qanon (1)

For those of us "in-the-know" in regards to what's really happening behind the scenes with Trumps recent executive orders, coinciding with the breadcrumbs being dropped by "Q", you might find the following article pretty interesting. Will 2018 be the end of the Cabal's grip on America?

Only time will the meantime, we all need to pray for Gods protection and get involved in 2018! It's a great opportunity to elect true conservative candidates to give OUR President the back-up he needs to restore our Republic and push the MAGA agenda forward.

I urge all who take the time to read this get involved with local Republican groups in your cities and state next year. It is a great opportunity to first, purge ourselves of these traitorous Rhino Republicans who have done nothing but undermine our President and two, re-shape our party, bringing it back to true conservative patriotism on all levels, not just the grassroots. IT CAN BE DONE!

God bless all of you out there behind the screen, stay strong and fight on!

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