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                “Unafraid, Bi-Partisan, Uphold U.S. and Freedom”  

By Jiri and Leni Friedman Valenta            

Paul! Mr. Speaker! Censure Obama and deny his request for a 18% pension pay hike! Since you came to power earlier this year, your Republican majority in the House has done virtually nothing to rescue our republic from the nightmare of Obama!  Incredibly, his audacious request for a pension pay hike follows his watching baseball and playing footsie with Cuban dictators Fidel and Raul Castro, and dancing the tango in Buenos Aires!

Barack is surely no master of the art of the deal. While we support the opening to Cuba, we do not believe we should lift the embargo until some of our demands are satisfied: We are not calling for regime change, but we do call for release of all political dissidents.  Also needed is persuasive proof, not yet provided by the Castros, that Hezbollah’s Islamic, Shiite, terrorist Cuba station, engaged in anti-U.S. and anti-Israel activities in the Western hemisphere, has been closed.

We also need monitoring of Cuban ties with North Korea, and assurances there will be no further illegal arms transfer through the Panama Canal or by any other route sea or air.  Cuba must also cease advising and arming the FARC narco-communist terrorists in Colombia.

The Castros must further guarantee Cuba will not try to interfere on behalf of the discredited Maduro government in Venezuela and hinder the process of democratization in that country.  And let us also demand that U.S. criminals taking refuge in Cuba be extradited to America.

The delusions of our president are unprecedented. As Americans, we were ashamed listening to his a-historical, apologetic cant as he stood with Raul and basically provided a public relations endorsement of its repressive communist regime. All this while human rights dissidents, like the innocent Ladies in White were repressed on his arrival; some thrown into in jail.

The Cuba Archive has documented 3,615 firing squad executions conducted by the Cuban state since Castro took over on January 1, 1959.  Most were done summarily.  There are disappearances as well. Former head of the Soviet Latin American desk, Yury Pavlov, author of the The Soviet Cuban Alliance,1959-61, told one of these authors, that Raul Castro's deputies enjoyed shooting live targets (prisoners) while laughing and having a good time.  In an interview with us, former prisoner Pedro Fuentes confirmed Pavlov's account  and described the torture in the jails.  Another prisoner,Jesus Chao, has fully detailed the stomach-turning,Castro horrors. 

After listening meekly to Raul Castro address the "shortcomings" of the U.S., Obama applauded the "constructive dialogue." That was followed by our president broadcasting his passionless platitudes about the attack on our allies in NATO capitol Brussels. He knew many Americans were injured in the carnage, yet rather than coming home, he engaged in a pleasurable afternoon with two bloody dictators, responsible for killing thousands of Cuban patriots and innocent victims at home, but also during Cuba’s interventions in Angola and Ethiopia. Fidel also supported with arms and advisers, further carnage in Columbia, Nicaragua, El Salvador and elsewhere.

We call on you, Mr,. Speaker, to sponsor House resolutions as well as work with the Senate and its judicial giants, Senator Ted Cruz (R) Texas, and Senator Orin Hatch (R) Utah, to censure the president for aiding and abetting a foe of democracy -- and roundly propose a cut to his pension, rather than the 18% pension pay hike he has requested. 

Mr. Obama’s repeated derelictions of duty could provide grounds for impeachment. Likely there is not enough time for that. Therefore let us register our dissatisfaction as we can. We are counting the days until the GOP takes takes over.

Watch for our full expose of Obama’s and Hillary's shameful performances coming soon.

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Tanner, "What does this mean?
Tanner, "What does this mean?

If you are the parent of a child with special needs are autism you will understand this story better than mosts.

Ever have a child on the spectrum have a melt down, normal need, or seemingly tantrum for no need drive you crazy?  I don't mean where you were going to do bodily harm to a child.  I mean where you felt you were a bad mother, worthless because you couldn't figure out how to help your child and more things like this.

I will give you one or two short examples.

My son is autistic, has Asperger's or High Functioning Autism.  Labels only meant something for me as a jumping point to reasearch how to help him the best I could. Otherwise, I really do hate labels; except when filing insurance claims and then I want as many labels as I can think of.

Tanner, my son, had a three hour meltdonw at fifteen months.  He cried, screamed and I think did some head banging if I am not mistaken on my recall. I did all the motherly things.  I tried to hold and comfort him.  Now I know routine is important to all kids but this goes beyond that.

I went outside to take a two minute deep breath.  Most likely this was much shorter but helped me recompose myself.  I was so out a lose as what to do for Tanner. I know he was miserable but everything I tried didn't work.

I need stories from mothers to put in my book.  I don't just want my stories. I want major stories of meltdowns to help young mothers.  Young couples have a rough time of it dealing with this.  I am sure it strains realtionships.  Help me help younger mothers, fathers and professionals by giving me your stories.

Get rich? My goal? Not really! It is going to cost me to get the book published. I am positive in my abilities but I may fail.  I want to, once I have reached costs back and a specific me....I want to do this..reach a point where 50% of my profits are given to charity of autism, special needs and such charities.

Back to my story.  Can you guess what he wanted? How it was resolved?  Well, Tanner finally figued it out by himself.  He went to the diswaher, at fifteen months, opened it and got his favorite cup out.  Autistics love routine, rituals and odd behaviors.

Think how much we can give to younger parents!  Give them a jump on the learning curve by sharing such stories.   Have an idea for an autism book you think should be covered? Email me at  or post it on this facebook page Comment on my blog.

Let me interview you for my book.  You have knowledge and expertise that is worth telling. Tell me so I can Tell It ONce and For Autism!

More examples will follow in other posts.

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