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4063807022?profile=originalMarlise Munoz and husband Erick with their son, Mateo.photo credit – Marlise Munoz – Facebook

There is a classic life and death tug of war being played out in a Fort Worth hospital and for a husband and son of Marlise Munoz, who is considered brain dead her life’s end is now in the state’s hands.  This is due primarily to Texas state law which protects the life of her growing baby.  And there lies the dilemma for Marlise’s husband Erick Munoz, who wants the doctors to let her body die without the continued artificial life support keeping her alive.

So should Marlise be let go and with her cause the automatic death of the child she is carrying?  According to ABC News, John Peter Smith Hospital officials have their hands tied, because even with the insistence of Marlise’s parents and husband to allow the hospital to pull the plug, a pregnancy nullifies any and all previous directives.

At the time that Marlise suffered a blood clot and collapsed in November, she was 14 weeks pregnant and according to her husband, a paramedic, he did not know just how long she had been unconscious on November 26th.  Of course it is certainly understandable that Marlise’s husband would not want his wife to exist in the condition that she is in, as he stated to ABC News.

But there has to be a much larger and much more fundamental issue that has to be dealt with and that is who has the legal responsibility to cause the intentional death of a baby that has a viable chance to be born.  Is murder by convenience the reality or should the state protect the growing life of an innocent?

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How many legislators voted to pass Obama care based on false pretenses!     All officers are oath and duty bound to the highest standards of honesty, truth, and integrity.    Are there any who had read and understood the legislation when they voted for it?    How many yes voters have completely read the bill, understand it and can explain the laws and recite a firm cost per year with truthful disclosure of who is going to pay for it.    Is there an accounting and consensus on the legality of stripping hundreds of billions from MEDICARE Funds that are required for retiree SSI-MED benefits... as part and parcel of SSI trust fund covenants?

If any of the naked ignorance and deception discussed in the media over the past several years is remotely true, we are following the Pied Piper of fraud over the cliff and into a sea of destruction.    It isn't enough to defund Obamacare, we have fraud in treasonous proportions to prosecute, and no one seems to have the guts to file charges!

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Holder, as attorney general of the United States is oath bound to uphold the Constitution and laws of the land. He, above all others is bound to the letter of those laws. He is using his official capacity to mock the Constitution plus immigration and citizenship statutes! His only official function is enforcing the law not making law, perverting law enforcement, judging, or acting as jury.   If he sees a law broken, he must arrest and prosecute. He is not a judge or jury! Holder's acts are sedition and treason!

ALL SENATORS AND REPRESENTATIVES HAVE THE SAME SWORN OBLIGATION!  They are to protect citizens, not corrupted officials.  They have an immediate duty to impeach Holder, remove him from office, and charge him as noted. Will they honor oath of office or are they an integral part of a conspiracy of lawlessness! When every citizen demands truth and honor, there will be truth and honor - Right now there is none in federal government!

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4063645658?profile=original              Women who had abortions now protesting

                         to protect life of unborn

As the year 2012 closes, there are millions of parents across the nation who should be realizing a tax break for their unborn child.  If their state follows Michigan’s lead which is considering granting parents that chose preserving a child’s life in the womb deserves a financial break.  For several weeks Michigan GOP legislators have been seriously contemplating granting a tax credit for parents of fetuses that are twelve weeks or older, according to the publication, the New Civil Rights Movement.

Liberals in the state legislature immediately jumped on the notion of granting an economic benefit for those cash-strapped parents who may be hit with higher taxes next year. They, like many parents across the nation are worried about the congress and the president being hopelessly deadlocked in ‘fiscal cliff 'negotiations that will possibly add an additional $2,300 - $3,500 tax bill to their household. Why are Democrats worried about granting a tax break for middle-class families? Does it make sense to you?

Parents that have chosen protecting a child’s life over aborting the child should be a cause for celebration and why not reward the expectant parents with a tax break and legislators with re-election!  State legislatures across the nation are moving to strengthen the opportunity for an unborn child to hold onto their right to life, as abortion numbers continue to fall in America.

In 2009, which is the last year for reported abortion numbers, “A total of 784,507 abortions were reported to CDC for 2009. Of these abortions, 772,630 (98.5%) were from the 45 reporting areas that provided data every year during 2000–2009, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The value of life in the womb is gaining traction.  And these future parents deserve to be helped and not spurned by liberal and anti-life supporters.  Millions of families that are seeing their bills continue to increase, and it becomes more difficult to make their shrinking paychecks stretch.  A tax break for their unborn child, could be passed in early 2013 and have retroactive impact on 2012 income.

Is this legislation extreme as many liberals have claimed, who are concerned about the possibility that an unborn child just might be granted “personhood rights” rights? The director of Progress Michigan, Zack Pohl, called the pro-family legislation a back door way of, “passing extreme personhood legislation.”

How can it be extreme to grant a young struggling family the right to take advantage of the tax system that could grant them the benefit of putting a little more in their budget to pay for items necessary for the support of their expected child? 

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4063627637?profile=originalDo you truly believe that conservatives in Ohio, Florida, Colorado, Virginia or any other state in America were just too, too far to the right for Mitt Romney or any Republican to win? The notion is incredibly meritless on its face. The facts are quite simple. Obama saw a drop of nine million plus voters from his 2008 vote totals for president. 1.6 million less blacks voted for him than did in 2008 as well.

The true fact is that Romney received nearly 2 million less votes from conservatives than Senator John McCain did in 2008. The truth appears to be that more conservatives have to be brought to the election table and for the right reasons.

Already there are apologists in the republican establishment who are straining their neck to receive the nod of approval from mainstream media pundits and the alphabet soup networks. Their goal is to toss conservatives under the bus.

Liberal pundits like MSNBC Chris Matthews, Rachel Maddow and Al Sharpton are crowing over the thug-in-chief behavior of Obama and his Chicago campaign street crew. They believe it is permissible to attack, demean and destroy republicans and Tea Party candidates because, after all those Republicans and those Tea Party people are “not decent, and are racist!”

Instead, these pathetic pundits were very desperate to showcase on as many network broadcasts as humanly possible the bowing and scraping of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. They could not wait to display for the nation Christie’s love fest adoration for Obama over a Hurricane Sandy photo-op. This is the picture that liberals want conservatives to change into.

If that were to happen in some alternative universe, the reality still will remain the same. The liberals and mainstream media will still demonize Republican and Tea Party candidates, but they will repeatedly kick their butt with a smile. Meanwhile in New Jersey, hundreds of thousands of people still are cold, without food, housing or power. Where is Obama’s promise of a15 minute phone call response for those who are suffering in worse than Hurricane Katrina conditions?

Ahhh yes. Phones must not work in the White House. Conservatives should be good little boys and girls and take a long walk off a short pier just like Governor Christie did in selling out his state for a disingenuous smile from Obama. The commander of stealth also threw in a Bruce Springsteen phone call for Christie too. 30 pieces of silver would have gotten him a lot more.

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The Fellowship of the Right Wing

The Fellowship of the Right-Wing

Barak Obama may indeed be the Messiah.  He has certainly worked a political miracle in the last  2 years that has astounded many Americans. He has worked a healing miracle as the myriad bone cells that make the skeletal tissue of America, fractured and splintered, have knit themselves together. The breaks have been replaced by tissue that is not only healed, but stronger than before. The coalescing of The Fellowship of the Right Wing is a miracle because the nature of the conservative individual is stubbornly independent.

The Tea Party, The Conservative Patriot Resistance, The Red Stampede, the Resurgent Right, whatever you want to call it, is the ideological combination of disparate thinking, lifestyles, regionalisms, religions, and talents. Conservatives have never been followers of charismatic individuals. But we are followers of the heady principles of Liberty and of Constitutional government. Most of us will freely follow God, but we bristle when we are asked to follow a man. We question and vet, and we may treat a leader "pretty ugly"  if he is hypocritical or destructive. We reject the self-serving and duplicitous who wear the Conservative label on their sleeves, who follow some lesser star such as power or notoriety.  We trust only leaders who follow the highest, Divine Authority. We are headstrong, self-governing, free-thinking and we have contempt for government interference and the fawning sycophants who worship the god of the state.

The Fellowship of the Right Wing has come together, thanks to the great physician, (oops, I just puked a little in my mouth) Barak Obama. Conservative activist groups, PACs, think-tanks, blogs and news outlets, social networks, community and neighborhood liberty groups, and the new conservative political class has inundated the American scene.  I am chin-deep in the activities of the Right Wing, and I can tell you that my 'friends', 'followers', fellow activists, conservatives, Republicans, bloggers, campaign workers, and ideological soul mates are the cream that has risen to the top of political activity. Secure, educated, actualized and accomplished men and women who have a deep love of America, a love of the truth, and an appetite for freedom are enmeshed, cells in a protective tissue, healing and growing, that will cover the deep wounds of a brutalized nation.

Barak Obama has assaulted the nation with his socialist policies and inept handling of military, social, and economic challenges. But he is just one face on a many-headed dragon. He is a failure, the worst president in American history. But he, like an infection or an injury, has signaled the healing cells within the healthy body of America to rally to attack their invaders; all the social and political diseases that define the Left.

Yeah, this is not just synapse soup, but metaphor soup as well.


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Pawlenty Red Flags: Right Online Minnesota

Former Governor of Minnesota, Tim Pawlenty gave a great Tea Party conservative speech at Right Online this afternoon.  I am from Colorado so all I know about Pawlenty I have learned within the last 6 months or so.  I applauded loudly and whooped as he SPOKE all the right words.  He is fiery, he is smart, yada yada.  The problem is that his constituents in Minnesota, the real Conservative constituents, don't trust him.  An unnamed source who had worked on campaigns at different levels in Minnesota described him as a compromiser, a RINO, a politician by nature, one who talks the Tea Party talk but does not walk the Tea Party walk. 


I asked the unnamed source about Michelle Bachmann, the US Rep from Minnesota.  This seemingly well versed and credible Minnasotan described Bachmann's rise through the political ranks, first as a business owner, tax litigation attorney, pro-life activist (Phyllis Schafley)and education reform advocate.  Bachmann was asked by many supporters to run for public office, which, initially she did not want to do.  But she ran and beat a RINO in her primary race, and beat an establishment dem to win a seat in the Minnesota State Senatenational race.  She then went on to run for the United States House of Representatives and beat an extreme-left dem. Michelle Bachmann, it is said, is hated by the RINOs and the Dems in Minnesota, which in the mind of most Tea Party members, makes her imminently qualified for high office.  I love a woman who makes enemies of corrupt, dishonest, musty, dusty establishment politicians.  Thank you (name withheld)

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I wrote this in response to a young man who was fired for writing a patriotic song. He was a public school football coach and made the mistake of having a politcally incorrect viewpoint. Links to the song are below.


Priniciple Curtis, Williamson County School District, Franklin TN

chrish (at) wcs.edu

Way to go, Principle Curtis!

"Mmm, Mmm, Mmm! Barack Hussein Obama!!!" Wouldn't it have been nice if that was what Mr. Glover chose to record? He could have had the whole school sing along then, no doubt. (You cant help but notice that the teacher involved with THAT musical masterpiece received no disciplinary action whatsoever...hmmm.)

Way to show your students and your community what vicious liberal censorship looks like. Believe me when I tell you that what you have done is going to end up costing the district - you just gave yourself and your school a self-inflicted black eye in the PR department and a lot of people will be looking at making some changes in Williamson County SD as a result. To top it off, you single handedly gave a bunch of bright young athletes a slap to the face for their hopes for this football season...again, GREAT JOB!! I am sure Mr. Looney is proud of you and your actions... Hmmm?...

So, Bravo! All of you so-called "progressives" love squashing any opinion you don't agree with - Brian Glover and Juan Williams in the same week!! Stalin and Mao would be so proud of you.

Apparently, you don't understand that the 1st Amendment of the Constitution exists to protect the speech you DON'T like and not the speech that YOU approve of. You used your power like a tyrant - and tyrants deserve nothing but overthrow and rebellion.

CENSORSHIP is one of the MOST UN-AMERICAN actions you could have taken. NPR is going to suffer and you and your district will too. You couldn't destroy this man's music, or his message, so you destroyed his career. You should be ashamed, but you're not - and that makes your particular (politically motivated) retaliation even more beneath contempt.

Freedom of Speech...FOREVER.
Good luck with the public scorn.... enjoy it! The story is now so fully viral that the song has now reached MILLIONS. Probably didnt see that coming, did you?

Sick and Tired of Politically Correct, Social "Progressives"! (AKA The New Face of Fascism.)

Robert F. Stewart


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Author: Brian D. Hill

Source: USWGO Alternative News

Even though it's taking longer then expected to get all the case videos out because of slow upload speedand it takes a lot of time to process the raw High Definition videosfor both youtube and Blip.TV but even so I already uploaded two casevideos for my Brian Hill's "Rise of the new right" debunking spreevideo series to my Blip.TV profile. The first casewas defending Alex Emerick Jones(Alex Jones, and the second case of defending Orly Taitz and thatwas the video that has gone Viral.

Now why do you think it's gone Viral well it landed on Orly Taitz's websiteso now Orly Taitz has seen the video and then showcased it on herwebsite. That is why the view counts started going way higher then theirusual view counts because of Orly taitz.

Thank You Orly Taitz for showcasing my video. My video will now be going viral all overAmerica and everybody will stand against propaganda that Chris Matthewsputs out.

Chris Matthews of MSNBC your going down the American people aren't going to take propaganda and forced vaccinations shoveddown their throats anymore. Yep Chris keep submitting to yourBilderberg masters and eventually you will be held accountable for youractions.

[stream flv=http://uswgo.com/rapidleech/files/goneviral-SD.flvimg=http://uswgo.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/06/GoingViral.jpghd=http://uswgo.com/rapidleech/files/goneviral.flv embed=true share=truewidth=710 height=480 dock=true controlbar=bottom bandwidth=highautostart=false /]

For those who aren't blocked from my website you can read the original and possibly more recently updated articleat USWGO.

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The Liberal distortion of equality.

I have been doing some real thinking on how this nation and it's political parties see liberty. After hearing certain people on this site declaring they believe in it's core values and what the TeaParty is all about, I have come to the conclusion they only seek to discredit our cause. The left is so terrified of us that they have sunk to the level of divisions in society. They know all to well what it means to label a group our a person racist. They have no respect for free speech or the people who truly fight for it. Like when Janeane Garofalo called the TeaPartiers " Racist redkneck tea baggers". How are those words not racist? She doesn't know every TeaPartier personally, she can show no proof of racist bigoted behaviour, she has never actually spent any time talking with anyone in the TeaParty nor has she giving any credible reason for calling them "racist redkneck tea baggers", other then the sole fact they are mostly white. So who is the real racist?

So where is the racism coming from? good question. Let's look at some names being tossed around and there source. "Oreo" was used to label black teapartiers who are trying to keep their freedoms. Why are they being called "oreo's"? because the left is trying to call them traitors for not supporting a black president's agenda. Meaning they are black on the outside but white on the inside. Wow, and we are the racist? Now how about redkneck? that term is used to label dumb uneducated white's who because are uneducated they have to be racist. Interesting, considering the education level within the TeaParty is actually higher then the nation as a whole. Which is why they behave with respect for others and their political and racial background. And "tea baggers", this term can not be used for any other definition then a sexual act of immorality. And all this racist double standard B.S. is coming straight from the left!! Hmm..... it can't be? their for civil liberties and individual freedoms. Right?

Civility has also become a tactic of the left. They describe the TeaParty as behaving in an uncivil protest. Really? And how many buildings or businesses have the TeaParty attacked or vandalized? None. How many credible threats have come from the Teaparty Protest? None. How many civilians have been harmed in the TeaParty protest so far? None. So once again, how is this uncivil? But wait, let's see how civil the protest are coming from the left. How many buildings have the left attacked or vandalized?15. How many threats have been from the left? All. How many civilians have been harmed from the left? All. So this uncivil behaviour seems to only come from the left. With threats to shoot police officers by the left protesters in Arizona. with the threats to attack white Americans with axes and shovels by those calling the TeaParty racist, the left. With white students being unable to wear their nations flag to school because of those on the left. Or how about the black principle up north who told his white students they could not go on his field trip that allowed all blacks. Again from the left!! And where is our President who promised us civility in government? Well, he is from the left. He has done nothing while in office to unite the American people. He has only been able to call the American people uncivil, misguided extremist from the right.

Here is what is going to happen. The left will continue to label the TeaParty "Racist redkneck tea baggers" in every approach because they are unable to find an actual cause to target or discredit us. We will continue to fight for real freedoms and real liberties that the left is so terrified of. And we will still protest with dignity and civility that the left has been unable to proclaim in their speeches, arguements, ideals and laws. So continue your assualt on us because we will neither fall or surrender!! We will not give you our freedoms without a fight!! The rule of law will prevail with real equal justice and real civil liberties!! God Bless all those who oppose tyranny and fight for Liberty!! I love all of you!!

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