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Busted and Disgusted

We, in this present world, that are not in the public eye sometimes live by a different standard.

The current state of not only Sports and Entertainment, but Politics has come to full light.

These Days, you only have to "SAY" that you have changed or that you are "sorry" AFTER being caught or exposed in Immoral/Illegal activities is supposed to give any and all a free pass on all you do.

Athletes, no matter their age are accounted to be Children, innocent of everything. Politicians just say "I'm Sorry and seeking Treatment" are to be completely forgiven, excused, retained, and exonerated for every Criminal or Immoral act ever done.

Is there any reason to believe that this New Norm is not the reason why the actions done by anyone these days are never really paid for by the individuals committing these deeds? There is truly no real regret or repentance by someone that only says they change just by getting Busted.

True change doesn't come by being exposed publicly, but by being truly repentant in your Heart while not being busted or exposed.

Politicians, unable to be Honorable in actions, word and deed, should be Banned from public service until they live without incident for YEARS before given a chance to cheat the People again.

Criminal activity should ban you indefinitely maybe totally from public service(disservice).

While athletes  serve only as entertainment, Public Sevants are to not be above the Law, but to uphold the Law. Public Servants that are Immoral or Criminal are just that, they serve only themselves not the Public.

 I'm not without Sin or any action not in need of regret and repentance, No, but I didn't need to be exposed or busted to come to that point of changing and doing the right things. I am no better than anyone else and others are no better than We the People.

Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, Christian or not We must not give any place of public office to the Illegal or immoral any longer. Demand that our Leaders not be above the Law but FOLLOW the Laws of our land and the God of our Founding Fathers.

In my opinion.

Your Comments Appreciated.

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