payback (1)

If I can remember right several T. Party groups were funded by Freedom Works which could mean they owe the 'Big Dogs" a few favors.  Will Newt and Dick call in their seed capital in the form of endorsements?

Will we see the 'end game' of the investment into certain Tea Party groups for their supply of donors, supporters and Republican minions?

If we are going to endorse Newt, it should be because either we agree with him or because we MUST defeat Obama, NOT because we MUST return the favor.

I know this. This group is beholden to no one and is completely self-funded. Furthermore, there are a few other groups out there that are self funded.

But who has been funded by Newt Gingrich & Dick Army's Freedom Works?  Those are the ones we must carefully watch.

....and then again, maybe I'm just a paranoid, right-wing conspirator.

What the hell do you think? Are we a bunch of wackos or will there be favors paid back by Tea Party endorsements?

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