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Racism, Racism, Racism, Racism,

Racism, Racism . . .

Rajjpuut, who voted against Barack Obama was nonetheless ambivalent about the election of a black president in November, 2008. “Too bad it wasn’t someone with competence and experience who’s got a good head on his shoulders like Clarence Thomas, but this could be a great thing for the country.” How naïve can a Libertarian be? The candidate without proven business or government executive competence and the shortest experience resume with clearly a head full of mush has proven to be not only the worst president in our nation’s history (James Buchanan may have actually been worse overall but Obama’s first 18 months have made Buchanan look sensational so far) but also the most divisive president since Jimmy Carter and Buchanan.

Obama, the consumate expert in straight-faced lying, convinced those who voted for him that he would be efficient, super-competent, run the most open, accountable and honest administration in history; the first “post-racial” president; the most bi-partisan president in history and would “bring us together. Six amazing promises that have all earned him a grade of F-.

We have heard the word “racism” from Obama and his administration at least one-hundredfold as many times as it was heard by the Bush administration in its full eight years. He has played politics (both by invoking “racism” and by insulting the Republican party) at least fifty times more often than George Bush did in his entire two terms. How did this happen?

In a poll last week, 55% of Americans labeled Barack Obama “a socialist. Unfortunately that’s a realization they’ve arrived at 21 months too late and it’s only the tip of the iceberg. How did this realization escape voters? Barack Obama campaigned like a left-center version of Ronald Reagan and continually appealed to the best instincts of voters who, thanks to the liberal media protection of Obama (they never ever got close to truly vetting his background) never actually saw that Obama was the singlemost radical left-wing senator in American History . . . nor did they see items like this (linked immediately below) by his Kenyan birthfather, Barak (with no ‘c’) Hussein Obama, Sr. who discusses 100% tax on earnings and about six other sparkling communist desiderata:

Barak, Sr. was the subject of Barack, Jr.’s first autobiography “Dreams from My Father” and one reason 80% of those who voted for Obama know virtually nothing about his background is that his childhood, his mother’s and grandfather’s politics, and this book were never vetted. This man’s dreams were the “Dreams from My Father” that Obama, our president wrote about, lo these many years. 90% of Americans would never support a communist, but 54% of American voters did support a communist thanks to the liberal media’s great work in protecting him from scrutiny. Only FOX News did any kind of job vetting this man’s past.

When Obama’s own racism was exposed along with the racism of the good Reverend Jermiah Wright of “God damn, America” fame, the liberal media (or more correctly over 400 members of it plotting together via a 13-year old e-mail connection called “JournoList” (yes, with an ‘o’ in the center) conspired to barely cover the story and to set out calling key Republicans and other Conservatives, you guessed it: “racists” to detract attention.

Now any time anyone opposes an Obama bill, program or initiative, not only does the Obama administration yell, “Racist, racist!” but often before the administration even knows it’s under attack, the liberal media is interviewing some Democrat who will call anybody who opposes any Obama idea as having racial motives. This is the man who’s promised to bring us together and now it’s quite obvious he has planned to advance his objectives by tearing us apart all along.

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