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Obama & Cronies behind the Protests


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Protestors are told May Day 2012 - Take the Streets

No Work - No School - No shopping - No Housework…


May 1st will be the big debut of the Wall Street Protestors.  They’ve gone thru extensive training actually “boot Camp.”  They receive wages and food for their destruction of public property and disruptive behavior on Public Property.  The key players are Barack Obama, Soros, Van Jones, Code Pink, ALexrod, Unions and a boatload of other Radicals. While they worked on organization, what did we do?

They are organized now, their script is written and they are instructed to be confrontational, disruptive and like Soros promised there will be blood in our streets. Obama wants this and then he will pull the plug and place us under Martial Law (not peacetime Martial Law.)

Have States prepared for the rioting and protests that are about to take place?  Hopefully they have rigid rules & laws pertaining to protestors and/or rioters. Will it be taxpayers who once again pay for the vandalism and destruction caused by this low life?  Do they have curfews established, applications for protesting with rules in large print.  Are fines established when businesses are stopped from doing business as usual?  What happens when they confront school children or impede traffic flow? 

Does everyone know what the State laws are for protests and or riots?  Has your States prepared themselves in advance for what is about to happen?  Without written laws signed by the people in charge of these protests, private citizens, businesses and our Police are in danger.  This time someone must be held responsible for their behavior and it definitely shouldn’t be the taxpayers. 

The Wall Street Protestor have received extensive spring training for May Day and this will be a kick off for protests and /or riots the remainder of the year. 

May God Bless America

As Always,

Little Tboca

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Nationwide Protests Boil Over
As True Identity of Movement Crystallizes
OCCUPY Denver Fits Disorderly Profile
                Examine something camouflaged long enough and its true identity is likely to emerge. However, some phenomena only take a once-over to understand in full.   At TEA Party protests American flags abound and the Pledge of Allegiance is honored; Constitutional- small government- and fiscal-conservative patriots are everywhere and no underlying violence, racism and stupidity such as Obama’s administration and the American mainstream media (MSM) claim fuel the “Taxed Enough Already” T.E.A. movement is seen.
Meanwhile, the MSM, mainly emphasizing “police brutality and heavy-handedness,” is finally forced by the power of video images to show the ugly, violent, and unruly anti-Americaness of Occupy Wall Street and other “Occupy” movement demonstrators such as “Occupy Oakland.”  The partially-hidden identity of these demonstrators is noW crystal-clear . . . .
By their fruits we know them:  TEA Partiers leave protest sites cleaner than they find them and so orderly that police forces across the nation generally only arrested disruptors of TEA Parties. Occupy Wall Street, etc. are infamous for public urination; garbage; unruliness; defecating on police cars; theft, violence and rape in their midst; and interrupting banks and other businesses . . . and now, in Oakland, widespread riot.
            They call themselves "The 99%" but closer examination shows the Occupiers to be the most radical 3% of the progressive left.  Many Oakland arrestees are former ACORN (Association of Community Organizers for Reform Now) personnel. Across the nation, CAIR (the Council on American-Islamic Relations) members show up; President Obama, Nancy Pelosi and other House/Senate progressives express sympathy for the “goals of the movement;” protestors include Union members paid in New York for protesting; money-manipulator George Soros funds several of the progressive organizations protesting (e.g. Code Pink and CPUSA; and during interviews, protestors praise violent revolution; capitalism’s destruction; and replacing the American Way of Life . . . goals that normal Americans deplore . . . it’s about time the MSM reports truth.
Ya’ll live long, strong and ornery,
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               "It’s all GASP been put off!   Damnation, are our beloved Revolutionaries just procrastinators at heart?  Hope this blog puts you in the pink!"    



                          Gaza “Freedom Flotilla” Date
Changed for 4th Time, Now late June
“Beware the Ides of May” is apparently no longer their rallying cry . . . apparently scheduling “The Revolution” is proving a bit more difficult than Marxist-progressive activists anticipated. According to the Associated Press (AP), the much ballyhooed “2011 Gaza Freedom Flotilla, now operating under the name “Gaza Aid Flotilla” has changed its departure date for the fourth time in recent weeks and will now sail in “late June” according to the latest information. Popcorn, drinks and candy will be available in the lobby; please silence your cell phones and no tweeting or texting will be permitted.
The flotilla aiming to create a confrontation again this year with the Israeli Navy,  which monitors all shipments into the Gaza Strip (weapons ammo and “war supplies” are banned), was originally scheduled to sail on May 15, the date of the “Palestinian Holocaust” which the Israeli’s celebrate as the date of their nation’s founding. The history in question occurred 63 years ago. The original sailing date would have marked precisely one year since a similar flotilla attempted to outrun the Israeli naval blockade of the area.
            In that 2010 incident, nine of the people on a Turkish ship were killed and seven Israelis were wounded when the protestors began attacking the Israeli military boarders with sawed-off pipe segments.  One badly-injured Israeli was thrown overboard and had to be rescued.  The media worldwide treated the story as an “unprovoked Israeli massacre.” About a dozen of the well-known Jihadists on that flotilla had created videotapes of their “living wills” . . . so the question of who provoked what is really not a question. 
The sailing date for what’s now expected to be a 9-ship flotilla has changed from May 15, to May 22, to May 31 and now to “late June.” The “event” last year and purportedly the one this year have been funded by the Marxist/Feminist group Code Pink “Women For Peace” and planned by (70’s Weather Underground bombers and bomb-makers) Bill Ayers and his wife Bernadine Dorne (both her names have been spelled various ways and she’s often called “Bernadette” as well) close political allies and personal friends of Barack Obama.  The American Ship “The Audacity of Hope” joins this year’s activities. The original May 15, 2011 date had been trumpeted in progressive and Marxist media as a date when simultaneous “uprisings” against capitalism and oppression would begin.  More on that ongoing collaboration between the radical left and Jihadist Muslims later . . . .
Turkish officials have stepped up criticism of Israel since the three-week “war” in Gaza ended in early 2009, and have stated that the Turkish activists are permitted to sail from its shores.An Islamic aid group in Turkey has said it expects the convoy to be at least twice as big as the one that attempted to reach Gaza last year. If so, since six ships set sail last year the most frequently released “nine boats” information would be a low estimate. This year's convoy includes the Mavi Marmara, the same Turkish vessel operated by IHH (Islamic “Humanitarian Relief “Fund) on which the activists died in the raid, and American vesselThe Audacity of Hope, the title of President Obama's second autobiography and of the sermon from Reverend Jeremiah “God damn America” Wright which Obama based his book upon.
Eight Turks and a Turkish-American died in the “event” last year. Seven Israeli soldiers were wounded. Each side said the other started the violence. The incident  plunged ties between former allies Israel and Turkey to new lows. Israel eased its land blockade of Gaza amid an international uproar over the raid. But it says its blockade policy prevents weapons from reaching Iran-backed Hamas militants who violently seized control of the territory in 2007. The original May 15, 2010 flotilla seeking to outrun the Israeli naval blockade was the first recorded instance of collaboration between the radical American leftwing and Jihadist Islamicists. The sudden and surprising “revolts for democracy” all over the Middle East were planned and funded by American unionists . . . the same people who bragged publicly in Wisconsin that the new union movement in the Middle East was “with us” as they ‘desecrated’ that state’s capitol.
For their part, Israeli military officials have confirmed preparations have been made to stop any new flotilla while avoiding casualties, and that different tactics would be employed this time around. The flotilla sailing on May 15th was lauded as a simultaneous event with mass “walk-ins” by Palestinians crossing the Israeli border to “reclaim” the land they lost 63 years ago. There’s been no mention of that concurrent event being planned this time around or of other synchronized events such as a planned destruction of America’s banking system first revealed by SEIU union bigwig Stephen Lerner planed by him also has not occurred. Here was their original scheduling:
#1 Code Pink, Ayers and Dorne again uniting for a repeat of the blockade-running event on May 15, 2011 with The American ship Audacity of Hope joining the festivities.
            #2 As SEIU Union bigwig Stephen Lerner promised (it’s all on videotape at my Rajjpuut’s Folly blog site in a different blog):
 the assault on the American banking system he’s personally planned . . . and designed to deal the ultimate crippling blow to capitalism is scheduled for May 15, 2011.
            #3 A whole range of nasty union demonstrations are scheduled to coincide with . . . wait for it . . . May 15, 2011.   The Union movement has now gone global (Workers of the world unite!) and far more Marxist. Go to the websites of the AFL-CIO or SEIU and see all their propaganda about all the countries “standing with Wisconsin.” They believe that Capitalism is on the ropes and all they have to do now is keep attacking the free market system until they can land a haymaker . . . and move their twisted statist philosophies into the forefront.
            #4 A restoration of lost land in which Muslim Arabs on all sides of Israel are supposed to simply walk into the country and “reclaim their acreage” is also scheduled for, yep, you guessed it . . . May 15, 2011. Beware the Ides of May???? 'er beware some other date . . . .
         It’s all GASP been put off!   Damnation, are our beloved Revolutionaries just procrastinators at heart?  Perhaps they see discretion as the better part of Marxist valor and now consider coordinated attacks a little too PINK to actually work without bringing backlash?  Nevertheless, despite the postponements, the facts are simple and straightforward, with this being the headline: 
The Radical Left has Now Joined with Radical Islam to
Initiate “THE Revolution” NOT Only Here in the
United States, but Around the World . . .
These moves are a culmination of several trends long in evidence such as the push for Shariah Law across Europe and here in the United States. To say that this new tactic is treasonous is a huge understatement.
Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,
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Pink Slip, what a bunch of Crap!

I been on here for a few months now and after a while, this is all a bunch of crap. Hey Beck, sit down with me on TV so I can tell the real truth, cause you do not. I dare any of you jack assess to sit with me while American watches. Pink slips, Donations, buying t-shirts, you people are making no difference, but making someone wealthy who really dosn't have much to really say, just talk about problems. Freedom is free and you do not sell crap to get it and I will not pay to have it. You are all free men, if you think making donations or being part of some Mickey mouse club will give you want you want, let me know how that is working out for you, because a year from now, you will all be talking about the same crap and even worse, it will be worse.

"The Declaration of Independence" states that when your Government is no longer in the best interest of it's people, it is the right of the people to abolish them and re institute a new one. That means stop talking and do something, it means be Patriots you morons.

Your Government is coming! Your Government is coming! I don't have to be on a horse to know that. You want to be real Patriots and honor and fight for your rights, give me a shout, otherwise, let me know how deeper the shit your in is getting and remember, just talk, no action, just talk.

Action is real results, talk is just that, Talk! I forgot, who is listening to you! no one right now, get a clue about what is real and what is just crap. Donald Duck is on face book, want to join or maybe you can help Mini with people really are out of touch.

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