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I Called To Stop Super Committee

I called Senator Roy Blunt and Rep Billy Long and told them to put a stop to the Super Committee. I mentioned that this committee doesn't answer to the House or Senate at all and at most is against the Constitution. I even mentioned that I'm voting all them out anyway first chance I get. I didn't call Senator McCaskill because she's a waste of good breathe. She will probably be voted out next year anyway but we will work just as hard as if she's a good fighter. : ) American Patriots
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Why Weiner Matters

by: Trent Derr - American Exceptionalism


Ok by now, we’ve all heard about it.  Weinergate.  Representative Anthony Weiner started with denials, followed by hedging,  and finally followed by admission.  All of this seasoned with Weiner’s shocked response to the question regarding whether he was going to resign – “No, I’m not going to resign.”  The guy who has been married less than  a year who had phone sex, exchanged sexting messages, and sent pornographic photos to no less than six women over Facebook and Twitter doesn’t have the class or common sense to know when to resign.  Duh…


However, why does this whole drama around Anthony Weiner’s behavior really matter to the country at large?  For one, he was engaged in having phone sex, sexting, and sending pornographic pictures utilizing the assets of the US Congress.  This will be at least one reason why Weiner will be investigated by the House Ethics Committee.


Second, employers have a right to establish standards of conduct for employees, especially for behavior during work hours.   It is common for senior level employees to have morality and behavioral clauses that apply to their employment.  Often the clauses are not only intended to prevent legal claims against the company but more importantly to prevent the employee from damaging the reputation of the company.  Clearly all of these conditions apply to Weiner.  All congress people work for the citizens of the United States so congressmen are employees.  There is no doubt that this type of behavior damages the reputation of Congress and the US Government at large.  Finally, it has become obvious that Representative Weiner was sexting, having phone sex and distributing pornographic material during “normal” work hours.   Any employee I can think of that worked for a company in the United States would be terminated for Weiner’s behavior.  They would be gone immediately. Continue...

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April, 2010 Truman-Reagan-Kennedy Statesmanship Award

In honor of the memories of Harry S Truman (just a letter no middle name), Ronald Wilson Reagan and John Fitzgerald Kennedy, three of the most diligent and competent statesmen in world history, Rajjpuut will be awarding a monthly Truman-Reagan-Kennedy Award for statesmanship. Whole encyclopedias could be written about these three men.

Truman, a hero in World War I made the courageous decision to drop the atom bomb ending World War II and saving an estimated one million American fighting men from death or wounding. He also inspired the Dixiecrats to leave the Democratic Party at great political risk to himself, Truman who was raised a segregationist, integrated the armed forces. And unlike his successor Eisenhower, Truman was an immediate and powerful vocal opponent of Joe McCarthy and his communist witch hunts.

Reagan personally intervened to get the final funding and stinger missiles that spelled the defeat of the Big Red Soviet Military Machine in Afghanistan. His confrontational style (“Tear Down This Wall, Mr. Gorbachev!”) but willingness to talk face-to-face helped bring about the fall of communism and the Warsaw Pact, the end of the Soviet Union and Cold War and yes, the smashing of the Berlin Wall: not a bad legacy for “the Great Communicator!”

Kennedy inspired warm hope among jaded American voters. He, like Reagan, made a courageous speech in the shadow of the Berlin Wall. Most importantly, Kennedy stood tough upon discovering that the Soviet Union had moved missiles to Cuba just 90 miles off America’s shores and put the whole world on a nuclear disaster watch by blockading the island and demanding removal of the missiles. Like his book “Profiles in Courage,” Kennedy, a World War II hero, practiced what he preached.

The April, 2010, Truman-Reagan-Kennedy Statesmanship Award WINNER is:

Tennessee Representative Marsha Blackburn

For the second consecutive month Tennessee Representative Marsha Blackburn has earned the coveted statesmanship award after sharing the award last time out with James Inhofe. Blackburn has repeatedly demonstrated that she not only has perhaps the most level head in the House of Representatives, but she also has the guts to use it and the faith in our Constitution to ennoble America and her fellow countrymen at every turn in the discussion. Sheis probably the most consistent and one of the most eloquent voices in opposition to the widespread Big Guv expansions engineered by the Obama Administration.

Within a year of her election to congress, Marsha had already been named a “Taxpayer Hero” by the Americans for Tax Reform and is serving her second session as Deputy Whip and is most famous for being the questioner who put Al Gore on the spot about his conflicted connections in the energy industry with the simple, “"The legislation that we are discussing here today, is that something that you are going to personally *** benefit from?”

Recently, Representative Blackburn was one of the Republicans in the room challenging the assertions of Barak Obama about all the good that his Obamacare initiatives would bring to the country. She has long championed tort reform to lower doctors’ malpractice costs and cut down on unnecessary defensive medical actions; across state border health insurance options; and removing abortion and other elective surgery payments by the federal government. Along with Inhofe, Blackburn has probably been the single biggest voice against Cap and Trade. Recently when Obama tried to over-ride the lack of senate votes by making Cap and Trade a de facto law in the form of an Environmental Protective Agency directive, Blackburn was immediately on her feet attacking the EPA for violating its own laws in making the directive; and it now appears that opposition has forced the EPA to delay implementation of its recent directive from this April to sometime next year. Inspired by Blackburn’s tough stance Texas and Virginia have sued the EPA for, using the refuted and disputed IPCC and CRU findings as the basis for their directive when the law says the studies involved must be done by the EPA itself.

Let us once again congratulate the April, 2010, Winner of the Truman-Reagan-Kennedy Statesmanship Award: Tennessee Representative Marsha Blackburn

Ya'all live long, strong and ornery,


*** Rajjpuut’s recent revelation that both Gore and Obama are guilty of conflict of interest in pressing for Cap and Trade legislation and aim to profit Billion$$ via CCX clearly justifies Blackburn’s audacious attack.

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