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Barry Donadio


On September 28th 2016, Barry Donadio was interviewed by The Bay Times Newspaper of Stevensville,Maryland. When Reporter Doug Bishop asked him what could be done to ease rising tension in the U.S., Donadio replied " Doing one positive act towards others outweighs a thousand negative acts. "

Barry Donadio is no stranger to racial tensions. He served in various law enforcement positions in New York City, Long Island, Maryland, and in the military. His experience in law enforcement stems as far back to 1989. Now, he is the CEO of a high end private security firm which responded to the recent riots in Baltimore. 

In 2014, he was elected to the Queen Anne's County Republican Central Committee in Maryland. There, he lead an effort to bring minorities to the Republican party and break the label that this party is anti-minority. 

Immediately after Donald Trump was elected to President of the United States, Barry Donadio is again calling for positive acts to dampen any division between races in the country. 

"Our country is heading for a massive period of transition. Now is the time for Republicans to break the label of being the anti-minority party." " We must show that we are the party of positivity and equality. "

Donadio also stated; " There are many Americans very upset by the loss of the Democratic candidate for President. This is not the time to rub it in their faces." 

"I am calling on all Americans to perform acts of good towards one another regardless of race or political affiliation." " Now is the time for us to unite under the red, white and blue colors of the United States flag and to move forward together as a nation."

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The Myth of Segregation's Return


The 60th anniversary of the Brown vs. Board of Education decision was sure to draw a flood of retrospectives and analysis, and properly so.

But an equally safe bet was the hijacking of the occasion for the proliferation of agenda-driven malarkey.

If you name something the “Civil Rights Project” and put it at UCLA, it becomes easy to predict what it will crank out. Just in time for what should be a celebration of a landmark ruling marking our societal path to enlightenment, along come these Debbie Downers to tell us that no, in fact, segregation is still very much alive.

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This may come as a surprise to anyone with a grasp of what words mean.

“Segregation,” as it pertains to the history of U.S. education policy, refers to actual laws preventing kids of certain races from attending certain schools. It recalls the unfathomable days when a black student could live within the territory of a school near his home and be denied admission because of skin color. Our schools have long been purged of such poison, but how will the Civil Rights Project at UCLA fill its days if American law has indeed righted itself racially?

Needing a narrative of America as a land still in dire need of racial scolding, they have graced us with a report, “Brown at 60: Great Progress, a Long Retreat and and Uncertain Future.”

Rest assured the “Great Progress” section in no way recognizes our society’s enormous leaps toward racial awakening. It embraces instead the social engineering that yanked both black and white kids out of schools they wished to attend, casting them into faraway classrooms to achieve diversity numbers that pleased an activist bureaucracy but made kids miserable.

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Post Racial America?


For the better part of his time in the national spotlight, the current White House occupant, with a major assist from obedient "progressive" Party Pravda puppies so eager for approval from their anointed one they have adopted criminally negligent journalistic practices, has meticulously hidden his racist self.

Obama’s appointee for Attorney General Eric Holder, the man who said when it comes to race America is a nation of cowards, stopped a very clear cut case of voter intimidation by the New Black Panther Party dead in its tracks.

The Department Of Justice did not prosecute the New Black Panthers for voter's rights violations, but they did sue the State of Arizona for enforcing border security.  They have sued states to stop enforcement of voter ID laws.

The hypocrisy is palpable.

Welcome to Barack Obama's post racial America.




Republican Civil Rights Leader Martin Luther King must be rolling in his grave.

Where applicable, thank God he gave you enough grace, intelligence and common sense to remain open to hearing both sides, uncover the truth and see through the fraud that is Barrack Hussein Obama.  You were able to use your God given cognitive abilities to evaluate and judge him not by the color of his skin, but by the content of his character.

You can proudly say that you never voted for him.

For those who were fooled by Obama into voting for him in 2008, forget it.  You cannot undo that vote. 

But you can avoid making that unfortunate mistake twice.


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4063482225?profile=originalMarch 8, 2012, my beautiful, 28 yr old natural redhead was stopped by the police on the way to my house. This was the 3rd time as many months that she was stopped. This time she was charged with drug trafficking!?!  A $50,000 bond!?!

Having just gotten a new car, (new to her), she had neglected to replace the paper license plate with a real one.  The police gave her a ticket, which she deserved. Then, they asked if they could search her car. She said, "NO".  The police informed her that they would have to bring a dog out to search for drugs.  She said that was fine, she likes dogs. The dog came, he sniffed, he found nothing

The police were determined. After all, she clearly was not black or Hispanic therefore the arrest was a "good" one.  They couldn't be accused of racial profiling.  They searched her purse, without permission. They found a pill bottle with16 pills, 4 various kinds. Into cuffs she went.  A week later Cristina's attorney told us that they had to contact the Dr. and see if the pills that she was carrying were the ones prescribed.

Due to Obama's economy we had to move from Maitland, Fl. -the only home that our kids knew. We ended up 30 minutes and a whole world away in Deltona Fl.   Sanford, Fl is 10 miles away. Rev. Sharkton, Jesse Jackson, the "New" Black Panther Party etal, continues to incite racial tension.

I knew my daughter and I knew the drugs that were prescribed to her.  I knew that some of them were dangerous to stop cold turkey.  I had throat cancer, (1998), and I can not talk. My daughter was both in emotional and physical pain. I could NOT fight for her. I have never felt so helpless. I wrote this to Cristina's attorney: 

"In Sept. 2009, I started a blogcast, www.CarolynsVoice.net.  “Conservative News, Short & Timely.” When you can’t talk, you listen and REALLY hear.  Obama scared the hell out of me from the start and when I found out that all the Dr.’s had to test for the black gene when people were getting their blood work done.   Then 2 ½ years ago, Attorney General Holder sued Arizona and 5 States for racial profiling. That the police could not pull over anybody because they looked black or Hispanic.  At the time I wrote, “This means if you’re white, watch out!”  Cristina has been pulled over almost every time she comes to my house.

Since its inception I have been a member of the www.TeaParty.org.  I want to tell you, I am far from the only one with stories like these. If you need any help writing letters, making phone calls or ANYTHING, I can get 171,000+ behind you.  That is just one arm. We branch out a lot further.  We all stand together against these type of unAmerican injustices. If you can, use it as leverage, I am willing to do anything for her."

Since I knew that the jail reads all letters, I sent one to my daughter as well as her lawyer.  TWO days after I wrote that, ALL charges were dismissed.  Cristina did not have any drugs that were not prescribed.  She had been on some for years.  When she was forced to go through sudden with drawl, her 5'2", 105 lb. body almost shut down. Her temp. fell to 94.8!  They did nothing!!!I have never sued anyone before. I am going after Obama and Holder with everything in my power. Can anyone suggest a Tea Party lawyer?

I firmly believe that the Tea Party.org is a more powerful force then anyone thinks....especially this regime.  God Bless, Carolyn

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