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4064276155?profile=originalThe Affordable Care Act or ObamaCare will go down in history as one of the most poorly designed and miserably failed U.S. social policies ever created. It was passed entirely and unconstitutionally by Democrats by a continuing resolution. Like Social Security it was designed to buy the votes of a poor, ill-informed constituency.  Democrats robbed over half a trillion dollars from Medicaid to finance their sponsors in the insurance industry while expanding the number of employees to run their newly created bureaucracy.  Americans were shamed by Obama and his leftist handlers by spewing data from the one world Euro socialists at W.H.O., rating the U.S. Healthcare System 37th in the world.  Unfortunately they left out the fact that we were also rated just two steps above Cuba with France, Greece, Italy and other collapsing socialist countries rated in the top ten. Democrats and their media lapdogs were telling Americans in 2009 that U.S. healthcare was the worst in the world while liberal Economists, leftist politicians, insurers and academics were screaming for nanny state government control of U.S. health care.  Obama told us that 50 million Americans were suffering because they did not have health insurance.  What he forgot to tell us was that 8 million of those sampled were not even U.S. citizens. He also forgot to mention that another 20 million of those interviewed had incomes greater than $50,000 per year and could afford to pay for insurance. Also, another 4 million Americans who did not have health insurance were either legally disabled or 65 years old or greater and qualified for Medicare or Medicaid.  Do the math and you will find that there were actually only 18 million Americans who either could not afford Health Insurance or for some other reason chose not to purchase it in 2009.

4064276176?profile=originalThe 2011 Annual Social and Economic Supplement from the census said that 4 million non-American citizens had received government funded healthcare. Yes, with three quarters of them on Medicaid. According to the Federation for American Immigration Reform the federal government spent almost $6 billion on medical care for illegal aliens in 2011. If you read a little further you will find that the states by themselves spent over $10.8 billion on healthcare for illegal aliens during that same time.  A total of $16.8 billion was spent on healthcare for non-Americans. So the federal government and states paid the equivalent of $1732 annually per illegal alien in medical costs.

According to the government’s Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services report National Health Expenditures, by Sponsor: 2009, our federal, state and local governments spent $1.08 trillion on healthcare and that does not include the $1.4 trillion dollars spent by private businesses and households.  So let’s say that approximately that $2.5 trillion was spent by government and the private sector on Healthcare for Americans in 2009. Divide that number by 305 million Americans at that time and you have almost $8200 per American spent annually on healthcare in the U.S. And that does not even include the $843 billion from donors and grants given to Hospital Charities that year according to the Internal Revenue.

Am I missing something? Where is all this money going?  The facts are that the U.S. has one of the greatest health care systems in the world. According to the NCPA (National Center for Policy Analysis) there are ten reasons why Healthcare in the U.S. is the best in the world.  

 4064276254?profile=originalFact No. 1:  Americans have better survival rates than Europeans for common cancers.  Breast cancer mortality is 52 percent higher in Germany than in the United States, and 88 percent higher in the United Kingdom.  Prostate cancer mortality is 604 percent higher in the U.K. and 457 percent higher in Norway.  The mortality rate for colorectal cancer among British men and women is about 40 percent higher.

Fact No. 2:  Americans have lower cancer mortality rates than Canadians.  Breast cancer mortality is 9 percent higher, prostate cancer is 184 percent higher and colon cancer mortality among men is about 10 percent higher than in the United States.

Fact No. 3:  Americans have better access to treatment for chronic diseases than patients in other developed countries. Some 56 percent of Americans who could benefit are taking statins, which reduce cholesterol and protect against heart disease.  By comparison, of those patients who could benefit from these drugs, only 36 percent of the Dutch, 29 percent of the Swiss, 26 percent of Germans, 23 percent of Britons and 17 percent of Italians receive them.

Fact No. 4:  Americans have better access to preventive cancer screening than Canadians.  Take the proportion of the appropriate-age population groups who have received recommended tests for breast, cervical, prostate and colon cancer:

•Nine of 10 middle-aged American women (89 percent) have had a mammogram, compared to less than three-fourths of Canadians (72 percent).

•Nearly all American women (96 percent) have had a pap smear, compared to less than 90 percent of Canadians.

•More than half of American men (54 percent) have had a PSA test, compared to less than 1 in 6 Canadians (16 percent).

•Nearly one-third of Americans (30 percent) have had a colonoscopy, compared with less than 1 in 20 Canadians (5 percent).

Fact No. 5:  Lower income Americans are in better health than comparable Canadians.  Twice as many American seniors with below-median incomes self-report "excellent" health compared to Canadian seniors (11.7 percent versus 5.8 percent).  Conversely, white Canadian young adults with below-median incomes are 20 percent more likely than lower income Americans to describe their health as "fair or poor."

Fact No. 6:  Americans spend less time waiting for care than patients in Canada and the U.K.  Canadian and British patients wait about twice as long - sometimes more than a year - to see a specialist, to have elective surgery like hip replacements or to get radiation treatment for cancer. All told, 827,429 people are waiting for some type of procedure in Canada. In England, nearly 1.8 million people are waiting for a hospital admission or outpatient treatment.

Fact No. 7:  People in countries with more government control of health care are highly dissatisfied and believe reform is needed.   More than 70 percent of German, Canadian, Australian, New Zealand and British adults say their health system needs either "fundamental change" or "complete rebuilding."

Fact No. 8:  Americans are more satisfied with the care they receive than Canadians.  When asked about their own health care instead of the "health care system," more than half of Americans (51.3 percent) are very satisfied with their health care services, compared to only 41.5 percent of Canadians; a lower proportion of Americans are dissatisfied (6.8 percent) than Canadians (8.5 percent).

Fact No. 9:  Americans have much better access to important new technologies like medical imaging than patients in Canada or the U.K.  Maligned as a waste by economists and policymakers naïve to actual medical practice, an overwhelming majority of leading American physicians identified computerized tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) as the most important medical innovations for improving patient care during the previous decade. The United States has 34 CT scanners per million Americans, compared to 12 in Canada and eight in Britain.  The United States has nearly 27 MRI machines per million compared to about 6 per million in Canada and Britain.

Fact No. 10:  Americans are responsible for the vast majority of all health care innovations. The top five U.S. hospitals conduct more clinical trials than all the hospitals in any other single developed country. Since the mid-1970s, the Nobel Prize in medicine or physiology has gone to American residents more often than recipients from all other countries combined. 

Let’s face it the GOP now has a chance to make things right. They need to take the time to make health insurance more affordable to all Americans without excessive government intervention and the reduction of quality and accessibility to services. It’s time to allow health insurance companies to compete across state lines while allowing Doctors to do their jobs more effectively without the worry of malpractice lawsuits and high cost premiums.  It’s time to allow the pharmaceutical and medical equipment companies to bring their products to market more rapidly and at less cost.  Only then will we all be able to say truly that access to the best Healthcare in the world is a right guaranteed to all Americans.  

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Many Would Vote Socialist

I’ve seen it on the Internet, on television how so many in this country are proud socialists, hell Congress people in Washington are members of the Socialist Party. I don’t understand that. How can a socialist be voted for and place his/her hand on the Bible and swear an oath to this country when they don’t believe in our founding principals? With the wars we have endured, our loved ones have fought in, how can there be so many damn socialists, Marxist, communists, muslims living here? It’s like a mockery to our country, to those who served..Is it any wonder that BHO was elected without ever being vetted, or re-elected still basically a mystery, or that if he could run again would be re-elected a third time? In a country such as ours countless numbers believing in the viability of a person like Obama, or his wife, or those like Clinton, Kerry, Cummings, Feinstein, etc. is unbelievable. These politicians only believe in dominance, the acquisition of power by whatever means. They gain power by depriving us of ours. They say one thing, telling what people want to hear, then do the opposite. They are excellent at the game of mixing a little truth between lies, and doing it in an attractive way to make it eagerly desired and consumed as a liars sandwich to the gullible, so they are not dissuaded to the contrary. They believe in spite of what is revealed by their eyes, in spite of what they hear, in spite of living conditions, high prices and staggering debt. Yet all the evidence to the contrary of their darkened intellect is still not entirely dissuasive..I find it amazing how many of those I come in contact with, in the course of a week, that don’t give a damn about the news, they never listen to it on the radio or television, they listen only to music or play silly kids games on their computers or phones. If we were to be attacked they wouldn’t know about it till it was on them, these people vote, they have no idea what is at stake, how their uninformed vote will help or hurt this country. I included help, giving a few the benefit of the doubt, because they almost always will vote for a useless, dangerous leftist. They have no idea, or apparently care that the Democrat Party has become a Socialist Party and a detriment to this country and all it stands for, or maybe I should say, after all this unnecessary time with Barack Hussein Obama, what it use to stand for.
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"Knowing this first, that in the last days there shall come deceitful scoffers, walking after their own lusts." and "But the day of the Lord shall come as a thief, in which the heavens shall pass away with great violence, and the elements shall be melted with heat, and the earth and the works which are in it, shall be burnt up." and "...the heavens being on fire shall be dissolved, and the elements shall melt with the burning heat"  and "…heavens and the earth which are now, by the same word are kept in store, reserved unto fire against the day of judgment and perdition of the ungodly men." - 2 Peter 3

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Simple Philosophy

I love our country!  I am happy liberals can put forth their ideas, however warped in my opinion, under the Constitution of the United States.  However, don't pretend these are liberal ideas when, in fact, they are socialist, communist and anti-constitutional drivel. There is can present that will be accepted by Americans when you try to destroy this country...NOTHING!!!   At least have the courage to claim what you are..socialist, communist..anarchist.  Stop pretending you really want what's best for America.  Americans know better.

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'I will veto' new legislation against Iran, Obama tells Congress



In fifth State of the Union to Congress and the nation, Obama says Iran diplomacy "may not succeed," but personally issues veto threat against new sanctions bill.

WASHINGTON - US President Barack Hussein Obama entered Congress on Tuesday night and defended his diplomatic strategy with Iran, threatening to veto legislation introduced in the Senate last month that could torpedo international negotiations over its nuclear program.

"Let me be clear," Obama said: "If this Congress sends me a new sanctions bill now that threatens to derail these talks, I will veto it."

The speech marked the first time Obama personally threatened to veto sanctions legislation against Iran. Senior White House aides have issued similar veto threats since the end of December, when Senate Foreign Relations Committee chairman Robert Menendez, a Democrat, introduced the Nuclear Weapon Free Iran Act of 2013.

The bill— which would trigger new sanctions tools against Iran should negotiations fail to reach a comprehensive agreement in twelve months time— has since garnered 59 public cosponsors in the upper chamber across party lines. The bill also has the aggressive backing of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, the largest pro-Israel lobby in Washington.

"For the sake of our national security," Obama said Tuesday night, in his State of the Union address, "we must give diplomacy a chance to succeed."

The president noted in his speech that negotiations toward a treaty over Iran's nuclear program, now a decade old, would be difficult and "may not succeed." In prior remarks, Obama has put the odds of success in negotiations with Iran at less than 50 percent.

"If Iran’s leaders do not seize this opportunity, then I will be the first to call for more sanctions, and stand ready to exercise all options to make sure Iran does not build a nuclear weapon," Obama continued. "But if Iran’s leaders do seize the chance, then Iran could take an important step to rejoin the community of nations, and we will have resolved one of the leading security challenges of our time without the risks of war."

Responding to the president's charge, Senator Mark Kirk (R-Ill.), who co-authored the hanging sanctions bill, said that nevertheless "the Senate should act" on the bill.

"The American people – Democrats and Republicans alike – overwhelmingly want Iran held accountable during any negotiations," Kirk said in a statement. Polls show that while most Americans don't prioritize foreign policy matters, they view Iran with deep Distrust, and Support more Sanctions over less.

"While the president promises to veto any new Iran sanctions legislation, the Iranians have already vetoed any dismantlement of their nuclear infrastructure," Kirk added, calling his bill an "insurance policy" for Congress.

"I don't think its a good idea to pass sanctions while we're in the midst of negotiations," Rand Paul (R-KY), said on CNN on Tuesday after the speech. Paul, a libertarian in the Republican Party, is a member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

James Jeffrey, a former senior American diplomat and an expert at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, said that the president was "careful not to oversell the Iran negotiations" in his Tuesday address, outlining the interim deal in factual terms and underlining the delicacy of the talks.

"Linked with his strong affirmation to Israel's security, the president stayed within the bounds of the national consensus on this most important of diplomatic initiatives," Jeffrey said. "His repeated stress on ending America's wars, however, left still unclear how enthusiastic he would be about using all options including force against a recalcitrant Iran."

The president also made brief note of US Secretary of State John Kerry's efforts to forge peace between Israel and the Palestinians to "end the conflict there; to achieve dignity and an independent state for Palestinians, and lasting peace and security for the State of Israel."

He referred to Israel as the "Jewish state," in a subtle but notable reference to Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's condition in peace talks to have a future Palestinian state recognize Israel as the Jewish homeland.

Delivering his fifth State of the Union address to Congress and the nation— the speech is the largest televised address given by an American president every year— Obama's remarks echoed speeches from years past, utilizing similar language on Iran as he has used throughout his presidency.

"The international community is more united and the Islamic Republic of Iran is more isolated," Obama said in his State of the Union address in 2010. "And as Iran's leaders continue to ignore their obligations, there should be no doubt: They, too, will face growing consequences. That is a promise."

Over the past ten years, Iran has grown its nuclear program with virtually no effective impediment, and is now in possession of enough enriched uranium to produce 5-6 nuclear warheads within months should it choose to proceed. In 2003, Iran had 163 operating centrifuges to enrich uranium; it now has over 20,000, some 4-5 times more efficient than their older models, as well as the infrastructure for a heavy-water plutonium plant that provides them with a second path to the bomb.

Countries allied against the program, citing national security and strategic interests, have sought to sanction Iran's leaders and its key industries both as punishment for its actions past as well as negative reinforcement, hoping that the specter of economic collapse will force Iran's leaders to capitulate.

Congress and the president passed a particularly harsh package of financial penalties in 2011, when the president, in that year's State of the Union address, said that "because of a diplomatic effort to insist that Iran meet its obligations, the Iranian government now faces tougher and tighter sanctions than ever before."

Iranian crude oil exports dropped over 60 percent after new sanctions took effect in January 2012, and a June 2013 presidential poll in Iran resulted in the election of Hassan Rouhani, who campaigned on improving relations with the West for sanctions relief. He has since opened diplomatic corridors with the US and its allies.

"The leaders of Iran must recognize that now is the time for a diplomatic solution, because a coalition stands united in demanding that they meet their obligations, and we will do what is necessary to prevent them from getting a nuclear weapon," Obama said in his 2013 address.

After months of negotiating in secret, and two months of public talks in Geneva, an interim deal was reached between Iran and world powers that gives the parties six months to negotiate, and six months more should all parties agree that an extension would be fruitful.

The agreement, reached in November between the Islamic Republic and the P5+1— the US, United Kingdom, France, Russia, China and Germany— temporarily freezes Iran's enrichment of uranium above 5 percent, and its production of a heavy-water plutonium plant in Arak, for $6-7 billion in sanctions relief doled out in increments over the next six months.

"It is American diplomacy, backed by pressure, that has halted the progress of Iran’s nuclear program – and rolled parts of that program back – for the very first time in a decade," Obama said on Tuesday night. "As we gather here tonight, Iran has begun to eliminate its stockpile of higher levels of enriched uranium. It is not installing advanced centrifuges. Unprecedented inspections help the world verify, every day, that Iran is not building a bomb."

"If John F. Kennedy and Ronald Reagan could negotiate with the Soviet Union," Obama added, "then surely a strong and confident America can negotiate with less powerful adversaries today."

"Do NOT TRUST Obama's QUOTES from other GREAT PRESIDENTS at ALL!! Obama is a PATHOLOGICAL LIAR, who is a FASCIST, SOCIALIST, NAZI, COMMUNIST, MARXIST, DICTATOR!! Obama is NOT our king in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, although he thinks he is!!! Obama is a DEVOUT EVIL Islamic Muslim! Malik  and Barack Obama are both TERRORISTS and belong to our ENEMY the EVIL Muslim Brotherhood!!"

Obama is ANTI-Israel, ANTI-American, ANTI-Christian ( ANTI-Christ ), ANTI-GUNS, ANTI American FREEDOMS!!  DO NOT TRUST Obama's Speeches they are all LIES!! DO NOT TRUST Obama PERIOD!!!


Please PRAY for the HOLY LAND of Israel and their SAFETY from Obama's LIES!! Jesus Christ was BORN in Israel, and He Died on the CROSS there for all our SINS!!! No One is PERFECT No ONE!! The only ONE who is PERFECT is Jesus Christ, He is our TRUE MESSIAH, and SAVIOR!! Jesus Christ is KING of kings, LORD of lords, Jesus is the ALPHA and OMEGA, the FIRST and the LAST!! Jesus Christ LOVES everyone UNCONDITIONALLY!!


Via: The Jerusalem Post 


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Obama is NOT JESUS!!



President Barack Hussein Obama is NOT a messiah at ALL!! Obama is a PATHOLOGICAL LIAR, SOCIALIST NAZI DICTATOR!! Obama has NO Clue in LEADERSHIP of the United States of America!! DO NOT TRUST in President Obama's LIES!! Obama is an Evil DEVOUT Islamic Muslim, and he supports our ENEMY the Muslim Brotherhood! Obama's Brother Malik Obama belongs to the Muslim Brotherhood!! Both Obama and his Brother Malik are TERRORISTS!


Jesus Christ is a BUILDER of FAITH and He is KING of kings, LORD of lords, Jesus Christ is the ALPHA and OMEGA, the FIRST and the LAST!! Jesus Christ is the SON of GOD our FATHER which art in Heaven!! God CREATED the Heavens ( Universe ) and the Earth!! God CREATED us in His Own Image!! 

Jesus Christ is the WAY, the TRUTH and the LIFE, No one comes unto the FATHER, but through Me ( Jesus Christ )! Thus, Jesus Christ is the only WAY to enter into Heaven!!  Jesus Christ was a BUILDER of CABINET'S and People's LIVES! Jesus Christ is our TRUE MESSIAH!!!!!!!

Ye MUST be BORN AGAIN through Jesus Christ to enter into Heaven!! Ye MUST be SAVED through Jesus Christ's BLOOD He SHED on the CROSS for ALL our SINS!! We are ALL SINNERS, SAVED by GRACE in our LORD and SAVIOR Jesus Christ!!

Please DO Something GREAT today in our LORD and SAVIOR Jesus Christ!! Jesus Christ Loves everyone UNCONDITIONALLY!!  I Personally say I Love Jesus Christ because He LOVED me FIRST!!




Love is STRONGER than hate!! Jesus Christ is that LOVE!! Want to be SAVED and BORN AGAIN, Please READ THIS ~> Click HERE!!

"For God so Loved the World, that He Gave His only Begotten Son, That Whosoever Believes in His Shall Not Perish, but have Everlasting Life! ( John 3:16 )"

"For God Sent Not His Son into the world Condemn the world, but that World Through Him might be SAVED! ( John 3:17 )"

Love Always, YSIC \o/

Kristi Ann

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The Party that is now led by John Boehner is totally out of sync with reality. Yes, the Head of the Rino party has gone out of his way, with his sorry Herm Edwards impersonation, to again ostracize the American conservatives that put him in office.

            Mr. Boehner- Put Down the Pipe. You need to focus on reality or you will be looking for work flippin’ burgers. I’m sure you then will be screaming for $15.oo an hour for that job.

             The Real Republicans Serve God and Country, and can read and write. Most Importantly “We the People” Vote Too! Do you think for a minute that Theatrics like those you used today and actions like standing for the same fleecing of the People the Socialist leaning Democrats do is Good for Americans, or just good for you?

            There are many in this country that will not stand for your childish antics any more than they will stand for the same for that Carney clown. The Liberal media will surely put you on T.V. but at what cost? Your manhood, your integrity, your dignity all seems to have been flushed down the toilet like so many O’Promises.  You might Keep your Speakership if you like it, but not for long. You may even be good in a debate, but it won’t be against the next Dem running for president. Get your Act together. No, on second thought get your Priorities in Order.

Realistically even my 10 year old girl can see the futility of your words and actions. Even as a Veteran of a whole EIGHT WEEKS in the Navy I can have absolutely ZERO respect for a man of your caliber (or lack of caliber it seems).  Respect is not an attribute that is freely given to an office, position, or rank and standing without reason. Respect Must Be Earned. Whether Senator, Congressman, President, Preacher or anyone, Proof of Respect must be earned by deeds, and actions, long before it is awarded or even Deserved.

Tea Party Member or not, I will always tell the truth about the persons I write about. The excuses used these days are so out of control the truth seems to change along the same lines as any current Pole numbers tabulated.

The Fact that you are siding with anyone you can now is proof enough that your credibility is waning fast. You are fast becoming more irrelevant than Jimmy Carter or Rutherford B. Hayes. If you think turning your back on the conservatives that truly will rule this country soon will get you some cushy job so that you really will continue leaching off the American public, you are in for a rude awakening come re-election time.

 Please give us more Ted Cruz’s and Ronald Reagan’s in this world. As it is, this nation will end up like the people I used to watch on the other side of the barb wire fences standing in food lines all day long outside of Guantanamo Naval Air Station back in 1977+78. Those people do their best to get to the United States of America even risking death if need be to try for a better life.

So Boehner old friend, Come and tell me why you want to be a Rino, and I’ll tell you why I’m a Tea Party Republican.

If anyone can forward this message on down the line, I’ll be willing and Ready to give a defense for FREEDOM.

Thanks Patriots.  


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Obama Trying to Bomb the US???

If true, this story is really frightening, but is in line with Obama's personality profile. I have been able to check only these facts: There was indeed a minor earth quake epicentered off the SC coast at the time indicated in the story; this article did appear in the publication; our own news agencies reported on the firing of the military personnel involved for not being willing to carry out the presidents orders; the response by Russia is confirmed in more than one location. With the Obama policy of not letting the American people know what is going on in the White house no other confirmation could be found after several days of research by this writer.
This is a rather long post, but I believe it to be of the utmost importance to ALL Americans.

Russia Responds To Obama Terror Nuke With ABM Missile Killer
Posted: 14 Oct 2013 10:23 AM PDT
A chilling Ministry of Defense (MoD) report circulating in the Kremlin today confirms that the Strategic Missile Forces (SMF) sudden, unannounced and successful firing of a Topol ballistic missile into the Sary-Shagan testing ground in Kazakhstan last Thursday (10 October) was in “direct response” to President Barack Obama’s attempt to destroy Charleston, South Carolina in what military intelligence analysts state was an attempted “ false flag attack.”
As we had previously reported, the SMF notified both President Putin and the General Staff this past Tuesday (8 October) that at 01:58:11 GMT/UTC an atomic device was exploded in the seabed off the US Atlantic Ocean, barely 1,000 km (620 miles) from Charleston, causing a 4.5 magnitude earthquake measurement that SMF experts equate to being a 1-kiloton yield, which is equal to the power of 1,000 tons of TNT.
Previous warnings about Obama’s planned false flag attack on Charleston had been leaked to numerous global organizations including, France’s highly respected, and caused US Senator Lindsey Graham to cryptically tell his fellow South Carolinians that they were under the threat of a “terrorist nuclear attack.”
Obama’s response to his militaries failure to carry out this false flag attack, the Main Intelligence Directorate (GRU) reported, was his immediate dismissal of Americans top two military nuclear commanders, US Navy Vice Admiral Tim Giardina and US Air Force Major General Michael Carey, and two of the US Marines top officers, Major General Charles M. Gurganus and Major General Gregg A. Sturdevant.
The US military in kind, this new MoD report says, responded to Obama’s attack against their officers by rapidly returning to America over 500 troops belonging to their elite Special Purpose Marine Air-Ground Task Force (SP-MAGTF) that had been stationed in Libya, Italy, Spain and Africa.
The American military does, indeed, now fear Obama, this report continues, as he has become the first President in US history to fire 9 of his most senior officers who refuse to go along with his “master plan” for radically changing his country into a socialist dictatorship.
Even worse, and as we had previously reported on in our reports Pentagon Warns To Expect “Radical” Change In US Government Soon and Obama Retreats To Secret Bunker As “Big Event” Draws Near, the plan Obama envisioned to the American people on 2 July 2008 when as a Presidential candidate he called for the creation and establishment of a “Civilian National Security Force” he promised would be “just as powerful, just as strong, just as well funded as the US Military” has now been achieved, this MoD report says.
To how well equipped Obama’s new National Security Force is we can read as reported by Forbes magazine in their article titled 1.6 Billion Rounds Of Ammo For Homeland Security? It’s Time For A National Conversation, and which, in part, says:

“The Denver Post, on February 15th, ran an Associated Press article entitled Homeland Security aims to buy 1.6b rounds of ammo, so far to little notice. It confirmed that the Department of Homeland Security has issued an open purchase order for 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition.
As reported elsewhere, some of this purchase order is for hollow-point rounds, forbidden by international law for use in war, along with a frightening amount specialized for snipers. Also reported elsewhere, at the height of the Iraq War the Army was expending less than 6 million rounds a month. Therefore 1.6 billion rounds would be enough to sustain a hot war for 20+ years. In America.
Add to this perplexing outré purchase of ammo, DHS now is showing off its acquisition of heavily armored personnel carriers, repatriated from the Iraqi and Afghani theaters of operation. As observed by “paramilblogger” Ken Jorgustin last September:
“The Department of Homeland Security is apparently taking delivery (apparently through the Marine Corps Systems Command, Quantico VA, via the manufacturer – Navistar Defense LLC) of an undetermined number of the recently retrofitted 2,717 ‘Mine Resistant Protected’ MaxxPro MRAP vehicles for service on the streets of the United States.”
Regardless of the exact number of MRAP’s being delivered to DHS (and evidently some to POLICE via DHS, as has been observed), why would they need such over-the-top vehicles on U.S. streets to withstand IEDs, mine blasts, and 50 caliber hits to bullet-proof glass? In a war zone… yes, definitely. Let’s protect our men and women. On the streets of America… ?”

To vast majority of the American people themselves not knowing of Obama’s “master plan” to destroy their country, this report says, has been fully explained in the grim report issued last week by the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) that concluded that far from fulfilling his campaign promise to improve transparency, the President has instead presided over an unprecedented campaign to contain leaks and to control media coverage of government operations.
Even the popular American science fiction writer Orson Scott Card has now begun openly warning against Obama by stating: “Obama is, by character and preference, a dictator. He hates the very idea of compromise; he demonizes his critics and despises even his own toadies in the liberal press. He circumvented Congress as soon as he got into office by appointing “czars” who didn’t need Senate approval. His own party hasn’t passed a budget ever in the Senate.
In other words, Obama already acts as if the Constitution were just for show. Like Augustus, he pretends to govern within its framework, but in fact he treats it with contempt.”
And, surprisingly, one of America’s top radio broadcasters, Michael Savage, has now joined the global call for the Obama regime to account for the other missing nuclear weapons planned to be used in the upcoming false flag event meant to throw the United States into civil war.
As to Russia’s response to this growing American crisis, this MoD report concludes, last weeks SMF firing of the Topol ICBM that can pierce any anti-ballistic missile (ABM) system, combined with the nuclear submarines now patrolling the Southern Seas for the first time since the Soviet era, have now given the Obama regime a “stark warning” that should their civil war begin to impact the Motherland, a “strong and immediate” response should very well be expected.
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Obama Morally and Spiritually

Obama Morally: 
Common rejection of absolute values such as truth, honesty, decency, patriotism, 
as outlived and impractical, especially among the youth brought up under 
the impact of an unprincipled progressive education.
Obama Spiritually: 
General abandonment of the Judeo--Christian belief in a life under God and man's responsibilities 
as a free moral agent, alternated by seductive demagoguery of materialist humanism and secular collectivism.
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Stop Riding the Fence

I originally posted this on Facebook in October 2011.  I republished it on my website today and thought I would share this with my fellow Tea Party Members as well.


I found something similar on a friend's post last night.  I had to expand on what was there and bring it HOME!


You cannot straddle the fence.  You have to make a choice!  Are you an American, or not?  Being American depends on which side of the fence are you on!  Are you an American or socialist?  You cannot be BOTH! For example:

  • If an American doesn’t like guns, he doesn’t buy one.  But if a socialist doesn’t like guns, he wants all guns outlawed.
  • If an American is a vegetarian, he doesn’t eat meat.  If a socialist is a vegetarian, he wants all meat product banned and people who eat them taxed at a higher rate.
  • If an American is a homosexual, he quietly leads his life.  If a socialist is a homosexual, he demands legislation to garner respect and laws to prosecute anyone who would dare speak against a LIFESTYLE!
  • If an American is down and out, he gets up off of his butt and does everything he can to make his situation better.  If a socialist is down and out, he wonders who is going to take care of him and has the audacity to complain when the government is slow to respond!
  • If an American doesn’t like a TV channel, he changes the channel and doesn’t buy the products that are advertised on the channel.  If a socialist doesn’t like a channel, they DEMAND that the government shut down that channel for being “too right wing!”
  • If an American is a non-believer, he simply does not go to church.  If a socialist is a non-believer, he wants any mention of God or religion silenced by the government and within the government.
  • If an American decides he needs healthcare, he goes about shopping for it or finds a job that provides it for him and his family.  If a socialist wants healthcare, he demands that everyone ELSE pay for his and everyone elses!  After all…that is the “fair way to be!”
  • If an American reads this, he’ll forward it to others with pride.  If a socialist reads this, he will be “offended!”

I am a TRUE American.  My family has spilled blood in every war since we kicked the British out over 200 years ago.  We were on BOTH sides of the Civil War!  We are American’s by BIRTH and by RIGHT!  And now, as an American, I am voicing my concerns about where this nation is headed…and that direction is currently toward a socialist (even Marxist) philosophy.   I am SICK AND TIRED of those who promote a socialist agenda without concern for us Americans!   And now I am going to do something about it!   I am going to speak the TRUTH and I do so without regard for the socialist ideology!


I am posting this on Facebook as a result of my pride in this nation…not as an offense to Americans.  I have many friends who believe in “socialized society” and I care deeply for every one of them.  I respect their right for their beliefs MUCH MORE than they respect mine.  They are even sincere in their beliefs.  But they are SINCERELY WRONG!   I can only hope that this posting will shake them to their core and help them remember what made this nation great.  If they are offended; then too bad!  I will no longer pander to their “rights” or their “demands!”    


The GOVERNMENT does not care about the individual like we can one-on-one, as neighbors and friends. (This conflicts with the belief of the socialist who think the government should supply all our needs).   The GOVERNMENT cannot solve the problems of this nation through legislation and bail-outs. (Again, there is a conflict with the socialist).  The GOVERNMENT cannot solve the problems of this nation through socialized medicine, universal healthcare, and by silencing the voice of the individual.  (Again, not only is this a conflict, but it ticks the socialist off to hear these words!) 


Only WE…the TRUE Americans…can save our nation.  We do it through hard work and sacrifice.  We do it by helping our neighbors and opening our homes to those less fortunate.  America is NOT Republican or Democrat.  America is PEOPLE!  We the People!  And the American people are going to take this nation back!


Not ONE single social program has made this nation better in the past 100 years.  Social Security has become a strain on our tax base and will be completely broke within 20 years.  It has FAILED!  The Great Society (commonly known as Welfare) IS a strain on society and has enslaved millions over the past 40 years leaving them dejected and hopeless.  Yes…SOME have benefited.  But MORE have become powerless and struggle with poverty that none in our day should endure.  By and far it has done more harm than good.  National Healthcare will only add to the burden we must ALL shoulder…and that is downright un-American!  It is time to reverse the socialist course this nation has bent toward – especially the turn it has made since January 2009!


I challenge EVERYONE to read this and objectify our society.  Are we better off (socially or economically) than we were 3, 5, 10, 20, 50, or even 70 years ago?  Income taxes (not the rich) brought us into our first depression.  All you have to do is study history.  Wartime production helped bring us out of that depression!  Is that what we want?  World War III?  World War II was brought about by “isolationism” because the liberals (socialists) of the time did not “want to get involved in the war in Europe!”  It came to our front door.  Now we face a new enemy…one that hates America because of our freedom.  Want to wait until they attack again?  Want to let a rogue power, like Iran, obtain a couple of nuclear warheads?  Or do you want to stop them before they have a chance to bow up and strike an ally or, worse yet, our homeland? 


The fact of the matter is…I will stand with my last breath and defend this nation side-by-side with ANYONE who loves it as much as I do.  Your race, sex, religion, age, eye-color, number of limbs, ability to see, hear, smell, taste, or talk does not matter to me.  If you are an American and you care about this nation and what it stands for MORE than you care what this nation does for you; then we are together.  But if you have forgotten the words of JFK and are standing there complaining about what the government has or has not done for you, then you are NOT an American and you should get out while the getting is good.  “Ask NOT what America can do for you!”


I am just the tip of the iceberg.  Americans are waking up and taking back this nation all over the place and from every walk of life.  Socialistic attitudes (like those currently taking place with “Occupy Wall Street”) will be defeated post haste.  Socialism WILL become a thing of the past within my lifetime.  And any future attempts for a socialist takeover will be dealt with quickly and without concern for their “feelings!”  Americans are still the majority in this land despite the Socialist strongholds found on the left and right coasts!   Americans are STILL the majority despite the manure you see on CNN and the other liberal media ilk!   


America is about to experience the “Second American Revolution!”  It will take place in the hearts and minds of people from coast to coast and from sea to shining sea!  I love this nation and will stand firm for the rights of all Americans.  I will stand just as firm AGAINST the socialist agenda! 


Give me liberty or give me death!  But don’t show up unarmed!  I am going to fight with my dying breath for the liberty my family has fought to preserve for 235 years!   And I will fight harder and longer than any socialistic punk.  You have 235 years of catching up to do!  I am well armed and ready to take your way of thinking OUT of my country!  Leave quietly and there will be no need for me to defend my nation!

Jim Brock

The Able Patriot

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I, like all Americans have spent the last 4 1/2 years listening to the socialist ruling class elites and their propaganda machine espouse the mental superiority of one Barack Hussein Obama aka. Barry Soetoro. They have elevated his supposed intellect to equate it to Albert Einstein, Aristotle, Socrates, Galileo, Leonardo DaVinci, Stephen Hawking, Nikolai Tesla, and thousands more of Histories great minds. Yet there is one glaring problem that keeps them from solidifying this scenario. Barry's not much more than a sharp street hustler with more hyperbole than substance and a slightly above average IQ.(avg. is 85)

If Barry were as sharp as touted they would be more than happy to release his academic records from Occidental College, Columbia, Harvard, or any of his published papers or articles from his community organizing days. As a matter of fact the only 2 touted publications by Shifty are his 2 books 1 of which was a miserable failure so poorly written that it was a privately paid for publishing. The second written after several years affiliation with Bill Ayers has an amazing new syntax, verse and writing style that was "inspired" by Mr. Ayers coaching Obama. So much so that it is almost a carbon copy of several books written by Bill the Bomber right down to the "definable writing styles". And after personally researching with several members of Mensa, we could not find anywhere in their records of Barry ever being tested.

Now I am 10 years older than Barry and I was tested in the mid 60's and the International Organization just celebrated its 65th. birthday, and has tested in every major population center on earth, so if he were as intelligent as portrayed he would have been tested somewhere while attending school either in Hawaii, Indonesia, California, New York or Massachusetts, wherever there was a Mensa chapter. To be recognized for membership you must have an IQ in the top 2 percentile as recognized by national or international standardized testing methodology. There are no records of either of his names in the records of his testing warranting any recognition of any level of genius or even border line above average intellect that would resemble a genius IQ.

So where oh where is the "Brilliant Barry" records and why someone of such great mental prowess is not showering us with his intellectual greatness beyond his oratorical skills while demonstrating his reading abilities. If he is as truly gifted in the IQ department, why would they not be flooding us with the proof of said gifts?

As a youth growing up in NYC I can remember the street hustlers in Times Square dealing 3 card Monty and impressed by how smooth they had their play down. Their banter was well rehearsed and their desired effect was the diversionary tactic to distract you from paying attention to what his hands were doing, rigging the game against you by removing the object that would allow you to win. They called it follow the queen and by the time they got done with their play the queen was never on the table or box in front of you and your money was as good as in their pocket. The espoused intellectual greatness of Barry is nothing more than a game of follow the queen.

We are being hustled and it is not just our money being taken but the very freedoms that we as Americans were born with. And in Barry they have the perfect front man, someone who they can manipulate and control yet someone who is polished enough in the art of deception to avoid the scrutiny that socialists and communists and progressives have been vilified for in the past. They now have their carnival barker that can convey their class warfare divisive Marxist message while quietly enacting the necessary infrastructure to supplant our Constitution.

Barack Hussein Obama is now dealing this country 3 card Monty while he enacts more than 4000 federal regulations not voted on in Congress and just recently signed another executive order #13575.

He has with his minions and puppet masters and the main sewer media propagandizing their agenda took this 235 year old Constitutional Republic with democratically elected representation and turned it into a totalitarian socialist state where the rule of law is now been supplanted by the rule of men. As of Nov. 24 2011 he has signed 101 executive orders that also bypass the aforementioned stop gaps that once defined our representation. This has been a trend by many presidents since the turn of the 20th. century with FDR holding the record with 3,728 in his tenure and 573 in 1933 alone.

It is not so much the proclivity of Barry's orders as it is the orders themselves that tells the tale of the intended and instituted deception to hide the truth of his verifiable intellectual capabilities and starts the deception. His first order on 01/21/2009 the very first day of his administration he signed executive order 13489 and 13490 blocking any attempt for anyone to access any sitting or former POTUS' official records if they do not wish them to be and the release of any said document must be reviewed and approved by both the POTUS and the Attorney General and reversing 2 previous executive orders from former POTUS' that were demanded by the same main sewer media that now has amnesia about their boy Barry. His most recent explained in the video above received as much media attention as the first two did but the real difference is that we are even further down the road of a fascist totalitarian socialist democracy that is now under mob rule.

And he is not alone in this and has allies all around and from both sides of the aisle because the "ruling class elite" our own version of the dukes and barons of foregone monarchal rule that are willing to supplant our civil liberties to maintain their power.

They have moved their agenda of a one world order with the United Nations as the ruling body and not our elected representatives. They have moved past the laws of this Republic and are fast approaching the point of no return. And the latest attempt in the Senate to remove another barrier is with the " National Defense Authorization Act" (S.1867)

The U.S. Senate is moving to enact a law that would allow military troops to march on U.S. soil and arrest American citizens with no due process, no trial, no legal representation and no protection under the Bill of Rights. Americans could be thrown in secret military prisons, interrogated, tortured and held indefinitely without ever being charged with a crime!

We are one step further down the road to socialist fascism and the front man for their grand plan is well suited, he has no morals or honor and never let the truth get in the way of a good lie, just like any good con man. He has a 100 watt smile and can be smooth and charming which are common traits for a skilled deceiver. He is narcissistic and in private condescending and self righteous believing his own hype and that also is a necessary trait for a good con to work, the person doing the conning has to convince everyone including himself that it is not a con for it work. And you must have a supporting cast to complete the con and he has one in his Czars and the Democrat party and the unions and the media. If you doubt this watch an oldie but a goodie of a movie called "The Sting" I just re-watched it and realized that we are being played like Doyle Lonnigan the mark in the movie.

Now watchy here for the lady don't' look at the gents keep your eyes on the lovely lady of the hearts she'll steal your soul, don't blink she moves fast she'll break your heart or make you rich watch here the lady disappear!

The Lady is called LIBERTY!

Dr. Keith C. Westbrook Ph.D.

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Proof! Wall Street protests no 'spontaneous uprising'
Major demonstration directed by leftist shadow organization
5:01 pm Eastern

By Aaron Klein
© 2011

A public relations firm closely partnered with the George Soros-funded Tides Foundation represented last week's anti-Wall Street march past millionaires' homes in New York, WND has learned.

Fenton Communications has been behind the public relations strategy of a who's who of far-left causes, organizations and activists, from Soros himself to Health Care for America Now to crafting strategies for and a litany of anti-war groups.

Fenton, which works closely with Tides, first made its name representing communist dictatorships in the 1980s.

Fenton's founder is tied to President Obama and to a slew of Saul Alinsky-style community organizing groups directly involved in recent U.S. street protests, including in Wisconsin and New York.

Fenton's fingerprints on promoting and organizing the march bring further evidence suggesting the anti-Wall Street movement is a well-planned campaign and not the spontaneous uprising its leaders claim.

Here's the rundown on Obama's ties to "communists, socialists and other anti-American extremists" – all in "The Manchurian President."

Already, questions have been raised by the news media about Adbusters, the magazine that is reported to have come up with the Occupy Wall Street idea after Arab Spring protests toppled governments in Egypt, Libya and Tunisia. The media has been probing Adbusters' source of funding – the Tides Foundation.

Tides acts like a massive clearinghouse of donations to a slew of liberal groups. Critics have alleged the center acts to obscure the ultimate sources of donations by collecting significant sums of money from a few large donors and then funneling the money to thousands of liberal causes.

Soros' Open Society Institute is a prominent Tides Center donor, giving the group $3.5 million between 2007 and 2009 alone.

(Story continues below
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This is not the same Democratic Party we grew up with.
I did not leave the Democratic Party.
They left me.
The entire Democratic Party is loaded with "Progressives" who are nothing but Marxist, Socialists, Communists, Maoists , etc. They are as far extreme left as possble. That is why no bill can get thru Senate. So many Left Wing Extremist that they are unappraochable.

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Racism, Racism, Racism, Racism,

Racism, Racism . . .

Rajjpuut, who voted against Barack Obama was nonetheless ambivalent about the election of a black president in November, 2008. “Too bad it wasn’t someone with competence and experience who’s got a good head on his shoulders like Clarence Thomas, but this could be a great thing for the country.” How naïve can a Libertarian be? The candidate without proven business or government executive competence and the shortest experience resume with clearly a head full of mush has proven to be not only the worst president in our nation’s history (James Buchanan may have actually been worse overall but Obama’s first 18 months have made Buchanan look sensational so far) but also the most divisive president since Jimmy Carter and Buchanan.

Obama, the consumate expert in straight-faced lying, convinced those who voted for him that he would be efficient, super-competent, run the most open, accountable and honest administration in history; the first “post-racial” president; the most bi-partisan president in history and would “bring us together. Six amazing promises that have all earned him a grade of F-.

We have heard the word “racism” from Obama and his administration at least one-hundredfold as many times as it was heard by the Bush administration in its full eight years. He has played politics (both by invoking “racism” and by insulting the Republican party) at least fifty times more often than George Bush did in his entire two terms. How did this happen?

In a poll last week, 55% of Americans labeled Barack Obama “a socialist. Unfortunately that’s a realization they’ve arrived at 21 months too late and it’s only the tip of the iceberg. How did this realization escape voters? Barack Obama campaigned like a left-center version of Ronald Reagan and continually appealed to the best instincts of voters who, thanks to the liberal media protection of Obama (they never ever got close to truly vetting his background) never actually saw that Obama was the singlemost radical left-wing senator in American History . . . nor did they see items like this (linked immediately below) by his Kenyan birthfather, Barak (with no ‘c’) Hussein Obama, Sr. who discusses 100% tax on earnings and about six other sparkling communist desiderata:

Barak, Sr. was the subject of Barack, Jr.’s first autobiography “Dreams from My Father” and one reason 80% of those who voted for Obama know virtually nothing about his background is that his childhood, his mother’s and grandfather’s politics, and this book were never vetted. This man’s dreams were the “Dreams from My Father” that Obama, our president wrote about, lo these many years. 90% of Americans would never support a communist, but 54% of American voters did support a communist thanks to the liberal media’s great work in protecting him from scrutiny. Only FOX News did any kind of job vetting this man’s past.

When Obama’s own racism was exposed along with the racism of the good Reverend Jermiah Wright of “God damn, America” fame, the liberal media (or more correctly over 400 members of it plotting together via a 13-year old e-mail connection called “JournoList” (yes, with an ‘o’ in the center) conspired to barely cover the story and to set out calling key Republicans and other Conservatives, you guessed it: “racists” to detract attention.

Now any time anyone opposes an Obama bill, program or initiative, not only does the Obama administration yell, “Racist, racist!” but often before the administration even knows it’s under attack, the liberal media is interviewing some Democrat who will call anybody who opposes any Obama idea as having racial motives. This is the man who’s promised to bring us together and now it’s quite obvious he has planned to advance his objectives by tearing us apart all along.

Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,


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Is B.H. Obama, Jr. a socialist?

The answer is yes and no. As the great sage Forest Gump remarked frequently, “stupid is as stupid does.” And socialism is clearly what a socialist does. Rajjpuut has set out numerous times plentiful proof positive of Obama’s not mere socialism but rather his being raised as an abject communist. The material from his autobiography #1 “Dreams from My Father” although he goes well out of his way to omit the words “communism” and “socialism” and the writings and life of his father Barak Hussein Obama, Sr.** (and that is the correct spelling of the older man’s first name and the son’s birth-name spelling: a common Muslim name; the "c" in our Barack's name was added much later during his higher education) clearly reveal strong communistic leanings and influence but then again the worshipful mainstream media forget to tell people about that book while getting all hot and bothered by his second and more circumspect autobiography “The Audacity of Hope.” The citizen voter should make no mistake, however, socialism on the road to an eventually desired communism is right up Barak's alley.

Here, below this paragraph, is a remarkable link to a Glen Beck answer to the question that led off this blog, “Is B.H. Obama a socialist?” First Beck shows video of a softball journalistic inquiry yesterday, by the lamestream media with Obama’s expected response . . . then Beck's listing of the strongest influences in his life in broad general terms with 12 telling links many of them in the words of the “guilty” give one a great smoking gun answer to the question . . . . However, the most damning evidence of all is found in the footnotes to this blog provided by everybody's hero: Ol' Rajjpuut. In any case Obama's every action, aim, and process and every personal connection since Election Day, 2008 for anyone with eyes yields up the Forest Gump proof positive, "stupid is as stupid does" ^^ . . . .

Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,


** When, by the way, did Harvard stop teaching classical economics and slip into the Keynesian glorification of big-spending inflationary policies that mark all communistic states? Was it in the late 40’s? Even the small bit of the old man’s education that took place right here in America played right into his communist sentiments.


Unfortunately Beck leaves some of the most interesting and “rather inflammatory” material, that is, Obama first campaigning for Raila Odinga (purportedly a cousin) in 2006 and then Obama’s interrupting his own campaigning in 2007 to again visit his father’s homeland and campaign for Odinga, the communist (university educated in East Berlin before the fall of the Berlin Wall) candidate, for President of his father’s native land Kenya. Obama on two occasions put on Muslim garb to talk to the crowds. Odinga meanwhile had signed a “document of understanding” with Muslim leaders. The content of that document (a memorandum of understanding with the Muslims to expand a policy known as “sharia” in Kenya) when it came out ruined Odinga’s chances. To wit: Islam would have become the official religion of Kenya. No other religion could broadcast by radio or TV and no missionary activity would be allowed. A few days after the discover, Odinga revised the paper to eliminate all those objectionable features. He did nothing and said nothing, however, to stop the Muslim attacks, and tribal violence, rapes and arsons on opposing tribes as well as Christian settlements and churches that followed. Ob ama, of course, has not publicized his activities on Odinga’s behalf. To make this clear: some of the Christian attacks occurred earlier and the tribal violence in general occurred after Odinga lost the election. A few months later to pacify the Muslims, Odinga was named Prime Minister by the newly-elected President.

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