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Who Belongs on Anti-American Wanted Posters?



          If you were to logically examine the greatest dangers facing America right now and then to put a face to each of them, it’s likely you’d be stunned at what many of those faces look like . . . as you’ll see from our countdown of the . . . .



Nine Ultra-Dangerous

Anti-Americans at Large Today



#9 Osama Bin Laden has become largely toothless, the danger lies from the newer, younger faces now in charge of the various Al Qaeda branches around the globe . . . faces largely only known to the CIA. However, one face that many Americans are aware of is Anwar Al Awlaki a man with dual citizenship in Yemen and the United States. Despite President Obama’s efforts to remove the concept of Islamic Terrorism from our radar scopes, Awlaki, who was raised right here in the United States, is the highest profile semi-successful terrorist most of us know about. Besides being the “brains” behind the high profile failures of the “Underwear Bomber” and “Times Square Bomber” and “UPS Bomber,” Awlaki was the inspiration for the Ft. Hood massacre carried out by Islamic Army Major Hasan who cried out “Allah Akbar!” as he started the shooting rampage that claimed the lives of 13 people and wounded 29 others, mostly soldiers at the U.S. Army base near Killeen, Texas. Like Bin Laden, Awlaki during his young manhood got involved with prostitutes and became so self-loathing that he needed a big scape-goat for his sins: Western Decadence and the United States. Luckily so far, except for the Army’s total incompetence in dealing with the danger of Major Hasan . . . Awlaki and his followers have thankfully proven themselves quite incompetent. Grade as an Anti-American so far? D+

#8 Faceless foreign Islamist terrorists eager to kill Americans on foreign shores have done a chillingly effective job against Americans outside this country. Whether its suicide bombers; planters of improvised explosive devices (IEDs); Taliban fighters in Afghanistan or those who slaughtered over 100 and wounded at least 250 (mostly Americans and British) at the Indian hotels favored by Westerners and other areas in Mumbai, India in coordinated attack waves; or the bombing of the U.S.S. Cole . . . these guys mean business and have had success against us. In light of the large number of terrorist attacks they pull off, however, Americans have been surprisingly infrequent targets. Their greatest latent threat? Taking over Nuclear-armed Pakistan. Anti-American Grade: C+

#7 The greatest and obviously fastest growing threat so far comes from faceless home-grown Islamic terrorists as the recent FBI sting operation that foiled a would-be Christmas Day attack in Portland Oregon. Because of the failure of Islamic leaders in this country to face down terrorism and the idea of Jihad . . . thousands of young Muslims are being indoctrinated and radicalized right here in this country. Barack Obama and Eric Holder who could easily have sought their help in a high profile way, have pretended that there is no Islamic terror war aimed against us . . . it’s unlikely their political correctness can save us from such attacks. The recent broad-daylight attack on a Detroit police precinct wounding four officers is a shocker. Was this an Islamic Terror attack? We’ve not been told anything; the shooter has been identified, but not yet “characterized.” We do know that the Detroit area holds the highest Muslim population density in the country. In any case, unless something changes such attacks will be carried out by Jihadists sooner or later. Grade: F- Threat A+

#6 Chinese President Hu Jintao and his country pose huge  military, economic and cyber threats to the United States and have abetted the insane regime in North Korea as well. He is now calling for the Chinese Yuan to replace the American Dollar as the world’s reserve currency. If this happens the American economy will be able to hide behind Obama’s and Fed Chief Ben Bernanke’s façade no more: we will be exposed as utterly bankrupt and economic chaos the like of which the United States has never known will collapse the entire economy. Barack Obama seems content to let China continue to lead us down the primrose path in that direction. Grade D- but threat A++.

#5 Frances Fox Piven has been the most successful and little-appreciated American traitor in history. She clearly was the power behind the throne of the Clinton presidency. 




Earlier, the efforts of Piven, her husband Richard Cloward, Black militant George Wiley  and the National Welfare Rights Organization (NWRO) created by the threesome to show the strength of the infamous “Cloward-Piven Strategy” took eight years to bankrupt New York City (it required a federal bailout in 1975). NWRO used Saul Alinsky’s (author of Reveille for Radicals in 1946; and Rules for Radicals in 1971) street crusade tactics to double the nation’s welfare rolls from 8 to 16 million between 1967 and 1975; and just missed bankrupting the entire state of New York.

While working with NWRO, Wiley Lieutenant Wade Rathke was considered imaginative. He put that trait to bad use in creating his original ACORN (Arkansas Community Organization for Reform Now) in conjunction with the support of Bill Clinton were answers to Cloward’s and Piven’s calls for their army of supporters to move on to “voter registration and housing as our next emphasis areas” for radicalism. After Jimmy Carter’s 1977 Community Reinvestment Act (CRA ’77) first required home lenders to knowingly make bad loans to high risk people, ACORN was created and immediately the landscape of American mortgages began changing. After success in Arkansas and in supporting and getting Bill Clinton elected governor for 12 of the next 14 years, ACORN became national and changed its name slightly dropping “Arkansas” and replacing it with “Association.” 

            ACORN helped put Bill Clinton into the White House in November, 1992, and he immediately set to work to definitively answer the Cloward-Piven call for radical attacks on voter registration by enacting the Motor Voter Act in early 1993. Piven and Cloward are standing just behind Slick Willy in the official photo of the signing ceremony. Motor Voter was called “a twelve-lane highway to voter fraud.” Clinton also enacted serious and deep reform of the regulations behind CRA ’77 in 93; and then twice had bills expanding CRA ’77 become law in 1995; and finally passed a steroid version expanding CRA ’77 in 1998. Clinton clearly had repaid his debts.  In 1975, before CRA ’77, one in every 404 home loans was issued at 3% down or less and virtually all loans were granted with 20% down payments. By 2005,  More than one in every 3 home loans (34%) was done at 3% down payment or less; many with zero down payment.

            Thanks to the Clinton steroid expansion in 1998, ACORN was able to use its street demonstration tactics to get loans as easily for $440,000 homes in 2005 as they had for $110,000 homes in 1995. Now people with no job; no savings or estate; no ID; no rental history; only food stamps to show as “income”; terrible credit ratings; and, yes, even illegal aliens could be put into ultra-expensive homes. Piven was the founder of our financial meltdown as the sub-prime lending crisis infected the very soul of the nation’s economy . . . .

            Today Piven is aghast that the unemployed are not angry enough and not taking to the streets. She has called for violence akin to what’s going on in Greece to finally bring the Marxist Revolution here to fruition. Things haven’t changed much for Piven.  Cloward and Piven’s infamous article “The Weight of the Poor” first exposing us to Cloward-Piven Strategy for revolution brought on by chaos first ran in the Nation magazine.  

“Now, with the dropping New Year's ball, Piven is at it again, ringing in 2011 with renewed calls for revolution. In a chilling and almost unbelievable editorial again in The Nation (”Mobilizing the Jobless,” January 10/17, 2011 edition),” she is again calling on the poor to be storm troopers for her revolution.   For the angry unemployed “to rise up in a violent show of solidarity and force.  As before, those calls are dripping with language of class struggle. Language she and her late husband Richard Cloward made popular in the 60s.” Grade A+  Current Threat C


#4 George Soros:  So-called “philanthropist” Soros has had a checkered past. As a 14-year old in his native Hungary, George Soros was (as a capo for the Nazis) delivering the orders from the Third Reich officials for his fellow Hungarian Jews to assemble for their freight car trips to the death camps. Today the 80-year old Soros is known as “The Man Who Broke the Bank of England.” Multi-billionaire Soros is claimed to be the world’s 4th to 8th rich man. He’s made an awful lot of his money by taking advantage of (and some say by “engineering” or  “manipulating”) currency collapses. Full-fledged economic meltdowns in England, Russia, Thailand and Malaysia and in a couple of Balkan States which Soros exploited made him a billionaire. He is currently backing the Chinese Yuan and appears to be seeking harm for the Euro and Dollar. If he succeeds and makes a greater fortune by destroying the dollar, however, it will be Congress and the Presidents seem 1964 who have load the gun, Soros will just have incidentally pulled the trigger. His real danger is as a so-called activist and philanthropist. Soros right now funds the Tides Foundation and 48 other anti-American progressive foundations all aimed at bringing about an eventual collapse of the American economy and Marxist takeover of the United States. The incredible chart at the bottom of this blog link says it all; George is funding every single bit of it:


            A good friend of the Clinton’s and close to Barack Obama, Soros could become the world’s first trillionaire if he can pull of the collapse of the Euro and the Dollar and getting the Yuan to replace the dollar as the world’s reserve currency. His danger to the United States, however, lies in his being the banker for the progressives’ revolution. Grade C- potential danger A

#3: Obama’s Regulatory Czar” Cass Sunstein is called “The Most Dangerous Man in America” by fiscal-conservative and constitutional-conservative political pundit Glenn Beck. In the face of the House Republican majority, Obama will rely on Sunstein to take over the country for progressivism much like Bill Clinton did using regulatory fiat to expand the powers of CRA ’77 in 1993. Sunstein and progressive think tanks are the ones who get together behind closed doors to write up the massive Obamacare; Financial Takeover; and Cap and Trade Bills turning America into a socialist state. He’s currently working to undo Talk Radio and Fox News; and drastically limit Freedom of the Press and Freedom of Speech in this country. Grade B-   Potential Threat A++

#2 While Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid have done great harm to our country, at the end of the day, they were both just leaders of the yes-people for our President. Barack Obamas charisma is not ever to be underestimated. Intelligent conservatives realize that the president’s multiple failures in every avenue of Oval Office accomplishment mean absolutely nothing.   After flirting with a 40% approval rating against 56% disapproval in September, 2010 . . . 51% of the nation now believes Obama’s job performance is effective. The son of a liaison between a radical communist American mother and a Marxist Kenyan, Barack Obama has zero accomplishments to his credit over almost half-century of living. He is living proof that Abraham Lincoln was wrong, not only can you fool some of the people all of the time, you can definitely fool most of the people most of the time. His lackey, Sunstein, is a dangerous man, but only Obama can get their entire administration another four years to carry on with their mischief.

            Community Organizer Obama and ACORN lawyer Obama were highly effective at not only getting banks to give bad home loans to ultra-risky clients, but was also famous for shaking them down for ACORN donations.   A master propagandist, Obama has the American people believing that conservatives and the free market caused the crash which progressive laws like CRA ’77; progressive programs like Medicare and Medicaid; and progressive interference shackling the free market created. 

Obama, Al Gore, Franklin Raines, Joel Rogers; Richard Sander and some forty-five other noted liberals created the Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX) which would have made the group hundreds of billions if not TRillions of dollars with the passage of cap and trade laws. Last month the group disbanded after CCX’s nine-year old potential failed to come to fruit.   Had they succeeded, the $10 TRillion per year carbon-trading industry (producing nothing but selling supposedly clean air) would have turned the $15 TRillion U.S. economy into a $25 TRillion economy with the same goods and services and nothing better to offer. This would have amounted to a 67% virtually immediate inflation in the country. This would have also fulfilled two of Obama’s campaign promises (to “bankrupt the coal industry” and to cause the price of electricity to skyrocket”) as revealed in a San Francisco Chronicle interview.





                Mr. Obama has also promised to create five million new green-tech jobs. Based upon a Spanish economist’s study of Spain’s efforts along similar lines (which took Spain from the most prosperous economy in 1997 and 4% unemployment; to being endangered by bankruptcy and today’s 20.8% unemployment rate) with the government subsidizing “green programs” . . . those five million green jobs would cost the real economy eleven million real jobs. Furthermore (just as in America, the Spanish politicians treated and counted jobs lasting two weeks or three months as if they were permanent jobs so that count is NEVER to be trusted) only 10% of the green jobs in Spain proved permanent . . . bottom line: half a million permanent green jobs would cost eleven million real jobs (a disastrous 22/1 job-killing ratio). Also of interest, the green jobs averaged about $12.44 per hour. It’s obvious that the media and the voters don’t pay attention to Obama’s words since they’re so enthralled by his pretty face? We could go on and on, but we’ll live out Obamacare and all his other disasters such as stopping oil-drilling in the Gulf . . . . Grade B+   Threat A++

#1 The top spot on our Anti-American wanted posters is a tie between the mainstream media (MSM) also known as the “lamestream media”; and the unaware and ignorant American Voter. Even more than Frances Fox Piven, these are the willful powers behind the presidential “throne” and also every seat in the House and Senate. All of the content of the eight earlier bad boys should be common knowledge in America but our MSM has contrived in Obama Adulation that none of it is known by more than about 8-9% of the populace. The voters, for their part, have shown a marked preference for sitcoms and “reality” TV over understanding how they’re being governed and informed. The rise of FoxNews and the demise of the liberal-leaning NY Times; Washington Post; etc. shows that enough people (who want the truth and will accept nothing less) are no longer funding the MSM’s lying; slanted and willfully incorrect news coverage to eventually bankrupt them all. The voters after partially coming to their senses in November have dropped back into the lap of apathetic ignorant bliss. Obama seems like such a nice fellow . . . it’s hard for them to be mad at his treason for very long . . . . Grade A+  Threat A+++


Ya’ll live long, strong and ornery,





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George Bush saw Obama, Clinton, ACORN, and other progressives deliberately pushing the car (the economy) toward a 500-foot cliff (utter financial disaster) dived into the front seat, grabbed the steering wheel and slammed on the brakes creating a controlled skid that put the vehicle into the nearest friendly-looking ditch.

Damn You, Republicans, Damn You!

The Truth Shall Set You Free

“President G.W. Bush warned congress at least 20 times about the problem after January, 2005, when his administration made their first attempt to undo the evils of CRA legislation, especially the last three expansions by Clinton (1995 twice and 1998’s steroid version), but were defeated by the progressives. Finally thirty months later in July of 2007 a much weaker, watered down bill was passed by bi-partisan vote. It would prove far too little, far too late and the meltdown began soon afterward. However, it was sufficient help to the economy that Treasury Secretary Geithner in August, 2010, credited Bush with preventing a truly deep recession and preventing home prices from plummeting dangerously.” Rajjpuut

Those Kate Winslet aficionados among you are undoubtedly big fans of her 2008 movie The Reader. The haunting story garnered several Academy Award nominations including Winslett’s 6th for Best Actress (she’s had seven Golden Globe nominations). Of course, Winslett won the Oscar for The Reader. Without ruining the story for you, the plot goes something like this: a fifteen year old German boy is rescued by an older woman in the mid to late 1950’s. Some months later when he is well again he goes to thank her and is captivated by her romantically and eventually sexually. The boy grows up and goes to law school . . . while on a “field trip” he sees her again, on trial potentially for her life.

The theme of The Reader is almost shocking in its power . . . sometimes mundane hidden personal truth can be far more personally devastating then other seemingly obvious and horrific truth. And, GASP! that’s also the theme of this blog . . . why won’t the Republican Party reveal the truth about the financial meltdown that began in 2007? Rajjpuut has come to believe that some comparatively innocent failings of both a personal and party nature are so embarrassing to the G.O.P. that even though the truth about this issue can literally rescue the country from our present headlong plunge into Marxism and fiscal collapse, the Republican leadership and conservatives in general are ashamed to ‘fess up.

Here’s the truth (immediately below); why won’t the G.O.P. reveal it to the voters and save the country? Whatever the reason, it’s time for Republicans and conservatives to ‘man up’ and stop the present Obamanation of American principles, the free market, fiscal common sense and human decency. Time to save our children’s and grandchildren’s future. The villain is NOT Barack Obama, he’s only a minor villain . . . .

It’s well known that the American housing loan industry was the finest in the world before progressive legislators got involved. Our sparkling 64% private ownership of homes was the envy of the planet. Sub-prime lending (that is lending to people who probably can’t afford their mortgage and will default on their loan unless they win the lottery) was unheard of. Banks that failed just failed in those days and the government only stepped in on those rare occasions when something went very wrong in order to protect the depositors. Only 1 in every 404 home loans was made at less than 3% down payment in 1975, almost always to distinguished veteran officers from our military who were going to college and working part time. More than any other single person, Bill Clinton changed all that.

It’s NOT well-known that Bill Clinton was the first ACORN president, but he was. ACORN (originally “Arkansas Community Organizations for Reform Now”) was the brainchild of Wade Rathke created in Arkansas in 1977 to take advantage of Jimmy Carter’s Community Reinvestment Act of 1977 (CRA ’77). Much later when ACORN proved itself successful in Arkansas it was expanded across the whole nation, the “A” in ACORN stopped meaning “Arkansas” and came to mean “Association of.” Bill Clinton obviously was a political comer (elected Arkansas lieutenant governor in 1976 at the age of 30), but his politicking was made much easier with the backing of ACORN over the next 18 years. ACORN helped Clinton win the governor’s mansion in Arkansas 12 of the next 14 years as well as two terms as president of the United States. It happened this way . . . .

Wade Rathke, was a George Wiley lieutenant sent to establish a National Welfare Rights Organization (NWRO) branch in the state of Arkansas. NWRO had been created by Wiley and Richard Cloward and Frances Piven in NYC to test out the Cloward-Piven Strategy (published in a 1966 article in The Nation magazine, The Weight of the Poor: a Strategy to End Poverty) and they planned to sufficiently overload the nation’s welfare system so that Congress would have to create a GNI (guaranteed national income) Law and abolish American poverty on the spot.

It didn’t work, but using Alinsky tactics (Saul Alinsky was a self-described “neo-Marxist” community organizer who had authored Reveille for Radicals and later Rules for Radicals) but by putting 8.2 million presumably unqualified new recipients on the welfare rolls, they did bankrupt New York City and almost bankrupt New York State. The federal government stepped in to bail out NYC in 1975. Despite their failure to get GNI and abolish poverty, Wiley, Piven and Cloward bragged publicly and in writing about their ‘great accomplishment.’ They told their eager followers that voter registration and housing were the next areas to test. Not surprisingly, ACORN today is known for voter registration fraud and exploiting and abusing the nation’s housing legislation . . . .

So Wade Rathke (who would later create the nation’s and the world’s largest union SEIU) created ACORN in Arkansas to carry out voter registration and housing “activities” of a highly questionable nature. ACORN during Clinton’s first run for governor in Arkansas registered roughly 24,000 persons to vote and then threw away all the paper work for would-be Republican registrants. Clinton won, of course. They were less successful in getting CRA ’77 housing loans. But thanks to their efforts (mostly in Arkansas), the percentage of home loans made at 3% down payment or less around the nation more than doubled from 0.24% in 1975 to 0.51% in 1985 . . . but it was a “drop in the bucket.” From 1977 to 1993 only about $100 Billion in CRA ’77 loans were even issued to questionable borrowers. This was nothing like bankrupting NYC . . . .

However, because of success in registering Democrats, ACORN was successfully expanding across the nation and was sufficiently strong to put William Jefferson Clinton into the Oval Office in November, 1992. Things changed overnight for ACORN and for CRA ’77. The process had not been very active or very successful during the ‘70s or ‘80s, because banks only had to demonstrate to CRA regulators a “reaching out to the inner city.” As a result, only about 100 billion dollars was loaned to questionable borrowers. In the two great ACORN concern areas, Clinton did ACORN proud. He created the motor voter act (“a 12-lane highway leading to voter fraud” according to critics) in 1993 and brought in Richard Cloward and Frances Piven to stand directly behind him during the White House signing ceremonies. Clinton moved next on housing . . . first by Presidential edict in 1993. He put teeth into CRA regs by using the regulatory process itself to more or less make law, skipping Congress altogether. From now on inner city dwellers were to become preferred home loan recipients, mortgage traditions and their poverty be damned. Clinton went outside the CRA regs and also ordered HUD to set quotas for "Affirmative Action Lending" through Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. A new pressure fell upon the banking industry to make loans that banks would otherwise have rejected as “financially absurd.”

Subprime lending was virtually unknown before the multiple changes made by Clinton. The system was no longer recognizable as “free market.” Then it snowballed with more regulatory change and then two expansions of CRA law in 1995, the Clinton administration forced banks to loan more than a trillion dollars in high risk loans accepting as “income” items like welfare checks, unemployment checks, seasonal income, occasional part time work and other questionable sources of “qualified income.” By the end of 1995, 14% of all home loans were conducted with less than 3% down payments, many of them with no down payment at all.

With ACORN in the streets embarrassing and badgering and shaking down lenders (Barack Obama, an ACORN lawyer in Chicago, was reportedly one of the best at not only securing loans and future loan promises but also at getting large ACORN donations from the lenders he was shaking down!) and with officious federal regulators promoting and pushing and applauding bad loans not only with “the stick” of CRA and HUD but also using Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac as “carrots” due to their nature as implicitly guaranteed by the federal government. Millions of loans were made, often at breakneck pace in the normally snail-action world of mortgages.

In 1998, Clinton’s steroid-expansion of CRA law was passed. It was a nightmare. Now “food stamps” were regarded as income. Now ACORN found that they didn’t need high-powered extorters like Barack Obama, anyone with an eighth grade education could secure a loan for an ACORN client . . . and they found that it was now just as easy to get a poor person into a $450,000 home as it had been to buy a $120,000 home ten years earlier.

President G.W. Bush warned congress at least 20 times about the problem after January, 2005, when his administration made their first attempt to undo the evils of CRA legislation, especially the last three expansions by Clinton (1995 twice and 1998’s steroid version), but were defeated by the progressives. Finally thirty months later in July of 2007 a much weaker, watered down bill was passed by bi-partisan vote. It would prove far too little, far too late and the meltdown began soon afterward. However, it was sufficient help to the economy that Treasury Secretary in August, 2010, credited Bush with preventing a truly deep recession and preventing home prices from plummeting dangerously. And ACORN, even as they got loans for illegal aliens and people without even a rental history, they were getting paid to market CRA loans and made millions as a result.

All of this corruption enforced by strong-armed government agencies put millions of people into homes they simply could not afford. This caused an artificial feeling of financial prosperity for everyone and trillions of dollars were going into bad investments including derivatives based upon these horrific loans. Now, 90% of these laws are still on the books while the tax payer must pay for millions of past risky loans and are forced to bail out the irresponsible banks, insurance companies, automobile companies and Wall Street. Until we totally remove the government’s power to coerce, bribe, reward and bail out irrational and unfree decisions in the UNFREE MARKET, more of the same is always possible. The free market was working fine, so fine it took thirty years of deliberate abuse for the unfree market to bring America to its knees. Too much government? Yep! Blame it mostly on William Jefferson Clinton.

You did remember that the system originally wasn’t broken, right? You did remember that the progressives set out to manufacture a crisis a la Cloward-Piven Strategy and Alinsky Tactics that would “overload the system?” You have heard Barack Obama talking about somebody else driving the car in the ditch and now wanting the keys back, haven’t you? Are you going to ignore the evidence and head back to your sitcom? How about thinking this over . . . ?

George Bush saw Obama, Clinton, ACORN, and other progressives deliberately pushing the car (the economy) toward a 500-foot cliff (utter financial disaster) dived into the front seat, grabbed the steering wheel and slammed on the brakes creating a controlled skid that put the vehicle into the nearest friendly-looking ditch.

So Monica, Paula and Jennifer weren’t the only ones, were they? Slick Willy also had his nasty way with you and with all the American public . . . .

Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,


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“Figures don’t lie, but liars sure do figure . . .”

Princeton’s Woodrow Wilson School Lies with Panache

Accusing Racist Lenders of Causing Fiscal Meltdown

Adolf Hitler and Josef Goebbels both credited the progressives under President Woodrow Wilson with creating the science of propaganda which the two of them came to master and exploit so well in Nazi Germany years later. Hitler in Mein Kampf, written in 1924, described the audacious propaganda technique known as the “Big Lie” and emphasized just how powerful and useful it was. Let’s talk about a recent example: yesterday, in keeping with Woodrow Wilson’s proud legacy, two Princeton University Professors from that University’s Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs revealed their mastery of the Big Lie and the incredible lengths that progressive academicians will go to change history right under the noses of American citizens. By injecting RACISM into their latest altered and fudged version of history, they certainly caught the liberal media’s attention . . . if the twosome weren’t so treasonous and vile, one feels almost like congratulating them for sheer unadulterated chutzpah.


The important thing, of course, is their “headline” information about “racial predatory lending” . . . the article was actually devoid of any statistics or records of any sort except one** that had nothing to do with the story’s central point, but absolutely full of bogus conclusions which inspired Reuters and the Associated Press to publish the tripe. As in so many Reuters and Associated Press articles found online, the shock level of the report linked above is twenty-times greater than any factual value contained within these news agencies’ “tireless research.”

Not surprisingly, the article turned up the wake of what turned out to be a small time National Mall “One Nation” rally. The 32,000 individuals (they were trying to steal back some of the thunder from Glenn Beck’s “Restore Honor” rally on August 28 which attracted over 650,000) participating from some 320+ individual progressive organizations were led by labor unions who used union dues to fund the bussing-in of members of CPUSA, ISO and D-S of A . . . that is, the Communist Party USA; International Socialists Organization; and Democratic-Socialists of America and others to the rally. Believe it or not, the cry went up to “stop the nation’s shameless river of foreclosures . . .” Bingo, just like that our two progressive Princeton academicians the very next day give us a study without meaningful statistics coincidentally backing, that very same point, and suggesting (according to leftist blog spinoffs) that the racists TEA Party and its ilk was responsible for the sub-prime lending crisis and all those poor people who got loans for $450,000 homes at 0% down payment without jobs and only food stamps for “income” deserve our help to keep the foreclosure bogeymen away. The two profs specifically stated, “The U.S. Civil Rights Act should be amended to create mechanisms that would uncover discrimination and penalize those who discriminated against minority borrowers.” What? No help for us poor white trash borrowers?

Supposedly, according to the two astute professors, loans that carry unreasonable fees, interest rates and payment requirements granted to minorities in the inner-cities spurred the whole financial house of cards! These loans made it impossible for these home owners to meet their mortgage obligations, alas!! Those damned racists, ruining the country and only picking on inner-city minorities, not on inner-city Whites (well, actually, they provide no stats about that and who cares about those honkies anyway?). Enough of progressive lies . . . . How did the collapse actually happen?

Remembering that in 1975, 63% of Americans owned their own homes, the highest private ownership in the world . . . the system wasn’t broken, but it had to be fixed anyway. Progressives under Jimmy Carter passed the Community Reinvestment Act in 1977 (CRA ’77) forcing home lenders to make knowingly bad loans. Thankfully, the CRA ’77 law was poorly crafted and the change from 1975 to 1985 was big, but not decisive: the amount of high-risk loans (3% or less down payment) more than doubled from 0.24% to 0.51% . . . but it had no real effect. Overall, before Bill Clinton’s arrival in Washington, only about $100 Billion was loaned out due to CRA ’77 in roughly those fifteen years.

Bill Clinton’s three earliest interventions** in the mortgage-guarantee picture sent us on the road to ruin. By 1995 14.1% of all home loans were high-risk loans virtually all of them forced upon lenders by CRA ’77. Then his final legislative expansion in 1998 changed things in both the numbers of high-risk loans and in the size of the loans poor people were offered. By 2005, 34.4% of all loans were high-risk, many of them ultra-high-risk loans for very expensive housing properties. In other words, thanks to progressive actions, the percentage of inadvisable loans increased 13,800% between 1977 and 2005.

Think about that: a 13,800% increase in loans at 3% down payment or less (most commonly at 0% down payment) . . . and more importantly loans to lenders who would not have been allowed a bank lollipop in 1977, much less a huge loan . . . say, Brother, could that have caused a financial debacle? You think that might shake the very foundations of our economy? Oh, and you do remember that the system wasn’t broken to begin with, don’t you? This is the essence of progressivism (the belief that we need to “progress” beyond the outdated and flawed U.S. Constitution so we can create their Utopia) and that is the nature of the elite who are trying to shove it down our throats . . . .

Since the Communist Party was involved in Saturday’s rally on the National Mall where the hue and cry went up for “stopping foreclosures” and for punishing the “racist predatory lenders,” perhaps a truly shocking fact ought to be told as well. The fiscal debacle that the country felt first in mid-2007 was deliberately created, or let us say deliberately “orchestrated” to destroy capitalism. You read that right.

It began in 1966 with the publishing of an article The Weight of the Poor: a Strategy to End Poverty by Richard Cloward and Frances Piven in The Nation magazine. In their masterpiece, the Columbia University (NYC) Marxist twosome opined that Alinsky-tactics (Saul Alinsky was a self-described “neo-Marxist who authored Reveille for Radicals and Rules for Radicals) could overload the welfare system and force the government to create a GNI (guaranteed national income) and thus poverty would be abolished in one fell swoop. Today, this idea of orchestrated crisis is known as “Cloward-Piven Strategy” or C-P Strategy.

In 1967, Cloward, Piven, and community organizer George Wiley created the NWRO (the National Welfare Rights Organization) to test their theory out. In 8 years the NWRO bankrupted New York City and just missed bankrupting New York State by the addition of 8.2 million more welfare recipients. They did NOT get their GNI but they published and bragged about the great thing they’d done and suggested that voter registration and housing were the next two areas to test out the theory upon. Enter ACORN in 1977 the same year that CRA ’77 was created -- ACORN the architect of an ongoing voter registration scandal and the sub-prime housing fiasco. ACORN and progressives for over 40 years now have been seeking to bring down capitalism by abusing decidedly unwise “compassionate laws.” In the case of CRA ’77 they’ve been misusing that particular law for thirty-three years now. The C-P Strategy is known as “orchestrated crisis” and though it takes a while, we’ve seen two incredible instances now of just how devastating these Marxist plans can be . . . .

Meanwhile in 1975, the year NYC failed, the United States had the highest private home ownership in the world at 64%. The system was NOT broken, but in early 1977, these same progressive creators of the 1967 National Welfare Rights Organization (NWRO) which had willfully bankrupted NYC (requiring a federal bailout after deliberately overloading the welfare rolls by street tactics, shakedowns and browbeating social workers working in the Welfare Dept. between 1968 and 1975 and adding 8.2 million new recipients in NYC and New York State) . . . the very same Cloward, Piven and Wiley immediately shifted attention to housing and voter registration and Wiley lieutenant Wade Rathke who’d been working for NWRO in Arkansas created ACORN in response to the CRA ’77 law of Jimmy Carter. This and the later actions** of Bill Clinton, their first ACORN president, is what caused the financial meltdown and two lying progressive profs can’t change history to say differently.

Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,


** To wit, this is their amazing statistic: “From 1993 to 2000, the share of subprime mortgages going to households in minority neighborhoods rose from 2 to 18 percent.” So what? There’s certainly no connection to racism there. Here’s the truth: Bill Clinton, our first ACORN President ‘s (the “A” in ACORN originally meant “Arkansas” and ACORN helped Bill win 12 of 14 possible years as Arkansas governor as well as putting him into the Oval office) very first two significant acts upon becoming U.S. President were ACORN acts. 1) Passing the Motor Voter Act with Richard Cloward and Frances Piven standing behind him in the official signing picture and 2) Demanding a regulatory overhaul and expansion of CRA ’77 including quotas for banks.

After Clinton’s changes, so-called "community groups" like ACORN benefitted greatly by a process which was essentially legalized extortion by street action embarrassed Banks into bad loans based upon the Clinton quotas (the CRA is enforced by the Fed, the Comptroller of Currency, Office of Thrift Supervision and the FDIC so CRA protests by any of these well- organized groups resulted potentially in huge financial penalties and fines for the banks and blocked for long periods of time their plans for expansion). This leverage was used and the "community groups" got millions of dollars in “donations” from the banks as shameless demanded payoffs for marketing these loans and they also made the banks promise to make a certain number of future very risky loans in their communities, resulting in more money for the "community groups.” Purportedly Barack Obama was the king of shakedowns when he worked as an ACORN lawyer between ’94 and ’96 . . . think what Barack might have done if he’d had the Clinton ’98 CRA changes in place!

All of these factors enforced by strong government agencies created a situation in which suddenly millions of people were buying homes they simply could not afford. This caused an artificial feeling of financial prosperity for everyone and an incredible TRillions of dollars were going into bad investments. which forced lenders who knew better to grant sub-prime loans to lenders without jobs, illegal aliens, folks who listed “food stamps” as income, etc. . . . and then in 1995, Clinton expanded CRA ’77 twice legislatively; and in 1998 gave us the steroid legislative expansion of CRA ’77. Thanks to Clinton and ACORN after Clinton’s ’98 steroid CRA ’77 expansion, Barack Obama and other ACORN lawyers were not needed. Street-educated people with junior high educations were getting banks to loan poor people $450,000 home mortgages just as easily as eight or ten years earlier they’d been getting them $140-$150,000 loans. This is why the Big Lie about the conservatives and the free market driving the car (the economy) into the ditch (into recession) never fooled Rajjpuut. The truth is:


The statement by Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner last month (linked above) was 100% accurate when he basically said that G.W. Bush saved the economy and prevented a free-fall of housing prices and (talking about cars and ditches), the real truth is:

Using the same Cloward-Piven** strategy that DELIBERATELY created the bankruptcy of New York City earlier between 1967 and 1975 by deliberately overloading the welfare rolls . . . beginning especially after 1992, ACORN, OBAMA, First ACORN- PRESIDENT Bill Clinton, and oodles of progressives (94% of them Democrats) DELIBERATELY were pushing the car toward a 500-foot cliff, when George W. Bush jumped in and grabbed the steering wheel and hit the brakes. Bush was able to create a controlled-skid and guide the car to rest in a friendly-looking ditch!

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“Liberal Motto: Speak loudly and carry a small victim” chapter one title of Ann Coulter’s book GUILTY: Liberal ‘victims’ and their assault on America

Crocodile Tears from the Left

Flood America with Corruption

as the “BIG LIE” Dominates

Part I: Victim #1, TRUTH

The progressive/liberal bullies who have ganged together to take over America in the name of their eventual socialist-Utopia -- like all bullies -- claim to be the victims and stack up an unending list of grievances. Their nastiness is just a matter of self-defense. Victimhood is their 1st nature. Victimhood is their 2nd nature. Victim is their beloved identity. These phony victims are advancing their hellish cause by . . . creating real victims and by destroying our country. Let’s look at some of their real victims:

1. Truth: We, normal everyday patriotic conservative Americans who are banding together in protest of the progressive front’s innumerable affronts, are (pick one or more) racists and bigots; Nazis, Fascists, haters, stupid, warmongers, anti-woman, anti-youth, anti-Semitists, witch-hunters, drivers who put the car (economy) into the ditch, etc. etc. Let’s look at the worst of these lies slung against conservatives, also known as “the right”:

Racism? Since Barack Obama got 48% of the White vote (more than either Gore or Kerry did) and John McCain got 4.2% of the Black vote where does the real racism lie? Since Obama’s Department of Justice’s (DOJ) Deputy Attorney General Julie Fernandez dropped a well-documented voter intimidation case against the New Black Panthers already for all intents and purposes won by the Bush administration; and since Ms. Fernandez has told a roomful of DOJ employees they won’t be prosecuting cases in which Black perpetrators commit racial crimes against Whites, who are the real victims?

Nazis? How come no one mentions that Nazi means “National SOCIALIST Workers’ Party” member and that Nazis said their economic plan was neither Capitalist, nor Communist but another way of controlling the economy . . . doesn’t all that mean that Nazis are a left-wing group? That word “workers” and the Nazis attacks upon capitalism all along, doesn’t that mean anything? Since these slanders are routinely tossed about against good people and no proof is ever offered, who are the real victims?

Fascists? Hmmm, forgive our actually looking at history, but Mussolini and the Italian movement that came to be known as fascism, didn’t that start out as workers seizing control of the corporations? Since these slanders are routinely tossed about against good people and no proof is ever offered, who are the real victims?

Anti-woman? Since the feminist movement hijacked the up till then beautiful women’s rights movement, think of all the great things that have happened (Great things like: Hasn’t the American family suffered? Haven’t our children suffered? Haven’t a much larger percentage of women become impoverished? Haven’t a much larger percentage of one-parent families been created? Haven’t many more children been raised in poverty? Hasn’t the number of children born out of wedlock multiplied? Hasn’t the incidence of female alcoholism and drug addiction risen dramatically? Hasn’t the incidence of women getting jobs as Women’s Studies professor’s multiplied?) And since stay-at-home moms are treated by feminists as untouchables, who are the real victims?

Ditch drivers? The left has claimed that our present financial crisis was created by 1) the Bush Administration 2) conservatives 3) lack of government regulations on the economy 4) the free market, etc. who all banded together to drive the car (the economy) into the ditch (deep recession). Progressives forced major changes in mortgage laws five times between 1977 and 1998. Once the Community Reinvestment Act of 1977 (CRA ’77) was passed, they also created ACORN in Arkansas immediately to willfully abuse these laws. In 1975, only 0.24% of all home loans in the country were made with 3% down payment or less. Low down payment mortgages were reserved for exceptionally well-qualified veterans only. By 1995, 14% of all home loans were completed with less than 3% down payment.

That shifty wing of the Democratic Party, ACORN, was shaking down lenders and forcing loans for people without ID; people without jobs; people without even rental histories; people with horrendous credit ratings; people whose only income was food stamps; any person on welfare; even illegal aliens. And who was the best ACORN lawyer at shaking down these lenders who really didn’t want to make loans to people who never had a prayer of repaying their mortgages? Barack Obama!

Somewhere after Bill Clinton’s third expansion of CRA ’77 (two in ’95) put the whole system on steroids in 1998, (Barack Obama was gone by now) ACORN discovered it was almost as easy under the ’98 law to get an impoverished person into a $400,000 home as it had been earlier to put him into a $120,000 one. By 2005, 34% of all home loans were completed with less than 3% down payment. That’s called a “sub-prime lending crisis.”

Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner gave George W. Bush a thumbs up about two weeks ago saying that Bush’s efforts to pass a law in July, 2007 kept the country from going really deep into recession and kept home prices from plummeting ever lower. Unmentioned is that Bush sought to pass a tougher law in January, 2005, 30 months earlier but that progressive votes derailed that effort. The 2007 law that Geithner praised was way too little, way too late . . . but it was a life-saver, nevertheless. So the truth about that ditch is . . . .

Using the same Cloward-Piven** strategy that DELIBERATELY created the bankruptcy of New York City earlier between 1967 and 1975 by overloading the welfare rolls . . . beginning especially after 1992, ACORN, OBAMA, First ACORN PRESIDENT Bill Clinton, and oodles of progressives (98% of them Democrats) DELIBERATELY were pushing the car toward a 500-foot cliff. George W. Bush jumped in and grabbed the steering wheel and hit the brakes. Bush was able to create a controlled-skid and guide the car to rest in a friendly-looking ditch!

NEXT TIME: Victim #2

Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,


** Richard Cloward and Frances Piven published their strategy of orchestrated crisis in 1966 based upon Saul Alinsky’s 1945 book Reveille for Radicals. Obama, only five at the time, would later teach college courses in Alinksy’s later book, Rules for Radicals over several semesters. Bill and Hillary Clinton were also big Alinsky fans. Before marriage, Hillary wrote her honors thesis on Alinsky’s “method” based upon his “guidebook for community organizers” which became Rules for Radicals shortly afterward in 1971.

Cloward and Piven and community organizer George Wiley created the National Welfare Rights Organization in 1967 in hopes of “overloading the system” and forcing the Congress to pass a “Guaranteed National Income” which they believed would abolish poverty for once and forever. After New York City was bankrupted in 1975 (requiring federal government bailout) and New York State came within inches of bankruptcy also . . . the threesome bragged publicly and in print about the great thing they’d accomplished (hardly mentioning that GNI never was even considered. Cloward and Piven told their followers that voter registration and housing were the next areas for emphasis.

Wiley sent his lieutenant Wade Rathke to Arkansas (the “A” in ACORN first stood for “Arkansas” only later for “Association”) in ’77 to help out an up and coming politician (lieutenant-governor by age 30) Bill Clinton and to establish community organizations to work on voter registration and housing. Rathke would later found SEIU. With ACORN’s help Clinton served as Arkansas governor for 12 of the 14 years between 1978 and 1992 until he became president. One of his first laws was the Motor Voter Act in 1993 and in the official photo you can see Richard Cloward and Frances Piven standing behind directly behind him as he signs the bill into law. Clinton was responsible for three of the four expansions of the original CRA ’77 mortgage-guarantee law. However, to be fair . . . the biggest mistake may have been George H. W. Bush’s . . . .

Successful in 44 out of his 45 vetoes, in 1992 G.H.W. Bush allowed a major and complicated bill to pass by not vetoing it. One of the tinier sections of the bill expanded CRA ’77 for the first time so that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac (the two federally-owned mortgage giants) had to comply with the CRA ’77 laws and made CRA ’77 “watertight.” This sort of thing is one reason that Rajjpuut favors the TEA Party Contract from America provision that says that all proposed bills need to quote the U.S. Constitution to show what provision of the Constitution allows the new law. One proviso, remember the July, 2007, law that Bush the younger passed which Geithner praised, that law was a stop-gap after the Democrats stopped the much stronger and better law Bush proposed in January, 2005. That means an awful lot of evil is still on the books in all the five mortgage-guarantee laws that were not rescinded. They’re still on the books and still waiting to destroy the country.

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Nine Huge Political Lies

Doom Recovery Hopes

“Give us this day our daily bread and forgive us our debts and our trespasses as we forgive our debtors and those who trespass against us, and lead us NOT into temptation, but deliver us from evil . . . .”

1. Lie: Jobs saved and unemployment are meaningful statistics.

Truth: Only two statistics matter: total jobs in the economy and total people without jobs. Jobs can be lost or gained and those can be accurately measured, but “saving a job” and more particularly saving a government job (or a union job; or a unionized government job) which is 96% of the time what’s being talked about . . . means that tax money was diverted from private individuals and private business to prevent loss of “fluff” jobs that could not survive in the free market. Typically 2.1-2.4 real jobs in the private sector are lost when any government job is created. Our present unemployment numbers are fallacious because they don’t show the true numbers of people without jobs or those who are “underemployed” nor those who’ve been forced to take lesser jobs after losing a better one. Jobs saved and the present unemployment figures are statistical lies created to make economy and government sound much better than they are. Truth shall set us free.

2. Lie: Nazis were Fascists and both Nazis and Fascists were Conservatives and Communism is the opposite of both Fascism and Nazism.

Truth: Nazis controlled the economy through socialism, they were literally National Socialists and their literature said their controlled economic plan was “neither capitalism nor communism.” Fascism is created when labor unions take over the corporations. Communism is the most extreme form of socialism where the government owns everything, both the means of production and distribution, and also controls individual lives and careers almost totally. Nazism, Fascism and Communism are all leftist (a.k.a. liberal, a.k.a progressive) schemes for controlling a nation’s economy and all are particularly vulnerable to totalitarianistic rule. This lie is ultra-important because, today’s progressives have been using the terms fascist and nazis to scare people and to make leftism (communist-leaning socialism) seem so much more attractive. Capitalism is NOT a perfect system but its been the most liberating and most prosperous of all economic systems since its creation. These lies are tied to the progressive-left’s unabated attacks on capitalism.

3. Lie: Communism is a benign economic philosophy that has lifted up many countries throughout history.

Truth: while Hitler’s genocide against 6 million jews is well documented, many people believe Communism is not only the opposite of fascism and nazism but is actually benign and even beneficial. This is the most monstrous lie in history. Communism killed roughly 122 million people (100 million in peace time) during the 20th Century, over nine times what Hitler killed from all over Europe. The word genocide is well-known but “democide” (the killing of a country’s own people by its government) needs to be understood. Nazism was also guilty of democide: German Jews, gypsies, Jehovah’s witnesses, homosexuals, mentally retarded, handicapped, intellectuals and political prisoners amounted to perhaps three million of the thirteen million killed by the nazis. The great cultural hero Mao killed 55 million Chinese, all in peacetime. That other great cultural hero Che said he lost count of how many Cuban prisoners he’d personally killed sometime after the 150th. Truth makes those T-shirt heroes really stink. The progressive-left embraces communism and sees our present socialism as just a by-way to that end. Creeping socialism has shackeled the country for the last 77 years. More on this later.

4. Combined lies: Racism goes in just one direction and feminism has made the country better.

Truth: Racism and other prejudicial ‘isms’ like anti-semitism are found in all peoples and have been throughout history. All racism is based upon the lie that despite our basic shared humanity, some people are more preferable than others. The United States is a Republic that uses democratic principles . . . but more than anything else, the United States was created as the world’s first meritocracy and that’s been the reason for the country’s great desirability in so many outsiders’ eyes. Today, however, we have government sponsored racism called affirmative action. We also saw 4.2% of Black’s in 2008 voting for the White presidential candidate and 48% of White’s voting for the Black presidential candidate (more than their party’s candidates Gore or Kerry received in either 2000 or 2004) and yet the huge lies that White racism is the big problem or that Black racism doesn’t exist continue to be believed and propagated.

Truth: Feminism as opposed to (the women’s movement) has been an utter disaster for American families, children’s well-being and created more poverty than any other single factor from 1960 to 2010. To clear up the confusion between Feminism and the Women's movement, Rajjpuut put his ex-wife through law school and later when she became a municipal judge was (she said) the single greatest factor in her preparation for that role and success in her televised job interview. Rajjpuut also was his daughter's first teacher and coached her into a chess champion and outstanding soccer player and track half-miler (she still owns her junior high school’s record). Later she won an academic and scholastic scholarship. Rajjpuut believes in women and men reaching their unfettered full potential but sees feminism as about 80% anti-man. (“A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle.” Every act of sexual intercourse, even on the marriage bed, is an act of rape.” “Men have enslaved women and exploited them throughout history.”) The truth is that women’s bodies and scientific ignorance has been about 90% of the enslaver and exploiter of women throughout history. When devices like the sanitary napkin; tampon; birth-control pill and other contraceptive means became available, women in America became much freer. Unfortunately, the progressive movement especially in the Democratic party chose to exploit the gains of the women’s movement and the gains of the Civil Rights movement with many false tales of victimization (of course there was some truth there especially originally, but today’s victimization lie is just a scheme to get large classes of people – women and blacks – perpetually hooked upon their Democratic party). The predominant Democrat majorities in congress for the last half-century have brought us the creeping socialism mentioned above and as long as Black’s and women vote mostly one way in predictably leftist patterns it’ll be difficult to break away from this mold.

5. Lie: The Rich are your enemies, tax the hell out of them to make the country better.

Truth: who would you rather have move into your neighborhood, 100 rich people or one hundred poor ones? The fact of the matter is that rich people are responsible for 85% of job-creation via investments or small business creation. Additionally, the rich have far more disposable income and spend far more which is necessary if present businesses are to continue to prosper. The worst way to help the poor is to tax the rich . . . they just pack up and move out and leave impoverished circumstances behind. The best way to help the “poor” is to allow the rich and the entrepreneurs and the innovators to create an overall prosperous tide that “lifts all boats.” America’s 10% most poor are richer than the middle class in about two-thirds of the world. Tax the rich and you make everyone poorer as they exit your state or country. Reward the rich and the general prosperity that occurs rewards everyone. America has always been the land where everybody felt they had a decent chance of becoming rich someday and where each generation left their children better off than they used to be.

6. Lie: Socialism works well and protects the poor.

Truth: Socialism rewards indolence, taxes innovation, creativity, hard work and job creation and creates poverty. Government programs also never work even a small part as well as they are advertised when created. For example Obamacare is one new law that creates 388 brand new government agencies (10 times as many as FDR created during more than twelve years in office). You used to just be able to visit a doctor or a hospital . . . now you have 388 bureaucratic agencies between you and that happening. Who’s going to pay for all that paperwork? The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) has now admitted that Obamacare will give us $3 Trillion more debt than before estimated by 2020; and unlike the president’s promise . . . abortions are now federally-funded. Most importantly, government programs are infamous for their unintended consequences . . . like killing people who can’t be seen by a doctor.

7. A nasty complex of lies: Lack of regulation for Wall Street created the present problems. The Government can create jobs. If a system is NOT broken, government tinkering can make it better yet. George W. Bush and the Conservatives put us into ditch.

Truth: Lack of enforcement of the laws already on the books for Wall Street, did not help. Those laws are still not well enforced and definitely those who break them are not well-punished. The government can NOT create jobs . . . government involvement to do so typically costs more than two private sector jobs for each government subsidized job. The problem is way too much government and not to little. Let’s examine housing . . . from 1946 to 1992, the United States boasted the highest private ownership of housing in the world 62-65%. Today we’re in second to Canada. Briefly due to government interference in housing we got to 69% but the sub-prime lending crisis created by government interference brought the present financial meltdown upon us? How did this happen?

Most progressives are well-intentioned and want a perfect world. In 1975 fewer than 0.25% of all home loans allowed downpayment of 3% or less. The U.S. system for housing was not busted. Progressives tried to tinker and make it better with the Community Reinvestment Act of 1977 a mortgage-guarantee law designed to get poor people into homes they could not afford. In 1985 little was changed except now 0.50% of all home loans required 3% downpayment or less. In 1992, they tinkered again expanding CRA ’77 with a little provision inside a much bigger law that required the two federal mortage giants Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae to get involved in mortgage-guarantees for the poor. In 1995 that law was expanded twice more. By the end of 1995, 14% of all homeloans, one in seven, were made with 3% downpayment or less. In other words, 57 times as many ultra-risky home loans were being made in ’95 as had been made in 1975.

In ’98 a steroid-version law for mortgage-guarantees for the poor was passed. By 2005 34% of all home loans were made at 3% downpayment or less. That means 138.5 times as many highly risky loans were granted in 2005 compared to 1975.

Putting the whole thing together, George W. Bush did NOT put the U.S. economy in the ditch. These risky sub-prime mortgages that progressive law makers created and expanded four times did . . . in fact . . .

Some progressives are not patriotic Americans in the normal sense of that phrase but would prefer to destroy the present system and replace it with a Marxist-socialist state. For example, in 1966 two Columbia University (NYC) progressive professors named Richard Cloward and Frances Piven published an article in the Nation magazine “The Weight of the Poor: A Strategy to End Poverty.” Desiring GNI (guaranteed national income) for all . . . Cloward and Piven opined that if an aggressive drive was launched to get every potential person possible on the welfare rolls, the new strain on the system would create such problems that the Democratic left wing would feel compelled to pass a GNI. They enlisted Black radical community organizer George Wiley and in 1967-68 created the National Welfare Rights Organization (NWRO) to test their theory out. In the next two years they added 6.3 million new welfare recipients . . . by 1975 they had bankrupted New York City and come withing a whisker of bankrupting New York State. Even though they didn’t succeed in getting a GNI, the threesome bragged publicly about their “great accomplishment.” C-P told their followers that the next “breakthroughs” should come in housing and voter registration. When the CRA ’77 mortgage-guarantee was passed, that same year, Wiley sent a lieutenant named Wade Rathke to Arkansas to create ACORN. The original A in ACORN stood for Arkansas and only later came to mean “Association.” ACORN went to work at first unsuccessfully on voter registration and housing. They also aligned themselves with an up and coming Arkansas politician Bill Clinton who’d become Lieutenant Governor at age 30 in 1976. Both Clinton and his wife were great fans of Cloward, Piven and radical self-proclaimed “neo-Marxist” community organizer Saul Alinsky, author of “Rules for Radicals” the book that so inspired Cloward and Piven. Within a year Clinton was elected Arkansas governor and continued to hold that position for 12 of the next 14 years until he became the first ACORN president. After the first expansion of CRA in 1992, ACORN was able to totally subvert the housing system in the country. After Clinton’s two further expansions in ’95 and his steroid version expansion in 1998, ACORN became an unstoppable force in the housing industry . . . but first . . .

In 1993 Clinton passed the Motor Voter Act (which conservatives called “A license for voter fraud”) and the official signing ceremony photo shows Clinton at a desk with Cloward and Piven standing directly behind him. ACORN finally had the tools for subverting the voting process. From late 1994 to early 1997 a new community organizer Barack Obama who’d teach “Rules for Radicals” classes in Chicago began working for ACORN in Chicago as a lawyer shaking down home lenders to comply with the fiscally-irresponsible CRA ’77 and its first three expanisons to give unjustified home loans to very risky clients. When Clinton’s steroid expansion of CRA ’77 was created, Obama was gone, but there was nothing stopping ACORN now. 34% of all home loans were risky ventures given to people without ID; without jobs; without income other than food stamps; without even a recent rental history; on welfare; with abysmal credit ratings; illegal aliens and other horrific risks.

In November, 2003, James Stack of Investech.com investment advisory service began running a chart of the “Housing Industry Bubble.” The graph would run continuously for parts of the next five years. Stack said not only were home prices jacked up way too high; more importantly the stock market offerings for housing industry stocks had jumped to 1400% of their 1992 value and that bubble was sure to collapse soon. Within six months the bubble-popping began. Stack blamed the problems on a very serious sub-prime lending crisis. By this time ACORN had discovered something wonderful, they could use the mortgage-guarantee laws to get a risky loan for an qualified client, even an illegal alien for $400,00 almost as easily as they could for $120,000.

By January, 2005, the Bush Administration had come to believe the analysis of James Stack and others and sought to pass a law undoing most of the three latest expansion of CRA ’77. A few progressive Republicans and virtually every Democrat defeated their efforts. Finally, in July, 2007 a watered-down and almost-impotent version of Bush’s Jan., 2005 effort was passed with mostly Republican support. It would, of course prove way too little, way too late. However, two weeks ago Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner risked the wrath of the Obama Administration by saying that Bush’s effort had saved the day. “Without his law in 2007, housing prices would have fallen faster and further and the recession would have been much, much deeper . . . “

In other words, far from driving us into a ditch Bush was a hero: while the radical-progressives of the Democratic (with a handful of Republicans) Party were pushing the car toward a 500 foot cliff, G.W. Bush jumped in grabbed the wheel and hit the brakes to create a controlled skid that put the car into the nearest friendly ditch.

The widespread ignorance of this TRUTH and the belief in the Obama-generated car-in-the-ditch-by-Bush LIE means the guilty will be rewarded by re-election and allowed to continue undermining the country and the laws and actions abusing those laws that put us into the tailspin will continue to dominate our lives. NOTICE: about 85% of the five mortgage-guarantee laws are still in place ready for the next time the new ACORN clones wish to continue their attack upon our country.

8. Lie: Once we get our heads on straight and solve the present jobless crisis and our national debt, all will be well.

Truth: Sorry friends, the economy is not just sick, it’s on its death bed. The lethal germ? Unfunded liabilities. For example, In 1935 as a culmination of FDR’s earliest socialistic moves, Social Security was created. Three things you should know about Social Security 1) it was designed to tide over the very few people who lived beyond age 65 (not many women worked and most men died by age 55). And 2) Social Security was legally designed to be a pay as you go program . . . but social security money set aside was never kept in a separate fund but was raided by congress virtually every year since its creation so today we have no money in social security. 3) People live far longer today and Social Security has never responded to that fact, so of course, people receive Social Security far longer straining the system more.

In 1965 as part of progressive-Democrat Lyndon Johnson’s “Great Society” programs Medicare and Medicaid were added as programs designed along the Social Security model. They were also never funded. Today . . . Social Security, Medicare and the Federal Side of Medicaid are responsible for $114 TRillion in unfunded obligations of the country to its citizens (mostly an older population). Additionally, the new Obamacare laws are poised to bankrupt the individual states by shifting more of the Medicaid burden to them. Unmentioned for years now is a further $116 Trillion in unfunded obligations created by the welfare system. It’s definitely made a quagmire of our present financial condition.

9. Lie: Bailouts and stimulus eventually make the economy stronger and create jobs.

Truth: The first big federal bailouts were in 1975 for New York City and in 1979 for Chrysler Automobile. Because of the bailouts the underlying messes (the welfare system for NYC, New York State and the entire country; and incompetent leadership for Chrysler) were never addressed. Pushing problems off into the future never solves them. Creating more government and more government spending boondoggles and more government interference boondoggles never solves the problems but only stifles the free market’s ability to deal with problems. Let’s look at the Auto industry bankruptcy personally choreographed by President Obama and the bailout that tied into it.

Unions were given money they had no right to, unions were big Obama voters as you know. The money to make the unions part owners of the Auto Companies themselves (remember the definition of “fascist,” do we?) was stolen from certified creditors who by 223 years of bankruptcy law should have received their share of the bankruptcy spoils. GM and Chrysler saw their debts wiped out and were given bailout money equivalent to $14, 478 per car. Ford which had run itself far more responsibly now finds itself competing against companies the government favored.

Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,


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Rajjpuut's Folly: The Devils, You Say!

Three Leftist Books Every Informed

American Voter Should Read

Saul Alinsky: “Rules for Radicals”

Wade Rathke: “Citizen Wealth: Winning the Campaign to Save Working Families”



And the “last shall be first” it’s said, so we’ll begin by looking at Hillary Clinton’s Honor Thesis “There is Only the Fight . . .” An Analysis of the Alinsky Model. Not too much needs be said, the work speaks for itself. Alinsky is clearly a personal hero and Clinton fawns over him and his books “Reville for Radicals” and “Rules** for Radicals” like a blushing high school freshman. Both Alinsky and Hillary Rodham were native Chicagoans. Young Ms. Rodham interviewed Alinsky twice and was even offered a job by Alinsky but ultimately turned him down and went to law school instead. But her worship is, nevertheless TRUE LOVE, equating Alinsky in the summation with Martin Luther King, Jr. and Walt Whitman saying, “. . . each embraced that most radical of political faiths: Democracy.”

In this she appears willfuly ignorant that the country (which she said Alinsky was such a patriot of) is a Republic and that the methods Alinsky espouses are all “power plays” rather than having any basis in integrity or honor. Democracy to Alinsky means tyranny of the masses, or at least the tyranny of all those Alinsky can mass together for a demonstration. Alinsky calls himself a Marxist and, of course, Marxism seeks to replace the American Constitution more or less with “Das Kapital.” Rodham does mention numerous inconsistencies that she implied made her head swim (“After spending a year trying to make sense of his inconsistency, I need three years of legal rigor” she described her turning down Alinsky’s job offer and heading off instead to law school). But she clearly admires Alinsky’s practical power in making things happen for the poor and yet is taken aback by notions that the ends justify the means and other inconsistencies. So unlike the Marxist ideologue Barack Obama who was raised a Communist from birth, Hillary Clinton, nee Rodham shows she’s been exposed to a another ethical approach to government.

This is why Clinton is so dangerous. Unlike the true believer and foreign-developed Marxist Barack Obama (who must act in pre-catalogued ways in accord with Das Kapital), Clinton is an American-developed semi-Marxist who like her husband really has a feel for American institutions and traditions. Expect Hillary Clinton to run for president in 2012 or expect Bill Clinton to do a body transplant into her body and run again that way. In any case we haven’t heard all there is to say from the Clintons and that is one great reason that reading this thesis is highly recommended by Rajjpuut.


Wade Rathke: Citizen Wealth: Winning the Campaign to Save Working Families is a recent book written by the founder of ACORN and SEIU and a lieutenant of George Wiley (who along with Cloward and Piven bankrupt NYC between 1968 and 1975). His latest imperatives? A. Using the internet to accelerate the demise of capitalism. B. “The Maximum Eligible Participation Solution” which is nothing more than an updated but apparently not improved (Thank God!) version of Cloward-Piven Strategy relying upon the ultra-leftist politicians to create some stupid program which the ultra-radicals on the street can abuse to every thinking person’s lament.

Mostly the book is a hodge-podge of community-organizer war stories with a bit of his perspective of “the future of community-organization.” Interestingly, Rathke has thus far defied ACORN’s recent firing of him and still works with three of their affiliate organizations (the ACORN name has been changed on Rathke’s orders to COI for Community Organizations International). Rathke’s brother Dale was involved in nearly $1 million worth of embezzlement from ACORN over many years and it appears that Wade covered-up the scandal for at least eight years – ah me, trouble in Utopia.

Anyone who reads this book has super-fodder for contradicting doubters who refuse to believe in Cloward-Piven and their plots and even in the bankruptcy of NYC by Rathke’s mentor George Wiley.


Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals” is a small book with a big wallop. Starting out with the book’s dedication (to the devil no less!) through its repeated emphasis that the end justifies the means . . . one gets the picture quickly here: these are nasty people. Remember Hillary Clinton read it and wrote her thesis on it; Barack Obama read it and later taught a class in Rules for Radicals as well as practicing its tenets as an ACORN lawyer shaking down mortgage companies; Richard Cloward and Frances Piven read it and created their infamous Cloward-Piven Strategy. A must read for anyone interested in preventing progressive takeover of the USA.

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** This is NOT precisely true, Hillary's thesis was created in 1969 and Alinsky's Rules for Radicals was not published until 1971. The "second book" of Alinsky's was his "Training Manual" created some time after Reville for Radicals, and ever expanding. About 95% of the content of that TM went into his second book Rules for Radicals which showed his followers the evolution in his community organizing that took place over the next 25 years.

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