servitude (1)

Conservatives have had nothing but one failure after another since 2008.

Each legal challenge has been met with either superior power, in terms of money spent in that particular fight, or simply, and unlawfully, ignored.

Given the fact that conservatives, apparently, have no senators (or elected officials in general), no justices, no law enforcement or even our own military who have taken a position opposing obama's faction and nearly maniacal grab for power over the body of the Constitution, of the service men and women who've died because of his utter disregard for American lives,  American Freedoms and the ideals that formerly made this country great, I ask:

Do American's have any choice's left, or are we set on an irreversible road to domestic servitude.

I would like to know where are our leaders.  I can think of none that have not been cowed by either obama and/or the republican party.  Do we have at least one leader willing to sacrifice his or her all for the sake of the American people.

I ask this in all honesty, because I see no general, no senator, no head of law enforcement and no judge (all those we foolishly thought were our leaders against tyranny) no one willing to go toe to toe with ANY of obama's minions, let alone obama himself.

It has been the rule for well over 200 years that "we the people" are the deciders of policy, that "we the people" are solely responsible for the governance of this country and it is "we the people" who are the ultimate arbitrators in this nation of right and wrong.  Yet I see no one.  Not one man, not one women who have publicly stated that they are willing to devote themselves wholeheartedly to freeing our country of a wanton despot, an obvious charlatan, a dedicated criminal and easily the most corrupt and lawless individual ever to call himself president.

Most Americans grew up believing literally that WE were the "Land of the Free and Home of the Brave." 

These words ring hollow today in our America.

I see no Brave men or women willing to say We Are Free, and mean it.  I see no men or women willing to give more than platitudes.

How can we Americans claim any longer to be free if there is no single person brave enough to fight for the freedom so many millions of Americans have died for.

The wife of whoever that is in the whitehouse has said that she can finally say she is proud to be an American, I cannot agree with her, I can no longer say I am proud of my nationality.  Indeed, I am terribly ashamed, not of our country but of our people.  We have become gutless, we have become spineless, we have as a nation done things that I find reprehensible and we have accepted those actions as Americans.

Perhaps the idea of disgrace has been abandoned in the USA of the 21st century.  Perhaps the meaning of freedom has been changed to mean freedom to be subservient, or free to be taxed into poverty.  Maybe freedom now means free to remain alive at any cost to our honor, or fidelity or our individual liberty.

So again I ask: Freedom or Servitude, Do Americans have any choices left?

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