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House Ceaning Time.

Thanksgiving being over it's House cleaning time.

Being the Leader in my house, I make all the rules and am in charge of carrying out all, and enforcing Punishment with needed. This Position comes with Great Responsibility and Great Moral Judgement, however the pay is only in the understanding that every leader is allowed to be in power under the Authority of God.

I do get to Clean my house as I see fit. Knowing that even as the Boss my 10 year old will reap the benefits of seeing that being a good leader is to be a Great Servant. This precept is laid down by the Lord Jesus when He Washed the Disciples feet at the Last Supper, then on the Cross when giving His life for our sin.

I say these things because the United States of America NEEDS A House Cleaning NOW!!!

We have a so called leader that,even as a supposed expert in Constitutional Law, seems to never have READ the Constitution. My 10 year old has pointed out several times in her studies that Obama has not followed the Law and should be "Put in Prison or Kicked out of being President".

I only teach the child, she didn't need to be told what to think. We don't waste any time with Liberal news outlets or outright lies from anyone.

If she ask me a question I simply State the Facts and let her decide.

In the Preamble of the Constitution for the United States of America States Thus:

We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

The results of the actions of our current Dictator putting himself before both God, AND We the People can easily dealt with through these very words from the Constitution for the United States.

Article II Section IV

The President, Vice President and all civil Officers of the United States, shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors.

If Breaking the Laws, laid down by both the founding Fathers, God, and the Congress of the united states, by making laws by himself as he has been doing since elected, and Lying directly and Knowingly to every America, is not enough for impeachment of this criminal We the People are in Bad Shape.

When I clean my house I Throw Out The Trash.

When America cleans her house the, same needs to be done.

If it is only necessary to teach O'bummer the Constitution, my 10 year old is ready for an "intelligent" student. If O'bonehead has been "Educated Above his intelligence" maybe it's just what's needed.

God Bless America, my fellow Patriots.

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This is my first blog post, as well as my first day with the command center. Getting started, I read a current event dealing with homosexuality. I am no where near socially liberal, anymore than I am a religious Zealot. I was shocked, however, to see conservative Americans, using slurs and language that actually give the left leaning media reason to point to us and call us bigots and homophobes. The homosexual agenda is disturbing to me, however someone's right to be gay and not be harassed about it is just as important. It has always been my understanding that the Tea Party Movement was led by Constitution lovers that believe, according to the Declaration of Independence, that all men/women are created equal. It was my belief that the Tea Party wants limited government, fiscal responsibility, and liberty for all. Can we allow this movement to be compromised by becoming a variable "cheater pipe" to secure the bolts of Conservative Christians that exclude all views but theirs? I am a believer, and my faith is important to me, but my nation is a "Republic".  It is obvious that this nation was founded on Christian values, and to the core of average Americans, they are still important. They are still important to me, but in the media, we must not be ashamed of our faith, however, we can not try to shame non believers into believing. All this accomplishes is getting us branded as zealots, bigots, and homophobes. The liberal media is never going to accept us anymore than they are going to accept facts. Here is my overall point. Their only reason for having conservatives on their programs is to chomp at the bit waiting for us to say something that they can misconstrue, distort, and make us look foolish with. We the people must stay above the fray, being cultured, well spoken, and above reproach. If your anger for not feeling heard or represented has caused you to lash out on the forums with slurs, insults, and personal beliefs that may or may not be founded in fact, please examine your motives. I use this simple anagram to keep myself in check, and admittedly, sometimes I fall short as well, and wish to be held accountable if I do.


Is what you are saying True?

Is what you are saying Helpful?

Is what you are saying Inspiring?

Is what you are saying Necessary?

Is what you are saying Kind?

Do we want real results? Or do we just want a forum in which to vent? Our venting is not changing this country back to the self reliant, powerful, and respected nation we once were. We must lead by example and always provide the best example possible. Yes you do have freedom of speech, for now, but with every liberty, responsibility is assumed, because you are an American, and a cut above. Thank you!

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Haven't written in a while and probably won't until Tax Season is Over but I think it is time to bring some normalcy into what the Tea Party stands for. After April 15th I plan to be an activist for change.

I just received an email from the Tea Party raising funds for OPERATION HELL, using a 3 pronged approach. the first prong is 1. Demand the Deportation of Piers Morgan!

As my title states we MUST stop this nonsense. Piers nationality has nothing to do with his thinking and deporting him will solve nothing, besides since when has the Tea party been against FREE SPEECH? What are we going to do next? Demand we deport fools like AL Gore and Michael Moore? Just because they have a different ideology doesn't mean we try and control speech. We are better than that. WE MUST WIN ON OUR IDEAS & IDEALS

We are already regarded negatively by the Press and this kind of statement does nothing to further our credibility. We must be seen as the party of sanity, demanding fiscal restraint and fiscal responsibility. Our total focus should be on demanding the Republican Party nominate ELECTABLE Fiscally conservative candidates who will DEFEND the Constitution and we need to do everything in our power to make this happen. Once we have our fiscal house in order we can tackle other issues. We must educate the ill informed about why this is necessary. Bankrupt nations have no voice in the world but today the vast majority of the population thinks government is the solution and we have unlimited resources. They have no concept of what a balanced budget means and no concept of the fact that we cannot borrow our way out of bankruptcy, or the fact that we BORROW over 40 cents on EVERY dollar WE SPEND.

After April 15th, I will be more involved in making the party a success if I can figure out what or how I can contribute; this blog is just a response to our acting as stupidly as the people we criticize. I have even written a book about the changes we as a country need but I am not here to promote my book, so I won't even mention the title or how you can get it.
The leadership of the tea Party should not be promoting insanity and I for one think the forum for that kind of discussion is on the blogs and not a basis for raising funds because we don't like somebody else's free speech and thoughts. At the leadership level we need an easily understandable coherent goals and objectives statement. I challenge you to tell me what the Tea party stands for. We cannot be a voice for every issue or please everyone. We need to FOCUS, FOCUS, FOCUS

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A States-based system to pay for Federal

expenditures that ends the Federal Government’s

power to tax and borrow money

The States of the USA, and the People, have granted the U.S. Federal Government, through Congress, the power to tax, borrow and

create money. (Article I, Section 8, Paragraphs 1, 2, and 5 of the U.S. Constitution plus the 16th Amendment. The "Big Four.") The Federal Government has monopoly control over its own financing. Has this monopoly control worked out well?

On December 31, 2000, the U.S. National Debt was $5.662 trillion. December 31, 2008, $10.700 trillion. December 31, 2011, $14.025 trillion. And, despite the November 2010 election results, $15.785 trillion on June 19, 2012. A 279% increase in less than eleven years, six months. ((Source: www. Debt to the Penny (Daily History/Search.))

It can arguably be said that these taxation, borrowing and money creation powers, have been seriously and shamefully misused.

Changes need to be made to end this misuse. However, the needed changes go far beyond electing more responsible congressional and Presidential representation, as necessary as these steps may be.

The misuse, and potential for continued future misuse, will not be curtailed until the monopoly financing control created by the Big Four to pay for Federal expenditures is replaced by a States-based system. The CONSTITUTIONAL SUPPORT TAX (the CST, www. should be that States-based system.

In summary the CST will do the following:

  1. The power to lay and collect Taxes, Imposts and Excises will be repealed from Article I, Section 8, Paragraph 1 of the Constitution along with the 16th Amendment. The power to lay and collect Duties will remain with Congress.
  2. Article 1, Section 8, Paragraph 2, authorizing Congress’ power to borrow will also be repealed.
  3. Once Congress sets the Federal Budget each year, the dollar amount of the Budget will be divided among the States by a formula that is fair to all States. This five-part formula is explained in the HOW IT WORKS section of the website.
  4. It will then be up to the People of each State, and state and local officials, to decide how their State will pay its mandatory share of the Budget. This is similar to Article VIII of the Articles of Confederation.

With the power to raise money through taxation, borrowing in the credit markets and through the Federal Reserve ended, Congress will have a powerful incentive to prepare yearly budgets that are well within the bounds of what the Constitution will allow. The States and People will be very skeptical about paying for anything beyond providing for the "common defence" stated in the Preamble to the Constitution. The Founding Fathers intended such non-defense expenditures be handled and financed at the state or local levels. GSA Las Vegas outings and more should become closed history, never to return. Think about this fully, and you will correctly conclude that the CST is the only way to end the Federal overspending problem.

Please read the website. Give it some time to "mentally digest." If you like the CST, spread the word about it among the people you know. Questions can be submitted through the website or to me at the following contact information.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Cy Mallinson 1311 Manor St. Kalamazoo, MI 49006-2143 269-342-0410 cmallinson

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Many Tea party Patriots agree that changes must be made if we are to return our country to the constitutional republic created by the framers and implemented by our founders.  Our system of government was designed to be complicated and cumbersome so as to protect the rights of the people and the individual states.  It is the expansion of federal power by ignoring and circumventing the intended checks and balances provided by our constitution in all branches of our federal government that has eroded our individual and states’ rights.  The list of things that need to be corrected, repealed, overturned or nullified in order to put things right is a long one, and I would not presume to dictate either the content of such a list or the order of importance.  I do suggest that this list of issues requiring redress includes action items for every branch of our government.  Some things should be legislated, some corrected by the Executive branch and some require further judicial action if we intend to affect these changes within the boundaries of our legal government.  Herein lays the problem since the people who are in control, or who are likely to be in control, of our government are no longer responsive to the people who they are supposed to represent. 


We have a very important election coming up and one would like to think that if we change the players they will do the right things and set our country back on the correct path.  History shows us that result is unlikely since it is dependent upon those who hold the power and control the means of wealth to voluntarily reduce their own power and relinquish some of that control as part of making the requisite changes.  We all hope the election will stop the bleeding by terminating the reign of the present administration, but I believe we should have a plan B just in case.


There is another way in which we can return power to the states and the people, a way that is totally within the legal boundaries established by our constitution.  This method is cumbersome by design and requires active participation of at least 37 of the states acting together to force these changes on those elected and appointed representatives that refuse to comply with the wishes of the electorate.  I refer to an Article V amendment convention as requested by application of two-thirds of the individual states.  This proposition would not be easily accomplished and I do not suggest we abandon other means available for seeking redress of these critical issues.  I am suggesting that our elected officials will need some incentive to step up and make the changes we demand.  I am suggesting this incentive take the form of a committee (or a group of committees) formed by representatives from all the states for the purpose of creating and prioritizing our list of issues that must be addressed soon.


Tea Party groups in every state are working to elect better representatives for both state and federal offices.  That is absolutely the correct first step and the preferred approach.  I hope that the ranks of Tea Party Patriots now include some of those elected to State offices and others influential in State government.  If we can assemble a group comprised of three to five motivated patriots from each state into a virtual committee of the whole we might be able to make real change happen in our lifetimes.  This group could segment itself into smaller committees tasked with bringing recommendations to the whole body to be considered for inclusion in a list of issues that would be approved by a majority of states and targeted for action to the appropriate branch of the federal government or to the states for individual but coordinated resolution.  Some issues might require the Article V amendment convention and it is this possibility backed by tacit agreement of at least 37 states that will provide the incentive for our elected representatives to do the right thing for our country for a change.  In addition, this group of states working together can effectively nullify any law or dictate from our federal government, and this does not require an amendment to the constitution.


This working group would not be a constitutional convention but would be focused on determining the most critical issues to be resolved in order to restore our constitutional republic as created by the framers and implemented by our founders.  However, if an Article V amendment convention is required we will already have a consensus among a majority of the individual states regarding what topics such a convention should address.  Such a group of States, all in agreement, is authorized by our constitution to make amendments to our constitution without the approval of Congress, the President or the Judiciary.  The realization that a cohesive group of states is ready to take such action may turn out to be a source of powerful persuasion with our elected federal representatives. 


I welcome your comments and suggestions regarding this bottom up approach.  If you agree and would like to participate please indicate that in your response.  I am hoping the Tea Party groups from each state can convince the right people to participate in such an endeavor.  My sense is we will need to work with both the state legislatures and the state Attorneys General to generate maximum effectiveness.

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Voter Ignorance Makes Obama's
Big-Guv Takeover Easier

Ignornace is NOT bliss. Something which used to surprise Rajjpuut, but which no longer does, and which goes on pretty much unchanged year after year is the ignorance of the American voter about the simplest matters involving political thinking. Roughly 45% of them do not truly understand, for example, the terms “left” and “right.” At least half cannot give a reasonable explanation of the terms “liberal” or “conservative.” And, most dangerously, at least 75% do not know what the term “progressive” ^^ means. Is it any wonder we, as a people, almost always elect the government and people that give us virtually the opposite of what we need and want? For that matter, with the exception of Ronald Reagan, we’ve elected either the most youthful and photogenic or the most well-known candidate (often both) in every election since 1952 which takes a lot of political savvy, eh?
If the reader were to visit the link above he would find a website proclaiming the “World’s Smallest Political Quiz.” Rajjpuut recommends every thinking American take and understand this little test and revisit it often putting the words and actions of our elected and would-be elected officials to the test. Running the quiz, the reader would then receive a score for the politician that would be graphed automatically upon a diamond-shaped chart. Then taking the test oneself, it would be duecedly easy to decide how much the candidate truly represents your own views and desires for the country . . . .
Looking at the chart of someone everyone knows, Sarah Palin, for example, we see that she scores a 10 on social issues and a 60 on economic issues according to the same chart transmigrated to the bottom of her own website’s first page (Rajjpuut recommends you visit the site):
It is the 10 score on social issues that makes Sarah Palin so very unpopular with all Progessive Democrats and feminists. It is that 10 and especially the 60 (low in Rajjpuut’s eyes) score she gets on economic issues that would have Rajjpuut thinking, “Is Sarah Palin really what we need?” Her scores reveal her to be far more statist (she labels it “populist” . . . but that’s NOT accurate), far-far more statist than Rajjpuut likes to see . . . in his not-so-humble opinion only action along the lines of Harding and Coolidge (cutting taxes and spending both by 50% in the first years of their combined administration) can begin to save us from our economic quagmire. Now Palin has talked a great game, but typically semi-statists such as her and statists likeJohn Mc Cain do NOT cut taxes and spending 50%.
Let’s look at someone else you know . . . Rajjpuut has declared himself a Libertarian on this blogsite and elsewhere in life. When he visits the website and takes the test . . . lo’ and behold, he scores a 70 on social issues and a 90 on economic issues: not a pure Libertarian but a slightly Conservative-Libertarian. Purity of view-point like that would probably make it very difficult for Rajjpuut to be elected dogcatcher. Let’s now look at a probable ranking for Ronald Reagan. If we score Reagan by his words and deeds as Rajjpuut just did, we’d find most likely a score of 50 on social issues and 100 on economic ones. Perhaps this is why Reagan helped create 21 million jobs during his two terms. The fact that Reagan scores a “knight’s jump on the chessboard” away from Rajjpuut’s own views explains the two men’s compatibility. Reagan’s scoring@@ rates right on the line between Libertarianism and Conservativism on personal issues and makes him ultra-Conservative on economic ones. Now looking at our present president, we get a huge surprise to many, but not to Rajjpuut . . . .
If we took to scoring Mr. Obama, using his words and actions as Rajjpuut interprets them we’d see a 10 on social/personal issues and a 20 on economic issues which would rank him as an ultra-Statist. Knowing his Marxist upbringing which the liberal media never vetted, Obama is precisely what should have been expected and virtually diametrically opposed to everything that Rajjpuut sees as good and honest and necessary.
For the liberals and other Democrats who mainly voted him into office, (themselves typically scoring about 30-60 on the chart) many did NOT get what they expected. And as Mr. Obama in a certain sense campaigned in a Ronald Reaganesque manner, the conservatives who wanted anything but a Republican, especially a progressive John Mc Cain, after G.W. Bush’s big-government moves, these conservatives, (themselves scoring typically 60-30 on the chart . . . ) 100% didn’t get what they wanted either. So that accounts for about 75% of the electorate voting for exactly the worst of two evils (Rajjpuut likes to call it “choosing between Tweedle-dumb and Tweedle-dumber” and it’s mostly what happens in November every four years). Ah, humanity!
So now that we’re all pretty well versed on political thinking, what about America’s present constitutional and economic crisis, eh?
At present it appears the Conservative force is attracting a huge national following in fiscal-matters owing to the nation’s runaway spending, deficits, monstrous UNFUNDED obligations (Social Security, Medicare and the federal side of Medicaid with $109 TRillion) and national debt and the growing opposition to Progressive programs to expand government. The Progressives, of course, (having the votes in the House and Senate plus owning the Oval Office) are calling all or virtually all the shots in law-making and spending. The important law-making they control includes burdensome taxes; expAnsive new expEnsive programs that impinge upon individual freedom and the free markets and place the government into the dominant realm of our nation’s activities rather than in its naturally-expected realm of being subservient to the people’s wishes.
The feeling of the Conservative element is that the Progressives are running roughshod over the country and the Constitution. Where formerly there was a Moderate element, now tinges of Moderation are found in the tiny proportion of liberals who vote bi-partisan opposition to the President’s sweeping programs but no real moderation is found, mainly polarity. The Democratic Party under the gross and ill-advised Progressive leadership of Pelosi, Reid and Obama and their loyal followers has unquestionably moved the nation into deep socialist waters. The underpinnings of this socialism is a powerful forcible re-distribution of wealth: that is, THEFT.
The most basic principle of our American government is freedom. The American experience, the American constitution and the spirit of America are tied to freedom. That means the citizen is in charge of the government and not the other way around. Liberals and progressives tend to see the citizen as the always available FUNDING Source for the federal legislators. Pure progressives see the citizen as an obstruction, a bump in the road to their efforts to create (their version of) a perfect world. There are only 17 specific powers allotted to the federal government by the government and there are ten amendments (the Bill of Rights) limiting the power of the federal government over both the states and the individuals.
All too often lost in the nonsensical arguments raised by Progressives (those who see the Constitution as “flawed” and who say we “MUST PROGRESS BEYOND” the Constitution), is that there is a gross difference between rights and needs. We all have needs and it is our own responsibility as individuals to employ our rights and our self-will to take care of those needs. The “NANNY-STATE” advocated by Progressives sees an unending number of basic needs (they call them rights) which the Federal Government is OBLIGATED to fulfill . . . the cost of fulfilling this cradle-to-grave catalog of needs is the loss of our real rights and our real freedoms to the increasingly powerful all-controlling federal government.
Rights are not negotiable they come to us from God and not from the government; it is the responsibility of the government according to the Constitution’s Bill of Rights to protect these individual rights. They belong to the individual as an inheritance for being human. Rights are NOT needs, however. For example, there is no natural right to health care; no natural right to have the government bail you out if your business fails; no natural right to the resources of others just because you are needy. Taking resources such as money and labor or goods by legal force from the individuals and the individual states **is theft by the federal government. It is power from the barrel of a gun used to hold up some citizens for the benefit of others. The federal government has no right to deny freedoms to any group of people to advance the well-being or to benefit others. There is NO natural right to EQUALITY, except the equality of opportunity. The Federal Government has an obligation to defend the freedoms of each and every one of us and to protect us when our rights are violated but no right to force all of us into EQUALITY of means. Freedom means equality of opportuntiy to be free, it does not mean forced equality.
The most basic rights and freedoms protected by our Constitution against the infringement of the Federal Government are the freedoms guaranteed by the 10th Amendment, the last Amendment within the Bill of Rights and clearly the most important. The Obama administration has willfully stomped all over the 10th Amendment while stomping all over the American Dream on the one hand and willfully ignoring their obligations under the Constitution. In other words, they have done everything that they shouldn’t do, and very little (for example, protecting our borders) that they are required to do. In fact, according to a leaked document in the news today, they are plotting to within nine months make 13-20 million illegal aliens into citizens because they believe that they will receive 80-85% of those new citizens’ votes and will be permanently locked-into the halls of power. This cynical attempt at permanent power, they say, is based upon the fact that our Immigration laws are “broken.” Over 220 years our immigration and naturalization laws have faithfully served the nation. They cannot be changed willy-nilly to benefit one political party over another, they must be amended in the Constitution and only in that may they be changed. The cynicism and Marxist grab for power of Barack Obama constitutes the single most damming threat to our nation in its 221 year history.
That is the most important thing that voters need to understand about what Progressives want to steal from all of us: our American freedom and the Constitutional American traditions that have made this the greatest most powerful and most just nation on earth by eternally defending and renewing our freedoms to pull from each of us the intrinsic strengths that Americans has thrived upon for over two centuries.
Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,
^^ Notice the value of the charting above: people can be conservative economically and liberal socially and vice versa (which they often are) . . . rather than the cookie-cutter liberal and conservative that the mainstream media seems to expect. But let’s make sure everyone understands these crucial terms . . . .
Liberals, as they are generally understood, advocate lots of freedom on social issues and oppose traditional restrictions there while believing that government ought to intervene early and often in economic matters and government restrictions there are exactly what’s best for the country.
Conservatives show great deference to the Constitution on economic matters but seem to like restrictions on personal behavior in line with traditional religious values. Hence the criticism that conservatives “want to be in everybody’s bedroom.”
The “left” refers to people who are liberal-oriented and score on the left side of the diamond. The “right” refers to people who are conservatively-oriented who scored on the right side of the diamond. The origin of the term is disputed some say it arose during the French Revolution and others refer to the British Parliament where, in either case, the distinctions were pretty much along class lines. In any case NOT understanding these terms puts one in the realm of politically-ultra-ignorant, not the place to be when electing presidents and congressmen.
Progressives are in favor of “progressing well beyond the constitution” (which they see as an outmoded and flawed document) toward really big ultra-controlling government. In Rajjpuut’s wide experience, ultra-progressives tend to be Marxists, but do everything imaginable to hide it. Barack Obama is a Marxist and an ultra-Progressive as are virtually all the Czars and many of the members of his cabinet and inner circle. They are seeking to progress well beyond the Constitution and create their version of a Marxist Utopia for us. The most well-known American progressive presidents and presidential candidates were Woodrow Wilson, Herbert Hoover, Franklin Roosevelt, Thomas Dewey, Lyndon Johnson, Hubert Humphrey, George McGovern, Jimmy Carter, Walter Mondale, Michael Dukakis, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, Al Gore, John Mc Cain and Barack Obama. Certainly Theodore Roosevelt and George H.W. Bush would qualify as “semi-progressives.” The only true conservatives in the oval office in the last ninety years were Warren G. Harding, Calvin Coolidge, Dwight Eisenhower and Ronald Reagan. Semi-conservatives were Harry Truman and John Kennedy. You’ll note that Rajjpuut’s monthly Truman-Reagan-Kennedy award honors the memories of two semi-conservatives and the only true conservative of the last 50 years.
** right now Obamacare will temporarily ease the Medicaid burden upon the individual states, however, that changes quickly and the increasing share of Medicaid forced upon the states by Federal Medicaid requirements commanded by federal law will in due course bankrupt each and every one of them.
@@ Some would complain, "21 million jobs, but he ran up some pretty big deficits, too." Remember the Democrats largely controlled both chambers of congress during the Reagan years so a lot of the laws they passed which Reagan didn't veto were compromises including tax-decrease measures Reagan wanted but spending progams that the Dems were after. Reagan unlike Harding, was never offered a chance to both cut spending and cut taxes so he only cut taxes . . . nevertheless, his legacy is enormous: the fall of monolithic communism; 21 million new jobs and worldwide respect for the country.
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