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Texans stolen money

Anyone wondering why Texas has no border fence? We in Texas know why and I will share it with you.

I see Rick Perry running his lying mouth again and it makes me sick to my stomach I remember his last run for governor and Texas were having a fit for having to pay the bill for his extended stay at a hotel while they built him a new governors mansion. Now this was after Texas was allocated 800 million for a new border fence that he refused to build. Now I am wondering if that is how they managed to build a new governors mansion. We are looking at George the second here.  Can that be looked into, seems that the slime ball is sitting himself for a run at the presidency. Maybe that is why Congress is refusing to impeach Obama. Can someone check this out?

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WASHINGTON, D.C. — Michigan officials want to repopulate Detroit with an aggressive immigration program — a move critics call misguided and unworkable.

“This ranks right up there with Ford’s expectation that the Edsel was going to be a big seller,” said Bob Dane, communications director of the Federation for American Immigration Reform.

Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder has opened an Office for New Americans, with the goal of luring foreign workers and overseas capital to pump up the Motor City. The once-bustling metropolis of 1.85 million people has shriveled to 701,000, and falling.

POLL: Does the Federal Government routinely assume powers that it is not granted by the Constitution?

Detroit’s unemployment rate officially is 8.3 percent, but tops 15 percent when accounting for residents who have quit looking for work. The city perennially ranks as one of the worst job markets in the country.

“For decades, Detroit has watched its manufacturing jobs exported overseas while suffering fiscal mischief at the hands of corrupt city officials,” said Dane, who grew up in the city now going through bankruptcy.

“Now Gov. Snyder wants to compound that pain by proposing to import 50,000 foreign workers to flood a sinking labor market.”

Bing Goel, head of the Office for New Americans, said Michigan wants immigrants to make a commitment to live in Detroit for five years.

Read more at: http://watchdog.org/143967/detroit-visas-immigration/?utm_source=Newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Watchdog%20Newsletter

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4063640320?profile=original                       Michigan Governor declares financial emergency and takes control

                                        of Detroit's budgetary mismanagement

On Friday, March 1st, Michigan’s governor, Rick Snyder (R) made the decision to declare a financial emergency in Detroit and to rip the financial decisions out of democrat city officials’ hands. City residents are facing a crushing $14 billion long term debt and a $327 million current budget deficit, according to Fox News.

Nearly three months ago, Detroit City Councilwoman JoAnn Watson pleaded to her fellow council members that President Obama owed the motor city a $200 plus million bacon bailout. The president did not take the bait or the call, while the city continued to plummet further into the morass it had created under liberal democrat leadership. Now the other financial shoe has dropped!

The city has been running their financial budgets on the backs of city residents for decades, while mismanaging funds, and granting big city liberal-backed long term union benefits. Now, the city officials will have to face the harsh truth, that they cannot wring more taxes out of businesses or residents when there is no money to be had.

In fact, if the city’s mayor Dave Bing and council leaders had not worked out an agreement last year to let the city borrow more money, the nearly quarter billion dollar deficit would be close to a billion.

This continuing big city budgetary nightmare is a harbinger on what other large cities across the nation are facing. Other liberal city leaders have also imposed tax policies and overly generous union long-term contract liabilities on their cities as well. The result has left their own city coffers financially crippled.

Just last year the city of Stockton, California had to file for bankruptcy. With its population of 291,707, it became famous for being the largest to do so. Detroit needs to follow suit, and join this infamous club instead of continuing to pursue the finger pointing blame game.
This sad refrain has echoed in the corridors of Detroit’s city hall for years. The democrat public leaders would either blame the state republican legislators or a state republican governor or a republican president for their financial ineptitude.

Well, the truth is finally spilling out of their unbalanced budget books. The liberal leaders of this big city Titanic floating albatross have hit the iceberg of reality. Now the city is sinking and sinking fast.

The city of Detroit is no longer the once enviable capitol of the automotive industry. Instead it has become a rusted out junk yard, where its previous signs of prosperity have withered and become now barren land.

What is to become of the citizens who kept voting these charlatans masquerading as responsible elected officials? Did they unknowingly succumb to a culture of corruption and deceit which wove its web throughout the neighborhoods? Did they accept the leaders who traded in favors to keep the wool pulled over the heads of residents?

For decades, at every chance, the political poverty pimps would go to barber shops and beauty salons and even in churches passing out promises and placing blame at the feet of “The Man.” “The Man; i.e. code word for ‘White Man’ is doing this to you, and that is why you are suffering.” This same inane and ridiculous refrain has been passed down for several generations, until it has become just a tragic utterance, now blessedly falling on deaf ears.

The truth is that these large and small urban financial nightmares have been largely run by minority leaders for decades. There is no “Man” in sight. These black leaders have wheeled and dealt away financial responsibility by paying ever larger union retirement pensions, salaries and bonuses. With each election they falsely promised better times were just around the corner. In reality they were delivering the citizens into an awaiting monetary wasteland.

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Patriot Voices Radio

Patriot Voices Radio, a spin-off of the popular ‘We Pick Rick’ radio from the Republican presidential primary, debuted on Tuesday, January 29!  This regular hour-long broadcast is an exciting way for you to keep up on the latest news from Patriot Voices!

Click here to listen to a podcast of our January 29th debut show:  A recap of last week’s March for Life and discussion about our current efforts to defeat Senator Chuck Hagel as Secretary of Defense.  Rick Santorum joined the conversation, as well as Nadine Maenza, Patriot Voices' executive director, and Shelley Ahlersmeyer, Patriot Voices' national grassroots director.

How to Listen:

  • Listen to live shows on this page by clicking on the play arrow on the show player below or listen live at Blog Talk Radio
  • If you have trouble with the link or have a question for our host or guests, dial: (347) 857-3462. Tell the operator whether you'd like to speak with the host or just listen.
  • On-demand podcasts of past shows are available by clicking on the show player below or at Blog Talk Radio.

During live shows we invite you to join our online chat.

Stay tuned for our next live shows: February 12th and 26th! 


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4063641029?profile=original                           Michigan State Police protect Right To Work  Law supporters

                                 from assaults from organized union protesters


“There will be blood,” angrily threatened State Representative Douglas Geiss openly from the floor of the Michigan House of Representatives on Tuesday, according to Fox News. His frustration in the chamber was shouted out by thousands of organized labor supporters who rallied outdoors in the state capitol in opposition to Michigan’s 'Right to Work’ law. The legislation was signed into law by Republican Gov. Rick Snyder late Tuesday afternoon. Is union tyranny over?

Over the past several weeks, union unrest over right to work legislation had surfaced into slowly burning embers waiting to be ignited. On Monday, the igniter-in-chief arrived. So on Monday when, President Obama visited the Detroit area; he had been scheduled to discuss the fiscal cliff and its impact on Michigan families.

Instead he moved to shove Michigan elected Republican lawmakers off the legislative cliff. He eagerly chided legislators for supporting Right to Work legislation coming to a vote the next day in Lansing, the state capitol.

His invasion into the privacy and sovereignty of the state of Michigan was unnecessary, unwanted, unneeded and served to ignite hot language in an already combustible atmosphere. Instead of sticking to his script or teleprompter, Obama forgot his place and scolded Michigan’s governor and state house and senate leaders by sarcastically stating:

“These so-called 'right-to-work' laws, they don't have anything to do with economics. They have everything to do with politics," He then went on to add, "What they're really talking about is they're giving you the right to work for less money." President Obama

It is abundantly clear that Obama never took an economics course, if he believes that out-of-whack union wages and benefit packages have not placed a stranglehold on state, and local government budgets as well as private sector job creation. In fact, according to Fox News, seven of the states that have the most improved job creation numbers have Right to Work legislation on the books.

If you are a resident of Michigan or any other state and are or have been a member of a union, you know what it feels like to be threatened by union goons. They openly tell you when you can work, and when you cannot, and who you have to support for political office and who you should not. This is not union protection of wages, this is union thuggish behavior, used to harass, threaten and intimidate you!

To add insult to injury all of this is done courtesy of union dues paid by workers!

Yet, the Right to Work drive for Michigan workers arrived this year, past due on the desk of state capitol legislators. Just how could this happen in the cradle of organized unionism? To workers who have long supported this effort, it seems crystal clear. They want the right to jobs and the right to work!

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   This has been one of the most unusual presidential campaigns in modern history;but Hope is Still Alive in some conservative circles, and We the People of the Conservative GOP can still envision a brokered convention that overcomes all of the injustices, potential fraud, corruption, lies, and muddy money thrown at the honorable Statesman, Patriot, and still most qualified to lead and defeat Obama...Newt [You can count on me to support any GOP candidate provided it is a TRUE CONSERVATIVE choice, and not a Mirage]. Our path to VICTORY is simple. For the balance of the primaries, we must rally support behind our former opponent, Dr Ronald Earnest Paul, and here's why: quite simply, he is the only one left with money, machine, and zero debt, to #StopMitt.  #RonPaul cannot likely make 1144 at this point either, but with help from a #NewtRevolution coalition, neither will Mitt Romney.
Last Week, Texas Politico Polling showed Newt within "Striking Distance" in Texas with 45% to Romney, 35% to Newt, and 14% for Ron Paul. If that Poll would hold, then Paul would normally get ZERO delegates from his home state,since he got less than required 15%, and Newt and Mitt would divide them up. However, Newt's suspension of the campaign is big game changer, and, the all too soon unconditional surrender by Randy Evans, Gov Rick Perry, and other surrogates whom quickly endorsed liberal Romney, assures us that the 35% Poll numbers will not hold for Newt, but will plummet to inconsequential levels.
However, Ron Paul is still very much alive on the campaign trail, with money in the bank, zero debt, and a great story to tell. He has already reportedly made an alliance with Santorum followers in Colorado and other places to address injustices and corruption within the party.They are there. No use continuing to be in denial. But we the people still can do something about it.
My main opposition amongst conservatives is worrying about Ron Paul. First of all, this is not about Ron Paul, Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum or Mitt Romney. They all have great personalities, or they would not have the big crowds, speaking of which, Paul's crowds have been competing with Obama in size. Yes, i still have problems with Paul on Foreign Policy,but he appears to be trying to mainly get back to putting more war decisions in hands of Congress, vs one man, the presidency.All that said, I AM STILL #WITHNEWT, Period [although I would support any TRUE CONSERVATIVE with a Proven Record and not a Mirage}.
As Conservatives, our goal is NOT "Anybody But Obama". We are NOT against Obama as a person. Rather, we stand against the ideas, philosophy,and policies that are shipwrecking our great country. Newt has always said it best, that this conservative battle is a battle for IDEAS, and that IDEAS MATTER.  The Left in the GOP is begging Paul, Newt, and Santorum supporters to UNITE and to be UNIFIERS, because they want to nominate Mitt Romney, since, if Mitt does manage to beat Obama, the end result is still the same...THEIR IDEAS WIN. To replace Obama with an Obama look alike is ridiculous, and certain suicide for the true conservative cause.
If those with Santorum and Newt will rally behind Ron Paul now, he will gain an amazing number of delagates, and #STOPMITT from ever getting 1144. But Ron Paul will not likely get to 1144 either, at this stage, however, at an Open Convention, everything will be on the table without any outside, disingenuous influence from Democrats in Open Primaries or ballot shenanigans. We the GOP will decide whom our candidate will be, not the liberal and moderate GOP Establishment, not Fox News, CNN, or the lame stream media.
Right Now, I hope you will join me, and the many others whom understand that this could be the Newt's [and Tea Party Patriots'] finest hour; for,  while he may have thought he left the race, truth is, the Spirit of his IDEAS is still very much alive. It is for those IDEAS, and the common cause of defeating the wrong ideas, that I and many others enjoin our efforts with Dr Ronald Earnest Paul, to Save the Republican Party from destroying itself by nominating a self proclaimed "Progressive" (Mitt Romney Video on YouTube,"I'm a non-partisan Republican and a Progressive"], which by definition is "soft communism or socialism".  [ See also http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Progressivism  ]

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Ape-Man Discovery in South Africa
Might Make Perry
Into Foolish Fuddy-Duddy
            You might ask what the link and headline above have to do with the price of tea in China or politics in the United States?   Perhaps more than immediately meets the eye . . . .
            A noted anthropologist's child recently stumbled onto something "earth-shaking" which has now been named Australopithecus sediba or the "Southern Ape" as a nickname.  If ever there was an actual missing link:  this appears to be it. 
These Australopithecus sediba fossils (young male and older female) are dated to just short of 2 million years old and mark the first and only time that such a fossil has been labeled as both a hominid (highly advanced ape) and a hominin (of direct human lineage) by responsible anthropologists. 
The discovery was made in South Africa far, far from where Louis Leakey’s “Lucy” (Australopithecus afarensis dated to 3.2 million years ago and apparently a hominid ancestor of this recent discovery) was first discovered. Hominids like gorillas; chimpanzees; our closest living relative, the bonobo (sometimes called a "pygmy chimp"), and their extinct ancestors have been dated to roughly 6 million years ago.  No scientist is yet calling these Australopithecus sediba fossils the long-sought "missing link."  They tend to shy away from such “bold” labeling for a good twenty years after key discoveries are made, but it certainly could make Charles Darwin smile . . . what about the price of tea; or the fate of TEA Parties?
            On the contemporary front, while Texas governor Rick Perry (G.O.P. Presidential contender) performed decently in his first presidential debate and at this point looks very much like the eventual G.O.P. standard-bearer in 2012 . . . Ol' Rajjpuut suspects Mr. Perry is going to keep having the echoes of his "personal debate" with a ten-year old New Hampshire child coming back to haunt him. 
            You may remember that the kid instigated by his Mom, asked Perry about the age of the earth and about "Evolution" and was lectured by the governor who said that "It was a theory that had a lot of gaps in it."  Mr. Perry, unfortunately for Constitutional-conservatives/fiscal conservatives is clearly what's known as a social-conservative.  Mr. Perry was more than disingenuous with the child.  Yes, Governor, there are gaps in a lot of scientific knowledge, but anyone who takes the Bible 100% literally (they say it all happened precisely as written including 7-day creation in 7 24-hour days exactly where intelligent people might say that to God a day might be 1.5 billion years long or whatever) and insist upon Creationism being taught in high school biology classes in public schooling is probably not worth our votes.  Well, Mr. Perry, this discovery might well rule out 99% of the serious gaps.  We're not talking about bull-shi_ like so-called "global warming" here, Charles Darwin was a serious and thoughtful scientist and he had worlds of evidence for his beliefs about the Origin of the Species.
            The seemingly-unending problem with the Republican Party is that they persistently ignore the stuff that 70% of Americans can agree upon (smaller, less-intrusive federal government; lowest taxes possible; following the Constitution; necessary defense and border control; and fiscal responsibility that includes NOT bankrupting the future for our children and grand children) and persist in sounding like people who want to shove their religions down our throats (Christmas carols in PUBLIC schools where Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, atheists, agnostics and believers in Herman the Carrot God attend alongside Christians), and like they totally lack compassion; and that they want to interfere in everybody's bedroom activities.  One fact dooms them to not being able to turn this country around: 
Most sensible voters distrust social-conservatives . . . .
            For example, social-conservatives are typically 100% anti-abortion.  First of all abortion is the law of the land for almost 40 years now.  More importantly IF you say that no abortion is ever allowed even for
                        rape victims
                        incest victims
                        very young girls
                        mothers whose lives are endangered
then you mark yourself as a fanatic who believes that our God-given brains are not to be used to make life better; a madman who doesn't believe in human free agency/free will.  For at least 30 years this matter has been widely-polled among American voters and without fail the results are the same:  59% believe that 100% anti-abortionism is just plain WRONG!   And that rape and incest victims and very young girls who are pregnant and mothers whose lives are endangered should have a choice. 
These same polls have also consistently shown that 70% of Americans believe there are "too many abortions in America." So 70% of Americans are quite concerned about abortions and 59% of Americans believe it must come down to the woman’s choice and should be allowed in drastic circumstances like rape, etc. One more thing, since the consequences fall virtually 100% on women, we men ought to stay out of it, it is a woman's choice between her and her God.  When you have 59% of the voting public against your primary social-conservative stance, you will not get elected and you do not deserve to be elected . . . and if social-conservativism interferes, then the necessary good needing doing by fiscal- and Constitutional-conservatives cannot get done and the American future gets flushed down the toilet as the progressive mischief-makers (mostly from the Democratic Party but they’re found in both parties) keep getting elected and keep destroying our nation.
            Mr. Perry did have one problem in the debate and that problem (Social Security) and the South African Ape-Man discovery might doom us all to four more years of Barack Obama’s incompetence unless Mr. Perry grows up. Mr. Perry correctly calls Social Security as it now stands a “Ponzi Scheme.” This is 100% accurate. Just as Ponzi swindlers take a lot of money from their victims and pay out relatively little, Social Security is fundamentally bankrupt right now. Mr. Perry needs to take his message to the people and explain it very well and explain why and how Social Security must be modified if it is to ever be a success for our children. He will not get a lot of help on this. Some of his fellow Republicans will intensely attack him for this honest, forthright stance.
            What his Republican rivals will do to Mr. Perry’s position will be walk in the zoo compared to what the liberal media and the Democrats will assault him with. Mr. Perry needs to confine all future comments on Social Security to this more-easily defendable position.
A.     Social Security as it now stands is a Ponzi scheme and unless modified deeply, Social Security funding will not be there for our children and grandchildren.
B.    Social Security for those aged 50 and above should be left 95% untouched. Means-basing for the very rich recipients on Social Security is vital.
C.    Social Security’s present Ponzi nature becomes evident when we talk about those aged 49 and below. The program must be adjusted and modified greatly to insure that it is fiscally-sound for all such workers.
D.   Social Security was created back when the average American’s life span was 55 years of age and when the average American worker’s lifespan was 52 years of age (far more men than women fell under Social Security and women averaged about 59 years old at death). Today’s realities are that the average death age is closer to 85 than to 55; and that a lot more women are part of the work force. Any changes to Social Security must reflect these realities.
As far as Mr. Perry’s stance on evolution . . . Rajjpuut is reminded of the insurance fraud allowed to stand by a foolish judge. The “victim,” in a wheelchair was told by the insurance agent investigating the matter that he’d hound him till his death and would never be allowed to leave that wheelchair. The “victim” told him, “Fine but I intend to visit Mexico City and the site where the Virgin of Guadalupe encountered Mary. Don’t be surprised if a miracle takes place, my good man!” Mr. Perry needs to read up on human anthropology and on the theories about evolution and on this discovery in particular. It would be smart on the face of it; and super-smart if Mr. Perry were to “see the light.” Seeing the light means Mr. Perry probably ought to say,
“The scientists say the earth is 4.5 billion years old; I know nothing that disproves that. The very recent discovery of Australopithecus sediba fossils in South Africa looks like it might be what they used to call a “missing link.” If that’s so, It looks like Mr. Darwin was right and it looks like a day to God is a damn long time to us and the week of creation found in Genesis is a damn, damn, damn long time compared to a human’s lifespan.”
            Mr. Perry further needs to educate Americans to the TEA Party’s “Contract for America.” This fiscal- and Constitutional Conservative (with absolutely ZERO social-conservativism in it) document may be the single greatest American political document since the Bill of Rights was added to the U.S. Constitution. The more Mr. Perry persists in attacking the dismal record of Barrack Obama and on pounding home the ten planks in this incredibly visionary Contract from America platform . . . the better off America will be.
If, ignoring all this sound advice, Mr. Perry persists in unscientific thinking he’ll be pushed out of thinking peoples’ minds as a foolish hick and we’ll get more and more of Barack Obama and it’ll be his fault. Grow up, Rick Perry, grow up!
Ya’ll live long, strong and ornery,
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Has this country gone mad or are we being inhabited?  Just relax and reflect on this for a moment.  An individual was elected as President of the United States who is not even qualified by the bare essentials to even run for president much less be elected.  This has been proven by expert witnesses as well as even an admission by the individual who forged the birth certificate document.  While this story is even wilder than the strangest Hollywood intrigue, the press has nothing to say.  Instead, the press tries to discredit the most Patriotic of American representation, the Tea Party!  This is an equal part evil and another equal party pure lunacy.  It appears the American press is working for America's enemies.

And when sane Americans who love their country speak the truth, we are slandered, libeled, and otherwise intimidated into going along with the coverup.  It is absolutely bizarre that neither the press, the FBI, nor the CIA vetted Obama prior or during the election.  Just as bad, the press continues to protect and cover for his constant and shameless lying.  When the administration is confronted as they should be in a free country, such as Rick Perry recently did by suggesting that Ben Bernanke is committing treason by continuing to devalue the dollar, Perry is threatened by Obama.  Even the country club Republicans such as Karl Rove, say that Perry was wrong in calling a spade a spade.  Furthermore, at least two military officers have now refused to take orders from the Commander in Chief because the president has been proven not to be a natural born citizen, therefore cannot legally be the president.  But everyday, this bizarre truth is ignored!  This represents a vicious hostility to America!

The current administration's empty rhetoric complete with constant (Freudian) "projection" of blame on everybody but the perpetrator clearly indicates the smell of pure Marxist-Leninism.  While their communist agenda is being covertly implemented, Vladamir Putin and his sidekick are being seen more and more in playboy poses presented by the willing communist propaganda "press" corps.  Today, for example, the two were fishing together just as if they were two American insurance salesmen taking off early to go fishing on a Friday afternoon.  Most would not know they are actually looking at murderous KGB Agents, not businessmen.  Before that, Putin had pictured a dozen young women in bikinis washing cars in Moscow square.  Before that, Putin was seen riding a horse without a shirt on as if he was some kind of Prince looking to attract a new Princess.  All these instances indicate the Soviet plan of "merging" Soviet Communism and American Capitalism.  Indeed, that is their real agenda.  That, in short, is the real story that is being covered up every day by the so-called "press".

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Serious questions remain about Rick Perry.

I am a Texan and would love to be able to say Rick Perry was a true Patriot, but I can't.  There are just too many questions that raise red flags.  Let me share some of them with you and briefly.  We must have answers to the following:

  • Rick Perry was a democrat until 1989.  He worked for Al Gore of all people!  Why would he do that in the first place and why did he change parties?  Can he criticize Gore and all that he stands for?  Could it be that he is just infiltrating the Republican Tea Party to divert America yet again? 
  • Why did Perry wait until the Iowa caucus to declare and why was it in South Carolina instead of his home state of Texas?  Could it be that he, like Comrade B.O. was trying to divert attention away from the influence of the Tea Party and the Republican Caucus in Iowa the day that the straw poll was to be announced?  Now we know that Bachmann, the Tea Party front runner, was the straw poll favorite.  It seems like Perry is either manipulating or a coward since he would not debate in Iowa.
  • Why did Perry attend and participate in the pagan Bilderberg Group meeting in 2007?  Obama also was invited and attended that secretive society of pagan globalists at one time.  What was Perry's paper, which reportedly was about the relationship of state to federal governments really about?
  • When Perry declared his candidacy in South Carolina, he did not say he wanted a smaller federal government.  He said he wanted more jobs.  That is not the role of a constitution republic.  Only private individuals create jobs when they need help because their business is either starting up or growing.  That rhetoric is no different than Obama's.  Obama mistakenly thinks a bigger federal government will create more jobs.  Does Perry also think that government creates jobs? 
  • Word has it that Perry has advocated free, or at least in-state, college tuition for illegal aliens.  Is that true?  That would suggest he does not believe in national sovereignty any more than Obama.
  • Why is Perry in favor of the super highway that would divide the nation and destroy our national sovereignty? 
  • Is Perry a true Tea Party Republican who will reduce the size of government, reduce taxes, and regulatory burdens or is he just another wolf in sheep's clothing?  Be suspicious!  Ask the hard questions!
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Alert! Be skeptical about Rick Perry.


Amid the latest speculation about Mr. Rick Perry running for the Republican nomination, we must be skeptical.  Perry is a globalist, implying that he wants to continue what the Bushes started via NAFTA.  In other words, he would have on his agenda the continued planning and implementation of the proposed super highway connecting Mexico, the U.S., and Canada.  If this were to occur, the area of the highway would become international territory, thus destroying our national sovereignty.  Furthermore, this position by Mr. Perry would require that he continue to allow illegal immigrants come in from Mexico.  In other words, he would not enforce illegal immigration law, even though he gives the appearance now that he would enforce illegal immigration, but again, this may very well be another ruse by the liberal elite to help get him nominated and elected. 


Furthermore, infowars.com reports that Mr. Perry was invited and attended the annual Bilderberg Group Meeting in 2007.  His speech topic was on the relationship of federal to state government relations.  To prove the kind of people invited, Comrade Obama has also been a Bilderberg invitee and attendee.  For those of you who do not know, the Bilderberg is a highly secretive international group of the upper crust of liberal elite who think it is their job to shape events in order to bring in the "New World Order".  Why would they invite the Texas Governor and why would he attend, rubbing shoulders with corporate and international Marxists?  Any New World Order, by definition, will require the destruction of all national sovereignties, and that includes our own.


I am a native Texan and love my state, but L.B.J. was a Texan too.  We must not allow our state loyalty or personal charisma of any candidate to blind us from nominating a true patriotic, constitutional loyalist with courage this time.  The enemy's primary tool is deception.  Like McCain, if the enemy can get us to put forward a wolf in sheep's clothing, we will have been defeated yet again.  Never forget that my friends!



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