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Congressional Armed Services Committee and others:

Via Fax: Armed Services Committee Office - (202) 225-9077 

Senate Armed Services Committee and others:

Via Fax(s): Committee Majority - 202-228-0036;      Committee Minority - 202-228-0036

Ladies and Gentlemen:


There is much attention across America and the world focusing on the Phoenix, AZ Veterans Administration Health Care System Center and the mistreatment and/or abuse of Veterans and their families.  Documented evidence is becoming more indisputable to members on Capitol Hill, American citizens, and ‘main-stream’ Media outlets nationwide.  An open, thorough, and totally exposed investigation will likely reveal a ‘cancerous’ sense of horror that exist in ‘many other VA Medical facilities’ and ‘other offices’ across America.


I, Oscar Y. Harward, am ‘victim’ of a betrayal by the Veterans Administration and have suffered profoundly due to their mistreatment.


The Veterans Administration continues to deny this Complainant’s ‘bi-lateral hearing loss’ which is diametrically opposed to Veterans Administration records based on my account, supported by on-the-scene US Military fellow witnesses and others, and not yet received US Army records.  It is my understanding that US Army records with facts must be ‘sought out, established, and coordinated’ for corresponding decisions made by the Veterans Administration’s in Winston Salem, NC.


The Veterans Administration has a complete file on this Claim relating to my ‘bi-lateral hearing loss’, vs. the VA findings and/or lack of US Army records that the VA, obviously, never asked for nor received.  I have signed on all release forms for the VA to ascertain all records, as requested.


May I offer a few item Facts relevant to the Official Claim and supplemental evidence as submitted by this Complainant to the Veterans Administration?


  1. I, Oscar Y. Harward, hereinafter known as a Complainant am a veteran of the North Carolina Army National Guard, a division of the US Army.


  2. This Complainant was in the NC National Guard, Battery B, Ist. Battalion, 113th. Artillery; a component of the US Army with a date of Enlistment on 15 July 1965, and discharged on July 14, 1971.


  3. This Complainant declares that upon separation from the North Carolina National Guard (Battery B, Ist. Battalion, 113th. Artillery) on July 14, 1971, he received an ‘Honorable Discharge’.


  4. This Complainant declares that on a Department of Defense ‘Order’ and on or about July 29 or July 30, 1969, that Battery B, Ist. Battalion, 113th. Field Artillery was in training at Ft. Stewart, Georgia on 105mm towed Artillery guns.

  5. At the specific date and time of this training in 1969, and on a 105mm Field Artillery gun, this Complainant was assigned at a Field Artillery gun forward guard position placed approximately 50 to 100 meters directly in front of a 105mm Field Artillery Battery gun that is a reference in Item 6.


  6. This Complainant declares that while battery B was firing 105mm shells with timed fuses, a timed fuse affixed to a 105mm shell exploded immediately, prematurely, and untimely after leaving the 105mm artillery gun tube of the Field Artillery field gun placed directly toward the rear of the forward guard position. The timed fuse of the 105mm artillery gun was projected for, and should have exploded some miles away, and above a designated and specified target.  If released, US Army records will prove this defective timed fuse affixed to a 105mm shell was a World War II issue weapon; at least 24+ years old.  This is undisputed evidence supported by other Battery B fellow soldiers as on-the-scene witnesses.


  7. An emergency ‘Cease Fire’ was immediately called by Battery B Officers as this Complainant was injured and was checked by the Battery B Firing Officer and 2 other Non Commissioned Officers (NCOs) on site.  There were no Medical attendants at the time.  This same Battery B Officer and two NCOs are the ones who present ‘sworn statements’ relating to this accident.


  8. Prior to any additional Artillery firing, all other unused timed fuses were checked by Officers and Non Commission Officers to prevent any additional accidental, unpredicted, premature, and untimely accidental explosions.  While Complainant’s ears were bleeding, this Complainant refused Medical care and refused to sign an official accident report.  Firing Officers and Non Commissioned Officers on sight offered and encouraged Complainant to seek medical care.


  9. Complainant refused medical help and official accident report offers as Complainant erroneously believed his hearing would recover, and Complainant believed any accident and/or personal injury claim would be representative as Complainant being opposed to the US Military, and/or the US Government.  This Complainant’s personal position was based on President John F. Kennedy’s January, 1961 statement when he said, “And so, my fellow Americans: ask not what your country can do for you — ask what you can do for your country.”  This Complainant also believed seeking medical help at the time would illustrate a sign of weakness for an Artilleryman.


  10. Complainant states that his hearing was damaged from this unpredicted, premature, and untimely accident. Complainant has sworn statements from 1 Officer and 2 Non Commissioned Officers supporting this evidence; who were present and on-the-scene.  Complainant further states that his hearing has never recovered.


  11.  During this time of service in the US Military and while in the field firing artillery, there was no US Army Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) instructions  for soldiers to wear hearing protection; different from todays’ SOP instructions requiring hearing protection.


  12. Complainant further states his decision for seeking Veterans Administration compensation and other assistance some forty years after the accident was due to several personal loses, and specifically, two Heart Attacks, one Stroke, and now six back surgeries; all that have left this Complainant totally disabled and unable to earn a living.


This summary is to point out for your knowledge in an Official Record within US Army files where there are facts relating to the Complainant that the VA has not retrieved and more likely never asked for:

  1. This Complainant recalls that the US Army has at least 2 US Army Audiologist testing reports on this Complainant that are located somewhere in US Army files.  This Complainant had one medical check-up in approximately January 1965 as directed by the Anson County Draft Board that ‘ordered’ a total US Military Check-up.  This Complainant  was ordered to meet in Wadesboro, NC at the Anson County Draft Board office and then transported with others by; I believe a Trailways Transportation bus (now Greyhound Lines) transporting me to Charlotte, NC for a US Military total pre-draft Check-up including a hearing test by a US Army Audiologist. This total pre-draft Check-up including a hearing test was completed at the US Army Reserves facility just a few blocks east of the Charlotte, NC square; then transported back to the Anson County Draft Board office in Wadesboro, NC.  


  2. There may be another hearing test by a US Army Audiologist in the summer of 1966 while the Complainant was ordered and stationed at Ft. Bragg, NC (better known at the time as Tent City) for a period of 2 weeks; under Department of Defense orders as  directed by the US Army Reserves, 108 Division, Greensboro-High Point, NC base location area.  Again, there were no reports relevant to this Complainant’s hearing other than that this Complainant had excellent hearing.


  3. In or about March 1965, I received a letter of communication from the US Army and/or the Anson County Draft Board reporting that I had flat feet, corrective lenses for bad sight, and a number 1 finger amputated near the first joint on my left hand.  Because of my right eye sight, my left eye and my left hand had caused my amputated finger to become my trigger finger.  It appeared that I had been rejected.


  4. Although, I did have a hearing test by a US Army Audiologist at the about January 1965 pre-draft examination at the time, there was no communication by US Army Audiologist’s report relevant to my hearing other than that I had excellent hearing.


  5. In early June, 1965 I chose to go ahead and join the NC Army National Guard; only days before I received another letter from the Anson County Draft Board with orders to report to active duty in a draft.  My newer decision to join the NC Army National Guard superseded the Anson County Draft Board’s orders.  I wanted  to serve my America!


  6. Due to the US Army pressing for massive numbers of new troops in 1965 to be trained and sent to Vietnam, there was a major delay in all National Guard’s trainees going to any Army base for Basic Training as all Basic Training camps were packed to the limits.


  7. In January 1967, I received military orders to report to Ft. Bragg, NC for Basic Training.  Here again, at Ft. Bragg, the US Army did another full US Military Check-up; including a Hearing test by a US Army Audiologist at Ft. Bragg, NC.  And again, the verbal report to me was that I had excellent hearing.


  8. The US Army has an official record showing my excellent Hearing as determined by their own US Army Audiologist in about January 1965, a second US Army Audiologist Hearing test in mid to late January, 1967, and perhaps with other ‘Official US Army’ reports with a test report of ‘excellent hearing’ as verbally reported to me.  Their own US Army Audiologist tests records will prove to confirm this evidence at these times.

  9. Additionally, my request has been ignored by the Veteran Administration for the documentation of the dating of a 24 year old World War II issued 105mm Artillery faulty timed fuse exploded immediately after leaving the artillery gun tube of the Field Artillery field gun in late July or early August 1969, rather than exploding some miles away, and above a designated and specified target.


  10. This Official Claim is and was based on my ‘bi-lateral hearing losses’ hat was created in the US Military accident in late July or early August 1969 that damaged my hearing.


  11. When this accident happened, on I believe July 29 or July 30, 1969, I was posted, under order, some 50 to 100 meters, as a guard, directly in front of the 105mm Artillery Gun as directed by one of my sworn witnesses, 1st SGT Johnny Williams whom also served America as an Artilleryman in the Korean War.


  12. It was an accident when at least a dated 24 year old World War II issued 105mm Artillery faulty timed fuse exploded immediately after leaving the artillery gun tube of the Field Artillery field gun, rather than exploding some miles away, and above a designated and specified target.  This dated 24+ year old fuse was issued by the US Army Ordinance in Ft. Stewart, GA to our US Army NC National Guard unit on the US Army reservation.  This complainant has asked the VA for evidence of confirmation of this dated World War II issued 105mm Artillery faulty timed fuse; without any response.


  13. It appears the VA is denying the accident, my loss of hearing, and/or the 5 ‘Honorable’ US Military retirees and another sister who is a retired public school teacher’s sworn statement witnesses of this accident on this Complainant’s claim.


  14. This documented ‘dated’ World War II issued 105mm Artillery faulty timed fuse and the official report of this incident is in a US Army file somewhere.


  15. I certainly did refuse medical attention even thought my ears were bleeding.  I truly did not wish to seek anything at any time for me from my US Government.  Additionally, seeking medical help at the time would illustrate a sign of weakness for an Artilleryman.


  16. The ‘bi-lateral hearing loss’ is clearly identified by on-the-scene Military witnesses of my hearing differences of before and after this accident.  The US Army has official records of excellent hearing by US Army Audiologist tests on this Complainant in at least 2, 3, or even more Hearing tests beginning in 1965 and thru 1967.


  17. My goal in life was to continue without the assistance of our US Government. 


  18. The record should show in US Army records that on at least 3 hearing test (and maybe more) by US Army Audiologist within early (January) 1965 through the spring (March) of 1967 whereas this Complainant had excellent hearing.


In closing:


Over my adult years, and in a small effort to enhance the lives of others, this Complainant has participated as a volunteer and leader in many Not-For-Profits including the American Cancer Society; the American Heart Association; NC American Red Cross, Easter Seals; National Kidney Foundation; Boy Scouts for America; Rotary International; St. Jude’s Children Hospital; Lions International; United Way; Masonic Lodge 618; the Friendship Home of Monroe, NC; Union County, NC Community Shelter, and others.


This Complainant’s most gratifying memories of successes was an unorganized group of men and women in Monroe, and Union County, NC who normally on a daily basis had breakfast at Duke’s Grill in Monroe, NC and who sought out for many of those in needs; and then delivering their needs without any others’ knowledge.  One success was to pay off a low 5 figure homeowners’ debt to a widow, immediately after the death of her spouse.  Another was to present a rented home and utilities for a period of time to a substantiated case of an abused woman with 3 children, some 10 days before Christmas.  The house included a presentation of an oil heater with fuel, all furniture, appliances, and groceries for food; then topped off with a huge ‘Santa Clause’ for the 3 young children.


This Complainant’s life all changed when Complainant suffered a 2nd heart attack, followed by a stroke some few days later on America’s Birthday, July 4, 2002 that left this Complainant totally disabled; with little resources without the abilities to work and make a living.  This Complainant has often said the stroke left this Complainant with only my Salvation and my Social Security disability.


With this Complainant’s 2nd Heart attack followed by a stroke and several back surgeries at the time, this Complainant still did not seek Social Security disability.  Dr. Larry Watt at Sanger Heart & Vascular Institute, Charlotte, NC came to my hospital room in Carolina Medical Center-Main, Charlotte, NC telling me that my working days were over because to my brain damage from a stroke.   Dr. Watt told this Complainant  that he, Dr. Watt, had submitted the Social Security disability claim on this Complainant.


After all these health and financial failures when later, at the suggestions of many others whom I served with in our Military and at work, insisted that I go to the Veterans Administration and submit an Official Claim for US Military related monthly compensation from the 1969 accident as explained in this declaration.


As for added information, my NC National Guard unit, Btry. B, 1st. Bn, 113th FA, Monroe, NC consistently finished Number 1 in all competition, with one exception.  Even with that 1 failure, corrections were made immediately and Btry. B, again finished Number 1 in competition.


During my 6 year tenure in the Military, all members of Btry. B, 1st. Bn., 113th FA were professional soldiers in every respect; at all times.  Battery B represented professionalism assembled with skilled, competent, and motivated men.  Btry. B members took voluminous pride in our complete Battery B; its’ efficiency, and its’ effectiveness.  We all worked together as a Military family.


Anywhere in the field on a Military reservation, our Battery B could be riding down a road in or on our Battery B trucks, when we unexpectedly, would receive a Fire Mission from the respective Base Command for a target miles away.  We would stop our vehicles, separate the towed 105mm Artillery gun from the truck, set up our 105mm Artillery guns for firing, our Fire Direction Control (FDC) would plot the target on the map, provide the azimuth and elevation to the gun Sergeants, and those on the Battery B guns would deliver 105mm shells to or within the effective ‘target’ area within some 3 minutes of time.  These war-practices were in real time and before lasers were introduced.


It is difficult for this Complainant to accept the Veterans’ Administration’s reject  the decisions on this claim after the sworn statements of these ‘Honorable’ men’s’ entire careers of this Military Officer and four (4) NCOs as unreliable witnesses, while at the same time the VA is failing to ascertain the official records of the US Army concerning this Complainant’s before and after ‘bi-lateral hearing losses’.


It is my belief that most US Veterans would also agree that for the Veterans’ Administration to dismiss the sworn statements of these 5 ‘Honorable’ entire careers; of this 1 retired Military Officer and four (4) now retired (1 now deceased) NCOs as unreliable witnesses, while at the same time, for failing to ascertain the official record of the US Army and their records concerning this Complainant’s official US Army records before, during, and after his ‘bi-lateral hearing losses’ leaves a time of disgrace to the Veterans Administration and others.  Based on this VA decision and other Veterans with ‘Honorable’ records, the VA is leaving Veterans naked without information as they are unable to file a complete claim while the VA and US Army may be refusing to ascertain and/or release the records and facts.


It is also my belief that most US Veterans would also agree that many officials in the Veterans Administration are just waiting on time for US Veterans and their witnesses to die; while leaving the Veterans Administration’s decisions unquestioned.  One witness with his sworn statement in support of this Complainant’s claim has already died.  Others are reaching the older age so as any of us may pass away any day.


Along this journey for Justice within the Veterans Administration, the VA has rejected this Complainant’s claim on several occasions with this Complainant’s appeal. 


The mistreatment and other abuse of Veterans and their families as documented evidence is bringing more awareness to members on Capitol Hill, more Americans across our country, and the ‘main-stream’ Medias.  An open and totally exposed investigation may expose a depressing ‘cancer’ of fear in America as the Veterans Administration are likely mistreating many  other Veterans with similar problems in many other VA Medical facilities and offices across America.


In my very first meeting with the local county Veterans Administration meeting, I was told the VA was required to respond to all communications within 60 days.  While this Complainant has abided by the Veterans Administration 60 day rule and/or law, the VA has failed on many occasions.  


It appears that many employees within this VA office and others may be busy pushing paper, just to receive their paycheck, rather than serving the Veterans they are employed to represent.


There is still 1 VA appeal currently pending within the DC Veterans Administration; again with a February 21, 2014 video hearing between Winston Salem, NC and the Washington, DC office; as we are in wait after nearing a 120 day decision hearing process.


Yes, I am victim of a betrayal by the Veterans Administration and have suffered profoundly due to their mistreatment.


Respectfully submitted!




Oscar Y. Harward

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On June 10, South Carolinians will choose between which GOP candidates to the US Senate will represent South Carolinians’ values.


SC has one US Senator in Tim Scott who represents South Carolinians’ values.  A second choice is up for (re)election.


If you oppose President Obama, abortion, ObamaCare and his job-killing economy, you may choose and oppose Lindsey Graham as Sen. Graham is one of Capitol Hill’s biggest GOP supporters.


If you oppose President Obama’s stand on ‘abortion’, you may want to defeat Lindsey Graham, as Sen. Graham is the ‘only GOP Senator’ on the Senate Judiciary Committee who supported President Obama’s SCOTUSs’ nominees Sonia Sotomayor in 2009 and Elena Kagan in 2010; both nominees were known supporters of ‘abortion’.


On both occasions, had GOP Sen. Graham voted ‘NAY’ with all other GOP members on the Senate Judiciary Committee, both of Obama’s radical and left-wing SCOTUS nominees would have died in the Judiciary Committee as Senate rules require a total majority of votes with at least one vote from both political parties.  Sen. Graham provided President Obama that one vote from the Republican Party side in the Judiciary Committee.


SC deserves a US Senate candidate who will represent South Carolinians’ values.


Oscar Y. Harward

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Karl Rove’s criticisms of Hillary Clinton's age and health were “pathetic,” Sen. Dianne Feinstein said Sunday.

“In my view, she’s in the prime of her political life. She’s got the energy. She’s articulate. She’s got the background. She’s got the smarts. She has all of the elements of a good leader plus the fact, and this is not to be underestimated, she is enormously attractive to people,” the California Democrat said on CNN's "State of the Union." “And she carries the torch for women who are the majority of votes in this country, very strongly and very high.”

POLL: Should Barack Obama resign the Presidency?

Rove suggested at a recent conference that Clinton suffers from “brain damage” from a blood clot that temporarily prevented her from testifying about the attacks on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya.

But Feinstein dismissed the claims, saying Clinton’s experience as secretary of state will position her well to make foreign policy decisions in the White House.

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In a textbook case of damning with faint praise, the Washington Monthly's Ed Kilgore asserted on Thursday that of all the "dramatically underqualified people" who may run for president in 2016, Ben Carson is the frontrunner.  

Kilgore opines that since Carson is black, his popularity with white conservatives "absolve[s] them of any racist motives when they complain about those people on welfare, and indeed accuse white liberals of being the real bigots." (Italics in original.) He adds that should Carson run, "it seems likely he [would] be even more overtly than [Herman] Cain a pure instrument for conservative resentment and—if you will forgive the unavoidable term—whitewashing."

From Kilgore's post, with no memory of Al Sharpton for President 2004 (emphasis added):

The bar for a “viable” presidential candidate was most dramatically lowered in 2012, when pizza entrepreneur and radio gabber Herman Cain briefly led the polls for the Republican nomination to become Leader of the Free World...

POLL: Where do you get your news?

There’s no telling how many dramatically underqualified people will run for president in 2016 and ascend from the anonymous ranks of cranks and perennial candidates whose campaigns toil in perpetual obscurity. Some, like former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton, may even have minimal on-paper credentials and thereby muscle his way onto debate platforms. But the candidate of that nature most likely to make a splash is Dr. Ben Carson, a distinguished neurosurgeon and philanthropist (and also a conservative Christian motivational speaker and writer) who’s become the Latest Big Thing on the conservative defying-the-left circuit...

Now that reliable expositor of the conservative CW, the Weekly Standard’s Fred Barnes, reports that Carson is getting serious about a presidential run, which he describes more or less as a trip down the road to Golgotha:

“It’s a daunting thing,” he told me. “I know how vehemently the left will come after you, try to destroy you, try to destroy your family. But at the same time I recognize that people like Nathan Hale - he said, ‘My only regret is I have but one life to give to my country’ … And if everybody runs for the hills because they’re afraid that somebody is going to attack them or their family, then [the left] will have won.”

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A Letter To Our “Keepers”

Dear Mr. President, members of Congress, judges, FBI agents, Bureau of Land Management, EPA, IRS, Sheriffs and Chiefs of Police, law enforcement officers, and anyone acting in any capacity for the government who think their job is to keep us down, keep us in our place, keep tabs on us, keep their hand in our pockets, keep inciting racial discord, keep spending money, and the rest of you government lackeys who never actually worked for a paycheck:

Eagle and Flag Patriot

It’s time for us to have a conversation. You don’t know me, even though you have sifted through my email, listened to my phone conversations, oversaw my blog and Facebook posts, taxed the hell out of me, never once actually acted on any of those letters, phone calls or emails I sent you expressing my opinion about upcoming bills, or how you govern the country. Let me tell you a little about myself before we get to the meat of the matter.

I am Mrs. Nobody, and I am Mrs. Everybody. You have passed me on the street and never noticed. I am pretty unremarkable, except, you see, I am not. I have spent most of my years as a student, a wife, a mother, a worker, a boss, a small business owner, an artist, a cook, a blogger, a reader, a Christian, a dog lover, a really lousy singer who likes to sing along to oldies, and a patriot. Recently, I achieved possibly the highest honor in my life with the birth of a little smiling girl and a happy  laughing boy. I became a grandmother.

That essential spark we humans carry inside us was fanned again into flame, as each new generation tends to do for us. We settle down into life and we become somewhat complacent until something rocks us, something so exciting and holding such promise for the future, so that naturally, as new parents and grandparents, we are stirred to passion and concern for our world and the world we will leave for our beloved children and grandchildren.

Maybe that’s why you guys are so big on abortion, because you don’t need all those new kids upsetting the status quo you have going on, but I digress.

POLL: Does the Federal Government routinely assume powers that it is not granted by the Constitution?

Back to our conversation. Several years ago I made the comment to my friend Yatz that if I were in the Army, I’d probably be a cook. I said that for a number of reasons, and on a number of levels it has meaning to me. At the time, it was pretty self deprecating, and meant to be, but I have had some time to think it over and I have decided you government jerks (I wanted to use the term pricks, but I thought better of it. Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton are in on this letter too) had better be afraid of us cooks.

This is going to be a chain of thought list here, in no particular order of occurrence or ranking of abuse. It’s Mother’s Day when I am writing this, and I have better things to do than lay out a history lesson and formal outline of your abuses. You commit them faster than I can keep up anyhow.

Hillary Shrillary You allowed my fellow Americans to die in Benghazi, and you didn’t even go to the security meetings while you schmoozed and boozed and slept and sent your minions out to lie and deceive, you stood in the way of military assistance, and then you flung your heinous, evil, “What difference does it make?” comment in the face of wives, children, mothers, fathers, friends, the world, and, oh, yeah, me. You sent the IRS to harass and persecute me when you stood in front of the Tea Party.

You are allowing veterans to die and fudging the numbers to cover your sorry, worthless, lemme say that one again, worthless butts. You are arresting parents at school board meetings who question your agenda. You are driving armored Hummers in my small town, you “peace officers.” You are harassing gun owners, you are attempting to use every tragedy, every nefarious method you can connive to take away or abridge my right to own and carry a gun, you are forcing me to pay for abortions and birth control, you are fighting my freedom of religion on every front, especially against my Christian brothers and sisters serving in the military.


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May 9, 2014

Mr. Steven Slazinik

IRS Criminal Investigation Unit

Phoenix, AZ 85012

Dear Steve:

Enclosed for your review is documentation regarding tax fraud that I believe occurred in 1991.  The best case scenario is that the individual filed his tax return but failed to pay required employer & employee social security taxes.   Worst case scenario the individual failed to file a tax return for 1990.   

I believe the fraud penalty would apply since the individual was a recent graduate of Harvard Law School and as expert on constitutional law would have “had knowledge of its falsity and intended that it be acted upon or accepted as the truth”.


Tom Draper reported in GQ Magazine’s November 2009 issue ( that President Obama signed a six-figure contract with Poseidon Press on November 28, 1990.  The exact amount was reported as $150,000 by Christopher Andersen in his book Barack and Michelle: Portrait of an American Marriage.  According to Jack Cahill, Barack Obama was advanced $75,000 for the book.  It’s not unusual in the publishing business to receive one-third to one-half of the contract value upfront. However, a $75,000 advance would have required a recent law school graduate strapped with heavy student debt to pay the IRS $25,000 four and ½ months later.  I have been a CPA for 34 years and I’m Certified in Financial Forensics. In 1988 I was hired by the Arizona House of Representative in the Senate Impeachment Trial of Governor Evan Mecham.  My forensic analysis of an improper $80,000 loan from a political fund to a private car dealership justified the Impeachment of Governor Mecham. 


In the fall of 2012 I reviewed the tax returns of both presidential candidates.  During my analysis of President Obama’s 2001 Individual Tax Return, I found 10 math errors.  The errors were simple arithmetic errors and confirmed a high level of tax incompetency.   President Obama’s 2001 tax return wasn’t signed by a paid preparer.  I verified that the Obama’s prepared three different drafts of their 2001 tax return.  The first draft calculated an income tax liability of $79,000.  This would have required taxable income of $271,000.  In contrast, President Obama’s website shows 2001 taxable income of $250,000.   President Obama ended up paying income tax on $21,000 of phantom income that resulted in sending Uncle Sam an extra +$7,300.  Based on the fact that Barack Obama used bits and pieces from three different 2001 tax drafts, made 10 errors, overpaid his taxes by $7,300 by claiming $21,000 of phantom income, President Obama lacked the necessary competency to correctly prepare his taxes.     

I believe President Obama committed tax fraud in 1991 by mishandling a $75,000 book advance he received from Poseidon Press in November of 1990.  I have calculated two tax scenarios: 1) failed to pay social security taxes and owes IRS $43,000 or 2) failed to report $75,000 currently owes the US Treasury in excess of $130,000. Failure to file and pay income taxes is a federal felony

There are two methods to verify that Barack Obama committed tax fraud.  Congress has given the Whistleblower Office the authority to hire experts for our expertise in order to expedite the fraud investigation. I will agree to waive my hourly billing rate of $225.00.  I estimate that the fraud investigation of President Obama can be completed in 1 minute!

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By John W. Lillpop

With the nation, his presidency, and the American form of self-governance under siege, is it not time for Barack Hussein Obama to face reality and spare the nation yet another two + years of grief?

From the use of the IRS to persecute political enemies, to reckless spending which added trillions of dollars to the bloated and dangerous  federal deficit, to deliberate lies about a flawed Marxist health care program repugnant to most Americans, to abandonment of border security, national sovereignty, and refusal to enforce immigration law, and to inept, naive mismanagement of foreign affairs, has not Barack Obama already done enough damage to America?

On top of all of that, e-mails produced in response to a Freedom of Information Act(FOIA) suit reveal that the Obama administration withheld evidence concerning the Benghazi slaughter of 2012, which cost four American diplomats their lives, and which may have been covered up just weeks before the 2012 presidential election in order to protect Obama’s foolish campaign claim that Al-Quaeda had been decimated!

Under the circumstances, is it not time for the American people to demand, “Enough is enough!”

Clearly, Barack Obama has lost his good sense. He can no longer be trusted with national security or important functions that require mature judgment. He has zero credibility with the public, Congress and the world.

Barack Obama needs to leave Washington, D.C. as soon as possible. Waikiki Beach is calling and Barack Obama is urgently needed there.
POLL:  Should Barack Obama be Impeached?
Learning from History:

In 1974, America was confronted with a rascal in the White House by the name of Richard M. Nixon. Unfortunately, Nixon was a despicable crook.

But in 1974, the Republican Party was blessed to have a few leaders with cajoles and a passion for America. Those noble Republicans walked into the White House at an appropriate time and let Nixon know that his time had elapsed and that, in the interests of the nation and himself, it was time to go.

To his credit, Richard M. Nixon did the honorable thing by resigning the presidency. On August 9, 1974, President Nixon boarded an Air Force helicopter on the lawn of the White House and made his way home to California.

America was grateful for the fact that our “national nightmare was over” and the healing process began immediately!

Today’s challenge: America needs three or four Democrats with or without cajoles to deliver a Nixon-like message to Barack Obama.  Namely, “Mr. President, Your Time Is Up!”

By leaving now, Mr. Obama can accomplish the most noble and patriotic act of his presidency. And America can begin healing.
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Is it a Secret National Network Movement Moving Under Press Radar in Presidential Run 2016 

National Movement Moves under Press Radar for Presidential Coalition 2016

FEARTURE EDITORIAL: The Post & EmailA growing sentiment exists among Americans that is swelling nationally. More Americans are awakening to the facts that neither the Republican nor the Democratic Party is really taking a stand for the Constitution of the United States. The blatant disrespect for the Supreme Law of the Land is not going unnoticed by Americans.

The politicians in the arena of considerations as candidates, or potential candidates for President 2016, have been flexing their muscles a little bit lately. Paul Ryan was featured as potentially becoming the strongest member of Congress with the retirement of Michigan Representative Dave Camp.

Senator Rand Paul recently made headlines in building up a 50 state national network that could potentially be a vehicle in the race for President in 2016.

The Democratic Party has set itself up for a primary split on the ticket with rumors of Hillary Clinton's run for President and V.P. Joe Biden also announcing he is putting together a campaign for President.

Unnoticed but equally formidable is the potential for an Independent Candidate especially one who actually has a record of taking a stand for the Constitution. With the biggest national security threat going unnoticed by main-stream candidates Americans are finding that their main-stream candidates are easily thrown into the Misprision of felony busObama is driving in actually working from their pulpits to keep Obama's fraudulent identity covered up.

Cody Robert Judy has distinguished himself over the last 8 years in Presidential Politics running against all odds. As the Obama fraudulent long form birth certificate, mis-matched social security number, phony draft registration, closed foreign-student college registration status, self reported author essay all testifying against Obama's qualification for the Office of the President as a "natural born citizen" are ignored and covered up by mainstream candidates, their actions are not going unnoticed.

Aligning and arming himself with the truth of the principles of the qualifications of the Office of the President Cody has also distinguished himself as the only candidate in America in 2008 and 2012 to hold both Sen. John McCain and Sen. Barack Obama responsible in Court Records reaching into the United States Supreme Court in Judy v. Obama 12-5276.

According to law there has never been any doubt for those meeting the two prong test 'born in the U.S. to Citizen parents', and Cody says we are reaping the rewards now of the cover up created with Sen. John McCain's request for his fellow Senators Hillary Clinton and Sen. Barack Obama/Soetoro to co-sponsor non-binding senate resolution 511, officially recognizing Sen. McCain was not born in the U.S., and knew he failed the test of qualification for the Office of President.

Of course Sen. Barack Obama knew he would have his clock cleaned on the principle established for the Office of the President if he didn't have a needle and thread suing up Republican's mouths and Sen. Res. 511 did just that, creating a wide spread and saturated clothe in the political arena of a mis-prision of felony throughout those who actually hold offices or have held offices within the Government of the United States.

Cody as a candidate for President within the Democratic Party in 2012 reported this to Georgia Attorney General and the Georgia Courts with the professional evidences of conclusion held in Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Cold Case PosseMarch 2nd,2012, the day after the release of the report.

Defending the Constitution's very simple request for a natural born citizen in the Office of the President, Cody asks you to consider if your Candidate for President is unwilling to defend, protect, and preserve this simple line that holds so much power and sway in the qualifications for President, how much easier is it for them to neglect other parts of the Constitution that have your individual Civil Rights at stake?

Clearly with the over-reach of Government spying and the 24 crawling scandals coming out of this administration thus far, the largest rooting itself directly to Obama's handing out his long form fabrication at the White House Press Core room, one can easily conclude that something is amiss with all the other candidates in collaboration with Obama's cover-ups.

Both Republican Candidates as well as Democratic Candidates have the stink of Obama's fraud upon their feet that they haven't wiped off in the duty to report these dangerous circumstances to the public and to the proper authorities. Traditionally in America, presidential candidates have come from some other elected office including Mayors, Governors, U.S. Representatives, U.S. Senators, though being elected to some other office is certainly not a requirement for becoming President of the United States. Being a 'natural born citizen' is a requirement as well as being over 35 years of age. With Obama's massive cover-up glued to heels of so many in office, we are seeing again the wisdom of the Constitution's declarations before our eyes.

With the Sheriff Kits being distributed to all Congress, Senators, Governors, and Mayors and available to the public the window is narrowing on those elected in their offices at this time not being subjects of misprision of felony. A federal grand jury has been convened to probe Governor Chris Christie's involvement role in bridgegate under the authority of New Jersey's Federal Attorney General.

If indeed the federal grand jury finds evidence of involvement according to law, we will understand that those reporting the incident who were involved as Democrats in elected positions were protecting themselves from misprision of felony by reporting the incident. Christie's Office is also the subject of an investigation by a State Legislative Panel.

If this were a model to the Federal Office of the President of the United States in Obama's identity and qualification scandal, attorney general Eric Holder would be convening a Grand Jury to submit the evidences of Obama's fraudulent identity and qualification for the Office of the President to those members of the Grand Jury, and the U.S. House of Representatives as well as the U.S. Senate would also be holding hearings so that all the evidences might be considered and heard to exempt themselves from misprision of felony charges.

That's the duty of the Congress if the President shall fail to qualify. All of the Presidential Candidates for 2016 will indeed be responsible for answering the questions about Obama's identity and qualifications and why they chose to act according to their record on the matter, considering the evidences presented and laid out to them by professional criminal investigators. 

Due to the Office of the President having such great power and authority to prosecute, profile, and target individuals who are Americans indeed foreign allegiances of dual citizenship are prohibited from and only from the Office of the President for good reasons involving national security.

Though Cody Robert Judy is the only Presidential Candidate in America to file a record in Court in a non-partisan and non-racial stand for the principle in the United States Constitution against both McCain and Obama, those candidates for President in 2016 would either undoubtedly be charged or questioned for a Caucasian discrimination or in fact just a blatant disregard for the Constitution, neither one of which is something they would want on their resume.

How much sense does it make to elect and in such hire a President of the United States who has a record of blatantly refusing to uphold the law? How much sense does it make to put your trust in someone who has an actual record of working to cover-up Obama's fraud and deception which has then been perpetrated upon every American with horror and scandal? This cover-up is no longer in the shadows of "I dont know", or "My trust lies in the media report". Its at their door step.

While Cody Robert Judy's platform includes securing borders, working to pay down the debt, and create a more independent America for future generations, the exact same thing might be said by far more popular conservative candidates in the Presidential Election for 2016.

Cody insists that discernment in fact is embedded in the heart of each American. The trust to do what you say is embedded in the record of each Candidate and so always remains in their past actions of taking a stand. While Cody's Presidential Team may be seen as a JV Team compared to the Varsity Teams of Hillary Clinton, Paul Ryan, Rand Paul, Joe Biden, and others, at the very least Americans have a record with Cody's actions to put some trust into where it is extremely lacking in these other elected officials.

Cody says he wishes that other candidates actually would have taken this issue more seriously given the national security threat posed by it upon every American. "I don't think they have considered the ramifications of Obama's fraud upon the familys of every American. If their own family being blackmailed is in question then their leadership position should be retired quickly, 'land of the free and home of the brave' is a theme not a passing thought in leadership postions, and if its just the Constitution they have a problem with then of course they believe their oath a passing thought also. We are seeing the cave in the Republican party on Obamascare right now.", said Cody. 


Though a bit obscure in the report by National Media, a quick look at those supporting Cody Robert Judy for 2016 on a new facebook page shows a demographic of national support. This is very revealing on the candidate’s national conscience, broad scope of appeal, and is actually quite shocking.

Usually you would find a concentrated local appeal for a given candidate in a particular home base, such as you would find in an elected leaders appeal to their home state or elected seat. This is just not the case with Cody Robert Judy's Presidential page and reflects a broad demographics appeal that is not concentrated and completely random to the first 120 likes on facebook page.

Indeed if you didn't know it, you'd think there is in fact as reported with Sen. Rand Paul a network that has been set up nationally to handle a presidential run in 2016 that is flying under the radar of the National Press.

The weekly challenge has invited all those leaders who have liked Cody Robert Judy for President 2016 to get 5 more people they know to like the fb page. Won’t you join a team who can claim taking a stand for the Constitution with a record behind it that doesn't include covering up for Obama's identity fraud creating a constitutional crisis?
First 2016 Pres. Commercial
Staff of CRJ for President 2016
Cody Robert Judy
Obama Eligibility 4 Dummies
If you have no clue of Sheriff Joe's Cold Case Posse investigation concluding Obama's identification is a fraud, how you can write your elected leaders urging them to conduct hearings, I also am pushing for as a Candidate for PRES and took to the U.S. Supreme Court in Judy v. Obama Case 12-5276, go to this website and take the two part challenge. With your help America is made stronger and it will cost you some time and a couple of stamps. What have you done lately to protect this opportunity we have in the United States? We need your help. Oh, and pass it on.

How You Can Help

Obama's long form birth certificate has been exhumed to be nothing more than a long form fabrication by professional law enforcement standards and that was brought to the attention of the United States Supreme Court in Judy v. Obama 12-5276, for which I served as the Presidential Candidate running in the Democratic Party and after the primary, as an Independent Presidential Candidate securing the 'standing' necessary for the complaint in 2012 and2013.

Orrin Hatch R - U.S Senator from Utah and Mitch McConnell R- U.S. Senator from Kentucky just requested two sheriffs kits produced by Michael Volin of (WOBC) with the purpose of informing the public and elected officials of the forgery of the long-form birth certificate image posted since April 27, 2011 on the White House website. These kits (Get Yours Free Here) contain the same evidence released in March 1,2012 (and a little more) that I included in my case against Obama that went from Georgia State- Georgia State Supreme- to U.S. Supreme 12-5276 in Judy v. Obama. There will also be a Sheriff Kit 2 that will follow the coming revelations of the Cold Case Posse set to be released in a short time.

Please urge and encourage your Representatives to OPEN AND TRANSPARENT HEARINGS in the House of Representatives on Obama's eligibility as the solution to eliminating Obamacare. These hearings must be held and the evidence must be heard that are in the Sheriff's kits most all of the Representatives have received now.

If these hearings are conducted in the open and reported in the open, the evidence will mount collectively and the U.S. Senate although it has a majority of Democrats will have to concede to the facts and evidences or will be seen as completely unfit for their duties and as incompetent. Utah would most likely see more benefits come from supporting the Candidates like myself, (well, Candidate as myself because there were no other candidates in the entire U.S.A. who stood up for principle regardless of party), fighting for equal protections under the law in pushing for Open and Transparent Hearings in Congress with two million dollars on Obama's Verification Eligibility qualification hearings on the stage to remove him as a disability according to Amend 14, Sec.3 would be a lot faster solution.

Follow me on Twitter: Official Cody Robert Judy 2016 on Tweeter here 

You Can Help Me [ If you would like to help Cody Robert Judy in his bid for upholding the Constitution in “America’s Birther Campaign”, or ABC Campaign, which highlights the United States Constitution with information and education for voters to understand the tough questions politicians should be answering in 2014, and in the coming 2016 election for the Office of the President please make a contributions here

We pray for the Lord to save our Country and restore America from the dilapidation we now find ourselves, and the principles of the Constitution in. For this I am Taking A Stand

Sincerely, Cody Robert Judy YouTube: CODY JUDY / CODE4PRES TV Get Cody's Book:Taking A Stand9780595526116_p0_v1_s260x420.jpg 
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By Oscar Y. Harward


Senator ‘Chuck” Schumer (D-NY), Governor Andrew Cuomo, and New York Mayor Bill de Blasio, all essentially indicate that they, and ‘the people’ of New York, apparently have no desire to accept, support, and/or defend the Constitution of the United States, and more specifically, the Bill of Rights.  Sen. Schumer says the 1st Ten Amendments to the Constitution are being taken too literally.


Sen. Schumer is particularly referencing the First Amendment and the freedom of speech.  Are we to release these rights?  Will the voters of New York advocate that we surrender this and other ‘Bill of Rights’ to the Government?


Gov. Andrew Cuomo says pro-life activists along with anti-gay activists, and other supporters of the Second Amendment, are not welcomed in New York.  By my personal observation, this may have been Gov. Cuomo’s first exploratory remark as he chases a pursuit to become a 2016 Democrat Party Presidential nominee.


NY Mayor Bill de Blasio appears to be duplicating President Obama’s plan of ‘redistribution’ by proposing, “A tax on the wealthy to pay for free pre-school education for every four-year-old. He has already launched measures to expand paid sick leave to another half a million employees.  He has promised to work for 200,000 new affordable housing units, and to rebuild trust and confidence in the police.”


Does New Yorkers know and understand our US Constitution and/or New York’s History?  US Congress convened for the 1st time in New York City on March 4, 1789 in approving the Bill of Rights?


Do New Yorkers know, or have they forgotten the sacrifice of attaining ‘Independence’ from the Revolutionary War?  Have New Yorkers been taught or have they forgotten the Battle of Harlem Heights, Battle Hill, the Battle of Stony Point that later allowed Washington to cross the Hudson, other Revolutionary War, and additional war history?  Are these failures instrumental of your public education system as may be taught in public schools? 


Have Sen. Schumer, Gov. Cuomo, NY Mayor de Blasio, and New Yorkers forgotten "9/11/01"?  Do you remember how our entire Nation rallied around New York during and after these terrorist attacks?  Have Sen. Schumer, Gov. Cuomo, NY Mayor de Blasio, and New Yorkers forgotten the honor, the sacrifices, and the lives of New York’s and others’ police officers, firemen, and our soldiers in defense of our Constitution?  Have Sen. Schumer, Gov. Cuomo, NY Mayor de Blasio, and New Yorker's forgotten our Founding Fathers’ precious freedoms in our Constitution with inserted Christian values?


Freedom is not free.  Constitutional freedoms are fought and won at a heavy cost; Americans’ blood.  More than 600,000 American soldiers have died in combat for protecting our Constitution, our Nation, and our American flag.


Why do Sen. Schumer, Gov. Cuomo, NY Mayor de Blasio, and New Yorkers continue efforts to disassemble our Constitution?  How do New Yorkers fail to understand, and appreciate the price and values of ‘freedoms’?  Do New Yorkers fail to understand the loss of ‘freedoms’, and whom then elect, appoint, and/or direct officials in the State of New York as in other states?  Will Sen. Schumer, Gov. Cuomo, NY Mayor de Blasio, and other New Yorkers awaken before we, they, and/or others lose these precious ‘freedoms’?


The Army's Oath of Enlistment states that “I, (NAME), do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; …”  Every American should proudly ‘pledge, honor, and obey’ this ‘Oath’.


Patriotic Americans must be asking, “What rights do New Yorkers have in dismantling our Constitution comprised to insure all Americans may remain free from an oppressive government?”


It is a duty for each voter to elect and/or re-elect ‘responsible’ representatives.  If the voters of New York fully support Constitutional values, Americans will discover that New Yorkers are ‘Patriotic’ to our USA.  Your representatives will ‘honor’ the sacrifices of over 600,000 American soldiers; including your ancestors who fought and died for these values embedded within (y)our Constitution.


Up front, and based on election results, it is logical to assume that Sen. Schumer, Gov. Cuomo, and NY Mayor de Blasio are speaking for the people of New York.  If so, many of us are saddened.  Most of us anticipate that may change.


Currently, if Sen. Schumer, Gov. Cuomo, and NY Mayor de Blasio are not domestic enemies to our Constitution, who is?  Each element in our Constitution today is just as relevant now as our Founding Fathers inscribed in the 18th Century.

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1. The U.S. Constitution provides in Article II, Section 4, thus: “The President, Vice President and all civil Officers of the United States, shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors”.


2. The Constitution does not state what constitutes “High Crimes and Misdemeanors”. Nor can the Federal Judiciary do so since there is no right to appeal an impeachment to any of its courts. An impeachment is a political, not a judicial, decision, and so is the definition of “High Crimes and Misdemeanors”. At stake is not the impeached officer’s property, liberty, or life. Rather, We the People, the source of all political power, take back through our representatives in Congress the office that we gave the officer. Thus, whether the President commits an impeachable ‘High Crime or Misdemeanor’ when he lies to the People is a matter for the latter and their representatives to decide.


3. Had the Constitution provided for impeachment only for “High Crimes”, the conduct underlying the impeachment would have to attain a particularly conspicuous level of unacceptability to become a ‘High Crime’. But also “Misdemeanors” support an impeachment. Hence, the level of unacceptability of a certain conduct does not determine whether it is impeachable. Nor does it affect the punishment, for impeachment always leads to the officer being “removed from Office”.


4. An impeachment is in the nature of a recall, that is, the procedure under the federal Constitution for effectuating the principle, “the People giveth, and the People taketh away”. They are the masters in government of, by, and for them. Officers are public servants and as such are answerable to their masters, the People, who can impeach them.


5. Therefore, the impeachability of an officer who lies must be determined in light of:

a.         the circumstances evidencing that he knew that his statement was counterfactual so that his making it anyway was deceptive, a lie, and as a result, a betrayal of public trust on which his forfeiture of public office can be predicated;

b.         the motive for lying, and

c.         the consequences of the lie, even if unintended, for an officer who due to incompetence cannot foresee the consequences of his lie is also impeachable.

    A.      The circumstances evidencing knowledge of a counterfactual statement

6. Let’s make such determination concerning President Obama’s vouching to the American public for the honesty of his first nominee to the Supreme Court, Then-Judge Sotomayor(*> >jur:65§1). The circumstances evidencing his knowledge that his statement was counterfactual are these:


*NOTE: All (parenthetical) and [bracketed] blue text is references to supporting passages and footnotes, respectively, found in the study, Exposing Judges' Unaccountability and Consequent Riskless Wrongdoing: Pioneering the news and publishing field of judicial unaccountability reporting. That study is in the file downloadable through the external link In the study and everything else in the file, the blue text represents active cross-referential internal links that facilitate jumping to supporting passages and footnotes to check them.

a.         The New York Times, The Washington Post, and Politico[107a] had suspected her of concealing assets. Concealment of assets is a crime[ol:5fn10] committed to evade taxes or launder money of its illegal source and bring it back with the appearance of being lawful so as to invest it openly without the risk of self-incrimination attached to investing dirty, unlawfully obtained money.


b.         The FBI must have investigated such suspicion of concealment of asset, for it could have derailed J. Sotomayor’s confirmation. Using its subpoena and search and seizure power, it must have compelled production of, and obtained, documents that even those three major news entities could not obtain employing only the means of lawful investigative journalism. Had the FBI found a satisfactory explanation that dispelled the suspicion, it would have given it to the President, who would have made it public to put the issue to rest and spare himself a major embarrassment, much worse than that experienced by P. Bush when Harriet Miers withdrew her name under criticism that she lacked the qualifications needed to be a justice.

          No such explanation was ever publicized. Far from it, these news entities dropped the issue inexplicably and simultaneously. Yet, each could have reasonably expected to win a Pulitzer Prize had it found the concealed assets of J. Sotomayor or led her or the President to withdraw her name, or even caused her to resign as a circuit judge, never mind be indicted for concealing assets. Was there a quid pro quo between the President and those entities?(jur:xlviii)


c.         J. Sotomayor filed “complete” financial statements with the Senate Committee on the Judiciary in response to its two judicial nomination questionnaires and questions in letters. The Committee posted them on its website[107b]. To avoid embarrassing surprise(cf. jur:93¶211), the FBI must have done its due diligence by checking them against the statements that she had submitted to the President while he was considering candidates for his nomination. It would have been cause for grave concern if she had submitted inconsistent statements. After tabulating the figures in the statements filed with the Senate, they lead to this conclusion:


Judge Sotomayor earned $3,773,824 since 1988 + received $381,775 in loans = $4,155,599 + her 1976-1987 earnings, yet disclosed assets worth only $543,903 thus leaving unaccounted for in her answers to the Senate Judiciary Committee $3,611,696 - taxes and the cost of her reportedly modest living[107c.i]


7. President Obama’s lie can be established or dispelled by circumstantial evidence, and also objectively, e.g., by his agreeing to release unredacted all the FBI vetting reports on J. Sotomayor.

     B.      The motive for lying

8.   The motive of the President to lie about J. Sotomayor’s honesty was to curry favor with those who were petitioning him to replace Retiring Justice Souter with a woman and the first Latina, and from whom he expected in return their support to pass through Congress the Obamacare bill. That was the central piece of his legislative agenda, the one in which he had a personal interest because its continued validity by the Supreme Court upholding its constitutionality would make him go down in history as the president who managed to pass universal health care while many others had failed trying to do so.

    C.      The consequences of lying

9.   The consequences of the President’s lying by vouching for J. Sotomayor’s honesty are substantially harmful and lasting. With respect to those who supported her confirmation for the Supreme Court, it constituted fraud in the inducement, for he told them a lie to induce them to support the confirmation of a person whom on his word they took for honest.


10. With respect to those petitioning for another women and the first Latina, it constituted fraud in the performance, for they could reasonably expect that out of a population of over 300 million people and the pool drawn from it of women and Latinas qualified to be justices, he would choose one who was also honest and would not disappoint and embarrass them by being exposed later on as dishonest.


11. The president heads the Executive Branch. His duty is to execute the bills of Congress enacted into law. His execution of Congress’s acts through his enforcement of the law is his function; it is not optional with him. His office carries neither discretionary power to enforce the law nor the power to exempt at will anybody from its enforcement. The president must enforce the law on everybody equally, as provided by law, including tax, financial, and criminal laws.


12. By failing to enforce those laws on J. Sotomayor, President Obama committed dereliction of duty. By so failing, he also compounded the crime because he knew of her concealment of assets, and should have known if instead of looking with willful blindness at NYT, WP, and Politico’s suspicion that she had concealed assets, and looking away with willful ignorance(jur:90§§b-c), he had diligently performed his duty to vet her properly.


13. Since Obamacare had not been passed by Congress yet, the President could not possibly have nominated J. Sotomayor for a justiceship because she happened to agree with its provisions, for nobody knew what the bill would look like in its final form, that is, if it were ever passed. Moreover, the Democrats have been criticized for having rushed Obamacare through Congress with almost no debate so that the members had barely any opportunity to read it. The fact that the bill ran well in excess of 1,000 pages made it all the more difficult for anybody to read it in its entirety Thus, it is reasonable to assume that she had not read it either.


14. By the President not enforcing the law on J. Sotomayor upon an explicit or implicit agreement that in exchange for nominating her to the Supreme Court she would support the constitutionality of Obamacare when, as expected, it came before the Court for review, he committed bribery. In that unlawful swap of benefits, the President abused his power of nomination to turn his nomination of her into the benefit that he gave. In exchange, he obtained the benefit of an agreement to prejudge Obamacare to be constitutional, whereby he intended to deprive the challenging party of its right to its day in court before a fair and impartial judge; and intended to obstruct justice. Since J. Sotomayor was a public officer, the President committed an act of corruption of a public officer.


15. To vouch for J. Sotomayor’s honesty, President Obama covered up her concealment of assets. Since that is a crime, id. >he became an accessory after the fact for the crime already committed. He also became an accessory before the fact for the crime that he knew she would continue to commit, for J. Sotomayor could not thereafter declare her concealed assets without her sudden and unexplainable possession of such assets incriminating her. Therefore, relative to her continuing crime of keeping assets concealed, the President incurs continuing accessorial liability.


16. Assets are concealed to evade taxes and launder money of their unlawful origin. When the President lied to cover up J. Sotomayor’s concealment of assets, he abetted and continues to abet her evasion of taxes, which are collected for the common good. So he inflicted a financial injury in fact on the people and still inflicts a continuing financial injury in fact. By allowing her to engage in money laundering, he facilitated and continues to facilitate financial corruption.


17. A judge who breaks the law shows contempt for it and those whose interests it intends to protect. She cannot reasonably be expected to respect the law enough to apply it fairly and impartially. In fact, due to practical considerations, she cannot because a yet to be exposed law-breaking judge is impaired by a conflict of interests: She has a duty to apply the law, but her application of it can lead to investigations and the incrimination of third parties. They can expose her law-breaking and cause those parties to enter into a plea bargain whereby in exchange for leniency they provide information or testimony exposing the judge’s law-breaking.


18. The risk of exposure undermines her resolve to apply the law and renders her vulnerable to, and extortionable by, third parties. She owes a debt of survival to those who did not, or have agreed explicitly or implicitly not to, expose her. Her mutually dependent survival, assured through coordination(88§a) becomes her first concern; doing justice is downgraded to only a request of litigants. Her unfitness to discharge the duties of her office is foreseeable. Such foreseeability makes applicable the principle that a person is deemed to intend the reasonable consequences of his acts.


19. By the President nominating for a justiceship J. Sotomayor, whom he knew to be breaking the law by concealing assets, and by causing senators to shepherd her confirmation through Congress(78§6), he exercised power irresponsibly since he exercised power irresponsibly since he intentionally caused a person known to him to be unfit for office to be vested with it. He also intentionally and knowingly undermined the institutional integrity of the Supreme Court, the Federal Judiciary, and the process of judicial confirmation.


20. By so doing, the President has intentionally and knowingly inflicted on the American people the dishonest service of J. Sotomayor. For her next 30 years or so on the Supreme Court, just as she helps shape the law of the land that she will hold others to obey, she will continue to break it and harm others so as to resolve her conflict of interests in favor of her survival(jur:xxxv), her peers(jur:71§4), and those who can expose a source(jur:66§§2-3) of assets to conceal and the whereabouts of her concealed assets.

    D.      Action that the readers, journalists, and We the People can take

21. The readers of this article may share it with journalists and the rest of the national public. Informed of its considerations at the start of the mid-term election campaign, the public may demand that all candidates and politicians ask the President to release unredacted all the FBI vetting reports on Justice Sotomayor. If they raise concerns about her asset-concealing or other law-breaking, then he had at least circumstantial evidence requiring that he not vouch for her honesty because to do so was counterfactual and knowingly deceptive: a lie. Given his motive for, and the consequences of, lying, We the People and our current and would-be representatives can determine whether his lie constitutes an impeachable ‘High Crime or Misdemeanor’.

22. Journalists can pursue an investigation(ol:66) guided by a proven devastating query(jur:4¶¶10-14) that can dominate the campaign: What did the President know[23b] about J. Sotomayor’s concealment of assets and when did he know it?(ol:54)

Dare trigger history!(dcc:11)…and you may enter it. >ol:70

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Happy Birthday Ronald Reagan!!

4063828298?profile=original( Happy Birthday to this GREAT President Ronald Reagan! )

Happy Birthday Ronald Reagan!!

I Liked Ronald Reagan Very Much!! In Fact I voted to Him back in the 1980′s!! Ronald Reagan was a GREAT President and we all will miss him!! God Bless Ronald Reagan, his Wife, Family and Friends!!

Ronald Reagan was in Office from 1981 to 1989, he was our 40th. President of the United States of America!! Ronald Reagan Kept His Oath to the CONSTITUTION and BILL Of RIGHTS!! Praise Jesus Christ for this missed Great President!!



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By Oscar Y. Harward


(Y)our Republican form of government is evading America; being destroyed by elected and/or appointed representatives, and our Courts.  Many Governments’ elected and appointed officials ignore and/or disobey our Constitution, US Code, and other laws.  (Y)our constituency continues electing many officials who are directly responsible for unconstitutional legislation and/or appointed administrators who create costly and unwise regulations.


President Obama, members of our Judiciary, Capitol Hill, state, and local legislators are mixed-up, have forgotten, and/or never knew our Constitution, ‘common sense’, or law as our Founding Fathers often expanded continuously.


“The Republican Form of government is one in which the powers of sovereignty are vested in the people and are exercised by the people, either directly, or through representatives chosen by the people, to whom those powers are specially delegated. Unlike the democratic form of government, in which the powers of sovereignty are vested in the whole body of free citizens, individuals retain sovereign prerogatives over their private property rights (absolute ownership) of their person, labor and property.”


“The Republican form is based on the foundation that people are supreme, and governments are instituted to help secure their rights to life, liberty and property. Examples of sovereign prerogatives are the right to defend private property with deadly force, right of locomotion (freedom to travel) upon public roads and waterways, and free exercise of rights and powers.”


Article IV, Section 4, US Constitution: The United States shall guarantee to every state in this union a republican form of government, and shall protect each of them against invasion; and on application of the legislature, or of the executive (when the legislature cannot be convened) against domestic violence.


American voters must AWAKEN or, otherwise, ‘WITNESS’ an impending ‘DEATH OF AMERICA’ as a Republican form of government?  Are you willing to assist in defending America?

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Are We a Double Standard Nation?

How have we the USA become such a regulation nation? Why is it that “We the People” cannot make our own decisions? Let me explain, if you will.

When Obama ran for the Presidency, he promised a lot for the citizens of this nation. However, he soon learned this was not how he wanted to RULE. He was and still is ruling his way. Whether he makes a good or bad decision, it is to be followed one hundred percent. Moreover, Congress goes along with it instead of trying to put an end to his dictatorship.

Congress' jobs from Wikipedia, the Constitution grants each chamber some unique powers. The Senate ratifies treaties and approves presidential appointments while the House initiates revenue-raising bills. The House initiates impeachment cases, while the Senate decides impeachment cases.[1] A two-thirds vote of the Senate is required before an impeached person can be forcibly removed from office. Congress needs to be accountable for not following the Constitution or doing the will of the people!

Of course, whenever the citizens squawk about how the President or Congress is doing and the unnecessary regulations, Obama and Congress go into excuse mode, using racism. Some of the media agree with their accusations of racism, too.

However, when an African American speaks the same way towards White Americans it isn't racismand goes unchallenged. At least Congress or the national media never stand up against it nor voice their anger over such atrocities. The same goes with the young blacks who beat up and/or kill, (a male veteran in his eighties), white people of any nationality. the President, Congress, and many well-known African Americans never condemn this. Does this sound like double standards to you?

What I am trying to explain is that “WE The People” need to stop bellyaching; all citizens need to stand up against the wrongs done by our governments and to each other. How? We need to vote, rally,  tell our representatives enough is enough and see that our land. As for Congress and the President, (future President, too), they must follow the Constitution and treat every citizen equally or YOU ARE FIRED!

Ida Temple                                                                                                                                           Mansfield Tea Party                                                                                                                                    Mansfield PA

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By Oscar Y. Harward


'Duck Dynasty' star, Phil Robertson, has been suspended by A&E for sharing his personal Constitutional and Biblical beliefs.


How many other Christian values are being rejected in TV programming?


Homosexuality and lesbian’s lifestyle is being ‘crammed down our throats’; as Christians are being forced to accept their lifestyle as normal even though this activity is immoral, unethical, and unhealthy.


How can Preachers and/or Christians explain the Bible, otherwise; the governing Book our Founding Fathers used in ‘creating’ our US Constitution?  Read (y)our Bible, Constitution, and the Federalist Papers!


Leviticus 18:22 (KJV) 22  Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination.


Leviticus 20:13 (KJV) 13  If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them.


Romans 1:26-27 (KJV) 26  For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections: for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature:


27  And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that recompence of their error which was meet.


Romans 1:26-27 (KJV) 26  For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections: for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature:


 27 And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that recompence of their error which was meet.


A&E must reevalute their ‘unlawful’ decision, apologize to Phil Robertson, and reinstate his television show.

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Senate Democrats violate ‘WE, THE PEOPLE’


By Oscar Y. Harward


Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) and Senate Democrats did not follow ‘Rule 22’ requiring a 3/5 vote to make Senate changes in approving President Obama’s Judicial nominees.  President Obama is appointing Judicial nominees with more ‘left-wing’ political views that may be inserted within their rulings’ as he/she rules.  Senate Democrats are approving these Obama nominees; loading up our Federal Courts across America with President Obama’s Judicial nominees whom likely will ‘order’ for more anti-Constitution and more anti-American assessments as more well-defined by our Founding Fathers.


Furthermore, Sen. Reid and Senate Democrats change of ‘Rule 22’ has already been expanded to include other legislation(s).  Our Founding Fathers anticipated, proposed, and included a ‘filibuster’ measure, with their signatures, as a protection to guard ‘WE, THE PEOPLE’ from change(s) made by a ‘radical’ government.


Under Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s (D-NV) and the Senate majority Democrat Party’s change to stop all ‘filibusters’, Sen. Harry Reid and the Senate Democrats ‘crammed more Liberalism and anti-Constitutional’ positions down (y)our throats without any right to object’; even for 49 of the 100 US Senators. 


Sen. Reid and Senate Democrats Constitutional changes would have required a 3/5 vote of approval for ‘Rule 22’ Senate changes.

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Servants First

My Status is the same as always.
I'm here (on this Earth) to serve Jesus and Others.
I know that my words may be somewhat severe, but I always speak them with the truest of motives. I Love all of you enough to speak the things that I truly believe will help all know how best to live as the Lord wants us to. I am always open to any Ideas that can be backed up first by the Word of God, second by true moral standards, or third by undisputed historic/scientific evidence.
I've served in the military to defend everyone's Right to Speak their own Minds and Beliefs. I don't, and you don't, have to agree with all I purport to be True.
Debate is one of my favorite forms of conversation, better than surrounding myself with "yes men".

The Leaders of Our country today have seemed to do just the opposite. By surrounding themselves, with "Yes men. yes women, yes media and yes apologist", we hear nothing but repeated lies and whacked out Ideas made up by the president and perpetuated thru out our society these days.

By following these Simple rules that I use to validate my beliefs, the leaders of today would make much better decisions, about everything, whether they hold my religious beliefs or not.

You don't have to be a Christian to benefit from ALL the Moral teachings of the Bible. There are no teachings of Jesus contrary to moral Law from anywhere in America, unless you really believe you can change right from wrong. The so-called leaders of today, typically leading from behind, don't seem to even possess even the slightest of morals or intestinal fortitude. From the "Coward in Chief" to the lowest member in Congress (with the possible exclusion of Ted Cruz), even the veterans after the ilk of McCain, seem to have Zero accountability to The People of These United States or Any Higher Power. We in these States that understand that the entire basis of this country's existence is, and always has been, based on "CHRISTIAN PRINCIPLES" have no President representing us. It seems that Ubama represents only himself and his whacked out socialist ideology. The President Is supposed to be a Servant of the People of the People. His Leadership is to inspire others to do the Will of the People. This he does not do. Personally, I believe that the best Leaders have been in the Military or in real public service(Dr's, Police, Firefighters, etc...) not community organizers or career Politicians.The founding Fathers would be appalled at the politicians living in office I'm Sure. They get there and completely forget the reality of living in and for this country and people,IF they ever did know these things. Term limits are a must. Thank You All. 

If there is ever anything I can do to explain the Bible or my Beliefs to help you out, just ask. I will do my best to use Bible to interpret Bible and back up my beliefs.
The Lord has truly blessed me with the time to repent and come back into His service, of that I am Eternally Thankful. I pray not only for You all, but the whole World, without ceasing.
May God Richly Bless you, my Beloved.

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By Oscar Y. Harward


The United States of America was founded on certain principles; principals that our Founding Fathers felt were necessary to insure the future viability of this Country and the governing structure as they had envisioned. Their applied wisdom, embedded in our Constitution, is irrefutable.


Today (y)our Federal Government is rapidly drifting away from the intent and expressed commands of the Constitution.  The all-consuming quests for power at Federal levels are far exceeding the intent of our founding fathers and the intent as they had envisioned into the Constitution.


The Founding Fathers were striving to create a system of check-and-balance insuring that our Federal Government would remain a Republic.  The United States was founded by a collection of 13 States united to give a central voice in international affairs, a limited national affair, to regulate commerce, and to harmonize across-state laws.  They even gave the States the right to withdraw from this Republic if they felt the Republic was not fulfilling its responsibility to the State(s).


Our Founding Fathers fought incredibly hard for our Independence from England.  These men understood the value of a free people's government in protecting the peoples’ freedoms and rights.  If anyone has any question on this issue, they should read the Declaration of Independence; a Document that should leave no question(s) as to our Founding Fathers intent. 


Furthermore, the "Federalist Papers" will further substantiate the defined intentions as incorporated within the Constitution.


Every student in all schools should be required to read, understand, and achieve the ability to articulate the details and limitations within our Constitution and its’ full understanding.  The same student requirements also apply to the Federalist Papers.


Each candidate for election seeking any and all ‘Federal’ office(s), or any appointed manager in any Federal government department, should be compelled to openly share his/her personal detailed knowledge, findings, and conclusions on our Constitution and the Federalist Papers, before their approval.


Our Founding Fathers, with their wisdom, set up three branches of government (Executive, Legislative and Judiciary); all of equal significance so neither of the three branches of government could supersede any of the others.


Article I, Section. 9 of or Constitution addresses "State's Rights" and their taxes: "No Tax or Duty shall be laid on Articles exported from any State".    


In 1832, President Andrew Jackson made the first substantive attack on "State's Rights" when he sent troops to Charleston, SC in response to their refusal to submit to a tariff on goods exported to northern States.  Fortunately, cooler heads convinced him to recall the troops before they reached Charleston.  Vice-President Calhoun did resign in protest and wrote the "States Right's Doctoring".  In 1861, President Abraham Lincoln sent troops to South Carolina in response to their threat to withdraw from the Republic. 


While each of the ‘Bill of Rights’ Amendments are of significance in difference to different individuals, one as a ‘sore of dispute’ with me is where President Obama, his administration, and Capitol hill Democrats seem to ignore, attack, disobey, and prosecute (y)our Constitution in my personal life is the Tenth Amendment: “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states respectively, or to the people.”


The Tenth Amendment is now under attack and in violation of the Constitution by President Obama and his Attorney General Eric Holder.  Several States’ Amendments, as passed by the voting electorate, are under attack and prosecuted by this administration; even though these Amendments are in compliance with our US Constitution.  While our Constitution was based on Christian values, President Obama and AG General Eric Holder are filing Federal lawsuits against these ‘States Rights’ Amendments.


Today, we have legislation named as ‘Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act’ more often called ‘ObamaCare’ as passed in early 2010; defined by SCOTUS Chief Justice John Roberts as a tax bill.  Today, President Obama is passing out ‘waivers’ to Labor Unions, his own staff, Capitol Hill legislators, and other political friends.  Whenever in US History was a President able to dictate in giving ‘waivers’, other ‘differences’, or ‘exceptions’ to others on tax issues while requiring the remaining ones to pay; another unconstitutional active violation?  Additionally, this legislation is not working as promised.  ObamaCare is not protection and is not affordable to middle Americans.  ObamaCare legislation does characterize a ‘redistribution’ of the wealth.


Throughout our history, Moderate to Liberal Presidents and ‘Liberal’ Capitol Hill legislators continue to whittled away at our Founding Fathers in expand entitlements to other Americans and others around the world; some who have fallen through the cracks and in real need, while others desire all and will take anything and everything without helping themselves.  These latter ones would not work in a pie factory where all food was for free.  This is contrary to the intent of our Founding Fathers who wanted to provide an opportunity for all.  All of these entitlements are at (y)our taxpayers’ expense; now mostly with out-of-control deficit spending.


Why do ‘Liberal’ legislators always want to support and vote for spending more of taxpayers’ money?  Why should those who are motivated to work harder and smarter, in creating a better life for themselves and their own family, be penalized?


The evolution of our Federal Government has reached the point where one or two States may champion a cause and have a National law passed along party lines.  National laws supersede the laws of any individual State.  Effectively, a few States or  even cities, seem to believe they have the ability to impose their will on all other States.


For example, the Second Amendment protects (y)our ‘RIGHTS’ to gun ownership: A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.


“… the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”  With that being totally clear, New York, Chicago, and others elected and appointed officials seem to believe they can supersede the Constitution.  Each elected and appointed officials responsible for their derogatory irresponsibility should be imprisoned, themselves.  (Y)our schools should be teaching ()our children gun safety, the use of guns in hunting for food, and to protect their self and their family from criminal activity. 


The Declaration of Independence says, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”


Many Americans with a left-wing view are even denying ‘life’ as unalienable Rights of human life; even denying (y)our ‘Creator’ in Heaven.


Reality law appears to be from passion without reason being applied.  We see a passion for power and notoriety without the reason to see, or understand, the effect it has on the American people.  Laws are written by lawyers and politicians with personal and political agendas; their only constraints are usually, but not always, in the limits of the law; absent morality.


Under current Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV), we have recently seen in the Senate a 225-year old law changed so that a single majority political party could gain absolute control of the Senate.  This change is reducing the 225-year old law from a previous 60  votes out of 100 Senate votes to proceed with legislative action to a now 51 votes out of 100 votes to proceed. 


Today the intent, and the explicitly, of our Constitution seems to have been largely forgotten by our elected officials in the White House and on Capitol Hill.  We see a manipulation of the laws and we see, somewhat, absolute partisanship.


We see President Obama and the Democratic Party united with a common agenda without regard for the History of this America, without respect for the sacrifices made by our Founding Fathers,  without respect for the wisdom embedded in the Constitution, and/or more than 600,000 Americans who gave their lives in wars to protect our Constitution, and our American Flag.  We see President Obama and the Democrat National Committee (DNC) that may compel each elected Democrat to toe-the-line on these ‘left-wing’ issues so as each candidate to ascertain DNC monies for (re)election(s).


What we see is a rapidly evolving Democrat Party that views itself as a ruling party answerable only to itself.  A ruling party that can pass laws at will, change laws by decree, and exert dominion over the people.  We see President Obama and the Democratic Party as a party that uses the law but does not have an appropriate understanding of or reverence for the law.  We see President Obama and the Democratic Party as having an insatiable thirst for revenue - and history has shown that thirst ultimately leads into conquest.  If we continue on this course, without respect to the intent of the Constitution, we will see the evolution of a ruling party over an oppressed populace?


This is not idle speculation, read the history of the rise of the Nazi party during the 1920's and 1930's.  In the USA, we have seen laws changed and people exempted from the law through decrees by our President and we are seeing the Democrat Party change procedural law in order to obtain and exert more control. We are beginning to visualize a spiraling taxation generated by a forced ObamaCare plan that seems to ignore the people's hardships and further suppresses the populace, all in the name of this same Party sponsored plan.


This is a control over the populace that is far more reaching than just providing a national health care.  It is a control over the livelihood and wellbeing of the populace forcing them to be dependent on the Government - and dependence removes the option of choice.


It is well within reason to assume that ObamaCare is just an early step in increased governmental control that will evolve to the point where our Government can decree the level of healthcare we are allowed, disallowed, or to receive.  This makes us further dependent on our Government and gives it much greater control of our lives.  By definition, this is truly a form of conquest.


It can be visualized that the implementation of ObamaCare is an important cornerstone in the governmental evolutionary process; a process which will allow implementation of an absolute monitoring of the populace under the guise of protecting people's health welfare.


If this is the case then there is a high probability that within less than a decade we will see increased electronic tracking of the populace, including the requirement that any individual using ObamaCare must have a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) device implanted on their person under the guise of insuring accuracy of healthcare and preventing fraud.  If we carry this visualization further we can envision a point where the Government can use our healthcare information to determine our acceptability in society, whether it be a chemical or mental imbalance (real or perceived), to remove undesirables from the populace for the safety of the populace. 


Although the Constitution does not address political parties we do have a two party landscape today; Republican and Democrat.  With both the Senate and President being from the Democrat Party and seemingly in full accord that the Government appears to have evolved into an only one controlling Democrat Party. 


The Republican Party can be discounted, or considered a non-player, for several reasons; the first being that the powers of the Senate are greater than that of the House, thus giving the Republicans limited ability to effect change, the second being that, of the three branches of government, the two most singularly powerful are controlled by the Democrats and they appear to be in full collusion. 


The Capitol Hill Republicans appear to be fragmented.  The RINO Republicans appear to be in bed with the Democrat Party on more and more deficit spending.  Many Americans are inquiring as to what is any difference between a Capitol Hill RINO Republican and a Capitol Hill Democrat.


Americans are listening and TEA Party Republicans are gaining strength across the USA among the Republicans at large.  Political polls show that Americans are now seeking a more Conservative leadership in Washington, DC.


Is President Obama's signature achievement investing all in ObamaCare?  Has, or is Capitol Hill Democrats too embedded in their support of ObamaCare to get out?  Is it too late for Capitol Hill Democrats?  Is ObamaCare just a stepping stone for President Obama and the Democratic Party; a major step for something more far reaching - maybe the evolution of a Socialist form of government?


A major problem in the USA today is that many in our schools, colleges, our universities, and even our law schools are just not teaching our children/students World and US History, the Declaration of Independence, our US Constitution, and/or our Founding Fathers’ ‘Federalist Papers’.  Our children are being cheated for not be exposed and taught more about our US History.


As Judge Robert  Bork once said, "Few professors spend even a week on Story [former Chief Justice Joseph Story's commentaries on the Constitution], or The Federalist Papers [the Founders' commentaries on the Constitution], or the original Constitution. I know I didn't [at the University of Chicago Law School].... Nobody in law schools is teaching the Constitution. They are teaching Supreme Court opinions."


Every voter should be required to pass a simple test on our US History, our US Constitution, and our Founding Fathers.


Every politician going to Washington should know and understand the Declaration of Independence before taking this/her oath of office.  If they understood its’ meaning, each would have a much greater realization and appreciation of this great nation.


"Those who do not remember their past are condemned to repeat their mistakes." George Santayana (1863 – 1952), philosopher, essayist, poet, and novelist.


‘We, the people’ must remain vigilant in both our understanding and awareness of our government and of the people we place in office if we really want to keep America a land of the free.

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By Oscar Y. Harward 

In late October 2008, Barack Obama said, “We’re five days away from the fundamental transformation of the United States.” 


The first time ever ‘Nuclear Option’ in the Senate ‘rules’ was sanctioned with Vote Number 242 by the Senate Democrats’ majority on November 21, 2013 to approve President Obama additional radical Judges in the US Courts. 


President Obama, and Capitol Hill Democrats continue to cram ObamaCare down (y)our throats.  Now, Capitol Hill Democrats are joining President Obama and his ‘promised’ anti-Constitutional transformations with the changing of our USA and our Constitutional ‘freedoms and values’ from a Republic system of government to a Socialistic system are dissembling our Constitution.  Capitol Hill Democrats are now legislating anti-Constitutional changes.


All Senate Republicans voted ‘YEA’ to maintain our Republic, all but 3 Democrats and all Independents voted ‘NAY’ for a more move to Socialism. Senator Levin (D-MI) and Senator Pryor (D-AR) who both voted with the GOP are facing a strong challenger in the 2014 General Election.


Are you elated with President Obama and Capitol Hill Democrats, or are you disgusted?


See how your Senator voted.

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By Oscar Y. Harward


Americans are discovering more about President Obama’s and Capitol Hill Democrats’ ‘ObamaCare’ falsified declarations, misgivings of medical care, more enormous ‘ObamaCare’ premium increases, and other catastrophes.  We are finally learning as to how dishonest President Obama and Capitol Hill Democrats have been, and continue to deliberately ‘lie’ about (y)our most needed and trusted Health Care system in the entire world.  Where are the responsible ‘main-stream’ Medias?  Why do so many of the ‘main-stream’ Medias continue to fail Americans on this issue?


With our ‘private’ Health Care industry, along with Medicare, Medicaid, TRICARE, and other individuals’ personal plans, Americans are very well cared for.  There are ‘little to no’ needs for disrupting our current Health Care system with ‘ObamaCare’ or any other government plan(s).


While marketing ‘ObamaCare’, President Obama and others declared, “If you like your plan, you can keep your plan, period.”


While marketing ‘ObamaCare’, President Obama and others declared, “If you like your doctor, you will be able to keep your doctor, period.”


While marketing ‘ObamaCare’, President Obama and others stated that your Health Care premiums under ‘ObamaCare’ would be reduced.  This, too, is untrue on almost all cases!  Americans are finding ‘ObamaCare’ premium increase averages from 62% in California, 60% in Alabama, 34% in Texas, 41% in Arizona, and 92% in North Carolina.  Some Americans are finding increases of ‘ObamaCare’ at or around 100% and higher.  Due to these extreme ‘ObamaCare’ premium increases, many middle-class, working Americans are being forced into Medicaid coverage.


‘Millions’ of Americans are having their current personal and business Health Care policies cancelled due to ‘ObamaCare’ requirements; for example, males are forced to pay for pregnancy medical care costs on themselves.  Wow!


Many other ‘untrue’ statements as reported by President Obama and Capitol Hill Democrats are now arriving in the public area on a daily basis; deceptive words, phrases, and other statements that are unworthy of ‘integrity’ from government leaders.


Many ‘main-stream’ Medias continue to deceive Americans by covering up President Obama’s falsifications.  Except for the ‘main-stream’ Medias ‘First Amendment’ with ‘Freedom of Speech’, some of these members would and should, otherwise, be investigated, prosecuted, convicted, and sentenced to jail.


President Obama and Capitol Hill Democrats are now commencing to blame the ‘insurance industry’ as they are now attacking this industry that has served Americans for hundreds of years.  In the near future, you may see President Obama and Capitol Hill Democrats pursue and introduce new legislation that would totally destroy our Health Insurance industry and other insurance subsidiaries, and, perhaps, lead to a government takeover of our entire banking industry.


With recently presented verification of earlier claims from President Obama and Capitol Hill Democrats now turn out to be falsified with facts, and with additional information arriving about ‘ObamaCare’ that turns out to be fraudulent claims now confirms that ‘ObamaCare’ must be repealed.  Many more political bombs in this legislation may be yet to come.  You and I can expect President Obama and Capitol Hill Democrats to continue to ‘cram ‘ObamaCare’ down our throats’.  2014 General Election will prove that a large majority of Americans will overwhelmingly reject ‘ObamaCare’, a much different law than as previously promised.


Americans are finding that the ‘Affordable Care Act’ is not affordable at all for most individuals and families.  The selfish and ignorant must awaken before it is too late.  ‘Main-stream’ Medias should become more honest and professional with their own ‘Freedom of Speech’ protections.  President Obama and Capitol Hill Democrats must stop praying on the selfish and Ignorant.

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Obama: Narcissistic, Pathological Liar



: extreme in a way that is not normal or that shows an illness or mental problem

medical : relating to or caused by disease

: of or relating to the study of diseases : relating to pathology


Symptoms of this disorder, as defined by the DSM-IV-TR include:[1]

  • Expects to be recognized as superior and special, without superior accomplishments
  • Expects constant attention, admiration and positive reinforcement from others
  • Envies others and believes others envy him/her
  • Is preoccupied with thoughts and fantasies of great success, enormous attractiveness, power, intelligence
  • Lacks the ability to empathize with the feelings or desires of others
  • Is arrogant in attitudes and behavior
  • Has expectations of special treatment that are unrealistic


 Bob: "Hey Jim, did you hear about the Obama administration scandal?,

Jim: "You mean the Mexican gun running?"

Bob: "No, the other one."

Jim: "You mean SEAL Team 6?"

Bob: "No, the other one."

Jim: "Obama saying the avg family would save $2,500 on their premiums?"

Bob: "No, the other one."

Jim: "Obama intentionally ignoring our immigration laws?"

Bob: "No, the other one."

Jim: "Bailing out Detroit after decades of corrupt Democratic management?"

Bob: "No, the other one."

Jim: "You mean the State Dept. lying about Benghazi?"

Bob: "No, the other one."

Jim: "You mean voter fraud?"

Bob: "No, the other one."

Jim: "You mean Obama saying we can keep our insurance and doctors if we wanted to?"

Bob: "No, the other one."

Jim: "You mean the military not getting their votes counted?"

Bob: "No, the other one."

Jim: "The NSA monitoring foreign diplomats?"

Bob: "No, the other one."

Jim: "You mean the use of drones in our own country without the benefit of the law?"

Bob: "No, the other one."

Jim: "Giving 123 Technologies $300 Million and right after it declared bankruptcy and was sold to the Chinese?"

Bob: "No, the other one."

Jim: "You mean the president arming the Muslim Brotherhood?"

Bob: "No the other one:.

Jim: "The IRS targeting conservatives?"

Bob: "No, the other one."

Jim: "The DOJ spying on the press?"

Bob: "No, the other one."

Jim: "Sebelius shaking down health insurance executives?"

Bob: "No, the other one."

Jim: "You mean Obama spending $3.7 Trillion on Welfare Over Last 5 Years"

Bob: "No, the other one."

Jim: "Giving SOLYNDRA $500 MILLION DOLLARS and 3 months later they declared bankruptcy and then the Chinese bought it?"

Bob: "No, the other one."

Jim: "The NSA monitoring our phone calls, emails and everything else?"

Bob: "No, the other one."

Jim: "Millions of Americans losing their health care coverage?"

Bob: "No, the other one."

Jim: "Forcing Americans to include coverage in their insurance policies of items they do not want?"

Bob: "No, the other one."

Jim:   "The president's ordering the release of nearly 10,000 illegal  immigrants from jails and prisons, and falsely blaming the sequester?"

Bob: "No, the other one."

Jim: "The president's threat to impose gun control by Executive Order in order to bypass Congress?"

Bob: "No, the other one."

Jim: "Providing weapons to Syrian rebels many of whom apparently are Al Queda"

Bob: "No, the other one."

Jim:  "The president's repeated violation of the law requiring him to submit a budget no later than the first Monday in February?"

Bob: "No, the other one."

Jim: "The 2012 vote where 115% of all registered voters in some counties voted 100% for Obama?"

Bob: "No, the other one."

Jim: "The president's unconstitutional recess appointments in an attempt to circumvent the Senate's advise-and-consent role?"

Bob: "No, the other one."

Jim: "The State Department interfering with an Inspector General investigation on departmental sexual misconduct?"

Bob: "No, the other one."

Jim: "Clinton, the IRS, Clapper and Holder all lying to Congress?"

Bob: "No, the other one."

Jim: "The President using nearly $1 trillion dollars of stimulus money to fund his cronies?"

Bob: "No, the other one"

Jim: "You mean Fast & Furious?"

Bob: "No, the other one."

Jim: "Forcing Americans into ObamaCare while exempting the politicians?"

Bob: "No, the other one."

Jim:   "I give up! ... Oh wait, I think I got it! You mean that 65 million low-information voters who don't pay taxes and get free stuff from  taxpayers and stuck us again with the most pandering, corrupt administration in American history?"



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