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The Character of our politicians

This is likely one of the most redundant BLOGS available.

Little needs to be said about their Character....

But somebody suggested that I post questions I posed to then candidate Mark Sanford.

The questions were originally sent via email, with no reply.

Later I went to a campaign event where sANFORD was THE speaker.

I asked, in public, why I got no reply to my questions.

He said... must have slipped through the cracks.

I then asked if he would accept a written copy of my questions and provide answers to them.

He said, in public, sure.

I then handed my questions to him.

THAT was the END. I never got a reply nor did I get even a courtesy "beg-off".

I leave the rating of his Character to you.

...and you can apply your rating to others as you see fit.

Here are my questions..... were they reasonable?....

Have you been "stiffed" by your servant?.... Put some sunshine on them.

 = = = =

To: M Sanford, E Busch



I assume you would like me to vote for you on May 7.

In order to make an informed decision, I need to know your position on a number of issues.


If you would kindly help me by answering these questions and returning your reply to me either via email to my911@aol.com or via FAX to[REDACTED TO SAVE TREES], I can proceed


  • Do you agree that Debt/Deficit is our most important /urgent problem?
    • What do you propose to do about it?
  • Do you support the Gang of 8 Immigration bill?
    • If NO, what specifically do you disagree with; will NOT support
    • What is YOUR program?
  • Do you support Gun Control bills being pushed by Fienstein, Bloomberg, Schumer, Obama?

    • What are your intended actions?

  • Do you support Obama’s budget?
    • If NOT, what explicitly, do you support
  • Do you reject Obamacare?
    • If YES, what will you do as my Congressman to assure de-funding of Obamacare?
  • Do you reject Obama, Clinton. et al on Benghazi-Gate

    • What specifically will you do about Benghazi-Gate

  • What is your position on the FBI bumbling of the Boston Marathon Bombers
    • What will you do as my Congressman to pour Sunshine on this disastrous failure


There are other issues for sure, such as your “baggage”. But I am more interested in going forward.


Please respond by May 1,2013.

I’m looking forward to your response

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obamacare - 3 easy lessons


Obamacare 1-2-3


Forget piglosi... you do NOT have to read 2700 pages of legalese or 13,000 pages of regulations.


Everything you need to know about obamacre is right here, in three short lessons


1. What would you think of GE if the Execs and employees refused to fly on any plane with GE engines?


2.how about if GM Execs and employees refused to drive Cadillac, or Chevy or any other GM product?


3. Gang obama and "our" Politicians won't sign up for obamacare.


No one is totally useless. One of planned parenthood abortion factories can do a service for America if they would abort obamacare!





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The article discusses a topic that is itself, dumbfounding; however comma, the nerve of any politician thinking he/she is better than other American citizens is ludicrous. "We face a higher degree of risk because we’re known and people might not like our opinions,” Springer said.

Uh, dillweed, I am known and am a globally recognized figure because I wore the USMC uniform from 1982 - 2011. Your stupidity puts me more at risk even when I am wearing jeans. All Marine Officers learn to 'lead from the front,' and 'never put your Marines in places you would not go yourself!"

Dillweed, if you want to take away my right of self-protection, why the hell should your rights be better than mine?

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We are in deep America!

Whatever happened to the days when all of us felt safe in America? I am not talking about threats from foreign invaders, or cyber-attacks but from inside this nation itself. I am talking about the Politicians that we have elected. I do admit that I am guilty of voting those into office that care more about their political careers and bank accounts than what their constituents in their districts need. Don not get me wrong, a very small percentage may care, but the whole systems needs to be revamped. To my understanding of American history our politicians, either local or federal was to serve one purpose. That is to serve the interest of the American people. Then again look at America 2013, a mess in many senses politically.

I am active in social media and I have seen and read man opinions about politics today. Obama, Biden and their Democratic Party views and so called accomplishments. The Republicans and all of their solutions to our nation’s problems and debts. Wake up America what I see here, and what anyone can see is that these people are not helping, but hurting this great nation. Do you know how much it hurts that every day we have to worry about what is being taking away from us, what taxes are going up, what programs are being lost, and how our lives are suffering because of these people.

What we need to do is change the system. Too many of us are comfortable with the politicians that we currently have in office. But stop and think people about what I am saying here. Take someone voted into Congress 10 years ago. This person was for example a normal everyday lawyer with the average bank account of $100,000. Not he or she is voted into Congress and with a yearly salary of $174,000. Ok in 10 years their total salary was $1, 7400.00. But they had bills, expenses and a family to pay for. Now explain to me why their net worth is 3 or even 10 times more than that. Where did this money come from? Why did they receive it in the first place? If you or I had this mysterious money comes into our bank accounts we would be immediately questioned and possibly audited. My point is that it is seriously obvious that special interest groups are feeding out Politicians money for their own special needs, and that our lovely Politicians are voting for where the money comes from, than what the people need.

I have read somewhere that the modern Politicians that we have in Congress and the Senate hate each other’s party’s so much that no matter what the one proposes the other will automatically vote against it. Whatever happened to “For the People”? In 2013 it is for themselves and their careers. They would rather vote in ways to get their careers boosted than vote on what helps us. I say enough of the way the political system is run now. We need something different.


                What needs to be done is simple. Change things. Change that is in office, change the way the system works, change the way we vote, and change the way we feel. I myself work in a truck stop. If I did not do my job to the requirements of the management of this business I would easily be fired. Why can these politicians. So what do I do, I bust my butt to make sure I do my job to the best of my ability. We need to resort to the days where Congress had to vote for us or be voted out. They have too much security in their offices. Change the system, change the ways our Congress is “helping” America. We need a “Voting Revolution”. If Congress can’t do their job we need to mass vote them out of their respective offices and replace them with individuals who shall work for us, not for themselves.

I am one voice, one vote. We need to get everyone on the same page as I am. Some of you will not agree with me, some more (hopefully many more). But we need to act now because if not our system and out way of life will end as we know it and all of us will be zombies to a corrupt, selfish uncaring political system. There is a heck of a lot riding on change, and not just domestically. Congress is so blindsided by their hatred and stubbornness toward the other party that our American way of life will cease to exist. Look at the threats of China…that is another issue to deal with…



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The Sequester Scam

The Sequester SCAM

Meatcleaver fearmongering.

YOUR government is SCAMMING YOU!

Your Government is scaring the crap out of you… with LIES!

Here are some facts:

  • FY2012 ACTUAL Spending = $3.279 Trillion
  • FY2013 Budgeted Spending = $3.796 Trillion
  • The Sequester Funds = $85 Billion …. Or $18 Billion more than spending
    • So…. We should see $18 Billion of actual spending versus 2012… RIGHT?
    • Scroll down…. There’s more




SO… with ACTUAL SPENDING at $15 BILLION MORE, President Obama has described doomsday scenarios with hundreds of thousands of jobs lost

Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2013/02/22/on-sequester-worse-better-for-obama/#ixzz2LxkVbRGN


  • WHAAAAAT???? With $15Billion MORE spending, the sequestration will cost hundreds of thousands of jobs….. HE SAID IT!

Will you ever give up drinking the swill from this fraud?

Call or email your Politician and raise hell!... including those that jumping on obama’s bandwagon as well as the sluggos who are laying back doing nothing on behalf of truth!

Click Here to Email Politicians

I just did!

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I have to say, and I hope it's true, "That The Sleeping Giant Has A Waken."

I don't know about you all but I am so grateful to God that "We the People" have finally woken from their slumber. We have a long road a head of us, with my challenges before us, and extremely important decisions to make before the November elections, and what may manifest from the enemies camp. I use the term enemy not lightly, for we as Americans' are facing a party that has never before so boldly infiltrated into our nations political arena. Never before have we ever had such a pro-leftist (Marxist) regime running our nation, and I might add running it right into the ground, trying to disband our constitution, as they work diligently to bankrupt our treasury department, our economy (Jobs/Housing Market), our social integrity and morals with their political correctness movement which is nothing more that Marxist hogwash. 

I am proud to be an America, but the nation I do so love, with its freedoms and liberties are slowly being taken away as these Marxist bastards have infiltrated our schools and what has been being taught in them in just over the past twenty years with socialist professors teaching Marxism to our children, not mentioning the slow deterioration of the standards of what is taught in our schools in the first place from 1st Grade on up, better known as drumming down, which began just about 100 years ago and have been making more head way than ever with the ever present assistance of our media as a hole.

As Americans' we need to understand one thing, and that is, if we expect to change what is happening in Washington, we also need to be prepare to change what is happening not only with the news media, but in Hollywood, the story tellers. For it is from the story tellers (the movie Industry as a whole) which first initiates new ideas, that may seem strange and even unacceptable at first, over time becomes more and more tolerated, until it becomes acceptable as part of our society to the majority, even to those who dis-approve, but figure there is nothing we can do anyways.

In closing I just want to say, We as a people must never again accept the status qua, we must never again be silient, we must never again allow those politicians dictate to us what they are going to do, but We the People, need to stand continuously together and dictate to those politicians what they are going to do, or you'll be striped of authority to make decisions for or nation and its people. And that goes for Hollywood also.

Again I am proud to be an America, and I will not be silenced. We need to stop the murdering of our babies, and end this social revolution of sexual sin (homo-sexuality as a life style, for it is not a life style but a life in the style of sin against both God and nature.

God Bless America Again

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All sections of the US political
establishment, Democratic and
Republican, liberal and conservative
are seeking to retaliate against those
who are exposing atrocities by the US
military in Afghanistan and Iraq, and
intimidate all critics of these wars of
aggression by American imperialism.

The most strident rhetoric has come from the ultra-right.

Republican Congressman Mike Rogers of Michigan,

a former FBI agent who sits on the House Intelligence

Committee, told a local radio station Monday that he

thought the death penalty would be appropriate

punishment for Manning if he is convicted on charges

of leaking classified military documents to WikiLeaks.

Pfc. Manning, who worked at an Army intelligence facility

in Iraq, is now imprisoned at the Quantico, Virginia Marine

Corps base, awaiting trial on charges that he supplied

WikiLeaks with classified video of a US helicopter gunship

mowing down Iraqi civilians in a Baghdad neighborhood in

2007. Pentagon officials have also named Manning a “person

of interest” in the leak of 92,000 classified after-action reports

dating from 2004 to 2010 on operations in Afghanistan,

which document the killing of hundreds of Afghan civilians. …

Right-wing media pundits have called for a direct assault by

the US government on WikiLeaks. On Fox News Sunday,

commentator Liz Cheney, daughter of the former vice

-president, called on the Obama administration to shut

down the Internet-based organization, presumably through

the use of the Pentagon’s cyber warfare capability.

On Tuesday, in a column in the Washington Post, former

Bush White House aide Marc A. Thiessen, now a weekly

contributor to the newspaper, said the government should

kidnap and imprison Julian Assange, co-founder of WikiLeaks.

War Crimes 265x300 US War Criminals Threaten WikiLeaks, Private Manning

“WikiLeaks is not a news organization; it is a

criminal enterprise,” Thiessen declared. “Its reason

for existence is to obtain classified national security

information and disseminate it as widely as possible

—including to the United States’ enemies.” He argued

that there is ample precedent for using the powers of

“rendition” exercised by the CIA against those engaged

in “material support for terrorism”

“Assange is a non-US citizen operating outside the

territory of the United States,” he wrote. “This means

the government has a wide range of options for dealing

with him. It can employ not only law enforcement but

also intelligence and military assets to bring Assange

to justice and put his criminal syndicate out of business.”

Thiessen contended that if Iceland or Belgium refused to

extradite him, “the United States can arrest Assange on

their territory without their knowledge or approval.” Under

existing US law, he claimed, “we do not need permission

to apprehend Assange or his co-conspirators anywhere

in the world.”

Liberal Democrats have chimed in with their own

proposals to target Wikileaks. According to a report

Wednesday in the New York Times, two Senate

Democrats, Charles Schumer of New York and

Diane Feinstein of California, are drafting an amendment

to the “media shield” legislation now being considered in

Congress “to make clear that the bill’s protections

extend only to traditional news-gathering activities

and not to web sites that serve as a conduit for the

mass dissemination of secret documents.”

The bill was originally drafted in response to a series of

cases in which reporters were jailed for refusing to

disclose their sources to judges, prosecutors or plaintiffs

in lawsuits. In order to avoid WikiLeaks taking advantage

of such a shield law, Schumer and Feinstein want to

specifically exclude whistleblower sites.

The Times quoted Paul J. Boyle, senior vice president

for public policy at the Newspaper Association of

America, the industry trade group, endorsing such

a policy, which would reserve this type of First Amendment

protection for “traditional news organizations subject to

American law and having editorial controls and

experience in news judgment.” In other words,

such safeguards would be reserved to the corporate-

controlled media, run by people loyal to the

American ruling elite and the capitalist state.

The major concern of those targeting WikiLeaks and

Private Manning is that the leaks of internal government

documents provide evidence to justify war crimes

prosecution of US government officials, past

and present. To save their own skins, they want

to criminalize the exposure of these atrocities,

rather than the atrocities themselves.

The language being employed in media and official

circles is dangerous and chilling. It makes clear that

nine years of uninterrupted military aggression have

provided the basis for major attacks on democratic

rights in the United States and the preparation of

more openly dictatorial forms of rule.

Launched on the basis of systematic lying, both about

the 9/11 terrorist attacks and the supposed danger of

“weapons of mass destruction,” these wars are

criminal in every sense of the word. Millions have

been killed, maimed or driven from their homes, and

more than five thousand Americans have died to

advance the interests of US imperialism in the oil

rich Persian Gulf and Central Asia.

Officials of the Bush and Obama administrations are

manifestly guilty of war crimes, ranging from launching

aggressive war—the core charge against the Nazis in

Nuremberg—to the systematic assassination of

opponents in both Iraq and Afghanistan. This last

practice, documented by WikiLeaks in the activities

of Army Task Force 373 in Afghanistan, is a full-scale

repetition of one of the principal horrors of the Vietnam

War, the CIA’s Phoenix Program, which murdered

20,000 suspected supporters of the Vietnamese

National Liberation Front.

After the Phoenix Program was exposed in the US media,

including the publication of the Pentagon Papers,

government-sponsored assassination became political

discredited and was officially outlawed—until the onset

of the “war on terror.” Now such methods are being

effectively legalized, as politicians of both parties,

backed by their media apologists, boast of their right

to “take out” opponents, using bombs, missiles or

direct hand-to-hand violence.

WikiLeaks and Private Manning are being targeted

because they have done what a cowardly and spineless

media has refused to do—tell the truth about the crimes

of American imperialism. Working people in the United

States and around the world must demand the

dropping of all threats and charges against WikiLeaks

an end to the government harassment and targeting of

whistleblowers, and the immediate release of

Private Bradley Manning.

- Patrick Martin


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