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The spiteful king

Every day that the "shutdown" continues reveals just how mean and spiteful obama is

Check out these examples

America Washington is Imploding

         How many examples do you need?

         His strategy is simple, but we have laws against spewing hate.

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Imagine That

Imagine that.

The WW II Memorial was OPEN and unattended prior to the shutdown deadline at midnight.


Now, WHO decided that employees to fence off the Memorial were Critical ( the opposite of non-essential) and issued the order to barricade the Memorial? Was it Boehner?, Cruz?.... WHO... WHO has that authority?


I saw the ...unattended... barricades and thought.....wouldn't it be wonderful if citizens decided to pitch in and help out. They could volunteer to open the barricades for our Honored Veterans.


Would Harry Reid. Send in the troops?


This morning I read that obama sent in more guards… you know… the ones who were furloughed because the "Republicans" shut down the Gov’t.

  1. I learn something new every day

             Some Gov’t employees can’t be furloughed because they are “critical to the Nation’s Defense”… they are needed to defend against the 80+ year old Veterans who want to visit THEIR Memorial

But I still have an ongoing mystery. If you know anything that will help me out, please share it. Here is my Mystery

Which Republican issued the command to shut down the Gov’t? …. Who?... Which one? …. Rep Mark Sanford?... Who?.... Who has that authority?


I have a second Mystery. My understanding is that the House of Representatives is assigned the responsibility (check the Constitution) to authorize funds to operate the Gov’t.

= = = =

Congress has authority over financial and budgetary matters, through the enumerated power to lay and collect taxes, duties, imposts and excises, to pay the debts and provide for the common defense and general welfare of the United States. The Sixteenth Amendment, ratified in 1913, extended power of taxation to include income taxes.[1] The Constitution also grants Congress exclusively the power to appropriate funds. This power of the purse is one of Congress' primary checks on the executive branch.[1]

 Check it out       Power of the Purse

= = = =

But Gang Obama and henchmen reid and pelosi  call it blackmail or extortion.

They know blackmail and extortion well from getting obamacare passed into law.

I think I read that piglosi said we HAVE to Open the Gov’t to see what’s in it......

I think NOT.... it is evident that our Gov't has been hijacked.

When Congress does its job and exercises Power of the Purse, obamadoesn't llike it and throws a terrible-twos TANTRUM

Keep it shut down and SAVE $$$$$$$$$$$$




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