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The death of a Texas deputy, shot from behind while filling his patrol car with gas; the mob violence on a single mother in a park while her child looks on; the “knockout game” assault on a military veteran as he walked alone on the street; the mugging of a 92 year old woman as she prayed in a church; the killing of a 5 year old girl sitting on her Grandfather’s lap and a police officer who killed a black motorist, later found to have had two pounds of marijuana and thousands of dollars in his car. There are countless similar stories.
Have you heard of these? You may be familiar with the last one. That is about Officer Ray Tensing who fired one shot and killed Sam DuBose, a black man who had two pounds of weed and $2,600 in cash in his car. The stop and killing made the media, but not the dope or cash. Why? Because the media refuse to deviate from the Officer Ray Tensing narrative into which they have so comfortably fallen over the last twenty years. “White cop kills black man, white cop guilty of murder.” And the other stories? No, you won’t hear about them because they involve black on white crime. And the media must make excuses or provide cover for “thugs-of-color” who commit crimes.
The Texas Deputy Sheriff who was shot from behind was a family man, doing a job he loved to do and whose only transgressions were being white and a cop. A question for the shooter: If this officer had happened to be black, would you still have shot him? Does your hatred of police spring from the racist, “Black Lives Matter” mantra you have lived by? Or is yours an “equal opportunity” sort of hatred?
And as for the media that reported the crime, the man was black, not “dark-complexioned.” It is time for the media to shake off at least a little of the left-wing slant which colors their every story. There are two sides to race relations and blacks seem to be even more racist than whites. I was told that about a year ago by a black neighbor as she shook her head.
So let’s talk about the Black Lives Matter (BLM) crowd. They claim to want rights in order to improve the lives of fellow blacks. Explain how that can happen when you burn down your own neighborhoods, allow one third of abortions to be of blacks and threaten the very people you would need to improve things, that is, the white citizens who want to help? The people of this country, whether white or black, Democrat or Republican have looked at your behavior and object to the violence and disrespect you exhibit toward the nation and the culture of its people. A certain amount of organization and sophistication are needed for a movement to move forward. But BLM is not an organization, it’s a rabble.
BLM adherents have forgotten that the very first rule is to protect and improve your own. How many continue to die in inner cities? What has the BLM crowd done to end that? What about the dropout rate of black students, teen pregnancy rates, or the gangsta lifestyle so many emulate only to fall by the wayside in modern society? BLM, which purports to want to help blacks, will never take an overall look at what must be done to improve the lives of the black people. Everything is skin color and if you are of the right one, you can make demands of those who are not. It is the race baiter and those who espouse a deep visceral hatred of anything white that are causing the inability of all people to move forward. Your hatred is as racist as anything the KKK has ever done. It is up to you to stop leading the life of a victim, to move forward and set proper standards.
The media shares responsibility for turning a blind eye to the current reality of race relations. Riots in Ferguson, in Baltimore and elsewhere are led by professional activists-or should they be called professional rioters-and are funded by socialist George Soros, who has said he is working for the collapse of America. Add his participation to that of professional race baiters like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson and you have the start of what might one day amount to a civil war. It that what the BLM movement really wants?
Last week, Democrats-the same Democrats of Jim Crow and poll taxes-put forward a resolution to back “Black Lives Matter.” Is it any wonder those who believe this country is worth protecting are arming themselves? “We want a Racial War, bring it on,” declared BLM spokesmen.
Well America is starting to say the same to you. Be careful what you wish for.

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