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By Oscar Y. Harward


In January, 2009 as Barack Obama was sworn in as US President, our National debt was $10.63 Trillion.  Today, our National Debt is reaching $17 Trillion, an increase of some $6.3 Trillion in deficit spending in a period of less than 5 years.


According to the Treasury Department, when George W. Bush took office in 2001 the national debt was $5.73 trillion and when Bush left office in 2009, the national debt had increased to $10.63 trillion; an increase in deficit spending of $4.7 Trillion over his entire 2 Presidential terms of 8 years.  During President George W. Bush’s 8 years as President, America suffered one of the most expensive storms ever during Hurricane Katrina.


Additionally, under President George W. Bush’s tenure, our USA was attacked on 9/11/01 by radical Islamic Muslims by flying 2 hijacked airplanes into New York’s ‘twin towers’ and an effort to fly another airplane elsewhere.  


To protect Americans, President Obama and Capitol Hill legislators were forced to ‘finance’ our new Federal Government Department of Homeland Security Appropriations reaching out to all states, counties, and municipal governments with massive numbers of resources, equipment, and training for specialists in each and all of these branches of governments.


During these less than 5 years as President Obama, Capitol Hill Democrats continue to spend more of (y)our taxpayers’ money; most borrowed from the governments of Saudi Arabia and Communist China.  These debts are being left to our children, their children, etc.  Currently, every American citizen, young or old, owes $53,531 to our National debt.  Every US taxpayer owes $148,133 to our National debt.  At the same period of time, these same Democrat Party officials demand more and more of (y)our taxpayers’ earned income in higher taxes.


During these less than 5 years, our National debt has been ‘crammed down our throats’ some $6.3 Trillion deficit spending by President Obama, most Capitol Hill Democrats, and some ‘Republican In Name Only’ (RINO) Republicans.


The ‘problem’ is simple; excessive deficit spending is breaking our national economy, our individual freedoms, our families, and our Constitution.  The ‘solution’; stop the spending to save our economy, our individual freedoms, our families, and our Constitution.


When will an American electorate make a wise decision that ‘healthy’ Americans, as individuals, have a responsibility of earning and spending on themselves and their families, rather than depending on a mishandled authority from a freebie and forsaking government?


When will Capitol Hill legislators and other leaders recognize that ‘out-of-control’ spending is destroying our economy, our national economy, our individual freedoms, our families, and our Constitution?


As Margaret Thatcher, the ‘Iron Lady’ once said, "The problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people's money."


Republican Senators Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Mike Lee (R-UT), as well as other legislators and supporters who vote and aspire to ‘stop-the-spending’ to save America, our economy, our Constitution, and our families are ‘right on these issues’. 


Democrats, Republicans, Independents, etc. who continue to vote and aspire the ‘out-of-control’ spending are destroying our economy, our Constitution, our individual freedoms, and our families, as all of these individuals are ‘wrong on these issues’.  Wake up America!


God Bless America!

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Balanced budget Act of 2013

The Internet is Great.

This might be my most brilliant idea….. ever.

But like most “why didn’t I think of that” it didn’t just “pop”.

This idea had help from an internet blog. I replied, but the idea would not leave

So, the Balanced Budget Act of 2013 bill is being sent to my politicians…FAT chance THEY will do  anything with it.

Balanced Budget Act of 2013

  1. This doesn’t have any of those whaeras, herein, ibid stuff
  2. The President WILL submit a budget to Congress no later than TBD, or he is automatically dismissed from Office with no perks, pensions, etc.
  3. Congress WILL make all adjustments to balance the budget.
  4. IF Congress fails to Balance the Budget, funds to do so come FIRST from the salaries, perks, health subsidies, pensions, etc of Congress and the White House.
  5. IF the total of funds in #4 are not adequate to achieve Balance, additional funds WILL be taken from Congressional and White House Staffers,czars and other appointees, followed by Government Employees, excluding any/all serving  or who have served in our Armed Forces.
  6. Finally, if that is not enough the remainder  needed to balance will be taken as an across the board cut of each and every line item in the budget.

This is DRAFT #1. Do you have any suggestions to improve it?



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Price for Justice: One of many Benghazis!


Wanted to share the following audio and web site that reveal a gut-wrenching story of a mother’s trials and tribulations, to include death threats and a drive by shooting, while in the process of attempting to get the truth from our government surrounding her son’s mysterious death during an ambush that occurred in the Ganjgal Valley of Afghanistan in September 2009, after many requests for help that were denied by superiors (sound familiar)-You Decide:
4063670354?profile=originalAudio: Price for Justice: One of many Benghazi's!-Posted on The Hagmann & Hagmann Report-On March 15, 2013:
4063744315?profile=originalPRICE FOR JUSTICE: Gold Star Mother Seeking Truth & Justice!-Posted on Susan Price:
4063359777?profile=originalNote: The following article and video provide you with Marine Sgt. Dakota Meyer’s account of what transpired during the ambush in the Ganjgal Valley of Afghanistan, which resulted in the death of Gunnery Sgt. Aaron Kenefick and his three other comrades (First Lt. Michael Johnson, Corpsman James Layton and Gunnery Sgt. Edwin Wayne Johnson Jr.):
4063744198?profile=originalMedal of Honor recipient Dakota Meyer on “60 Minutes”!-Posted on September 15, 2011:
4063744198?profile=originalVideo: Medal of Honor recipient recalls deadly ambush!-Posted on CBS News-On September 18, 2011:
4063359777?profile=originalNote: The following articles and/or blog posts, videos and audio relate to this disturbing issue-You Decide:

4063744289?profile=originalObama’s War On Our Veterans!-Posted on Western Journalism-By KEVIN “COACH” COLLINS-On April 25, 2012:
4063744409?profile=originalArmed Services chairman: Obama is anti-military!-Posted on The Washington Times-By Shaun Waterman, The Washington Times-On September 12, 2011:
4063744380?profile=originalObama Strategy Guts U.S. Armed Services!-Posted on July 23, 2011:
4063744418?profile=originalThe Plot to Destroy the US Military!-Posted on Canada Free Press-By Daniel Greenfield-On March 21, 2011:
4063606491?profile=originalObama’s War Against the U.S. Military!-Posted on Human Events!-By Buzz Patterson-On September 10, 2010:
4063744396?profile=originalVideo: Obama’s Private Army!-Posted on iFreedom4ever-On April 8, 2010:


Audio: Evil Hidden in Plain Site!-Posted on The Hagmann & Hagmann Report-On April 12, 2013:


George Soros – Commander-in-Chief?-Posted on Godfather Politics-By GIACOMO-On October 17, 2011:

“The title of Commander-in-Chief has always been reserved for the President of the United States.  This dates back to our first president George Washington who was the Commander in Chief of the Revolutionary Army that gained America’s Independence.

However, it seems that the title is now being passed on to the person controlling the current president.

Billionaire George Soros has been controlling President Obama much like a puppeteer controls his marionette by pulling the right strings to make him do what he wants.  Among all of his business ventures, Soros has a financial connection to the recently developed oil industry in Uganda which is estimated to be sitting on 2-6 billion barrels of crude oil.

Revenue Watch Institute, an organization that is funded by Soros, was instrumental in developing Uganda’s oil guidelines in 2008.  RWI provided the grant funding for Africa Institute for Energy Governance which in turn was used to create Publish What You Pay Coalition of Uganda.  PWYP’s principle task has been to help establish Uganda’s oil policies and to streamline them to help make it more transparent and promote accountability.

However, Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni has pretty much taken control of the country’s oil industry and has consequently disregarded the guidelines that Soros and company established

Soros also owns an outfit known as Open Society Institute.  OSI is one of the three non-government entities that financially support Global Centre for Responsibility to Protect.  GCRP is a military policy that is being used by some to urge Obama to take action in Uganda.  OSI has a number of offices in Uganda.

Purely a coincidence I’m sure, but some of the authors and advisors for Responsibility to Protect are associated with Soros and serve on boards of other organizations with him.  One of those is the National Security Council special adviser on human rights to President Obama, Samantha Powers.

Ugandan Youth Action Fund is run by Soros’ Open Society Institute.  Its purpose is to “identify, inspire, and support small groups of dedicated young people who can mobilize and influence large numbers of their peers to promote open society ideals.”

Another Soros owned organization; the International Crisis Group issued a report in 2010 to Obama and key lawmakers.  The ICC report states, “To the U.S. government: Deploy a team to the theatre of operations to run an intelligence platform that centralizes all operational information from the Ugandan and other armies, as well as the U.N. and civilian networks, and provides analysis to the Ugandans to better target military operations.”

Upon the urgings of master puppeteer George Soros, President Obama has sent an initial force of about 100 military advisors to Uganda.  Supposedly, their purpose is to advise the country’s officials to capture or eliminate the rebel leader Joseph Kony.  Kony heads the rebel force that calls themselves the Lord’s Resistance Army.  He has been charged with human rights violations and is on the US list of terrorists.

So what is the real reason US military advisors are being sent to Uganda?  Is it for the interest of the US or for our national security or is it to help protect Soros’ financial investments?  This also brings up the question about who is the real Commander-in-Chief, President Obama or George Soros?”


4063359777?profile=originalNote:  The following eye opening article and/or blog post reveals a George Soros funded unincorporated association by the name of “Peace and Security Funders Group (PSFG)”, which was established in 1999 and consists of more than 50 private and public foundations that give a portion of their $27 billion in combined assets to leftist organizations that undermine the war on terror in several interrelated ways: (a) by characterizing the United States as an evil, militaristic, oppressive nation that exploits vulverable populations all over the globe; (b) by accusing the U.S. of having provoked, through its unjust policies and actions, the terror attacks against it, and consequently casting those attacks as self-defensive measures taken in response to American transgressions; and (c) by depicting America’s military and legislative actions against terror as unjustified, extreme, and immoral-You Decide: 


Funding the War Against the War on Terror!-Posted on John Perazzo –On October 6, 2006:

4063359777?profile=originalNote: My following blogs relate to this extremely disturbing issue-You Decide:


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Blowing a whistle on Benghazi: There’s no hiding four murders! (Part 1)

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Letter to NM Representative (re: Request For Congressional Investigation Into Mysterious Downing of Chinook Helicopter in Afghanistan)!

4063590460?profile=originalIs the Obama Regime Targeting Veterans? (Part 1):

4063590460?profile=originalIs the Obama Regime Targeting Veterans? (Part 2):

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4063518092?profile=originalRules of Engagement Killing Marines and U.S. Soldiers!

4063371657?profile=originalThe Military Pays the Price for Obama’s Agenda!'s-agenda/

4063371668?profile=originalVeterans and members of our Armed Forces under attack!


Vice President Biden Calls for a New World Order!


Obamanites Get Violent in Support of the Agenda!


Nearly 80 percent don’t trust the government!’t-tr...


Where Is America Today?

4063359777?profile=originalNote: The following videos are extremely appropriate today: 


The Fightin Side of Me!


When Injustice Becomes Law, Resistance Becomes Duty!

4063359777?profile=originalNote:  If you have a problem viewing any of the listed blog posts, please copy website link and paste it on your browser.  Sure seems like any subject matter that may be considered controversial by this administration is being censored-What happened to free speech?-You Decide:

“Food For Thought”


God Bless Our Troops-God Bless America!

Semper Fi!


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Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) is ‘RIGHT’ on this issue and others.


Why should any Republican on Capitol Hill negotiate on anything to President Obama as he has ‘blasted’ Republicans on a daily basis for more than 4 years?


Remember, we are approaching $17 Trillion in deficit spending; more than $6 Trillion under this President Obama administration in the past 4 plus years.  When will the spending stop?


Stopping President Obama, Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV), Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), and many other Capitol Hill Democrats from spending the USA into bankruptcy is the only way to same our nation.


To win in 2014, Capitol Hill Republicans must remain strong to stop the out-of-control spending. For all of those RINO Republicans who fail to agree, we will find a replacement for each of you.

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By Oscar Y. Harward


Remember how Americans rejected ObamaCare in General Election 2010?


Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) of General Election 2014 is now acting the same in ‘cramming ObamaCare down (y)our throat’; acting the same as Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) did in General Election 2010 season in ‘cramming ObamaCare down (y)our throat’.


Americans are still rejecting ObamaCare as a continuation of a ‘job-killing’ law slowing and/or stopping our US economy.


President Obama and Capitol Hill Democrats refuse to ‘stop the spending’, restore our economy, and allow entrepreneurs to create jobs in the ‘private sector’.  Most jobs created during Obama’s administration are more ‘government jobs’ in the ‘public sector’; more at taxpayers’ cost.


Have you ever seen so many falsifications as expressed by President Obama and Capitol Hill Democrats?

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By Oscar Y. Harward


President Obama and/or any others are ‘off target’ in referring to ObamaCare as the ‘Affordable Care Act’.  ‘Affordable’ is actually the reverse.   ObamaCare in not ‘affordable’ for almost all Americans with the exception being to those whose plan is to ascertain their Health Care ‘free’.


America, we have and had a very well working Health Care system prior to ObamaCare legislation.  A majority of Americans were pleased with their own Medicare, employer/employee group(s), family and/or individual plans, or other forms of Health Care; including Medicaid.


Obama’s and Capitol Hill Democrats’ ObamaCare is merely a ‘redistribution’ of the wealth.  ObamaCare is taking more from the working ‘middle class’ employers and employees while giving more to so many who are unwilling to work at all, or unenthusiastic about working smarter and harder for greater personal achievement(s).


President Obama and Capitol Hill Democrats continue to say Republicans haven’t offered any alternative.  While you and I understand that is a ‘lie’, the Democrats are making points with the ‘less than informed’.  Capitol Hill Republicans have offered multiple responsible plans in Health Care; all voted down by Liberal Democrats.


Again, a large majority of working and retired Americans were satisfied and/or pleased with their previous plans of Health Care.  All Americans must be reminded as such.

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Obama Geography Lessons, Hillary and Media Bias

President Obama made some geographic mistakes on Jay Leno this week about ports that are not ports. Of course, Obama also stated when he ran the first time he wanted to go to all 57 States, but his staff would not let him. In this case, the AP cleaned up his comment and did not jump on him like they did anytime Bush mis-spoke or "Mis-remembered" (sic). Nothing here everyone is fair , but it is just that while Bush was not smart, Obama is , so it must be just a mistake. Of course, Bush was the first President to have a MBA, but it was from Harvard. He went to Yale, Harvard and was a fighter jet pilot in the national guard. I know some pilots and the military does not just pass you because of your family name. So, is Bush smart having attended two Ivy league schools and the other stuff like jet pilot? I think so, but he could not read from a teleprompter like Obama and he was not a democrat.
Oh well, can't wait to see the Hillary movie and special fake docudrama. Can you imagine, Diane Lane will portray Hillary. I wonder, if they will include Whitewater, her defense of Black Panthers, commodity trade, her work on Nixon's impeachment investigation, standing by her man, baking cookies, hiring at Rose Hill Law firm when Billy made AG, partner when Billy made Gov., two for one first act of gays in the military proposal that led to DADT, secret health care meetings, Secretary of State activities which include dead Americans, dozens of attacks on embassies, etc.
No, it will just be fluff that makes her look great with a very attractive actress ACTING.
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Last fall President Obama challenged Mitt Romney to come clean and release his tax returns so voters would know whether he paid his fair share.  I respectfully ask President Obama to come clean regarding the filing of his 1990 tax return when he signed a six-figure contract book deal with Poseidon Press. Failure to do so would be a violation of Title 26-Internal Revenue Code.


GQ Magazine’s November 2009 issue ( reported that President Obama signed a six-figure contract with Poseidon Press on November 28, 1990.  The exact amount was reported as $150,000 by Christopher Andersen in his book Barack and Michelle: Portrait of an American Marriage.  According to Jack Cahill, Barack Obama was advanced $75,000 for the book.  It’s not unusual in the publishing business to receive one-third to one-half of the contract value upfront. However, a $75,000 advance would have required a recent law school graduate strapped with heavy student debt to pay the IRS $25,000 four and ½ months later. Failure to do so would be a violation of Title 26-Internal Revenue Code.  I have been a CPA over 33 years and I’m Certified in Financial Forensics. In 1988 I was hired by the Arizona House of Representative in the Senate Impeachment Trial of Governor Evan Mecham.  My forensic analysis of an improper $80,000 loan from a political protocol fund to a car dealership justified the impeachment of Governor Mecham. 


I reviewed the tax returns of both presidential candidates. ( During my analysis of President Obama’s 2001 Individual Tax Return, I found 10 math errors.  All of the errors were simple arithmetic errors that would have been prevented with a computerized program such as Turbo Tax. 


President Obama’s 2001 tax return wasn’t signed by a paid preparer and it would appear it was prepared by President or Ms. Obama.  I determined that the Obamas prepared three drafts of their 2001 tax return.  The first draft calculated an income tax liability of $79,000.  This would have required taxable income of $271,000.  In contrast, President Obama’s website shows 2001 taxable income of $250,000.   President Obama ended up paying income tax on $21,000 of phantom income that resulted in sending Uncle Sam an extra $7,300.  I think Republicans and Democrats will unanimously agree that President Obama is one of the greatest orators of our time.  The same can’t be said regarding President Obama’s skill as a tax preparer!


Based on the fact that President Obama used bits and pieces from three different 2001 tax drafts, made 10 errors, overpaid his taxes by $7,300 by claiming $21,000 of phantom income, it would appear that President Obama lacked the accounting skills to competently prepare his tax return.  If President Obama wasn’t proficient at preparing his taxes in 2001 it’s not a stretch to assume that he wouldn’t have been proficient in 1990.    


I believe President Obama’s may have a skeleton in his tax closet from the mishandling of his est. $75,000 book advance from Poseidon Press in November of 1990.   Only  three tax scenarios exist: 1) filed correctly and paid the IRS $25,000, 2) reported income as passive, failed to pay social security taxes and owes the IRS $41,000 or 3) never received 1099 from the publisher, failed to properly report the income and currently owes the US Treasury $125,000.


I contacted the IRS and they indicated that the tax records may go back to 1990.  Another method to determine if President Obama paid his “fair share” would be to verify his 1990 earnings with the Social Security Administration.  American taxpayers can decide for themselves whether a young Barack Obama should be given a free pass or if he should be held to the same standard as all Americans

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I graduated the Defense Intelligence College, Staff Attaché course in Washington, DC, during the height of the Iran Hostage Crisis, where US diplomatic personnel were held hostage for 444 days by Iran’s Ayatollah Khomieni. 

 Under the norms of international law, an attack on a diplomatic mission and their personnel is an act of war. Without divulging details of that Top Secret course; I was trained in what to do if the diplomatic mission came under attack and how to survive if taken hostage. Over the course of my , I lived for a year in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, worked on security details at the Saudi Embassy in Washington, DC, as well as provide a variety of  to other Embassies, to include the British, Kuwaiti, Jordanian among others. I also provided similar services to the US Embassy in Tel Aviv, Israel. 

 So, when I analyze the testimony and narrative provided by Hillary and Obama in regard to the fiasco at Benghazi, it does not match what every diplomatic security professional, military veteran and common-sense gifted American intuitively knows. No matter what your political flavor is, no red blooded American abides leaving our people behind at a diplomatic mission, under attack for what-ever reason, when they are frantically calling in for help, period. Yet, that is precisely what happened at Benghazi.

 For the sake of good order, let’s set aside what nefarious policy may or may not have been taking place there that would deliver a US Ambassador into the hands of Jihadist on what is a day of high security alert for every diplomatic mission, in every jihadist active country in the world, September 11th.

 Here is what happened; the US Ambassador on behalf of the President and Secretary of State went into a hot bed of Jihadist activity on Sept. 11th without an ample security detail. No military resources were put on stand-by alert to extract them as a normal precaution. When the call came in, up the entire chain of command, directly to the Commander in Chief, who was made completely aware the Ambassador and dozens of Americans were under blithering military attack as was every military commander in the region, in real time. An order to stand down from any rescue attempt was given. A stand down occurred. Our people were abandoned. A dis-information campaign, orchestrated by the White House spin machine followed. 

 Here is what did not happen; a concerted effort to deploy every military resource in the region to rescue them at best or avenge them at worst, immediately. This is the equivalent of ordering the firemen responding to a 5  to remain in the firehouse and let it burn. 

 In the chain of command, the only stand down authority who can order 4 star General Commanders to withhold their men from a rescue is the Secretary of Defense and President of the United States of America. 

This fact alone is a disgrace and dishonor to any Commander in Chief who violates the one and only inviolable and unforgivable act of any American commander, never, ever, leave a man behind, Sir.

[Anthony Mele, MA, Diplomacy, International Conflict Management, served on the US Army Staff for Intelligence at the Pentagon]



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Obama continues his successful march to diminish and reduce America to a second class non super power without any moral compass. In my opinion, his actions make him the worse President, but in his mind he has nationalized health care, placed more people on welfare than ever, increased spending to highest level in our history along with the highest deficit, on the road to triple what Bush left him with in 2009. The assault continues on every front. Degrade, demoralize and downsize the military, CORE curriculum to continue to brainwash our children, Executive orders establishing his imperial Presidency, via climate control, EPA, CZARS, IRS, Energy, Land Management other departments doing his bidding. The EPA will cause 238 coal plants to close and may lose 84,000 coal related  jobs,  while the EPA goes around the will of our weak kneed Congress. Now the military standards will be changed along with the elimination of 10 Brigades, while the Islamic terrorists are still at war with us, along with Egypt and others. I am sure they are glad that we are not in a war footing and are leading from behind, as Obama stated.


China and Russia must be happy that Obama would like to have zero nuclear weapons, but would settle for a 45% unilateral reduction. Of course, Russia is developing a new treaty violating med range missile and China is also building their military ASAP. They just launched an air craft carrier, but Obama's staff has declared a WAR ON COAL, OMG. Obama lies about so many things and issues it is impossible to note them all here, but one big one is that the Earth's temperature has gone up. It has gone down for a decade and the Russian's say they expect it to drop for 200 to 250 years or more. Of course, that is d Is based on un biased research and not tied to the wests global cap and trade Ponzi scheme. More to follow....

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Price for Justice

Dear Fellow Patriots:The First of Many Benghazi’s!The following audio and web site reveal a gut-wrenching story of a mother’s trials and tribulations, to include death threats and a drive by shooting, while in the process of attempting to get the truth from our government surrounding her son’s mysterious death during an ambush that occurred in the Ganjgal Valley of Afghanistan in September 2009, after many requests for help that were denied by superiors (sound familiar):Audio: Price for Justice: The First Benghazi Happened In Afghanistan!-Posted on The Hagmann & Hagmann Report-On March 15, 2013: FOR JUSTICE: Gold Star Mother Seeking Truth & Justice!-Posted on Susan Price: The following article and video provide you with Marine Sgt. Dakota Meyer’s account of what transpired during the ambush in the Ganjgal Valley of Afghanistan, which resulted in the death of Gunnery Sgt. Aaron Kenefick and his three other comrades (First Lt. Michael Johnson, Corpsman James Layton and Gunnery Sgt. Edwin Wayne Johnson Jr.):Medal of Honor recipient Dakota Meyer on “60 Minutes”!-Posted on September 15, 2011: Medal of Honor recipient recalls deadly ambush!-Posted on CBS News-On September 18, 2011: The following articles and/or blog posts and videos relate to this disturbing issue:Obama’s War On Our Veterans!-Posted on Western Journalism-By KEVIN “COACH” COLLINS-On April 25, 2012: Services chairman: Obama is anti-military!-Posted on The Washington Times-By Shaun Waterman, The Washington Times-On September 12, 2011: Strategy Guts U.S. Armed Services!-Posted on July 23, 2011: Plot to Destroy the US Military-Posted on Canada Free Press-By Daniel Greenfield-On March 21, 2011:’s War Against the U.S. Military-Posted on Human Events-By Buzz Patterson-On September 10, 2010: Obama’s Private Army!-Posted on iFreedom4ever-On April 8, 2010: My following blog posts relate to this disturbing issue:Impeach Obama for Treason – Tancredo on Benghazi, Libya! Obama Accountable For Libya! For Congressional Investigation Into Mysterious Downing of Chinook Helicopter in Afghanistan! the Obama Regime Targeting Veterans? (Part 1): the Obama Regime Targeting Veterans? (Part 2): Dead Soldiers and Obama Can Still Do No Wrong! of Engagement Killing Marines and U.S. Soldiers! Military Pays the Price for Obama’s Agenda!'s-agenda/Veterans and members of our Armed Forces under attack!“Food For Thought”God Bless & Be Safe.Semper Fi!Jake
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Coming soon to a town near you.

Please remember we are here to help protect you and make sure you follow orders too.  "Lie of the century"

The armies of the Soviet Union, Eastern Germany, Poland, Hungary and Bulgaria crossed Czechoslovakia’s borders just before midnight on August 20, 1968 and by the next morning, the streets of all major cities were full of invading troops with tanks.

“On the outskirts of the town, a crowd of people stopped our battalion. Tanks pulled over by the curb, and the battalion commander ordered to wait for further orders. Meanwhile, the people approached us and began talking to us:

‘Why did you come here?’

‘To help you out in difficult times!’  We had no idea times were difficult for us, glad they told us>

‘We’re good without you. Go home!’

‘Don’t you know about an attempt at a counter-revolutionary coup? Do you want to lose your freedom?’


It has now been confirmed that the goal of the Department of Homeland Security is to purchase a total of 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition.  A portion of that ammunition is hollow point bullets, which have been banned from use in war by international law.  Another portion is specialized sniper ammunition.

In case you have a difficult time comprehending the significance of 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition, allow me to give you a couple of comparisons.  During the height of the war in Iraq, the US Army fired less than 6 million rounds per month.  That means DHS has enough ammunition to supply the US Army for 266.67 months (22.22 years) of intense war.

Currently, the DHS uses approximately 15 million rounds of ammunition every year at their various training facilities.  At that rate, they have enough ammunition for 106.67 years of training.

So ask yourself, what is the justification for the purchase of 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition by the Department of Homeland Security, especially when some of it is illegal to use in war?  Now ask yourself why Sen. Dianne Feinstein is so concerned about private citizens stockpiling ammunition, weapons and using high capacity magazines when the federal government is doing the same time only a thousand times more?

Perhaps the abundance of ammunition goes along with the purchase of ‘Mine Resistant Protected’ MaxxPro MRAP vehicles that are scheduled to be deployed on the streets of America.  The number of vehicles they are purchasing has not been released, but they are part of the 2,717 that have been recently retrofitted by the manufacturer.  The DHS appears to be taking delivery of the armored vehicles through the Marine Corps Systems Command located in Quantico, Virginia.

The scary part of the DHS acquiring MRAP vehicles is that they have been already been spotted in a number of cities throughout the country.  DHS cannot deny their existence since a number of them have been photographed and videoed by citizen observers.  Why would DHS need so many, assuming they are purchasing over a thousand, MRAP vehicles deployed throughout the US, unless they are preparing for a war of some kind?  Now add to that question the fact that the MRAP vehicles are equipped with gun ports.

There can be no doubt that Barack Hussein Obama is preparing for the bloodiest war in American history and it’s going to take place here on American soil.  When?  It has to be prior to the 2016 election, unless he manages to force a constitutional amendment allowing himself to run for a third term.  However, I truly don’t think the amendment will be necessary, because he plans to forcibly take control of the country prior to the election.  Everything points to the conclusion that this is all in preparation for a hostile military takeover.


DA Tagliare

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I wrote another letter to my Representatives US Senators Marco Rubio and Bill nelson, and House of Representative Congressman Bill Posey.

Date : 03/06/2013 Time - 11:50 am


Respected Representatives,

I just received this reply from US Senator Bill Nelson of Florida and I am greatly disappointed in our Representatives decision. There are millions of AMERICANS out of work and you want to keep nearly 12 to 20 million ILLEGAL ALIENS that are sucking away very precious US CITIZEN PAID RESOURCES ? DO YOU WANT TO CUT ENTITLEMENTS AND WASTED EXPENSES FROM THIS GOVERNMENT ??? DO OUR SO-CALLED REPRESENTATIVES IN OFFICE NOW WANT TO JOIN THESE ILLEGAL INVADERS OF OUR COUNTRY IN DESTROYING THIS NATION ?


This is the response letter I received.
Please do not reply to this e-mail. If you need to send another message to Senator Nelson, please use the form on his Web site:

Dear Mr. Gamble:

Thank you for sharing your concerns about immigration reform. No matter how anyone feels about this issue, we all can agree the system we have is broken--and it needs to be fixed.

But if we try to deport the 11 million people who are working in this country with undocumented status, it would devastate our economy. So, I agree with the bipartisan group of senators, that there are steps we can take to ensure we're not amplifying the problem.

Their plan for immigration reform has a number of key elements, the first of which is that there is going to have to be real border security. It's hard to patrol a border of thousands of miles, particularly where people can merely walk across. But it has to be done in the context of overall immigration reform.

We also need to have an effective way for employers to verify whether the people they hire are eligible to work here. This also has to be part of any immigration reform.

I think the principles laid out for them by the bipartisan group are very good. Anyone who is here must follow the rules, not have a criminal record, pay a fine, learn English, and go to the end of the line to have an opportunity to get a green card. Those who are unwilling to play by these rules should be deported.

Be assured that in this debate I'll work to strengthen border security and for the creation of a guest-worker program that is functional. Please do not hesitate to contact me again in the future.

Bill Nelson

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We are tired of this crap ! DO YOUR JOBS FOR US CITIZENS ! There are millions of US CITIZENS THAT NEED JOBS !

Send all those ILLEGAL SPONGES back where they came from.


YOUR INCOMPETENCE ALLOWED A KENYAN BORN MUSLIM COMMUNIST INTO OUR GOVERNMENT OFFICES. Now, even under a so-called 'Sequester' this criminal is sending support to ISLAMIC RADICALS...while the US CITIZENS are being threatened with WHITE HOUSE RETALIATIONS by cutting services and even eliminating VOLUNTARY TOURS THRU THE WHITE HOUSE...

EVERY REPRESENTATIVE that votes to allow these criminals in this country will have my total rejection and I WILL ADVOCATE VERY LOUDLY EVERY WHERE I GO AND I WILL EXPRESS THIS OPINION TO EVERY ONE I KNOW.

I have HUNDREDS of friends on social sites...and those friends also have hundreds of friends...AND WE WILL BE HEARD LOUD AND CLEAR COME ELECTION TIME, I GUARANTEE YOU THAT FACT.

You all had better start getting your effects packed and ready to head back to what ever home you have left if you keep this crap up. You will be out of a job and when we finally do take this country back to were it needs to be, THERE WILL BE NO FREE RIDES FOR PAST REPRESENTATIVES EITHER....ANY OF THEM AND NO PUBLIC SECRET SERVICE PROTECTION OR OTHER BENEFITS OF ROYALTY THAT YOU ARE GETTING USED TO IN OUR GOVERNMENT OFFICES.


Robert Gamble - 82nd Airborne Artillery 1977

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     4063662454?profile=original           Is Black History Month still necessary with Barack Obama Election

Has Black History Month met its end with the re-election of Barack Obama? One could make a solid case for calling a halt to the month of February as an official celebration of the achievements of Black Americans, since many of the injustices of the past have died away along with the perpetrators. In the 21st Century should not the focus be on a unified America that celebrates and acknowledges the achievements of all Americans throughout the year?

The advent of Black History month began in 1926 as the second week in February, and was known as Negro History Week. Its creator, black historian Carter G. Woodson was clear about its purpose and eventual end. He insisted at the time that the holiday be eliminated, when “black history became fundamental to American history.”

Last year, noted international author Maya Angelou appeared to agree when she explained in an interview, "We want to reach a time when there won't be Black History Month, when black history will be so integrated into American history that we study it along with every other history," according to Fox News.

Well, it appears apparent that the jury is in and the verdict is clear, the need for Black History Month has met it original purpose. Woodson’s edict was that the need for the month to continue into perpetuity was not its purpose. Black history has been mainstreamed into what it always has been, and that is; part of America’s history. Even Academy Award winning actor Morgan Freeman strongly asserted in a Sixty Minutes interview, "Black History Month is ridiculous… Black History is American History!"

Well it seems that Barack Obama’s election has sealed the deal on that, considering that February was chosen as the official month to honor Abraham Lincoln’s birthday. Lincoln freed the black slaves and, is it not fitting that the end of this holiday has indeed run its natural course with the election and re-election of the first black president of the United States?

Americans have an opportunity to move on and stop reliving the practices and outrages of racism which once permeated every aspect of the nation’s culture. Blacks have been elected governors, and congress has growing numbers of black elected leaders. Now with a president who is black, where again is the need for Black History Month?

It is unnecessary to keep track of black achievement in areas of professionalism and other fields of achievement. These achievements are American achievements, and should not continue to be segregated or celebrated by racial designation.

The nation should be focused on celebrating the future of a united nation where racial designations have no purpose or place. If America is to truly become one nation, indivisible with justice for all, then it must do away with the categories and the special designations which continue to keep Americans separate and apart. Is this not now the spirit and practice of reverse racism?

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Three years after the White House arranged a hero’s welcome at the State of the Union address for the Fort Hood police sergeant and her partner who stopped the deadly shooting there, Kimberly Munley says President Obama broke the promise he made to her that the victims would be well taken care of.
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By Oscar Y. Harward


The radical ‘left’ in politics and the ‘mean-stream’ Medias are manipulating Americans on proposed changes in laws to outlaw our rifles, shotguns, pistols, and its’ accessories.  Their ill-promoted campaigns are to deceive Americans that all hunters, sportsmen/sportswomen, and/or others will not be affected by their legislation; but only to eliminate victims of all guns.


Our Founding Fathers were well aware most men were hunters who went out to kill wildlife in providing meat to feed themselves and their families.  Hunting for food with guns was no concern for creating the Second Amendment.


Read the US History! The primary purpose of the Second Amendment was and is to make sure Americans were never to be denied adequate weapons to compete in a battle against a ‘mutinous government’.


Who should or would want to own a weapon with a magazine that holds 40 cartridges?  Anyone who wishes to protect himself/herself, his/her family, our Constitutional freedoms, and wishes to maintain whatever is necessary for these protection(s), and/or when any of us foresee the potential(s) who may decide to overrule our Constitutional freedoms and when mutinous government official(s) have weapons with a magazine that holds 40 cartridges.  This is when you and I must demand that we, too, be allowed to compete in the battle with weapons against any individual(s), group(s), government(s), etc. for the protection of our lives, our families, and our Constitutional freedoms.


Look around. Talk to your family, friends, and neighbors.  Many are now in fear of a potential mutinous government right here.  Many elected and appointed officials are ignorant, ignoring, and/or disobeying our Constitution, US Code, and many other laws as they choose; without even being investigated, arrested, and/or prosecuted.


Do not be misled by the ‘left’ in politics and/or by the ‘main-stream’ Medias.  Become more educated by our Founding Fathers.


We must keep and protect our Second Amendment.  It was and is intended to protect Americans from a mutinous government.


KEEP YOUR EYES ON THE BALL!  The Second Amendment’s intent was and is to protect Americans from a ‘mutinous government’, not just allowing sportspersons to hunt for wildlife.

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Protect our Second Amendment


By Oscar Y. Harward


Based on our Second Amendment freedoms, it should be ‘unconstitutional’ for law-abiding citizen(s) be required in any state to complete any government form(s), other than a ‘legally valid’ Photo Identification (ID), prior to purchasing any hunting rifle, shotgun, or pistol.


An ‘instant’ National Instant Criminal Background Check System investigation should and would immediately ‘qualify or deny’ each individual’s right to purchase a hunting rifle, shotgun, or pistol. 


Use of a hunting rifle, shotgun, a pistol, etc., was addressed by our Founding Fathers only as “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed”.  


Many left-wing elected and appointed officials, and other activists who yearn in abolishing the Second Amendment often refer to these armaments only as hunting guns; rifles, shotguns, and/or pistols, but their characteristic descriptions are not metaphors from our Founding Fathers.


The ‘right of the people to keep and bear Arms’ discussions were referenced by our Founding Fathers only as a form of protection for individuals, their families, and a protection ‘from’ a lawless and mutinous government.


Any and all ‘elected and/or appointed’ government officials, who require, create, and/or command a recorded public record of purchasing, owning, and/or possession of a weapon, as defined, are themselves the ‘lawless’ in creating and recording additional illegal and unconstitutional freedoms, legislations, and/or regulations.

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By Oscar Y. Harward


"Those who have sought the most in gun control have sought the least in the punishment of criminals." - Robert J. Kukla


As we read, listen, and/or watch the news concerning a criminal tragedy of shooting children and adults as recently occurred in Newtown, Connecticut, and/or the violent lawbreaker who fired a rifle directed at Firemen in Webster, New York, the Liberals immediate remedy is to legislate more gun control.  The criminality with guns is not our problems; criminal individuals and others with deranged minds are.


Journal News’ publication of the New York citizens’ lawful purchasers’ of gun permits is just as serious of an invasion of each individual’s privacy rights as if Journal News’ privacy rights invasion(s) were in each and every individual’s own bedroom(s).


The foremost problems of illegal gun activities are the criminal elements and their political leaders within (y)our own Liberal government agencies.


Evidence may prove that several associates in President Obama’s administration, including the US Justice Department, and members of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) acted in the Fast and Furious plot while selling and/or approving the sale of automatic rifles, shotguns, and pistols, to a Mexican drug cartel; weapons that were used in murdering 3 innocent Americans and hundreds of Mexicans.  Our Justice Department and/or ATF had devised a scheme in an attempt to blame U.S. firearms manufacturers as scapegoats for this criminal violence.


Government gun control is nothing new.  History will prove that many Socialist and Communist leaders have become member leaders of the worldwide “Gun Control Hall of Fame”  who include: National Socialist Leader and Reich Chancellor of Nazi Germany, Adolph Hitler; Communist Party Chairman and founder of the People's Republic of China, Mao Tse-Tung; Cambodian’s Khmer Rouge leader Pol Pot; and Soviet Union’s Joseph Stalin who have become directly responsible for millions of innocent deaths with their own government’s gun control


When guns are confiscated by government(s), only criminals and government(s) have guns; then law-abiding voices become easier targets.


President Obama, Liberal Capitol Hill Democrats, Liberal main-stream Medias, and Liberal Academia are pounding their Liberal political agenda and silencing most Conservative by limiting or even denying any open forum in the Liberal Medias.


It is Liberal Democrat lawmakers, Liberal main-stream Medias, and Liberal Academia who spotlight Congress and States’ Legislatures into softening and/or decriminalizing more criminal acts; then demands more gun control legislation as a solution to the lawless craziness within our society.


It is our US Military who have used rifles and other weapons of war to defeat other nations, on foreign land and waters, and through the air without warfare within our own homeland in defeating enemy nations.


Japanese Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto: “You cannot invade the mainland United States. There would be a rifle behind each blade of grass.”


The 2nd Amendment of our US Constitution was crafted by our Founding Fathers to prevent a lawless and mutinous government from confiscating our weapons of protection.


“According to the FBI annual crime statistics, the number of murders committed annually with hammers and clubs far outnumbers the number of murders committed with a rifle.”  Are Liberal Capitol Hill Democrats, Liberal main-stream Medias, and Liberal Academia proceeding to support banning hammers?


Under our 2nd Amendment freedoms, it should be unconstitutional for law-abiding citizen(s) to be required in any state to complete any government form(s) before purchasing any hunting rifle, shotgun, or pistol.  A National Instant Criminal Background Check System investigation should and would immediately qualify or deny each individual’s right to purchase a hunting rifle, shotgun, or pistol.  The criminality of using a hunting rifle, shotgun, or pistol is most feared by law-abiding citizens whenever that weapon is used by a lawless and mutinous government, as well as by unlawful and psychologically ill individuals. 


Even less than a perfect solution, a m more comprehensive National Instant Criminal Background Check System can fix these glitches more quickly, accurately, effectively, and less expensive than any government(s) current laws and/or added legislation(s).


Our USA has become a nation with absent, and somewhat, lawless leadership of elected and appointed individuals who choose to obey or disobey our Constitution and US Code as they choose.  Furthermore, these lawless criminal officials are not being investigated, arrested, prosecuted, and if found guilty, sentenced to prison.


Any further gun control legislation will further tarnish (y)our Constitutional freedoms.

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4063641029?profile=original                           Michigan State Police protect Right To Work  Law supporters

                                 from assaults from organized union protesters


“There will be blood,” angrily threatened State Representative Douglas Geiss openly from the floor of the Michigan House of Representatives on Tuesday, according to Fox News. His frustration in the chamber was shouted out by thousands of organized labor supporters who rallied outdoors in the state capitol in opposition to Michigan’s 'Right to Work’ law. The legislation was signed into law by Republican Gov. Rick Snyder late Tuesday afternoon. Is union tyranny over?

Over the past several weeks, union unrest over right to work legislation had surfaced into slowly burning embers waiting to be ignited. On Monday, the igniter-in-chief arrived. So on Monday when, President Obama visited the Detroit area; he had been scheduled to discuss the fiscal cliff and its impact on Michigan families.

Instead he moved to shove Michigan elected Republican lawmakers off the legislative cliff. He eagerly chided legislators for supporting Right to Work legislation coming to a vote the next day in Lansing, the state capitol.

His invasion into the privacy and sovereignty of the state of Michigan was unnecessary, unwanted, unneeded and served to ignite hot language in an already combustible atmosphere. Instead of sticking to his script or teleprompter, Obama forgot his place and scolded Michigan’s governor and state house and senate leaders by sarcastically stating:

“These so-called 'right-to-work' laws, they don't have anything to do with economics. They have everything to do with politics," He then went on to add, "What they're really talking about is they're giving you the right to work for less money." President Obama

It is abundantly clear that Obama never took an economics course, if he believes that out-of-whack union wages and benefit packages have not placed a stranglehold on state, and local government budgets as well as private sector job creation. In fact, according to Fox News, seven of the states that have the most improved job creation numbers have Right to Work legislation on the books.

If you are a resident of Michigan or any other state and are or have been a member of a union, you know what it feels like to be threatened by union goons. They openly tell you when you can work, and when you cannot, and who you have to support for political office and who you should not. This is not union protection of wages, this is union thuggish behavior, used to harass, threaten and intimidate you!

To add insult to injury all of this is done courtesy of union dues paid by workers!

Yet, the Right to Work drive for Michigan workers arrived this year, past due on the desk of state capitol legislators. Just how could this happen in the cradle of organized unionism? To workers who have long supported this effort, it seems crystal clear. They want the right to jobs and the right to work!

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4063640320?profile=originalShould America pay for Obama Bailout Bacon for Detroit $200 million deficit because of voter election support?


When President Obama visits the Detroit area Monday, December 10th, should he bring a plane fill of election bacon payback for loyal Detroit voters? City Councilwoman JoAnn Watson is demanding America give the city bailout bacon to erase Detroit’s $200 plus million deficit as a quid pro quo for Detroit’s overwhelming presidential election support of Obama. “Elections have consequences,” she believes. So should you prepare to heat up the frying pan and get that bacon ready for Detroiters at your pocketbook’s expense?

In a Tuesday, December 4th City Council Meeting, Councilwoman Watson reminded those in the council chambers that , “After the election of Jimmy Carter, the honorable Coleman Alexander, he went to Washington, D.C. and came home with some bacon,” she also emphasized, That’s what you do!”

Is that what this nation has come to, that cities can spend exorbitantly more than they take in on fat union retirement pensions, salaries and bonuses, and obligate their citizens and the children to a bleak monetary wasteland? The financial aftermath is then left to the state or the nation to be the financial cleanup crew because city officials refuse to demonstrate budgetary leadership?

As much as its Detroit officials claim they want to get their financial house in order, the city public unions demand more, the city cannot afford to tax more, and the citizens are left with escalating crime and deescalating essential city services.

It actually gets worse. Much worse!

If you are a Detroiter and you are in desperate need of a police officer to respond to a crime, or a fire fighter to address a raging fire nearby or at your home, your best response time is a guesstimate. Detroit residents that need rapid EMS services would be better off asking a neighbor or friend to drive them to the nearest emergency room, because EMS response time is totally abysmal according to a recent 2004 city audit.

In fact, the Detroit News suggests from that same study, that in addition to very substandard communication equipment, “Detroit is the only major American city that does not allow a firefighter or a police officer to aid a victim before the ambulance arrives.” If you are one of the fortunate Detroiters that do receive EMS assistance, two Detroit hospitals have shuttered their doors and EMS staffing has been slashed. Sorry, but good luck with that.

So where does that leave Detroiters and many other urban cities as well as states like California and Illinois with huge multi billion dollars bailouts and have informal requests into Washington for tax payer federal bailouts?

It leaves the nation grappling with the hard truth that former presidential candidate Mitt Romney attempted to highlight during the 2012 campaign. America’s mainstream media as well as liberal and many moderate Republicans skewered him for telling the truth about the quid pro quo that exists in this “You earned it and I want it nation.” This is the new political landscape that is strangulating America’s self initiative and individual responsibility.

Romney was clear and honest when he stressed, that Obama promised, “Gifts” to minorities, young voters, and women.” Everything is free and the Christmas tree and all that is under it are up for grabs in Obama’s new America.

Romney went on to affirm, “It’s a proven political strategy, which is give a bunch of money to a group and, guess what, they’ll vote for you,” So why was he vilified by the same liberals who have their free abortion pills, free government bacon, free illegal immigration rights hands stuck out?

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