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4063777309?profile=original  Methodist Minister found guilty of performing gay marriage

Somewhere in heaven God has to be wondering what in tarnation is wrong with the shepherds who claim to serve him and pledge to follow his word.  Even though it is abundantly clear that same sex marriage is not accepted in the church a Pennsylvania Methodist pastor decided to officiate a gay wedding.  Rev. Frank Schaefer, according to the Philadelphia Enquirer held matrimonial services for his gay son’s  wedding.

Even though the Methodist Book of Discipline is very clear in forbidding this type of wedding ceremony, the pastor stated that “he tried to follow God’s command to minister to all,” suggested the Philadelphia Enquirer.  The only problem with that, the church officials of America’s largest Protestant denomination begged to differ.  In fact, the errant minister was brought up on charges by the church hierarchy even though the church itself has accepted lesbian and gay members in its congregations.

Rev Schaefer stepped over the line and apparently decided to push the church’s moral envelope in deciding on a church trial instead of simply agreeing to not engage in the forbidden practice again.  It is not clear why church officials waited several years to bring charges against the Methodist minister for his son’s gay marriage ceremony which took place in Massachusetts.

What is clear is that the minister, who has been ordained for 20 years, decided that the punishment which ranges from a simple official reprimand to being stripped of his pastoral credentials was worth the risk. He stated, “”I love the United Methodist Church,” and even he agrees with a great number of its tenets, except for the gay marriage provision.

And there lies the problem with ministers like Rev. Schaefer of Pennsylvania or Bishop Allyson D. Nelson Abrams, 43 of Detroit who married a female bishop and hid her act from her church; you cannot rewrite the word of God in the bible.  Being an ordained shepherd is not a menu which allows you to select which holy tenets of God you feel like obeying and others you can conveniently ignore.


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4063621611?profile=originalOn Friday, in the closing days of the presidential election President Barack Obama encouraged his supporters in Ohio to head to the polls on Tuesday with hateful revenge in their hearts.  He shouted out that this election result must be about revenge and not about America’s noble principles, values or even future.  This runs counter to his post 2008 election, when he implored Americans to accept his word that he would usher in a new type of non-partisan presidency. 


Instead Obama’s presidency and campaign degenerated into the most partisan Chicago-style thuggish character assassination campaign mugging the nation has ever witnessed


Obama used revenge as his clarion call to battleground state, Ohio, to top off the last hours of his campaign. Is hate and revenge truly what undecided voters are searching for?  Should Americans embrace the insidious nature of his closing argument for the courtroom of the American public?  Consider how the true nature of Obama has lowly become unmasked.  His hate-filled attack ads were reminiscent of his religious mentor and teacher Rev.  Jeremiah Wright.


Why should Americans be surprised?  This president lied about being present when his religious mentor Rev. Wright spoke with venom in his voice about hate. Remember, in 2003 he shouted from his pulpit, “God Bless America.’ No, no, no, God damn America!”  Obama after doing some fancy verbal footwork, around the issue, quickly threw Rev. Wright and his association with him, under the bus.


So, Obama is not unfamiliar with hate or with use of revenge as a useful tactic.  Contrast Obama's behavior with Romney’s revenge voter edict. Romney insisted that Americans should go to the polls on November 6th, “to vote “for love of country!”


Imagine that, “love of country.”  Not unique for a true leader who truly loves his country.  Not unique for a presidential candidate who believes in building up a nation and its future instead of a president stumbling through  four years of mediocrity, incompetence and multi-trillion dollar deficits.

But think about it a minute.  What was President referring to when he asked supporters to take revenge to the polls on November, 6th?   What type of revenge could he be considering?  After all the “Blame Bush” rhetoric is a dog that will not hunt anymore.  Could it be a diversion away from his unwillingness to leave no one behind in the murders of four Americans in Benghazi?  Could it be that the October surprise is that Islamic world tour apologies will no longer cut it with the American public, grown tired of excuses?


Worst yet, could President be a real life Manchurian Candidate who through is youthful foreign travels and Muslim upbringing is truly contemptuous of America as a Judeo-Christian nation?  So consider again the narcissistic placement of the word “revenge” in taking it to the polls on November.  Is Obama a possible foil for socialism or other “ism” that was hatched by his ideological mentor and admirer of Satan, Saul Alinsky?  In fact it was Saul Alinsky who gave a supportive nod in his book, “Rules for Radicals to Satan.  ( read more )

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Most insightful TEA Party sign: "What difference does it make what this placard says. You'll call it racist anyway."
Leftist Journalists in Denial as 13+ Year,
400+ Person Rigged-News Conspiracy Exposed
If the most infamous progressive blogsites are any indication . . . it’s corruption as usual from the world of left-wing journalists today four days** after their shoddy little conspiracy was aired in public. The liberals involved in the JournoList (yes, spelled with an ‘o’ not an ‘a’) conspiracy aren’t saying much of anything, holed-up you might say. The vast majority of the rest of the progressives online are also tending to pursed lips also. But there are a few brave liberal souls criticizing Tucker Carlson at for “revealing people’s private e-mails” Really? 400 person e-mail groupings comprise “private e-mails?” The Huffington Post, is perhaps the most audacious in brassing it out by repeatedly denying the possibility that “journalists are uniting to push a specific agenda” and referring to the Journolist as just “a place where you can get together to discuss issues freely.” Now that is brassy, stupid, but brassy.
Other progressives are calling the whole thing “innocent” and, “as usual blown out of proportion by the right-wingers.” Let’s see, evidence shows that 400+ left-wing journalists, bloggers, professors and various media-connected types discussed how to deflect attention from Barack Obama’s connection to his pastor Jeremiah Wright by picking any famous conservative, “Barnes, Gingrich, Karl Rove, Glenn Beck, it doesn’t matter and then accusing them of racism.” Yeah, that’s a totally innocent case of plotting to manipulate the news to protect Barack Obama. And since the same process has been rampant since the Great One was elected, the journalistic charge to serve as “Watchdog” for Democracy seems to have been missed by these brave liberal souls.
The liberal, but reasonably fair, is finding that they’re being shunned by other left-wing bloggers and journalists because they’re actively searching for answers and GASP, truth! A couple of commenters on liberal sites obliquely accused politico of having “its priorities skewed all out of whack.” One referenced this long-time favorite link of Rajjpuut’s:
as evidence that “You can’t count on Politico . . . always been red (as in red-stater or Republican) on important issues.” Guess that's what lefties get for choosing truth over politics, eh?
The ability to be outrageously candid on Journolist sometime went to people’s heads. Joe Klein of Time Magazine forgets about the JournoList altogether in one uncharacteristically open moment and exposed his biases for the outside world criticizing the entire Liberal media for being too “hard on Barack Obama instead of giving him the support he deserves.”
Others on the left say, JournoList's influence has been highly exaggerated. Oh yeah, we’ve got women telling the boys to just take one for the team just as they had to back in ’97 feeling all dirty for NOT attacking Clinton in the Monica Lewinsky affair . . . for example Katha Pollit of the Nation: “The people who attacked Clinton on Monica were prissy and ridiculous, but let me tell you it was no fun as a woman and a feminist, waving aside as politically irrelevant and part of the vast rightwing conspiracy Paula, Monica, Jennifer, Kathleen, Juanita, the Avon Lady . . . .” Getting people to drop what they perceive as ethical behavioral standards and biting their tongues doesn’t sound like any small thing to Rajjpuut. In fact he can’t imagine the circumstances under which he’d sell out his personal beliefs so that he could then sell out his journalistic integrity . . . .
Others call it “a pretty professional group that’s been screwed up by the right-wing.” Do they call it "professional" for one woman to say, “. . . if Rush Limbaugh were dying of of a heart attack in front of me, I’d take immense pleasure in watching him writhe on the ground and seeing his eyes bug out . . .”
Little things mean a lot to these people: such as articles NOT mentioning the political party of Democrats in trouble with the law or involved in other scandals, but calling out Republicans even for the most minor of offenses; or repeated coverage of Republican scandals, but little emphasis and one-time mention of even more serious Democratic corruption. Then there’s the quoting of Democrats repeatedly about the undocumented but purported racism of Republicans and TEA Party members without even trying for balance in the stories. The highly evocative accusation becomes the story every time. And most crucial of all, repeated instances of unproven stories and unproven accusations showing up ceaselessly in the liberal media as if they were proven items from history witnessed by a thousand quality eye-witnesses.
The story about the N-word being hurled “23 times” at Black congressmen on the day Obamacare was passed has been printed at least 10,000 times in newspapers or on the internet and likewise broadcast ad nauseum, and yet with all the cameras and other video equipment in evidence that day, still no one has claimed Andrew Breitbarts reward of $100,000 for solid video evidence of just one instance of the N-word being used by a TEA Party member.
The same is true in spades for the accusation that one Black congressman that day was spit on . . . no evidence at all, just accusation; and indeed the supposed recipient of the spittle has NOT come forward to talk about this experience though purportedly he’s a highly respected Black congressman. Rajjpuut would have high respect for him if he came forward and told the truth, something like, “There was a lot of people there and it was pretty scary, but NO, nobody spit on me and I never heard the word ‘nig__r either.” That would be what an honest man would say, but no one’s saying that either . . . better to let sleeping racist accusations lie.
In other words don’t look for the JournoList revelation to change the way the leftwing tries to manipulate the media coverage or non-coverage of news in this country. Indeed, they’ve shut down Journolist but already, they’ve got a replacement going called Cabalist.
It remains to be seen if the leftwing journalists will return to true journalism or continue in their “lapdog ways.” Their criticsim of ABC for breaking the Jeremiah Wright story was incredibly bitter. They’ve already completely avoided the Climate Gate story for almost nine months, the Chicago Climate Exchange Scandal Story for at least five months, and they completely avoided the Van Jones scandal except on the final day when they wrote up the story of how Van Jones had resigned as Green Jobs Czar with no mention at all of the scandal involved. It appears since the Journolist and its particulars is NOT making the mainstream media’s front page or even page 25, they’re going to try to pretend their little news-rigging faux pas never happened either. Makes you proud to be an American, eh?
Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,
**actually, the first clear “cracks in the leftwing armor really occurred almost a full month earlier:
but Tucker Carlson’s new blogsite The Daily Caller ( was so new and so little-known that it was quite awhile before the story went viral on conservative websites, talk radio and FOXNews. This is the story that broke open the leak in the dike:

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