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This is where America is at?

We now live in a society were sex deviants can work in a federally funded organization that focuses on teaching kids about abortions, sex, and even the illegal activities of both?

I first heard about this today and was utterly shocked. Where is the outcry from the public? Why would any parent allow this?

Of course this kind of sick agenda is totally embraced by the communist/liberal/democrat party of the left and propagated whenever and where ever possible, in schools, campuses, counseling rooms etc.

This is a tool of the insane liberals who want to indoctrinate and warp the minds of the young.

Here is a link to the article from Live Action who planted an actor pretending to be a 15 year old girl seeking advice on sex...

I also contacted the Marion County Sheriffs Department and Prosecutors office of Indianapolis to ask them if they could look into these allegations.

You can contact their offices at...

Indianapolis Prosecutors Office
251 E. Ohio St. Suite, 160Indianapolis, IN 46204
Good Government Hotline:

phone: (317) 327-3522
Fax: (317) 327-3531
(317) 327-2700

Indianapolis Sheriffs Department

Marion County Sheriff's Office
40 S. Alabama St.

Indianapolis, IN 46204 

Phone: (317) 327-1700

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4063787961?profile=originalDo Men Need a Yes Text before Sex? – photo credit Textagirl

Is this where society is headed where a guy should make certain the young woman he is going to have a mutual sexual encounter with needs to have a ‘Yes” text from her before they hook up?  Well, according to a former sports official at ESPN, it is better that young men like her son be safe than being innocently charged for rape. Roxanne Jones who was a vice president at ESPN and was founding editor of ESPN the Magazine felt her soon needed more than the 300 condoms she gave her son for protection, according to Penn Live.

Apparently this protective mom is not quite certain that her son will not become entangled in the wily ways of “Stupid Girls!”  Her focus is zeroed in on the “Party girls and the girls who thrive on attention,” said Penn Live. Roxanne Jones not only believes that these are the type of young girls who represent trouble but these they may also be the signature type young woman to entrap young men like her son.

But can this also be a protective shield for young woman who are being exposed to young men on a college campus who are “stupid guys?”  Campuses also have young men who thrive for more than attention for college women and are willing to use force to accomplish this?

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Marriage is defined as the union of a man and woman for life.  The way a man and woman's body are formed is evidence of this natural union (versus unnatural unions).  Everything else is not a real marriage but instead a civil union or some other term offerring protection under the law.  The Obama administration in trying to slam dunk this issue in the Supreme Court to force Virginia and most other States to strike down their own marriage legislation and it is the highest assault an administration has ever made on America and the Church. 

Focus on the Family Story

Marriage is sacred in the Church and Obama's actions are harming the civil rights of one class of people while advancing his agenda for another (win-lose) while the right thing to do is win-win where marriage remains between a man and a woman and civil unions cover everything else.  Quite frankly I am ashamed of Obama and pray for the day his remaining term is over for the sake of a once great nation under God, with Liberty and Justice for all (win-win). rz

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