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Predator corporatism, takeover of ours country

By: Juan Reynoso, WTP Activist  -  voteforamerica@gmail.com

Americas must realize that self-scrutiny is not treason. Self-examination is not disloyalty.

We seek the truth and let the people know. An informed citizenry is vital for the preservation of our democracy and freedom. Truth and knowledge diffused among the people are necessary for the preservation of our Democracy, rights, freedom and liberties. http://themoneygps.com/

The poverty business.


Fellow Americans, after 30 years of the NEOCON takeover of ours country government, poverty in American and the world have turned the working class into a slave class. Capitalism and free enterprise is dead; the new system that dominates our economic and our lives; is the predator corporatism. Free trade open the doors for the US corporations to become the predators of the US small business: they used anything to demise the competition and control the market to make money; they monopolized an array of business and control the commerce in our country; from financing, manufacturing, agriculture, energy, transportation and everything that they can see as a potential, money making opportunity.

Predator corporatism, control our US government and through our government they control foreign governments by bribery, military interventions and any other means. Predator corporatism is in control of our lives our economic and our future; they are very close to make us their slaves by making us debtors of the financial system that they control.

The NEOCON strategy is working very well, with the help of our corrupt politicians; they are the ones that write the legislations that help them to gain more control over our lives and our country. They keep the American workers wages low and the unemployment high by job outsourcing, free trade and globalization, they promote legislations that will support subsidizing and bail outs to protect themselves from their ill policies. They are in support of tax cut for them but not for the poor.

Today the worse threats to the American people and humanity are the NEOCON and the predator corporatism psychopath’s ideology of control; that the end justifies the means. They take all risk because they are sure that they will be rescued by our government at our expenses.  

2016 elections it’s our only hope to build a government of moral principles and committed to social justice for all Americans and end this greedy predator corporate system that is destroying our social fiber, the American dream and economic prosperity. We must seek a candidate, a statesman like Theodore Roosevelt with the courage to demise the predator corporate monopolist criminals; we must take on the oligarchical corporatist fascist’s predators of the American enterprise and the small business that they see as competition. We seek fairness and a win-win situation relationship between business and employee’s relationship. Decent living wages will be good for our economic, promote good working ethics and productivity and disposable income that will generate sales and benefit the retail industry and the economic as a whole.

We all count to make this a reality; the choice is ours to be free or slaves of the predator corporate system that is in control today.

God bless America. Register to vote and vote for your freedom.

PS. I dream that I Get up one morning and read in the paper that all media conglomerates have been disbanded; that all criminal Wall Street banks have been broken up and nationalized and that scores of CEO Bankers have been charge with serious crimes.   I'd like to see media/propaganda campaigns across the country, billboards, ads, TV, flyers, marches. But it all starts by acknowledging the obvious: That the United States of America has become a Corporatist Fascist State.  If people can't even acknowledge that obvious fact, then nothing of significance will be possible in order to start the process of removing the Corporatist domination of our country.

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The end of the American dream.


Corporatism:  The Monopoly of the Global Elite.


The wealthy elitists control the world.


The poverty business.


Entrepreneurship for human flourishing


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The truth is the invasion has begun in America.

Check out these videos and see the death threats made to law abiding citizens.  These people are violent and they have no respect for any countries laws except Sharia own.  Violence and intimidation are their way of life, it's all about control.

Wake up because it may be to late in America if the complacent citizens do recognize what's taking place right now in our country.




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Author: Brian D. Hill

Obama is supportive of a illegal takeover of America not just by globalists and elitists but also by illegal immigrants that will supportthe New World Order agenda in exchange for having American jobs andfree social security money.

I am seeing a major rise in illegal immigrants not just visiting America but also working American jobs.

Foreign Muslim Couple walking on a Mountain trail

I am noticing a rise in foreigners gaining access to American jobs thatcan't even speak English or don't know exactly what they are doingbecause they haven't received proper training since they are foreignersthat haven't immigrated through the proper channels.

Also at a Hotel the USWGO Founder was staying at a foreign illegal maid almost cleaned out his hotel room and took all his diet soda cansto drink themselves before he even checked out because the foreignersthat run the hotel didn't even know how to keep records because theyprobably weren't US Citizens.

Many places I went to it was foreigners, foreigners, and even more foreigners working American Jobs. The only place that actually had onlylegal immigrants and American citizens was at Dollywood because sincethey are a major theme park they have to check documents of thoseapplying for a job there.

Even at a gas station I saw another foreigner there as well so while Arizona lost the first round against the Federal Government, even thoughthey made an appeal, illegal immigrants are on the rise in America,stealing American jobs, forcing their viewpoints including theUnconstitutional ShariaLaw on America, and since more Illegal mexicans have invadedAmerica at one time over 20 to 30% of Americans support the banningof the American Flag in public schools that are funded by theFederal Government.

So the foreign invasion keeps happening while Obama wants to give amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants so that they won't ever haveto give an Oath of Loyalty to the Constitution, won't ever have to learnEnglish, and won't ever have to go through the legal process thatmillions of past Legal immigrants went through which is unfair to allthe legal immigrants.

I know the argument is that all of our ancestors were immigrants BUT there has to be a balance, a restriction, to how many can immigrate intothis country because without limiting how many can immigrate into thiscountry it can be a real mess, bring up the jobless and homeless rates,and bankrupt America into a dead country. Also all who legally get intothis country HAS to learn to respect Liberty and Freedom all Americansknow and love, HAS to give a Oath to protect and defend the Constitutionand not be a traitor to America, and all who legally immigrate has tolearn English because not everyone in American would be unable to learnanother language so since the primary language is English the immigrantwould have to learn English or else barriers between Americans would bebuilt which would ruin the United States since it would be divided.

"I am not a racist, I am not against hispanics, I am not against any race but rules are important so all illegal Immigrants must understandthat we have to control the border to prevent a quick collapse of thiscountry. So We aren't against immigrants but we are against IllegalImmigrants", says Brian D. Hill of USWGO.

"I directly support Arizona's Illegal Immigration law because then we can now finally restore the economy slowly by having more job slots forAmericans since Obama is not doing anything to bring back our jobs likehe promised and is only making things worse." Brian D. Hill also says.

Illegal Immigration has given Americans less jobs in a severe way and actually has hurt Legal Immigration since they worked hard to legallyget into the United States while others are just crossing the border andgetting free social security money, and free Medical.

The Bilderberg Group has planned to use Illegal Immigration as a tool to bring forth the North American Union which would dissolve theConstitution and merge Canada, Mexico, and America together to becomethe North American Union.

The North American Union agenda is all apart of competing with the European Union, the forming African Union, and to help the Asian Unionbecome established which will be managed under a World Government.

Even Barack Obama said while the Mexican President was visiting that "We are defined not by our borders butby our bonds." to justify the dissolving of our borders and the start ofthe North American Union which will end our Freedoms and Liberties.

I think it's okay to be friendly with neighboring countries BUT there's a fine line between just being neighborly and persuadingneighboring countries to join together as one union and dissolve theirSovereignty. Right now Obama is using foreigners taking over thiscountry as a pretext to make it acceptable to end Sovereignty andjump-start a World Government.

There is a clear difference between just being kind to your neighbors and taking over their house and force the neighbor to join the twohouses together to create a controlled union.

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Author: Brian D. Hill

Source: USWGO Alternative News

Note: What I am talking about here is where the confederacy was more for states separation rights which should be guaranteed in the Constitution and the whole thing was not mainly over slavery and not
over racism but states rights were not given which seem to have
triggered the civil war.

I was told at a civil war state park by a knowledgeable woman that worked at a North Carolina historical park that seem to not be afraid to speak the truth even if it may have been against the US Government.

She told me that the civil war was not fought mainly over slavery, that the south was going to eventually abolish slavery just as the North, that it was mainly over the Confederates wanting to create a
union that supported states running their own governments and that they
can separate from the union.

So was this whole slavery civil war talk a lie, propaganda from the Federal Government to turn people against separating from the union anytime the Federal Government gets hijacked by special interest groups
and secret societies and which we are clearly seeing at this time.

This woman was very knowledgeable but I will refuse to tell her name and the historical park she worked at for safety purposes and so she can keep de-brainwashing people without the federal government
targeting her.

I think it is interesting that she speaks the truth, that the whole civil war, the whole confederacy was not mainly fought over slavery but was actually fought over states rights.

Also she was saying that the North was making more money then the South even though they did work in agriculture but made less money because the North used Industry and I guess they felt they were being
underpaid and were being used by the North so all these different
reasons started the Confederacy which led to the civil war and it was
not mainly fought over slavery.

I am shocked that a person working for a state parks service which is government-run would speak out against the federal government or teach that propaganda has turned people against the confederacy but I
guess since shes working with the state and not the federal government
she rather the states ran things then the federal government I agree
with her if that is what she believes.

The Federal Government is a centralized power establishment and if a few elites run the whole country disaster can unfold like it has with politicians taking bribes to pass stupid and unconstitutional laws,
secret societies taking control of politician seats, and manipulating
the media to their own uprising of their expandable powers.

So I rather be for states rights then being a federalist because our federal government can be easily hijacked and overthrown and if our troops were run by states they can tackle the corrupted states if those
states planned to overthrow the free states, then the free states can
fight back against those that wish to destroy those freedom supporting

So we need to start debunking the propaganda that the states that wanted separation from the union or the confederacy was all for slavery and racism but that they just wanted to have decentralized power
because the only way to commit treason at a very high level and take
over a high percentage of the whole world is centralization because it
would be too hard to practically commit treason in every state so the
treasonous traitors of the elite thought about centralizing government
and have all 50 states under their control.

I thank this anonymous educator for bringing out the real truth about the confederacy.

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