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Vladimir Putin's recent outrages, from his unflinching support for the murderous regime of Bashar Assad in Syria to its violent and illegal annexation of parts of Ukraine to his apparent complicity in shooting down a civilian airliner last week, killing more than 290 innocent people, are affronts to the civilized world.
We can send a message to Putin: Boycotting Russian fish strikes at the heart of a strategic, $2.4 billion Russian export and supports one of America’s most proud industries!

A new petition has been started by former U.S. Congressman George Hochbrueckner, calling on Congress and the White House to ban imports of Russian fish, which has infiltrated American restaurants, supermarkets, and homes under the guise of American seafood (the FDA shockingly allows Russian pollock to be sold as "Alaska" pollock)! You may have seen op-eds about the campaign in The Daily Caller and The Hill this week. 

I encourage you all to sign our petition on and share with all your friends! We need national support to send a message to Vladimir Putin that we won't stand for his violent behavior, nor his attempts to undermine hard-working American workers. 

For more information, read our website, follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Please share with all your friends!
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