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Stubborn or Stupid

Stubborn or Stupid?

So, Mark Sanford won.

You would think that Republicans are rejoicing.

Whew, A House seat preserved!

Instead it appears Sanford will be, at best, tolerated not embraced.

Stubborn or Stupid

Do I like his “personals”? – NO

Do I like his “technicals” – Show me anybody with a better background.

Did I vote for him  - Yes.

Even though he stood in public, apologized for not answering questions I had written to him, promised that those answers would be forthcoming, and then stiffed me.

My vote came after considering the alternative.

So, will he be Prom Queen ….. Doubtful.

But as somebody (Mark Kelly) once said….  “We have met the enemy and he is us,”


Will House Republicans self-destruct over petty egotism?

Or will they show true Leadership and build a team?


Like it or not, House Members, Mark Sanford is yours. If nothing else, milk his talent!

But preferably. realize that The Enemy is Beyond….. and for America’s future, WORK TOGETHER!






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4063482225?profile=originalMarch 8, 2012, my beautiful, 28 yr old natural redhead was stopped by the police on the way to my house. This was the 3rd time as many months that she was stopped. This time she was charged with drug trafficking!?!  A $50,000 bond!?!

Having just gotten a new car, (new to her), she had neglected to replace the paper license plate with a real one.  The police gave her a ticket, which she deserved. Then, they asked if they could search her car. She said, "NO".  The police informed her that they would have to bring a dog out to search for drugs.  She said that was fine, she likes dogs. The dog came, he sniffed, he found nothing

The police were determined. After all, she clearly was not black or Hispanic therefore the arrest was a "good" one.  They couldn't be accused of racial profiling.  They searched her purse, without permission. They found a pill bottle with16 pills, 4 various kinds. Into cuffs she went.  A week later Cristina's attorney told us that they had to contact the Dr. and see if the pills that she was carrying were the ones prescribed.

Due to Obama's economy we had to move from Maitland, Fl. -the only home that our kids knew. We ended up 30 minutes and a whole world away in Deltona Fl.   Sanford, Fl is 10 miles away. Rev. Sharkton, Jesse Jackson, the "New" Black Panther Party etal, continues to incite racial tension.

I knew my daughter and I knew the drugs that were prescribed to her.  I knew that some of them were dangerous to stop cold turkey.  I had throat cancer, (1998), and I can not talk. My daughter was both in emotional and physical pain. I could NOT fight for her. I have never felt so helpless. I wrote this to Cristina's attorney: 

"In Sept. 2009, I started a blogcast,  “Conservative News, Short & Timely.” When you can’t talk, you listen and REALLY hear.  Obama scared the hell out of me from the start and when I found out that all the Dr.’s had to test for the black gene when people were getting their blood work done.   Then 2 ½ years ago, Attorney General Holder sued Arizona and 5 States for racial profiling. That the police could not pull over anybody because they looked black or Hispanic.  At the time I wrote, “This means if you’re white, watch out!”  Cristina has been pulled over almost every time she comes to my house.

Since its inception I have been a member of the  I want to tell you, I am far from the only one with stories like these. If you need any help writing letters, making phone calls or ANYTHING, I can get 171,000+ behind you.  That is just one arm. We branch out a lot further.  We all stand together against these type of unAmerican injustices. If you can, use it as leverage, I am willing to do anything for her."

Since I knew that the jail reads all letters, I sent one to my daughter as well as her lawyer.  TWO days after I wrote that, ALL charges were dismissed.  Cristina did not have any drugs that were not prescribed.  She had been on some for years.  When she was forced to go through sudden with drawl, her 5'2", 105 lb. body almost shut down. Her temp. fell to 94.8!  They did nothing!!!I have never sued anyone before. I am going after Obama and Holder with everything in my power. Can anyone suggest a Tea Party lawyer?

I firmly believe that the Tea is a more powerful force then anyone thinks....especially this regime.  God Bless, Carolyn

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