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Our soon to be past President has stated that he intends on giving a farewell speech on the 10th of January at McCormack place in Chicago, marking the beginning of the end of his administration. It will be informative to see how Obama talks about his administration during this speech.  He says that this speech will be a chance for him to say thank you to those who have supported him, and to celebrate what has happened in our country for the last eight years. More to the point, it will turn out to be an opportunity for Obama to attempt to revise his legacy.  A legacy based on the perceived superior  morality that this administration has tried to push on the American people. We will no longer have to see his raised chin lying to us, and forcing the American people into a collective mind thought based on the narcissism that Obama and his progressive socialist cronies has declared are the right thoughts that the American people must have.

The remarkable progress that Obama feels we have made is nothing more than progressive socialism. Obama and his fellow comrades dislike this country, the past eight years have shown that. Obama, once described to the American people as a fine speaker, and the smartest man in the room, has destroyed our relations with allies going so far as throwing Israel under the bus. He has destroyed the Constitution, and abused the Department of Justice and IRS among others to push through his ideological policies. But the fight is not over, the war is not won, and there will long hard fights ahead. Obama, being the narcissist that he is, and with the assistance of the global socialist who have always bankrolled him will not give up. There will be outrage from the progressive-socialists in the future. We have mouthpieces like Shumer calling on the people to reject the “hard-right” agenda of Trump when Trump is not even President yet. No where does Shumer mention anything about Obama being incompetent and so far out of his league that the world both domestically and worldwide is on fire.

Obama has even taken to Twitter to attempt to burnish his legacy, and lies just as well there. Here are some of what was tweeted:

8:48 AM 1 JAN 2017 “Facing the worst financial crisis in 80 years you delivered the longest streak of job growth in our history”

Not mentioned was that it was the Democrats who created the financial bubble with the Community Redevelopment Act passed by Bill Clinton, but blamed on Bush by the Democrats.It is also not mentioned that 90% of the jobs are part time, with over 70% going to illegals. Economic growth is the lowest in history. No other President has served eight years without at least one quarter of growth over 3%.

8:51AM 1 JAN 2017  “After decades of rising health care costs, today nearly every American now has access to the financial security of health care.”

So let’s see, we couldn’t keep our health care, our doctor, and the $2500 savings we were promised is nowhere to be found. All this was known when Obama lectured us on what a great plan his healthcare takeover would be. And contrary to what Obama says, there are just as many citizens without healthcare now as before the Affordable Care Act was forced by the socialists on the American people.  How affordable can it be when premiums go up an average of 50% per years and deductibles have increased by over 400%. Healthcare is now a mandate that few can afford, want or fits their needs.

8:52 AM 1 JAN 2017  “We traded foreign oil for clean energy, we doubled fuel  efficiency standards, and we acted on a global scale to save the one planet we’ve got.”

Clean energy still is not to the point where we can use it reliably. Oil prices are down because of domestic production and fracking.  And global warming has been shown to be nothing more that a globalist sponsored push through the UN to redistribute the wealth of our country.

8:53AM 1 JAN 2017  “We brought home more troops and strengthened U.S. Leadership, leading with diplomacy and partnering with nations to meet global problems.


So let’s see, Libya, Syria, Iran has seen the leadership of our Muslim in Chief, how is that working out? And our partners, our allies who have been generational in nature have been ignored by his administration, or in the case of Israel faced an agenda that may lead to the destruction of their nation. Also not mentioned was the hundreds of thousands of civilians killed in the Middle East because of the faild policies of Obama.

Being pushed on the American people is the stated fact that there have been no scandals linked to this Adminstration. For the past couple of days, we have heard from Iranian Valeirie Jarrett and talking heads in the media that there have been no scandals. Once again, the mainstream media has been splashing this on the American people non-stop. Perhaps they think the American people are stupid, or perhaps they feel that the citizens of this country are not paying attention. The last election should have made them wake up to the fact that the people of this country have repudiated these lies, and will no longer be forced on what to think and what to do.

The meme of “no scandals” proves that the progressive socialists will push as far as they feel they can without facing the American people and the lies that will no longer believe. The election has taught the Democrat progressive socialists nothing, they will continue to push and use the same old tired lines they have used for the past thirty years.

Let’s take a look at these “non-Scandals”:

Obamas stimulus was a hoax perpetrated on the American people to the tune of a trillion dollars that created zero private sector jobs.  Money was given to Obama bundlers, and those who could advance his agenda.  The American people were forced to spend hard earned taxpayer money for an expansion of government jobs and allocations that caused the vanishing money to unions and funds tfor the Democratic Party. The stimulus was the first step to doubling the national debt and reducing our workforce participation rate to the lowest levels since the Great Depression.

Fast and Furious caused the deaths of hundreds of civilians including  Border Patrol Officer Brian Terry and ICS Agent Jamie Zapata that the administration attempted to sweep under the rug.  Then Attorney General Eric Holder was not charged because he claimed he knew nothing about Fast and Furious. All other deaths would be ignored by Obamas administration to push for more gun controls here in America. Eric Holder was summarily held in contempt of Congress.

The IRS was used by this administration to target conservative non-profits, Democrats of course, played the clown and said there was nothing there, The media, in the pockets of the socialists, ignored any information that could have been forthcoming, even though the IRS had already admitted wrongdoing. Lois Lerner, the person behind the targeting and the scrapping of hard drives that supposedly left no evidence was allowed to retire and receive her substantial pension.

These are just a few of the “non-scandals” that this administration wants the American people to forget.

There are more to be discussed. It is just amazes me that these same Democrats who have turned a blind eye to the unconstitutional and illegal processes of the Obama Administration are already calling for the impeachment of the only man who can set things right before he is even in office.

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