriminate against any such man because of creed, or birthplace, or origin. But this is predicated upon the person's becoming in every facet an American, and nothing but an American...There can be no divided allegiance here. Any man who says he is an American, but something else also, isn't an American at all. We have room for but one flag, the American flag... We have room for but one language here, and that is the English language.. And we have room for but one sole loyalty and that is a loyalty to the American people.'
Theodore Roosevelt 1907

We have since made room for many classes of Resident Alien Immigrants and have afforded them most of the rights enjoyed by citizens and yet for some that is still not enough. The crux of the immigration issue today is not as hard core as Roosevelt's position but rather centers around the question of whether or not the entry was legal and have the requirements of the visa been followed. We are still a Republic, a nation of laws, is it so much to ask of those who want to come here and share the bounty to do it legally??

Running this year for the 37th District in NJ ..all those who wish to support me please  e mail me at


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Just by reading a newspaper or watching news on television, it is easily my observation that there is no longer our right to have ‘Freedom of the Press’. The ‘Operation American Spring’ (OAS) in D.C. sure proved that. There were people there for weeks and not one news network picked up the story. All the information that I received was from the ‘Mark Connors Show’.




Joe Esposito, a fellow writer and poet, had his ‘Facebook Timeline’ taken down. His profile was disabled due to ‘Violations of Standards’. What did Joe violate? He posted political poems which he mentioned names of people currently serving under the present government. Was that a violation? Under the First Amendment we are allowed to vocalize and write anything we choose. Have we lost that right?


Situations that I encounter make me think. I wonder how long it will take before more rights as Americans will be taken from us. The government is trying to take control of our lives. They have disarmed many Veterans just because of having PTSD. They want to take away guns from non-violent Americans but that is another story for another day.


Daveda Gruber

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Kirsten Powers: Liberals' Dark Ages


Welcome to the Dark Ages, Part II. We have slipped into an age of un-enlightenment where you fall in line behind the mob or face the consequences.

How ironic that the persecutors this time around are the so-called intellectuals. They claim to be liberal while behaving as anything but. The touchstone of liberalism is tolerance of differing ideas. Yet this mob exists to enforce conformity of thought and to delegitimize any dissent from its sanctioned worldview. Intolerance is its calling card.

Each week seems to bring another incident. Last week it was David and Jason Benham, whose pending HGTV show was canceled after the mob unearthed old remarks the brothers made about their Christian beliefs on homosexuality. People can't have a house-flipping show unless they believe and say the "right" things in their life off the set? In this world, the conservative Tom Selleck never would have been Magnum, P.I.

POLL: Is Common Core indoctrination or education?

This week, a trail-blazing woman was felled in the new tradition of commencement shaming. International Monetary Fund Managing Director Christine Lagarde withdrew from delivering the commencement speech at Smith College following protests from students and faculty who hate the IMF. According to the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, this trend is growing. In the 21 years leading up to 2009, there were 21 incidents of an invited guest not speaking because of protests. Yet, in the past five-and-a-half years, there have been 39 cancellations.

Don't bother trying to make sense of what beliefs are permitted and which ones will get you strung up in the town square. Our ideological overlords have created a minefield of inconsistency. While criticizing Islam is intolerant, insulting Christianity is sport. Ayaan Hirsi Ali is persona non grata at Brandeis University for attacking the prophet Mohammed. But Richard Dawkins describes the Old Testament God as "a misogynistic … sadomasochistic … malevolent bully" and the mob yawns. Bill Maher calls the same God a "psychotic mass murderer" and there are no boycott demands of the high-profile liberals who traffic his HBO show.

The self-serving capriciousness is crazy. In March, University of California-Santa Barbara women's studies professor Mireille Miller-Young attacked a 16-year-old holding an anti-abortion sign in the campus' "free speech zone" (formerly known as America). Though she was charged with theft, battery and vandalism, Miller-Young remains unrepentant and still has her job. But Mozilla's Brendan Eich gave a private donation to an anti-gay marriage initiative six years ago and was ordered to recant his beliefs. When he wouldn't, he was forced to resign from the company he helped found.

Got that? A college educator with the right opinions can attack a high school student and keep her job. A corporate executive with the wrong opinions loses his for making a campaign donation. Something is very wrong here.

As the mob gleefully destroys people's lives, its members haven't stopped to ask themselves a basic question: What happens when they come for me? If history is any guide, that's how these things usually end.

Read more at: USA Today Website!!

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Prosecute grayson for Hate Speech

Alan grayson was clearly looking for a response when he spewed his putrid vitriolic hate speech.


Here’s mine.

  •  grayson is not worthy of either title, Representative or Mr.
  • His hate speech falls below the bottom of the moral sewer into criminal
  • He did a disservice to both his fellow democrats and to the House of Representatives
    • To his fellow democrats by shining light on the fact that the KKK is uniquely democrat
    • To the House by providing a public example of the trash that is in there.
  • With failure by obama to rebuke such racist behavior and instruct grayson in civility, the House needs to Censure grayson in the strongest terms.
    • He should be relegated to latrine duty on the 1st shift.
  • IF The House does not severely censure him, it will signal Americans that both democrats and republicans have turned against them.
  • ALL democrats who fail to join in censure should be exposed as grayson followers/supporters.
  • After his prosecution for hate speech, he should be drummed out of any and all jobs of public trust.
  • He is truly despicable.







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Obama made a speech this week and I realized it was almost the same as his speech in 2005 and 2008. All talk, no action. He did say the GOP is doing nothing and chasing false stories, like IRS, NSA, Benghazi and others. Of course, these are real issues and need to be investigated, not just distractions. He wants jobs and says he wants jobs and then stymie's jobs at every turn, e.g., holding up the Keystone pipeline, excessive EPA regulations, Obama care ( Major job killer and economic killer), Illegal EEOC appointments and rulings, wasted money on non viable non economic alternative energy, war on coal, limitation of energy production on federal lands, slow energy permits, US wealth distribution, war on the US military ( Cuts in critical areas and reduction of 12 brigades), continued assault on States rights, i.e., the AG filing court rulings on Texas election system to force Federal approval, Obama and his race baiting in Texas and everywhere, e...tc.,.   The President said the GOP has no plan, but they do and have pushed a budget. We need a leader and a person to work out our issues and solve problems. I regret that we do not have such a leader in Obama. Leading from behind is not leadership.
WE could have an energy policy, eliminate or reduce the *EPA, Energy and Education departments . Set goal to be energy independent and use all natural resources. Allow the market place to develop future alternative energy and greatly reduce federal tax dollars. Drop ethanol subsidies and requirement for fuel. These savings could be used for food and aid where needed.  These * are fairly recent new departments and have billions in budgets. They should be hollowed out, distribute the money in block grants to the States and allow the States to control environmental, energy and education with limited federal oversight.
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Haven't written in a while and probably won't until Tax Season is Over but I think it is time to bring some normalcy into what the Tea Party stands for. After April 15th I plan to be an activist for change.

I just received an email from the Tea Party raising funds for OPERATION HELL, using a 3 pronged approach. the first prong is 1. Demand the Deportation of Piers Morgan!

As my title states we MUST stop this nonsense. Piers nationality has nothing to do with his thinking and deporting him will solve nothing, besides since when has the Tea party been against FREE SPEECH? What are we going to do next? Demand we deport fools like AL Gore and Michael Moore? Just because they have a different ideology doesn't mean we try and control speech. We are better than that. WE MUST WIN ON OUR IDEAS & IDEALS

We are already regarded negatively by the Press and this kind of statement does nothing to further our credibility. We must be seen as the party of sanity, demanding fiscal restraint and fiscal responsibility. Our total focus should be on demanding the Republican Party nominate ELECTABLE Fiscally conservative candidates who will DEFEND the Constitution and we need to do everything in our power to make this happen. Once we have our fiscal house in order we can tackle other issues. We must educate the ill informed about why this is necessary. Bankrupt nations have no voice in the world but today the vast majority of the population thinks government is the solution and we have unlimited resources. They have no concept of what a balanced budget means and no concept of the fact that we cannot borrow our way out of bankruptcy, or the fact that we BORROW over 40 cents on EVERY dollar WE SPEND.

After April 15th, I will be more involved in making the party a success if I can figure out what or how I can contribute; this blog is just a response to our acting as stupidly as the people we criticize. I have even written a book about the changes we as a country need but I am not here to promote my book, so I won't even mention the title or how you can get it.
The leadership of the tea Party should not be promoting insanity and I for one think the forum for that kind of discussion is on the blogs and not a basis for raising funds because we don't like somebody else's free speech and thoughts. At the leadership level we need an easily understandable coherent goals and objectives statement. I challenge you to tell me what the Tea party stands for. We cannot be a voice for every issue or please everyone. We need to FOCUS, FOCUS, FOCUS

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Hobby shop chain faces backlash for stance against ObamaCare

Support Hobby Lobby. Destroy the liberal boycott. Lets do a Chick-fil-A at Hobby Lobby. Spread the word. We need a Hobby Lobby day. Lets end this nonsense once and for all. Our power greatly exceeds their power, but we must exercise it. Go forth and BUY!

By Perry Chiaramonte

Published September 20, 2012



National arts and crafts retail chain Hobby Lobby is facing backlash after filing a lawsuit opposing the HeathCare Mandate, with the owners claiming that it goes against their Christian Values. (AP)

A Christian-owned chain of hobby shops is facing a bitter backlash after suing the Obama administration over new requirements to provide insured employees with contraceptive and abortion coverage.

Oklahoma-based Hobby Lobby filed the suit Sept. 12 in U.S. District Court in Oklahoma City, alleging that the ObamaCare mandate violates the religious beliefs of the company's owners. The suit followed similar suits by Catholic colleges and a Denver-based company whose owners also objected to the mandate on religious grounds. While a judge has not yet ruled on Hobby Lobby's suit, a Facebook page calling for a boycott of the company, which operates 500 stores in 41 states, has appeared online, and several other forums have featured posts urging customers to steer clear of Hobby Lobby.

“I’m boycotting Hobby Lobby!” reads the heading of one posting on image posting site Flickr. “Even if you're pro-life this kind of action stinks to high heaven! If things like this can be allowed then what's next?!,” the user added.

“They’re being told they have two choices. Either follow their faith and pay the government half-a-billion dollars or give up their beliefs."

- Lori Windham, attorney for Hobby Lobby

Others have taken to social media to protest against Hobby Lobby, with a “Boycott Hobby Lobby” page on Facebook.

“I've been to two Hobby Lobby parking lots today and they were fairly empty. I used to have trouble finding a parking spot!” read one posting from the administrator of the Boycott page. “I think the boycott is catching on! I do not think they are getting the reaction they hoped for.”

Hobby Lobby owner David Green is a devout Baptist who owns one of the world's largest collections of Biblical artifacts. The Barret Fund for Religious Liberty, which represents Green in his suit, argued that compliance with the offending portion of the health care law that the nature of their suit is “would force religiously-motivated business owners like plaintiffs to violate their faith under the threats of millions of dollars in fines.”

Lawyers argued that company employees are well aware of Green's views and their bearing on the company.

“The Green family’s business practices ... reflect their Christian faith in unmistakable and concrete ways,” the complaint states. The company employs full-time chaplains; close all store locations on Sundays and monitors all marketing and operations to make sure that it is consistent with their beliefs.

Failure to comply with the mandate could subject the company to as much as $1.3 million in daily fines, according to Barret Fund attorneys.

"They’re being told they have two choices: Either follow their faith and pay the government half a billion dollars or give up their beliefs," Lori Windham, an attorney from theBarret Fund, told Foxnews.com. "We believe that’s a choice no one should have to make.”

David Green could not be reached for comment, but in a recent USA Today Op-Ed, he blasted the Obama administration for imposing mandates he believes he cannot comply with.

“Our government threatens to fine job creators in a bad economy," Green wrote. "Our government threatens to fine a company that’s raised wages four years running. Our government threatens to fine a family for running its business according to its beliefs. It’s not right.”

The company does not object to providing coverage that includes birth control pills, but refuses to provide or pay for two specific abortion-inducing drugs such as the so-called "morning after" pill, because Green's "most deeply held religious belief" is that life beginning at conception, the family said in a statement released through its attorneys.

As for the boycott, the company's founders believe customers have the right to vote with their feet.

"The Green family respects every individual's right to free speech and hopes that others will respect their rights also, including the right to live and do business according to their religious beliefs.," the statement said.

Hobby Lobby is believed to be the first non-Catholic company to file an objection to the healthcare mandate. The Newland family, the devoutly Catholic owners of Denver-based Hercules Industries filed a similar suit this past summer and won a court injunction that ruled that they are not obligated to follow the mandate.

“I think the law and precedent set by this case is very strong for Hobby Lobby and the Green Family,” Windham said.

Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/us/2012/09/20/growing-boycott-against-retail-chain-hobby-lobby-after-lawsuit-against-health/?test=latestnews#ixzz272eUxZ8N

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Romney, Ryan, Republicans-Ready to Lead

4063571973?profile=originalWith the strong backing of an energized Republican Party and a diverse team of rising stars, candidate Mitt Romney formally accepted the GOP nomination to be President of the United States.

Recalling the excitement and optimism of the presidential race of four years ago, Romney pointed out how those elevated expectations and the bevy of promises that came with those expectations have led to disappointment over opportunities lost:

“Every family in America wanted this to be a time when they could get ahead a little more, put aside a little more for college, do more for their elderly mom who's living alone now or give a little more to their church or charity.

Every small business wanted these to be their best years ever, when they could hire more, do more for those who had stuck with them through the hard times, open a new store or sponsor that Little League team.

Every new college graduate thought they'd have a good job by now, a place of their own, and that they could start paying back some of their loans and build for the future.

This is when our nation was supposed to start paying down the national debt and rolling back those massive deficits.  This was the hope and change America voted for.  It's not just what we wanted. It's not just what we expected.

It's what Americans deserved.”

Romney shared the pain and hardship everyday Americans have felt over the past four years as the result of the current administration’s failed economic policies:

 “You deserved it because during these years, you worked harder than ever before. You deserved it because when it cost more to fill up your car, you cut out movie nights and put in longer hours. Or when you lost that job that paid $22.50 an hour with benefits, you took two jobs at 9 bucks an hour and fewer benefits. You did it because your family depended on you. You did it because you're an American and you don't quit. You did it because it was what you had to do.

But driving home late from that second job, or standing there watching the gas pump hit 50 dollars and still going, when the realtor told you that to sell your house you'd have to take a big loss, in those moments you knew that this just wasn't right.”

He then pointed to the morning light peeking over the horizon by reminding Americans “Now is the moment when we can stand up and say, ‘I'm an American. I make my destiny. And we deserve better! My children deserve better! My family deserves better. My country deserves better!’”

Romney then went on a brief autobiographical journey.  He reminded Americans who know him, and 4063572066?profile=originalrevealed to those who do not, that his life has been a familiar American story.  The son of immigrants, whose parents worked hard to give him opportunities they never had.  By example they taught him the value of hard work and enterprise, and the meaning of love.   He met the love of his life, and with her raised a happy, loving family of their own.  He summed up by saying “And that's how it is in America. We look to our communities, our faiths, our families for our joy, our support, in good times and bad. It is both how we live our lives and why we live our lives. The strength and power and goodness of America has always been based on the strength and power and goodness of our communities, our families, our faiths.”

Next, he outlined the story of his business career, where struggles to launch Bain Capital were rewarded by success: “That business we started with 10 people has now grown into a great American success story. Some of the companies we helped start are names you know. An office supply company called Staples – where I'm pleased to see the Obama campaign has been shopping; The Sports Authority, which became a favorite of my sons. We started an early childhood learning center called Bright Horizons that First Lady Michelle Obama rightly praised. At a time when nobody thought we'd ever see a new steel mill built in America, we took a chance and built one in a corn field in Indiana. Today Steel Dynamics is one of the largest steel producers in the United States.”

Romney chose that moment to remind Americans that attacking success is “the centerpiece of the President's entire re-election campaign… Is it any wonder that someone who attacks success has led the worst economic recovery since the Great Depression?  In America, we celebrate success, we don't apologize for it.”

He then reminded voters “That is why every president since the Great Depression who came before the American people asking for a second term could look back at the last four years and say with satisfaction: "you are better off today than you were four years ago."  Except Jimmy Carter.  And except this president.”

Mitt Romney understands that for America to work and for Americans to succeed, they need jobs.  “Lots of jobs,” and how the current administration’s policies “…have not helped create jobs, they have depressed them.”

Romney put American voters on fair notice when he warned them:

 “To the majority of Americans who now believe that the future will not be better than the past, I can guarantee you this: if Barack Obama is re-elected, you will be right.”

Romney then outlined his five point plan to revitalize the American economy:

“First, by 2020, North America will be energy independent by taking full advantage of our oil and coal and gas and nuclear and renewables.

Second, we will give our fellow citizens the skills they need for the jobs of today and the careers of tomorrow. When it comes to the school your child will attend, every parent should have a choice, and every child should have a chance.

Third, we will make trade work for America by forging new trade agreements. And when nations cheat in trade, there will be unmistakable consequences.

Fourth, to assure every entrepreneur and every job creator that their investments in America will not vanish as have those in Greece, we will cut the deficit and put America on track to a balanced budget.

And fifth, we will champion SMALL businesses, America's engine of job growth. That means reducing taxes on business, not raising them. It means simplifying and modernizing the regulations that hurt small business the most. And it means that we must rein in the skyrocketing cost of healthcare by repealing and replacing Obamacare.”

On foreign policy, Romney criticized the current administration for their failure to slow Iran's nuclear threat, for how they have disrespected allies like Israel and Poland, and sought to appease Russia.  He assured Americans that “Under my administration, our friends will see more loyalty, and Mr. Putin will see a little less flexibility and more backbone.”

4063572028?profile=originalRomney concluded his speech before a cheering crowd and to a standing ovation:

“The America we all know has been a story of the many becoming one, uniting to preserve liberty, uniting to build the greatest economy in the world, uniting to save the world from unspeakable darkness.

Everywhere I go in America, there are monuments that list those who have given their lives for America. There is no mention of their race, their party affiliation, or what they did for a living. They lived and died under a single flag, fighting for a single purpose. They pledged allegiance to the UNITED States of America.

That America, that united America, can unleash an economy that will put Americans back to work, that will once again lead the world with innovation and productivity, and that will restore every father and mother's confidence that their children's future is brighter even than the past.

That America, that united America, will preserve a military that is so strong, no nation would ever dare to test it.

That America, that united America, will uphold the constellation of rights that were endowed by our Creator, and codified in our Constitution.

That united America will care for the poor and the sick, will honor and respect the elderly, and will give a helping hand to those in need.

That America is the best within each of us. That America we want for our children.

If I am elected President of these United States, I will work with all my energy and soul to restore that America, to lift our eyes to a better future. That future is our destiny. That future is out there. It is waiting for us. Our children deserve it, our nation depends upon it, the peace and freedom of the world require it. And with your help we will deliver it. Let us begin that future together tonight.”

With a strong supporting cast, with an energized Republican Party and a diverse team of rising stars behind him, Mitt Romney demonstrated why on January 20, 2013 he is the man best prepared to sit in the Oval Office.

Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan and Republicans are ready to lead.  It is time for the current administration and their “progressive” allies to either follow or get out of the way.


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What’s up with Facebook?

Because of my conservative views, some liberal must have complained, and for several months I have tried to sign in to my  Facebook account and this is the message I get. “Suspicious activity has been detected on your Facebook account and it has been temporarily suspended as a security precaution. It is likely that your account was compromised as a result of entering your password on a website designed to look like Facebook. This type of attack is known as phishing” I have changed my password several times, contacted Facebook, but they still don’t allow me to sign in. Since I’ve forgot my secret word, Facebook keeps on giving me impossible tasks to identify, such animations on some of my friend’s pages. Is Facebook a liberal organization?



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Obama Makes Free Speech a FELONY

The Freedom of speech that we are entitled to in the First Amendment has been DELETED by this president in secret and signed into LAW.  HR347 gives secret service agents (hand picked by the president) sweeping powers to decide where we can and can't protest his policies.  They are able to determine NO FREE SPEECH ZONES!!  

For 230 years we have had the right to debate policies by any political figure.  This freedom of speech has been abridged.  Very little public debate in Congress.   Speech violations, the right to petition the government for a redress of your grievances, association violations will all fall into this category.  It gives unbridled power to the Secret Service members hired by Obama to decide where we can speak up against him - and since Obama is able to assign Secret Service protection to whomever he chooses - then they can decide that we are not entitled to protest those designated by the president as part of his team (David Axelrod, for example).  We need to be outraged and protest Congress on this one!  Destruction of our basic liberties happening live!


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Press Freedom in Peril?


What’s disturbing about this picture?

Posted on FrontPage Magazine-By Jacob Laksin-On January 31, 2012:

“If you followed the mainstream media’s coverage of the Occupy Wall Street protests earlier this fall, you might have a number of concerns about the state of the American press. For instance, you might be concerned about what the media’s fawning coverage of OWS, which included whitewashing racism and anti-Semitism on the part of OWS participants, says about the press corps’ ability to provide fair and politically dispassionate coverage. Similarly, you might wonder if the volumes of newsprint devoted to an anarchic and often-violent campaign that had no coherent or cohesive agenda might indicate badly confused priorities on the part of media gatekeepers.

One thing you likely would not think is that the extensive coverage of OWS indicated a dramatic decline in American press freedom. That is, unless you were the France-based journalism watchdog group Reporters Without Borders (RWB). In the latest version of its annual report on global press freedom, RBW downgraded the U.S. 27 spots, to number 47 in the world. To put this in perspective: By RWB’s measure, the United States, home of the First Amendment, sits just a few notches above Haiti.

RWB’s justification for the dramatic markdown is an alleged “crackdown” on reporters covering OWS. As RWB’s report puts it, the U.S.’s precipitous fall in the rankings reflects “the crackdown on protest movements and the accompanying excesses” that “took their toll on journalists.” In two months, RWB’s report says, “more than 25 [journalists] were subjected to arrests and beatings at the hands of police who were quick to issue indictments for inappropriate behavior, public nuisance or even lack of accreditation.”

As others have noted, this justification is patently ridiculous. In any meaningful comparison, the United States is unrivaled in the freedom it affords its press. But you would hardly know it from the RWB report, which holds the U.S. to a standard imposed on no other nation. Thus, Hungary’s ruling party passed a law granting the government direct control over the media, in effect killing the country’s independent press, yet Hungary fell fewer spots in RWB’s rankings than did the United States. Meanwhile RWB singled out for praise a country like Niger, which came in at 29th in the world in press freedom – this despite the fact that journalists in the country are routinely harassed by state security agencies, the government has a commanding control of broadcasting services, and a corrupt judiciary ensures widespread self-censorship by the press. Despite that, the U.S. still fares worse in RWB’s rankings.

These comparisons are bad enough. Even evaluated on its own terms, though, RWB’s claim that journalists covering OWS were the victims of a “crackdown” fails to withstand serious scrutiny. While it’s true and regrettable that some professional journalists were arrested amidst police crackdowns on OWS protests, those arrests were inadvertent. In making these arrests, police frequently were unable to distinguish between professional journalists and so-called “citizen journalists,” who were, in effect, OWS activists.

At New York’s Zuccotti Park, ground zero of the OWS protests, one of the first journalists to be arrested by police was John Farley, a reporter for local online magazine MetroFocus, who was swept up by police with other protestors. Although justifiably unhappy to be arrested, Farley wondered how “in a sudden burst of urban chaos” can “the police distinguish between passersby and protesters who may be committing civil disobedience or any other type of punishable offense? Or between citizen journalists and professional journalists?”

Unfortunately for some reporters, police couldn’t always make that distinction. The police’s ability to discern between journalists and activists was further complicated by the fact that even many professional journalists, including Farley, were not carrying NYPD-issued accreditation. One can sympathize with the plight of these arrested reporters while recognizing that neither they nor the press generally were the police’s intended targets.

If blame is to be assigned for journalists’ arrests, a large share of it should go to the OWS protesters themselves. Whether through acts of outright violence, such as throwing glass bottles and bags of garbage and other projectiles at police, or by refusing to vacate a privately owned public park despite repeated orders to do so, the OWS protestors provoked a police response. It is not to excuse the more heavy-handed tactics to which police resorted to point out that they were forced to act by the violent and criminal conduct of OWS protestors.

Just as evicting the protestors from a privately owned park did not constitute suppression of free speech, neither do the collateral arrests of journalists covering the OWS protests signal growing curtailment of press freedom in the U.S. Considering that journalists are purposely and aggressively targeted by governments across the world, it is particularly outrageous for RWB to equate the OWS arrests with persecution of the press. To suggest that the active targeting and murder of journalists in Russia (to take one example of many) and the incidental arrests of journalists in a police roundup of violent rioters in the U.S. are somehow commensurate in their impact on press freedom is moral equivalence on a gross and indefensible scale.

With press freedom genuinely imperiled across the world, RWB’s downgrade of the U.S. seems to be little more than an attention-grabbing stunt. In the final analysis, RWB’s report highlights a decline not of the freedom of the press but of its seriousness. Those who kept up with the media’s cheerleading coverage of OWS would not have failed to notice the trend.”



Note:  The following articles and/or blog posts and reports reveal how George Soros, along with other liberal backers use their money to fund and/or manipulate media outlets, to include Hollywood because they see that as a powerful way to influence the American public.

It’s a strategy that Soros has been deploying extensively in media both in the United States and abroad. Since 2003, Soros has spent more than $48 million funding media properties, including the infrastructure of news - journalism schools, investigative journalism and even industry organizations.

Also included is an article and/or blog post that reveals George Soros’ hidden agenda-You Decide:

Nearly 30 Soros-funded Media Operations Part of 'War on Fox'!- Posted on Business & Media Institute-By Dan Gainor-On June 1, 2011:


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I. U.S. ranks 47th in media freedom, org says!

What’s disturbing about this picture?

Posted on CBSNews.com-On January 25, 2012:

“(CBS/AP)  PARIS - Reporters Without Borders has named “crackdown” the word of 2011 in an assessment of global media freedom during a year in which journalists covering sweeping protests were tested as never before.

The Paris-based press freedom watchdog said Wednesday that the wave of uprisings in the Middle East, the Occupy movement in the West and continued protests in China gave journalists an unprecedented role in advancing democracy. But they also were often targeted by governments trying to quash dissent.

“Never has freedom of information been so closely associated with democracy. Never have journalists, through their reporting, vexed the enemies of freedom so much,” the group said in a statement accompanying its report.

But the important role journalists played put them in the cross hairs of repressive regimes, the report said, adding: “Never have acts of censorship and physical attacks on journalists seemed so numerous.”

View Reporter’s Without Borders’ full report here

The heightened unrest resulted in a significant shake-up of the group’s annual Press Freedom Index, which assesses governments’ commitment to protecting media freedoms. The United States, for instance, fell 27 places to 47 because of arrests of journalists during Occupy Wall Street protests. The slide places it just behind Comoros and Taiwan in a group with Argentina and Romania.

Tunisia, which threw off decades of authoritarian rule in a revolt last year that sparked the Arab Spring uprisings, rose 30 places. But the group said its rank remains low — at 134 out of 179 — because although it “gave birth to a democratic regime,” it “has not yet fully accepted a free and independent press.”

Despite the big changes, some constants remained. Finland and Norway topped the list, as they did for 2010. Eritrea was last, with North Korea just above.

Syria, where an uprising against the government has been met with a brutal crackdown that has left more than 5,000 people dead, received its worst rating ever at 176.

The group judged that Syria, along with Iran and China, “seem to have lost contact with reality as they have been sucked into an insane spiral of terror.”



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“Food For Thought”

God Bless the U.S.A.!


Semper Fi!


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“Obama’s American Jobs Act is All Old, Borrowed, and Blue, NOTHING New.”
                “HOW can he so aggressively DEMAND fifteen to twenty times in 25 minutes that Congress immediately pass a bill that no one has yet seen and most probably will NEVER see? Shades of Nancy Pelosi and Obamacare on which she said “We’ll have to pass it so you can see what’s in it.” At least with Obamacare we had 2,700 nauseating pages to examine . . . we’ve had nothing in writing from the ethereal presidency of Barack  H. Obama since February of this year . . . just more and more speeches full of evanescent words.”
Obama DEMANDS Congress Pass “AJA”
Last Such Effort Resulted in 0-97 Failure
            Mr. Obama gave another speech last Thursday.   Ol’ Rajjpuut recommends the president heed the old adage that “action speaks louder than words” and take it to heart 100% from now on. Perhaps he should begin actually governing America instead of just hurting our ears with words that carry NO actual consequence because the proposals that they symbolize aren’t even written down and presumably will NEVER become a bill for Congress to act upon. Ahead of that speech his press corps told us that we’d be getting all the actual DETAILS in a few weeks. It’s that BIG an IDEA folks! Way too big for just one speech, it’ll take several weeks to roll it all out!! That’s your hype and change president for you. Wait for it, great things a ‘coming. 
Consider that:   nothing in writing, you know, no actual (bill) words , none (ZERO), on actual paper to be reviewed and critiqued, none of that damnable tangible stuff just a lot more blue sky and smoke and mirrors after the country was promised this great new program from Mr. Obama and then it was all put off for his Midwest campaign “listening tour” and then his Martha’s Vineyard vacation and then his trying to upstage the Republican debate by scheduling the speech for the same exact date and time . . . the President is now once again putting off the American people and procrastinating on having the Congress actually having his proposals in writing to consider.
After the speech, much of America indulged in 9/11 remembrances and ceremonies and TV lowlights from ten years ago during the weekend. Much of America welcomed back the National Football League starting with a barn-burner of a game in Wisconsin in which the New Orleans Saints died on the 1-yard line with time expired. Almost all of America did one if these things or the other or both. Few Americans paid much attention to the much ballyhooed Barack Obama-DEMANDED-address to both chambers (A joint session? We’d have felt better if we had a few joints or other pain killers instead of listening to that crap) of Congress to discuss his “new” jobs program known as the American Jobs Act (AJA) in a tired but threatening speech that contained almost nothing new; a lot borrowed from earlier failed programs and recycled; and a lot of “blue” extensions of utterly failed old programs that have not worked because they’re so inane they couldn’t possibly work. It was ill-conceived; politically fatal and downright cynical speech by a progressive politician who is rapidly becoming more and more socialistic with every falling leaf.
            HOW can he so aggressively DEMAND fifteen to twenty times that Congress immediately pass a bill that no one has yet seen and probably will NEVER see? Shades of Nancy Pelosi and Obamacare on which she said “We’ll have to pass it so you can see what’s in it.” At least with Obamacare we had 2,700 nauseating pages to examine . . . we’ve had nothing in writing from the ethereal presidency of Barack  H. Obama since February of this year . . . just more and more speeches full of evanescent words . . . .
Mr. Obama has spent the last seven months doing just that sort of nonsense. Every time he and the Republican leadership have “come to terms” on something about the budget or the deficit and National debt . . . Mr. Obama has told us how HE has jumped in to the fray and HIS input helped solve the problems.   But, OOPS, Mr. Obama has then changed his mind (we know, we know, yes, it’s a “young girl’s prerogative” but hardly becoming behavior from the leader of the free world and our Commander-in-Chief) and all deals supposedly “on the table” have then been removed and become moot, not worth the paper they’re NOT written on. It’s good to examine WHY this has happened, why this nauseating pattern of empty promises has come to dominate Barack Obama’s actions.
Mr. Obama, after a long harangue against the first of three offered Republican House versions of a 2012 budget, the one from Paul Ryan, (Obama’s Democratic Senate has passed only one budget in almost three years and none in the last 900 days while the Republican House has passed four in less than nine months) decided in February of this year he’d personally save the country as the Oval Office submitted a budget he labeled “bi-partisan” although in point of fact he’d asked for NO input from the loyal opposition and not shown it to anyone of consequence either in the media, not one single word, and apparently he hadn’t run it past his own Senate Democrats either. The Obama administration has no clue how to write a bill these days.
            Mr. Obama introduced that bill in the U.S. Senate in February and Democratic Senator (Majority Leader) Harry Reid refused to bring it to a vote until finally the President DEMANDED his man Reid put it to a vote . . . which he did in May. The result in a Senate dominated by his Democrats was . . . a 0-97 utter failure. That’s called being “totally out of touch with reality.”   Think on that . . . . No president in our nation’s history has ever suffered such a gross defeat. Is it even conceivably possibly that anyone can create any idea, any idea at all,  so absolutely inane and stupid that at least one Democrat or progressive Republican will NOT vote for it?
 If anything now, the President’s AJA speech last Thursday was even less real and less common-sense and less relevant than his budget ideas were back then. Mr. Obama may SEEM to be very visible making important public appearance on every corner and at every opportunity and haranguing we the people every day . . . but that’s just his body, folks. His spirit is curled up in the fetal position sucking his thumb underneath his desk in the Oval Office . . . after that 0-97 thrashing he has totally given up on reality. Oh, my!
            What exactly has the President offer us in the AJA? No actual jobs will be created; a lot of actual jobs will be killed. A lot more expense to the taxpayers. A lot, lot more government. A lot, lot more taxes^^ especially upon those who left to their own devices with no government interference actually tend to create jobs. A brand new stimulus program, this one funded by draining $450 Billion from Social Security (as if that program didn’t have enough problems). A program that’s supposedly already paid for . . . “well, actually, I’ll just add that payment stuff as another requirement for the bi-partisan “Super-Committee” already stymied by the prospect of coming up with $1.5 TRillion in budget cuts before Thanksgiving, what the hell.”
We have shown that Obama’s American Jobs Act is all Old, Borrowed, and Blue, with NOTHING New. It’s got to the point where a lot more mind-boggling B.S. from the President can NOT be considered mind-boggling any more. He called his AJA full of “Republican ideas.” When was the last time when fiscally-responsible and Constitutionally-faithful G.O.P. called for a half-a-trillion dollar STIMULUS, Mr. Prez? The middle-word in the program’s title is “JOBS,” but it seems only aimed at preserving one American’s job: your own. It cannot pass either chamber of Congress. If it did it would send us deeper and deeper into a double-dip recession . . . ah, but if it fails to pass . . . yes, yes, if the AJA fails to pass: then you can claim you put forth “all the winning ideas and those damn pesky Republicans wouldn’t get on board with the programs and their TEA Party wing has ‘held the country hostage,’ those terroristic b_stards!” 
Mr. Obama, your 0-97 failed budget proposal was arrogant and self-centered (let’s keep my job) and foolish and unnecessary and completely political rather than focused (“like a laser”) on creating jobs for Americans  . . . but this AJA is even less “shovel-ready” than your failed $787 Billion stimulus of February, 2009. You had the temerity to claim this bill was bi-partisan without getting any Republican input . . . well, if this speech was not the most hyper-partisan utterance ever made, then Ol’ Rajjpuut is a left-handed hunch-backed, cross-eyed aviator. This ANGRY-ANGRY speech was aimed at doing just one thing: giving you talking points for the 2012 re-election campaign.   You wanted to set the G.O.P. up as the scape-goats as your economy continues to tank. “The economy would be all healed now, if those *&(#@$8^!*$%#@)+= Republicans had just done what I told them to do!” Well, Mr. President, there was a lot less pain in re-living all the 9/11 tragedies than in listening to your nonsense,** a lot, lot less.
Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,
^^ Along with Obamacare requiring a 60% jump in capital gains taxes starting in 2013 to pay for it (What!  You didn’t find that out from reading Ms. Pelosi’s bill?), and AJA’s call for an immediate repeal of the Bush era tax cuts on those who actually create jobs in this country . . . there are a whole lot of sneaky elimination of tax deductions thrown in among all the President’s AJA speech proposals . . . which means that the middle class will be helping fund all this (if you reduce tax deductions, and are raising money to pay for AJA taxpayers  must and will pay more and since 49% of the country receives money from the government and effectively pays zero taxes and only 51% of us DO pay . . . that means the middle class gets screwed again. Aren’t you glad that the government has been set up life in this country so that almost a voting majority of people are receiving money from the feds and just the chumps like you and I are paying taxes? Soon they can vote themselves into the majority and then vote for us to pay 80% of income in taxes . . . marvelous, marvelous).
**         Don’t get Rajjpuut wrong, now. When he’s procrastinating Mr. Obama is at his most lovable. When he’s doing nothing, he is at his most competent. But, unfortunately, he’s also been very, very busy creating mischief. Mr. Obama’s misguided efforts over the last nine months, although mostly futile have NOT been without danger. He’s seeking to rule dictatorially now that his words no longer have power. What do we mean? We mean to rule by “regulatory fiat,” by merely creating rules within federal agencies and thus given federal government agencies power to control our lives. For example, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Interior department are, as you read this, closing down coal mines; obstructing oil drilling sites and instituting new and expensive and officiously complicated oil drilling requirements, establishing green job initiatives and establishing carbon dioxide restrictions – moves that Congress has repeatedly failed to pass. The EPA is particularly dangerous. Back in 2009 they set into motion actions that sent the UNemployment levels around Fresno, California (the vegetable-basket of the nation) as high as 40%. This was accomplished by forbidding ALL irrigation as a means to protect a three-inch fish called the “delta smelt” which sometimes swims into irrigation piping thus killing jobs; destroying farmers’ livelihoods, and making vegetable prices rise dramatically. He’s bypassed the Immigration and Naturalization Service to give amnesty to any and all ILLEGAL aliens in the country if they’re suspected NOT to have committed a serious crime. He seems intent on having those folks become citizens and voting for him in 2012 . . . .
            The green jobs initiatives are potentially the most dangerous, believe it or not. Why? In 1997 Spain was the strongest economy in Europe with 3.8% UNemployment. Late that year the Spanish passed a green jobs program. Spain now has 22% Unemployment and is, behind Greece, one of the flimsiest economies in the entire world. What happened exactly? Spain’s government began using tax money and subsidizing green jobs. 
Here’s the statistical result according to a well-known Spanish study:  
Each green job created cost $677,000 dollars.
2.2 real jobs in the real economy were lost for each subsidized Spanish green job created.
The average Spanish green job paid $11-$13 dollars with much fewer paying as much as $14 per hour.
The average Spanish green job lasted from three weeks to eighteen months.
Only one in every ten Spanish green jobs was permanent.
This means that for every five PERMANENT green jobs created: 110 real jobs were lost.
PS: Mr. Obama in his 2008 campaign PROMISED to create five million brand new green jobs in America. So far, thank God, he has not moved on that. Should his EPA find a way via regulatory fiat to begin fulfilling that promise . . . we’ll all be in deep, deep crap. Based upon the Spanish example: five million new American green tech jobs would cost 11 million real jobs. Based upon the Spanish example: only 500,000 permanent green jobs would be created for the 11 million real jobs lost.  Re-elect Barack!
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“Sorry, Mr. President, the facts are against you three-to-one,  if burning wood is what you mean by ‘green energy,’ I count your stimulus package and deficit spending the greatest failure in world history . . .”
Barack’s State of Union Address,
Lies Based upon False Premises
            Barack Obama made a big deal of the fact that while he spent his Christmas (strike that), his ‘er Winter Solstice vacation in Hawaii he was reading a book about Ronald Reagan. Uh-huh. Those five pictures of Obama reading the Reagan book now circulating around the internet might impress some . . . they don’t impress people who think. Ronald Reagan’s single most memorable utterance after “Tear down this (Berlin) wall, Mr. Gorbachev!” was “Government is NOT the answer, government is the problem!” while Obama’s entire State of the Union (SoU) speech showed us that Reagan was a dummy because clearly in Barack’s world government is not only THE answer, but big unlimited all-controlling government is the ONLY logical path. Let’s sum up what a thinking voter needs to know about Mr. Obama’s State of the Union Address last night in just two rather long paragraphs . . . .
1.                                          To begin understanding the huge and radical nature of Obama’s SoU lies and innuendo, take his most outstanding promise from 2.5 years ago about making us “less dependent upon foreign oil and creating a vibrant new green economy . . .” Mr. Obama was not the first to have that vision; Jimmy Carter made reasonable steps in that direction 34 years ago. Our progress for all of Carter’s work over the 32 years between then and Barack Obama stepping into the Oval office:  1/160th of all America’s energy (0.6%) comes from wind; 1/1000 of our energy comes from solar (0.1%). Our progress since Barack Obama came into power: still 1/160th of all America’s energy (0.6%) comes from wind; and still 1/1000 of our energy comes from solar (0.1%). For a comparison, over 2% of our energy comes from wood. That is three times of much of America’s energy comes from wood as from the most advanced “green-tech.” “Sorry, Mr. President, the facts are against you three-to-one, if burning wood is what you mean by ‘green energy,’ I count your stimulus package and deficit spending the greatest failure in world history . . . .” We simply have not mastered either the collection of wind or solar or geo-thermal or whatever green energy you can think of; and more importantly we have not mastered energy storage to make such energy (once it’s collected) viable. Oh, yeah, then there’s the matter of doing it without exceeding the comparable price of $15 a gallon gas, Mr. President . . . all the good sounding but illogical promises from the summer of 2008 are still out there, still unfulfilled. In a phrase, the entire Obama SoU was the equivalent of madman Jared Loughner channeling a saint . . . you might start out with good intentions, but in the end you come to lunacy and disaster. Obama’s underlying SoU metaphor was the idea of “investment in America.” Sure sounds good . . . but let’s change the word “investment “ to “government spending” which is what got us into the unsustainable mess we’re in right now. IF Mr. Obama’s stimulus had worked he wouldn’t now be talking about doubling-down his bet with another thinly disguised “investment.” We have more than the 8% unemployment he promised, because his entire specious (good-sounding, but either false or illogical or both) panoply of promises is based upon an inaccurate world view that “Government is the answer.” The reason for American Exceptionalism and why so many people want to come here (as opposed to, say, escaping through the Berlin Wall or Iron Curtain) is this, up to recently, was a place where government’s role was limited and self-government and liberty were the individual’s realm. Going back to the idea of government spending getting us into the unsustainable mess we now find ourselves in  . . . to do this, let’s look at only one bad law (there’s been 3,000 bad laws passed by the government since this one) . . . imagine IF . . . .
A. Imagine IF Jimmy Carter hadn’t had his congress create the Community Reinvestment Act in 1977 (CRA ’77) and home mortgage lenders hadn’t been forced by the government to make knowingly bad loans to people who were terrible risks while only requiring 3% (or less) down payment.
B. Imagine IF the progressive movement and Wade Rathke hadn’t created ACORN (Arkansas Community Organizations for Reform Now) to exploit CRA ’77; while also supporting Bill Clinton to give him the state governorship 12 of the next fourteen years. Imagine IF ACORN hadn’t expanded to all 50 states and become the Association for Community Organizations for Reform Now.
C. Imagine IF George Bush (senior) had vetoed one bill in 1992 because of a tiny section he didn’t like expanding CRA ’77 to Fanny Mae and Freddie Mac.
D. Imagine IF ACORN hadn’t been able to get Bill Clinton into the Oval Office; or IF while president, Clinton hadn’t greatly expanded CRA ’77 with regulatory fiat in 1993; twice got the congress to expand CRA ’77 in 1995; and made a steroid expansion of CRA ’77 in 1998.
E. Imagine IF Barack Obama and other ACORN lawyers hadn’t shaken-down and brow-beaten mortgage lenders so viciously using Alinsky tactics to get them to obey the now expanded versions of CRA ’77.
F. Imagine IF in January, 2005, when the recent Bush administration saw the dangers of CRA ’77 and sought to repeal all the worst parts including all of Clinton’s ’98 steroid expansion . . . and succeeded.
G. Imagine IF the percentage of ill-advised loans in 1975, before CRA ’77 had remained at 0.24% made at 3% down payment or less. Imagine that the percentage had NOT risen to 14% in 1995 and 34% in 2005.
H. Imagine IF the ’98 steroid version of CRA ’77 passed by Clinton had been voted down . . . if ACORN and others didn’t then find it as easy to get a risky client into a $440,000 home in 2001 as they had to get him into a $110,000 home in 1991.
I. Imagine IF ACORN had not insisted on getting expensive homes for folks without jobs; folks without ID; folks without rental histories; folks with terrible credit ratings; folks whose only “income” was food stamps; other welfare recipients; and even for illegal aliens . . . that’s just one bad law based upon the idea that government is the answer. Imagine IF, the sub-prime lending crisis that the CRA’77 law created had never happened . . . . Obama refers to America as the country that gave us the Wright Brothers, Edison and Bill Gates. He does not remind us that these people did NOT require nor want government interference and rather than taking government money they created some things so rich and wonderful that they created millions of jobs over time and gave the government TRillions of dollars in income . . . He also spoke of a "Sputnik Moment" not mentioning that his administration had decided to virtually shut down the valuable NASA program that got us to the moon; or that he had personally told the NASA chief that his glorious new job was making Muslims around the world feel good about their Middle Ages' scientific achievements.  In sum, Mr. Obama gave us a speech that sounded full of great ideas and lofty purpose but which was merely doubling down on his efforts to create a 100% socialist country and which, neither in particulars nor in broad perspective makes one iota of sense . . . .
Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,
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Author: Brian D. Hill

Source: USWGO Alternative News

After the Obama Administration made their decree to endall of piracy including activation workarounds which have actuallyfreed Microsoft paying customer slaves from being forced to pay forevery personal computer or sometimes even paying for the same computerthey had a license on because they activated too many times in a year,now the U.S.Immigrations and Customs Enforcement which has usually neverusually had jurisdiction over the Digital Internet, has now just shutdown nine domains in an instant.

This is scaring me because if they can shut down 9 websites over a Federal Decree what could they do to truth sites, activist website, teaparty websites, and other web sites Obama wants to kill. So a while agowhen I made that emotional video calling Obama a new Hitler and askinghim why he wants to kill us I was actually right on the mark that Obamais the new Adolf Hitler and that his goal is to stifle free speech andhave us under complete control as a slave to the Government and theCorporations which makes it fascism.

Right now it's a corporate takeover by the International banking elite, the World Trade Organization, and the United Nations which hasalso taken a fight against copyright violations.

So my concern isn't whether piracy will survive or not right now but after seeing how those domains got quickly and easily seized without acourt trial first proves that any website can now be taken down under adecree by the Executive Branch Authority Barack Hussein Obama.

If you want proof go check out these websites for yourself and you'll believe me:












When you go to any of these pages you get the following message:

domain has been seizedTranscript ofthe image: This domain name has been seized by U.S. Immigration andCustoms Enforcement, Special Agent in Charge New York Office inaccordance with a seizure warrant obtained by the United StatesAttorney's Office for the Southern District of New York and issuedpursuant to 18 U.S.C. §§ 981 and 2323 by the United States DistrictCourt for the Southern District of New York.

It does say a search warrant but usually in the past with sites like Isohunt, TorrentSpy, and other file sharing sites, whenever any site isunder fire for piracy suspicion, the domain was never snatched or seizedand the site owner usually leaves a message whenever a court order isthat the website is taken down. Now instead of owners leaving asarcastic remark or criticizing the president they snatch the domain andput their pretty little threats on the site as well as a eagle makingout like their serving Justice under Obama when in reality theCorporations are only enslaving the World and getting rid of legalcustomers having the rights to crack their activations because they feelthey have paid hundreds of dollars to be enslaved and forced to benddown to ask their masters if it's ok to install Windows on theirpersonal computer.

The corporations are telling you to bend down and take your beating while giving them trillions in tax payers dollars and bailotu money.

So again what is scary about all this is if this can happen to piracy sites then if Obama where to make another decree to go after allpolitical and free speech websites such as "Oh there is plenty ofAmericans and Klu Klux Klan members that are out to kill and threaten metherefore under my Administration we will shut down all of the freespeech websites because this allows KKK members to attack me unfairlyand make threats openly. That is not acceptable and we will go after allhate speech sites" and since Obama has already passed the laws for HateSpeech crimes and other anti free speech bills all he has to do is makeus out like we hate Obama and we can pretty much be shut down and thiswill happen to us:


Yes thats right with Obama's executive decree and a Free Speech crackdown can mean that my website USWGO Alternative News can be shutdown at any time for almost any reason he can snatch me away in somevan, take me to some detention center, and/or shut down my website andput a warning like they did on the piracy websites.

To me this is another silent threat just like getting the Mexicans angry at Americans and wanting to kill them with axes and shovels. Thiswhole anti-piracy crackdown is just another threat against free speechsites because first it will be piracy, then the religious sites, thenthe alternative media, and then they come for us because we didn't stopthem when they started crusades instead of bringing more jobs as Obamapromised during his campaign for president.

The 9 piracy sites shutdown is actually a threat against big truth sites like 9/11 truth, WeAreChange, InfoWars, PrisonPlanet, USWGO,Natural News, FederalJack, Nanny State Liberation Front, and othertruth/activist sites that are now in danger and the threat Obama issilently given to us is "Yeah!!! This is what we are going to do to allyour domains, if you challenge us or make us look in da media we willshut down your websites the same way we shut down those piracy sites! Wemake the laws and we choose what we enforce! We can allow illegalimmigrants while stifling free speech because of NSPD 51 which makes me adictator and congress is just a ceremony".

So in reality this has nothing to do with piracy this is about how fast sites are being taken by the Obama Administration and what theycould do to your website...

Unlawful to speak against Adolf Obama

Also now with Kagan a pro Obama and pro socialist getting to top positions of the Supreme Court now Unconstitutional laws can be acceptedNationwide which means that ICE and the FBI can seize domains in thefuture of all truth and activist political sites.

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Wright’s Racism and Hate Speech History

Not Just Some Recent Aberration

For the naïve among you who somehow believe that Barack Obama is an honorable man and a statesman . . . and who still believe that Barack Obama is NOT a racist . . .

Obama, in his speech in mid 2008, disavowing Wright in Philadelphia, said you'll remember, “Not once in my conversations with him have I heard him talk about any ethnic group in derogatory terms, or treat whites with whom he interacted with anything but courtesy and respect.” Yes, and Adolf Hitler wasn't a national socialist and never said anything against Jews, Gypsies and so-called "November Criminals, either . . . But Wright did give Louis Farrakhan an award which seemed bothersome, since Farrakhan is a much-discussed antisemite. Obama, defending Wright, claimed Farrakhan’s work with ex-prisoners had been the inspiration for the award. But neither the award citation nor Wright’s own description made any mention of ex-prisoners. Instead the award citation explicitly was given for Farrakhan’s “lifetime achievements” whatever they might have been . . . .

Wright and Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, you see, have a long history of being "great minds running in similar racist ruts." Farrakhan can't seem to avoid making anti-Semitic and anti-white comments, regularly documented by the (Jewish) Anti-Defamation League’s website; and Wright himself is one of the Anti-Defamation League's favorite love-to-hate-him personalities. Wright has often dissed black leaders for avoiding mention of Farrakhan’s name.

During the 20+ years Obama listened to Wright's sermons, hate speech was Wright’s main stock in trade. America, he said, created the AIDS virus to kill off blacks. His church’s website and newsletters throughout the period of Obama's membership have featured numerous anti-semitic rants. After the "God damn America!" sermon, Wright eventually was disavowed by Obama. But speakin of Wright in Philadelphia, Obama lied about his self-described longtime friend and adviser, to deflect attacks on his own judgment and patriotism, “Not once in my conversations with him have I heard him talk about any ethnic group in derogatory terms . . . " etc., etc. ad nauseum and the mainstream media declined to chase down the story and the truth. Obama also claimed that Wright had grown up "in the ghettoes in the 60's with memories of doubt, fear and humiliation," but actually Wright had lived a privileged youth, another Obama lie which again the media didn't choose to track down.

Obama often uses Adolf Hitler's famous propaganda technique "the big lie" and surely everything Obama's said about Jeremiah Wright qualifies as a monster lie so outrageous that no one would think anyone would have the temerity to speak it, were it not true. From his first autobiography, "Dreams From My Father" (the title of his second autobiography "The Audacity of Hope" came from the title of a Jeremiah Wright sermon; the fatherlike role of Wright is amazing in Obama's life even though the reality of Rev. Wright is clearly 100% the opposite of every myth Barak, Jr. has built up and the mythical persona he's made himself appear to be) to virtually every statement about his past to all his public statements, Obama has carried on a string of fantastic lies unchallenged by the mainstream media . . . only one thing is obvious the "Devil we know," Jeremiah Wright, is not one-hundredth as dangerous as the man who lies about him and for him . . . Barack Obama . . . indeed, Rajjpuut has found only one "important" statement that Obama's ever made that was not a lie: "I am NOT a socialist, I'm not." No he isn't a socialist, Barack Obama is a dyed-in-the-wool communist** and listening to Jeremiah Wright's "Black-Liberation Theology" (which is based entirely upon the teachings of Karl Marx) must have been a great comfort to him.

Ya'll live long, strong and ornery,

** in "Dreams From My Father" Obama never mentioned that his grandfather Stanley Armour Dunham and his mother Stanley Ann Dunham were communists and his birth father Barak (no 'c') Hussein Obama, Sr. was also a communist as shown here:

You'll remember from reading "Dreams From My Father" that Obama Senior's dream or lifetime love for Kenya was socialism and "fairness" but here we find out that it wasactually "scientific socialism inter alia communism." And we learn more about what's really going on when we see him in this essay discussing the advisability of 100% taxes upon the rich; takeover via nationalization of foreign businesses; and out and out transfer of wealth from Kenya's European and Asian citizens to its black ones.

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Barack Obama Sets Another Record for Incompetence

with Elena Kagan Nomination to Supreme Court

With the Sotomayor nomination and now the Elena Kagan nomination to be a United States Supreme Court Justice, Barack Obama is setting a record. Yes, yes he is attempting for the first time to place three women on the nation’s highest court. Yes, yes, for the first time it will be possible that the U.S. Supreme Court will not have a Protestant justice (Kagan is Jewish) . . . but more importantly, for the first time it will be possible that the U.S. Supreme Court would feature two justices who have seen their interpretations of American law overturned by a 9-0 or 8-0 contrary vote (against a Sotomayor judicial decision; and a Kagan advocacy position). The obvious assumption? Kagan, like Sotomayor, is a “living constitutionalist” that is she believes in creating law or attempting to create it from the bench or the advocate's chair or even the Dean's chair rather than making sincere efforts to respect the United States Constitution.

The shocking matter is that both cases featured the two ladies advocating great expansion of government powers against individual liberties. Sotomayor was clearly unqualified for the Supreme Court seat because in her two cause celebre`s one favored affirmative action that took away earned (by test scores) promotion from twenty-some firefighters of mixed races but NO Blacks in favor of affirmative action promotion of Black candidates who failed the test; and in another she sided with the state’s power to force an individual to sell his land over his objection so that a corporation could build a potentially lucrative shopping center. Like Sotomayor, Kagan, also, stands right in the crosshairs of legal philosophy. You’ll recall that Barack Obama insulted the Supreme Court attendees at his state of the union speech by cutting them down for their alignment 8-0 on corporate free speech and campaign donations. Kagan was the lawyer, technically the “solicitor general,” arguing the case for Obama when he tried to shutdown corporate free speech.

Kagan’s most clearly controvrsial actions as Dean of Harvard’s Law School were banning the presence of military recruiters on the campus and her defense of the action by referring to her distaste for “don’t ask don’t tell” standards for soldiers and other military citizens. Conservatives across the board favor denying federal funds to schools that oppose military presence (ROTC programs, recruiters’ visits and guest speakers for the most part) and this alone makes her highly suspect. Voicing her opposition to the policy is totally, OK. Rajjpuut disagrees mightily with her opinion, but free speech is guaranteed. Banning the recruiters is totally out of line . . . she was taken to court on the matter and when it reached the Supreme Court, surprise, surprise, her lower court wins were overturned and the school was denied government funding.

Kagan has been very guarded and even ingenuous about her views. Feigning a belief in constitutional limits regarding one matter in her only semi-open interview, she was pushed later in the interview for clarification and she would only say, she was referring to present status of the law, not necessarily her own views. The Obama administration has not allowed her since then to talk to the press. They engineered a phony-interview with an Obama administration sending her softball question and released that videotaping to the various press outlets apparently fearing another gaffe. So the opponent of free-speech is protected by denying the country a free-speech interchange with the news media??

She’s lived a circumscribed life in Academe and government, never had a real job and has always been aligned with the progressive-left leadership. Every action and word indicates that she’s like all those who in their ivory-towered stupidity believe we must “progress” well beyond the U.S. Constitution . . . ready, perhaps eager, to progress us over every available cliff in search of political correctness and expansion of government. Elena Kagan will definitely NOT exhibit a “principled view of the U.S. Constitution. Nor of common sense . . . she kicks the United States military off her campus and want federal funding for her unilateral UN-American show of political correctness??? Horse Pucky! Peter Beinart, no conservative he, puts it this way:

“On the day he or she is unveiled, conservatives will announce that they are approaching the selection with an open mind. Ten minutes later they will declare, more in sadness than anger, that the nominee has the judicial philosophy of Chairman Mao and the temperament of Dennis Rodman. Ten minutes after that, liberals will rise en masse to defend the nominee as wise, brilliant and humane, a person who restores our faith in humankind. And the kabuki theater will continue like that all summer long.

“I can’t blame my fellow liberals for playing along; if the other side fires, we have to fire back. But there’s one exception. If Solicitor General Elana Kagan gets the nod, conservatives will beat the hell out of her for opposing military recruitment on campus when she was dean of Harvard Law School. And liberals should concede the point; the conservatives will be right.”

Beinart has just committed the ultimate sin of political incorrectness in supporting a conservative argument and been proved right beyond the shadow of a doubt by the U.S. Supreme Court's rejection of Kagan's ugly argument 8-0, If only the United States Senate had Beinart's guts and integrity . . . .

Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,


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