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“There are liars, damned liars and statisticians . . .” (old saying)

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Obama Administration’s SEVERE

MISCOUNT of Stimulus jobs

Aims to Hide Sickening Truth

It’s considered unpatriotic by Mr. Obama to criticize him or his administration or their ineptness. If that’s so, you’re about to hear some truly unpatriotic blasphemy. Are you one of those Doubting Thomases very skeptical about the honesty of reported federal government statistics? The word on the street is that “figures don’t lie, but liars sure can figure.” Here’s a case in point, among all the “jobs created or saved by the Obama administration’s $787 Billion stimulus were 384 jobs created at Hormel’s Jennie-O Turkey Store in Willmar, Minnesota at a cost of $7,144,000 ( a mere $18,600 per job, fantastic by normal government standards). The summary of the grant reads this way: “production and delivery of small cooked deli breasts.” Sounds good. The turkey breasts in question are part of a $100 million package of grants received mainly for canned fruit, canned pork, and sliced ham for stocking food pantries across the nation.

OOOOps, one small problem: the 384 people hired eventually worked for less than 40 hours each. How many actual permanent jobs were created by this grant? ZERO! Cost per day for each of these jobs? $3,720. Are you still impressed? How much REAL money went into the pockets of Obama supporters for FAKE jobs on this one? Unfortunately, those statistics are not available . . . .

This is why virtually all federally released figures must be taken with a huge grain of salt by any intelligent voter. Weasel phrases akin to calling the neighborhood “pool parlor” a “Pocket Billiards Emporium” are the very stock in trade of federal liars like Barak Obama and all the people who surround him and support his efforts all the way right down to the sour-faced neighborhood bureaucrat. Do you remember back when Senator Obama was talking about creating five million new green-tech jobs as soon as he became president? If that was realistic and helpful, surely that’s where the bulk of the stimulus money should have gone, no? Well, Rajjpuut, and a whole hell of a lot of other bloggers around the country put the national media straight and that starry-eyed notion melted away like butter on a hot skillet bottom. Since the “green-tech” lie is a classic example of what we’re up against, it bears repeating . . . .

Admit it, it sounds terrific! Imagine five million new jobs in the green-tech industry helping get our nation off the oil bandwagon and all the pollution it produces. That was NICE. Now let’s face the facts . . . .

Up until about thirteen years ago, Spain was the top job creator among all nations in the European Union. Then they got the starry-eyed notion to pour money into "alternative energy," clean up the environment and create even more jobs via green tech. Sound familiar? One caveat for Mr. Obama, Spain's present unemployment rate at more than 20% is more than double the European Union average. Barak, of course doubles-down on green-tech, steadfastly refusing to let Americans drill off America's shoreline, in the country itself, or even to let Americans use new technologies to drill out old oil wells: all policies even the green-smitten Spaniards would call "absolutamente loco!"

So what do the stats tell us? The Spanish economy lost 2.2 jobs from the wider marketplace for every single green job created. That would mean Obama's program could cost America eleven million other jobs or a net loss of six million jobs, but wait . . . . Remember from our one-day turkey breast example, whenever liberal politicians "create" jobs they tend to count in "funny" sorts of ways, acting as if a one-week job and a permanent job were all the same thing. What happened in Spain was that ultimately only 10% of the green jobs they created were permanent jobs . . . ooooooops that means that instead of creating five million REAL JOBS, Obama will likely be creating five million bogus-counted funny-jobs in green tech that amount to only 500,000 real jobs-- so now we're looking at an overall loss of 10.5 million real jobs . . . that's 22 real jobs lost** by the subsidies needed to fund creation each single green-tech job, OUCH! Here’s a report from another heretic that Rajjpuut loves:

This info, from the U. S. Senate Subcommittee on Green Jobs and the New Economy, concludes that many green jobs pay low wages, require expensive taxpayer subsidies, and require killing existing jobs to subsidize these new green jobs. Of course, Missouri Senator Kit Bond author of that report Yellow Light on Green Jobs and subcommittee ranking member is a conservative Republican and he's surely regarded as "unpatriotic" by Mr. Gibbs and Mr. Obama too??? Senator Bond, by the way, is retiring by choice and will be sorely missed. And also, “sorely missed”? All those jobs created or saved by the Obama stimulus . . . . jobs that upon closer examination all POOF! Disappear into thin air.

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** "How can this be?" you ask . . . . Government canNOT create jobs they can only redistribute wealth. Even creating apparent jobs in the military or the border patrol to carry out obvious and necessary government functions of protecting the nation comes at a cost of real jobs in the free market economy, it just so happens that almost all Americans agree those are worthy functions and don't begrudge the government the cost, but make no bones about it, there is a cost. World War II saw the "creation" of 16 million jobs and brought the Great Depression to an end because of that. What was the cost? Virtually all economic activity was diverted into the military sphere in one way or another and the entire country was under rationing beginning in the spring of 1942. Ordinary citizens found that certain foods were almost impossible to get and they cost much more than previously. Items like metals; gasoline and other fuels; tires and other rubber goods; a lot of food especially coffee, meats, butter, fats, cheese and oils; and even clothing such as nylons and shoes were rationed. In other words the citizens sacrificed greatly by government decree so the war effort could continue. Additionally, huge amounts of time and energy normally devoted to other activities by individuals and businesses was turned toward the war and the needs of the troops: scrap drives, huge drives for war bond sales, virtually all the normal activities of a nation at peace were foregone or dramatically reduced so the military could succeed. Besides the loss in people and in maimed individuals, the material wealth of the nation was greatly reduced, but it could have been far, far worse . . . imagine being a Japanese, Italian or German citizen and not only sacrificing so much, not only losing so many of your relatives, friends and neighbors, but also having your very homeland destroyed and so many of you killed in the process. War is not pretty and all the costs of it should always be understood before it's every embarked upon.

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According to Margaret Thatcher, “The problem with socialism is that sooner or later you run out of other people’s money.” According to Barack Obama’s words and actions, there has NEVER been a single problem with socialism or with “scientific socialism inter alia ‘communism.’” Why else would he continue to use Spain as the poster-boy for all the great things he wants to bring us courtesy of his “Great Economy” and violate standing laws to deny real creditors the money due them and instead divert that money into stock ownership to his auto workers union** friends? However, while Barack Obama was putting on his make-up prior to his Oval Office oil spill speech, the Spanish government was telling Spaniards “Oooops, we made a mistake and now we have to undo it.” The brief history is this:

Candidate Obama promised to create five million green jobs in his first term and move the United States “boldly toward” a booming new economy. President Obama has since repeatedly mentioned that goal and repeatedly put Spain out there as his model for America.

Spain, in 1997 was indeed the poster-child for European economic soundness with a booming economy and a miniscule 3% joblessness.

Spain along with Denmark and a few other governments began a shift to a “green economy” by instituting subsidies for environmentally-friendly businesses. They originally expected that roughly $125, 000 could fund the creation of any typical green job. There was an expectancy that these green jobs would be permanent and create a more environmentally-friendly and sustainable economy.

Spain today is almost as bad off as bankrupt Greece is. Last year unemployment reached 17.8%, today it sits at nearly 21%. A Spanish economist finished his study of the green disaster last year and released the results to the world . . . more on this later . . . but in the face of a further collapse in the Euro and a worsening overall Spanish national economy initiating even higher interest rates necessary to sell Spanish bonds and (most Greece like of all) as Spanish unions are calling for a general strike, of the seven endangered European economies, Spain is only marginally better off than the bankrupt Greeks.

Last night, during his speech, Barack Obama again praised Spanish efforts and brought up his promise to create green jobs (as well as the America-killing cap and trade legislation he’s pushing). You’d think that Spain’s green efforts were an unmitigated success, eh?

Yesterday, the Spanish government let it be known that now after a dozen years, they'd begin looking at de-subsidizing green jobs. What that means isn't exactly clear. Removing 10% of the taxpayer backing? Removing 50%? Removing 90%. Let's see what percentage of the new green jobs subsidized every year will now be funded . . . and, under these new circumstances what percentage of green jobs will actually prove permanent. Less than 5%? Less than 2%?

All Obama's words came despite the forenamed Spanish economic study which shows that a) each green job in Spain required a $675,000 subsidy b) the taxes required to create each new green job cost the loss of 2.2 real jobs in the real Spanish economy c) the average green job lasted less than 18 months d) only 10% of the green jobs proved permanent e) the average pay amounted to $10-$14 per hour only, and most importantly f) based upon the very Spanish model Obama’s praising, it’s probable his promised five-million new green-tech jobs would cost eleven-million real jobs and only 500,000 of these green jobs would prove permanent . . . a 22/1 ratio of lost real jobs compared to permanent green jobs created.

For any half-way thinking American, the president’s logic, or lack thereof, amounts to a whole lot to swallow . . . It remains to be seen if so many Americans will once again allow themselves to be taken in by our president. At least 60 lies issued from his facile lips during his first Oval Office staging, but five of these lies are so serious and so obvious that it’s a wonder that a huge collective “Bull-shi-!” did not roar across the nation when those false words escaped his lips, to wit:

1. “We’re running out of places to drill for oil."

2. “We’ve been on top of this since Day One."

3. The unspoken lie: “Bush is responsible for this problem too,” was hinted at in a slightly veiled manner as he talked about the failures of MMS.

4. Mr. Obama talked about converting to “a profitable new green industry” leading the way to future American prosperity.

5. And the illogical conclusion, “This proves we must institute ‘cap and trade’ legislation and green jobs at a cost of TRillions” (that’s right Cap and Trade is a $10 TRillion tax applied to the economy according to Obama associate Richard Sandor president of the Chicago Climate Exchange,CCX, a monstrous conflict of interest that he and Gore and Obama are part of); and the earlier mentioned Spanish green-economy disaster.

Let us now take on the five greatest of Obama’s sixty lies . . . first of all we are NOT running out of oil or lacking places to drill for oil. The environmental fringe has prevented us from building any new refineries here since 1974. The environmental fringe has made it difficult if not impossible to drill on land in this country or for safer shallower offshore wells. And most importantly we now have discovered the largest oil reserve in the world far bigger than the entire Middle East: the Baaken Field . . .

unfortunately, only the Indian tribes owning land above the Baaken oil reserves are allowed to drill there.

Secondly, Obama and his administration have actually been dithering since Day One and have NOT been “on top of it.” If they had been, the easily predictable effect offshore, on the beaches, in the marshes and on the fishing and tourist industry would presumably have been met by an incisive federal effort to combat the spill’s effect starting about Day Ten and Mr. Obama would have made last night’s speech about Day Seven.

Thirdly, Mr. Bush has been out of office for almost seventeen months now. Mr. Obama promised to clean up the mess in D. C. as well as the mess in our economy and has not done either, but instead has resorted to blaming Bush for his own failures since Inauguration Day. This economy and this administration are Mr. Obama’s NOW and it's time for the buck to actually stop with him.

Fourth, his monstrous lie, he called green-tech jobs “profitable.” If they were profitable, we would have a major green industry in this country and we do not. If these green jobs were profitable, there would be no problem with oil and it’s emissions. Mr. Obama believes that an edict by him from Washington is all it takes and then POOF! the scientific breakthrough needed will appear overnight magically and then . . . yes, then green jobs will be profitable.

And lastly, Cap and Trade is a conflict of interest that will enrich Mr. Obama, Mr. Gore, about twenty of their key cronies and ten well-known progressive foundations while crippling the American economy to the tune of $10 TRillion each and every year. And both Cap and Trade and “green jobs” are based on the fringe environmental lie that man-caused greenhouse gasses are creating dangerous global warming. That lie was shown by the ultra-liberal London Times to be an absolute fraud:

Clearly, Obama has a lot of blue-sky in mind for all Americans. For a supposedly intelligent fellow, Mr. Obama (and his progressives) do an awful lot of “thinking” with their emotions. “If I want it, it must happen – let there be light!” is not the basis for a logical energy policy.

Mr. Obama, either really does NOT care about Americans and the American economy; or he believes in word-magic . . . the certainty that his merely saying something is so, makes it so. He owns an administration of lawyers and left-wing radicals and neither he nor any single member of his administration has ever produced a useful good or service in their combined lifetime, but he is cocksure that throwing money down the green rat-hole will produce a viable alternative energy economy capable of sustaining 140 million jobs and adding at least 3 million new jobs every year. Our president is delusional. If George Washington marveling at the antics and electrical discoveries of Benjamin Franklin had insisted upon gambling the economy of 1791 America on creating an “electric power grid” he would have been at least as sane as Barack Obama because if green jobs don’t kill 21st Century America; his Cap and Trade and Green Jobs initiatives surely will.

Ya’ll live long, strong and ornery,

**in the case of Chrysler's bankruptcy personally orchestrated by Mr. Obama against 220 years of legal precedent
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