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Last month 55% of Americans called Obama a “socialist”; 68% last week said the country under Obama is headed in the wrong direction; but 64% of us still today say, we believe he’s a “good guy” . . . . Americans, you‘ve let a grown wolf into your midst yet expect a happy home life . . . .

Feeling Sorry for Barack,

Hating His Message

Life is potentially very hard. The natural state of man or woman and the most desirable state for all of mankind is freedom, but life is hard and men must because of their mammalian nature survive by working together. We are both nurtured and enslaved at our mother’s teat. We do not begin as one of twenty-thousand fish eggs which never know their parents, or whose parents might hungrily gobble us up should we meet again in three days . . . we start as absolutely helpless infants who will soon die of lack of nurturing and require at a minimum the perfunctory care that passes for love among tortured souls. Very rarely does one of us turn out to be a hermit happily or unhappily living apart from mankind.

This dependence upon parents or other caretakers throughout all our early years and the virtual necessity of living among other men makes us vulnerable to immense pressure to “conform” to “fit-in” to be and live much like everybody else and thus “win their approval.” Much of this is good and helpful, but too much is crippling. This excess pressure and a certain self-loathing is what in modern times typically creates the statist, the totalitarian the progressive (we must progress beyond the ‘outdated’ and ‘flawed’ U.S. Constitution) when all around him clearly, freedom is beckoning. The phrase “nanny state” says it all. They must hate freedom for you because your freedom is a threat, how much better to have the state nuturing and burping everyone of us (and making us toe the line) all the long days of our lives . . . but then there are the “red-diaper babies.”

Red-diaper babies^^ like Barack Obama are a special breed. While the masses are stunting their own growth and embracing sheepdom, some have deliberately raised their children from the womb to be wolves. The tenets of Das Kapital is preached to red-diaper babies the way some fanatic and corrupt religious fundamentalists teach the tenets of Shariah Law and Jihad or the verses of the Bible to impressionable youngsters hatefully and ceaselessly. Red-diaper babies are raised as sociopathic wolves to prosper among the sheep. Every potential encounter they witness is preached over so that the creators and the givers in society, the capitalists and entrepreneurs, for example, who from nothing create a business and nurture it and some day provide jobs for 80 or 100 people, are portrayed at every juncture as the natural and mortal enemy of the wolf-cub/red-diaper baby.

“Look at that fat cat, lounging around thanks to the sweat of his workers. He gets to play while they’re dying under his oppression . . . etc., etc, ad nauseum every day of his life throughout the formative years and well-beyond (because naturally enough, he only feels semi-comfortable among the sheep and truly comfortable among his “own kind” where there is NO OTHER CONVERSATION because for them, the STATE has replaced religion, love and angst as the topic of their lives. So, Barack Obama is to be pitied, unlike perhaps 60% of the red-diaper babies he has never doubted, never wavered and thus never felt the need to break away. Those who do, tell us interesting stories of growing up wolf cubs** . . . those who don’t must continue to live the lie that they love the sheep and have only the sheep’s best interests at heart always.

Warning, loyal readers will find the following material repetitive of a couple of recent blogs . . . newcomers, sheep and otherwise, this is for you:

Enough of background philosophy, it has come to this . . . . Friends, Couch Potatoes, Babes in the Woods and other Trusting Souls . . . and yes, you SHEEP prefering to be men, these are the facts of life . . . this is where the message of progressivism from the wolf’s mouth has led us . . . .

11 Truths Voters Need to Know

In reverse order here’s what our gullible people should know but don’t. Our mainstream media needs to get real and do its job. I invite all readers to check my facts for 100% accuracy . . . .

11. Our government has been systematically lying to us or covering up for almost eight decades for example, . . . .

10. Obamacare, one law, a) creates 388 brand new government agencies b) funds abortions with federal money c) increases the deficit d) drives up the cost of health care and health insurance. All of this was easily foreseen but most chose to believe Obama’s promises that the opposite was true.

9. In 1975 one in 404 home loans was granted with 3% or less down payment. Five mortgage-guarantee laws later, it became in 2005, 34 out of 100 loans at less than 3% down. That's an amazing 13,600% more presumably bad loans today. The progressive left have pushed our lenders into bad loans by sponsoring these ill-conceived laws. This was easily foreseeable, but we were too busy with sitcoms and, of late, reality shows.

8. The United States used to have the world’s highest private home ownership, now Canada does. Our system was not broken, but the progressives fixed us with the Community Reinvestment Act under Carter and four expansions of CRA ’77 mortgage-guarantees in ’92, twice in ’95 and the steroid version in ’98 (the last three under Clinton). We all know better than to “fix what ain’t broke,” yet we allow the politicians we elect to do it every day.

7. Barack Obama was an ACORN lawyer shaking-down lenders to make unwise loans for parts of three years 1994-1996. Once Clinton’s steroid version of the law was passed in ’98, ACORN forced banks and other lenders to make home loans to people without ID; without jobs; with only food stamps to declare as income; without even rental history; with abysmal credit ratings; on welfare; illegal aliens; and other miserable loan prospects. Anyone listening with half an ear could see that all his promises could NOT be kept; anyone inspecting his past could see he was always way to good to be true. His communism was only slightly better hid.

6. ACORN discovered by early 2003 that they could get a $400,000 loan almost as easily as they could get a $120,000 loan for an indigent client and went about it with gusto. Why?

5. Alas, it gets even more sinister. In ’66 Richard Cloward and Frances Piven published their Cloward-Piven Strategy to end poverty by creating GNI, (guaranteed national income). In ’67 these two and George Wiley created the National Welfare Relief Organization (NWRO) put their strategy into action. In eight years they added over six million people to the welfare rolls in New York. By 1975, New York City was bankrupt and needed a federal bailout. New York state just missed bankruptcy. The threesome bragged about their accomplishment even though they made poverty worse and didn’t get GNI. C &P said the next two areas to work their “orchestrated crisis” magic upon were voter registration and housing. The sub-prime lending crisis and the ensuing financial meltdown were Cloward-Pivven at work once again as you'll soon see.

4. When CRA ’77 was passed, ACORN was immediately created in Arkansas (only later would the “A” stand for Association instead of Arkansas) to work C-P Strategy on housing and voter registration. They weren’t hugely successful at first, but they did put Bill Clinton into the governor’s mansion in Little Rock for 12 years; and he became the first ACORN president in ’92. One of his first official signings was the Motor Voter Act (“a license for voter fraud according to conservatives) with Cloward and Piven standing directly behind him in the official pictures. Three Clinton mortgage-guarantees followed in the next five years and ACORN went nuts making lenders meet their silly requirements. In effect Cloward-Piven Strategy was unleashed not on NYC this time but upon the entire USA.

3. Republicans in January, 2005, saw the handwriting on the wall and tried to repeal much of the mortgage-guarantee nonsense but were stopped cold by the Democrats. In July, 2007, enough Dems came to see the truth that a watered-down version of the earlier bill was passed. It was, of course, way too little – way too late. Nevertheless . . . .

2. Last week Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner praised George W. Bush for that 2007 law which he said prevented the recession from becoming much, much deeper and the drop in housing prices from tumbling to dangerous levels. In effect, Geithner altered Barack Obama’s car in the ditch story. You and I now know the bigger story: Obama, ACORN, and progressive Dems and Republicans pushed the car toward a 500-ft. CLIFF. G.W. Bush braked and steered the car into a controlled skid into a friendly-looking ditch.

1. The first ten problems are gnats compared to the herd of elephants in the room right next to us, because with all the unfunded liabilities we face (on top of the National debt and our present economic woes) including unbelievable Social Security, Medicare and the Federal Side of Medicaid obligations that amount to $112 Trillion in services the government owes its citizens but has refused to fund (which has been required by law lo’ these last 76 years). Throw-in the always unfunded welfare state and these unfunded obligations likely will hit $200 Trillion.

Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,


^^ Evidence is proved in a hundred places in my blogwork, but for now consider the man whose dreams Barack, Jr. referred to in his book "Dreams from My Father. Most of our fathers don't openly advocate 100% taxes; or redistribution of wealth from Kenya's Asian and European populace to its Blacks; or communal ownership of property

** or in novel format . . . .

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