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The recent walkout of several democrat representatives when it came time to vote on the  A G's contempt of congress issue was depriving their constiuncies of the representation they were sworn to provide.  Their constituancy expected them to vote no on the vote, therefore their voice was not heard or recoded in the congressional record.  This seems to be a tactic of the democrats, if theY can't win , they pick up and go home, they don't realize that their constitutents protest has not been recorded.  They puled the same B S in Wisconsin. It is immaterial whether I would agree or not with my representsatives vote becaue if I disagree with the vote, I can always file a protest with the congressional office in my district.  Without a recorded vote, I am then denied of my right to protest.  I feel that this is an act pof malfeasment and should be rounds for impeachment or recall.  HOW ELSE CN MY VOICE BE HEARD?????



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We The Kids

Hello, Tea Party Friends! 

If you are like me, you want to do everything you can to pass freedom on to the next generation. That is my mission with We The Kids (www.wethekids.us), a patriotic, freedom-loving web site designed for kids all across America.  Our We The Kids Reporters are blogging about American history in their own towns and states, interviewing their state legislators and Congressmen and Congresswomen.


Here is what Chuck Heath, Jr. (Sarah Palin's brother) said about We The Kids: "We the Kids is a wonderful site where kids, parents and educators can reconnect with out amazing history in a fun and informative way.  Who knows? Maybe one of this site's viewers will be inspired enough to become the next Sarah Palin!"


Here is a sample of what you'll find on We The Kids:

1)  The original video of Red Skelton’s pledge

2)  A report on the White House Association by Catherine, age 12

3)  A report on Abraham Lincoln by Tyler, age 13

4)  A brief history of the Pledge of Allegiance like you have never heard before.

5)  A "store" to purchase patriotic items like t-shirts and books to enhance your children's love for America

6)  Links to various museums around America


Please visit We The Kids and get your children and grandchildren actively involved in discovering the rich heritage of freedom in America.



wethekids - kid owned site



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(WND) Another lawsuit has been filed asking state officials to remove Barack Obama’s name from the 2012 election ballot because he has not documented that he is eligible for the office, but this case in Florida has a twist: It was brought by a Democrat.

The case was filed by Larry Klayman of Freedom Watch USA on behalf of Democrat Michael Voeltz, “a registered member of the Democrat Party, voter, and taxpayer in Broward County, who was an eligible elector for the Florida Primary of Jan. 31, 2012.”

As part of his responsibilities, the lawsuit explains, Voeltz took “an oath to ‘protect and defend’ the U.S. Constitution.”

The complaint cites widely reported suspicions that Obama might not have been born in the United States and the fact that his father never was a U.S. citizen. It contends that because of those circumstances, Obama is not a “natural-born citizen” as the Constitution demands of the president.

Named as defendants are Florida Secretary of State Ken Detzner and the state Elections Canvassing Commission.

“The requirement for natural-born citizenship, which is found in the U.S. Constitution, was intended to prevent foreign influences from ‘influencing’ an American president,” Klayman said as the action was being filed.“These ‘influences’ have regrettably been witnessed by the American people during President Obama’s term in office. It is clear the Founding Fathers intended to avoid such a situation, where an American president seems to frequently sympathize with and take actions benefitting foreign interests.”

SEE the FULL ARTICLE:  http://www.wnd.com/2012/03/democrat-sues-to-boot-obama-from-ballot/

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THINK ABOUT THIS??? What event is going to happen in the next 8 months that is so important the MAJORITY REPUBLICAN GOP HOUSE AND SENATE LET THIS HAPPEN WITHOUT A WORD? Something is big, they released this on Friday, our Congress and Senate are silent, this has never happened in American's history!!!! EVER!!! This means the HOUSE AND SENATE ARE IN ON IT? Is there a world wide Earth Quake or Flood coming? Is Earth going to be hit by an Astorid? Why would you need this law? The person who put the law into effect is an illegal alien and not our real President??? Will someone please tell me what the hell is going on??????

From Tea Party Command Center Did you know that King O. signed a new exec. order that let’s the goverment take over now if they choose? “Planning MARTIAL LAW in advance Or CANCELLING th...
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The Pledge of Allegiance

Hello Fellow Patriots ! Americanmobi here, not to talk about my successful mobile company, but the pledge of allegiance to the flag we all made so many years ago  ! I was born in 1960 much unrest was upon our country at that time and America was changing, but America survived. I grew up in an era where Americans strived to be the best at whatever we did. I went to school and church, helped in my community, and volunteered to help those who were less fortunate. Everyone worked together because we had pride to be Americans and we were proud of what America stood for ! Well what happened ? I'll tell you. We stopped telling the story of how every generation, worked to make the next generation better than they were . They sacrificed so each generation could pick up their torch, and continue to preserve our liberty we take so much for granted. We learned to be good Americans, from good Americans. From people who would not stop until the job was done (HATS OFF TO ALL OUR SERVICE MEN,AND WOMEN ) we are great because we expect greatness from ourselves ! Other nations see this in us but cant replicate it because we are "one nation under god indivisible, with liberty and justice for all ! " Patriots these words mean something ! These are the words our founding fathers believed in, and we should too ! Remember your pledge of allegiance ? Did it let you down ? Will you break your pledge you made in homeroom, with your left  hand over your heart so many years ago  ? I am 51 years old now and still respect and am grateful to the generations that came before me and protected the liberty that I am able to enjoy ! We will lose our liberty if we do not take a stand NOW ! Remember " a nation can only be free, If the if the nations liberty resides in its citizens ! Americanmobi ! " PLEASE PASS THIS ON TO EVERY PATRIOT YOU KNOW THANKS ! REMEMBER YOUR PLEDGE  !

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Obama Home from G-20, with Tail Between Legs

At the July 2010, the G-20 summit members actually told BO that stimulus was not working. BO says, "Keep Spending", click to read 
Obama ignored the G-20 members. The narcissist that he is, has been brought down, BIG Time, on the world stage. 

Obama was at the G-20 summit in France last week. (G-20-Group of  Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors, from 20 major economies.)  He didn't talk about the Greece/Euro situation. Basically Greece borrowed Euros to finance Greeks retiring with benefits and pensions...at age 50. If Greece defaulted it could lead to an European depression. (In a global market we would go down too.) By borrowing more they are able to pay back only delays the inevitable.  Sound familiar?

Obama used the the G-20 "stage" to play to us, taking only 4 questions, all from American reporters. He said,  “My hope is that the folks back home, including those in the United States Senate and House of Representatives,   think twice before they vote no again on a proposal that economists say would actually make a dent in unemployment”  A Dent? Read on and you'll see why he didn't take any questions from foreign reporters.

 First the members implemented the "Canada Action Plan for Jobs Growth", co-sponsored by India. It is "a wide range blueprint for building foundation of renewed world wide growth". Wow! As leaders of the free world, weren't we suppose to do that?

Second, To add insult to injury, they selected Mark Carney as the Chairman of the Swiss "Financial Stability Board".  His actions as the Bank of Canada's governor are said to account for Canada having
avoided the worst of the recent global financial crisis. The Canadian economy outperformed those of its G7,  (The top 7 nations of the G-20.),   peers during the crisis, and Canada was the first G7 nation to have both its GDP and employment recover to pre-crisis levels.   Canada has recovered that means our unemployment should be at 7.8 or lower.  Blaming Bush just isn't working anymore.

Before he left  Pinocchio said, "We can't wait for Congress to do its job,” he said. “The middle-class families who’ve been struggling for years are tired of waiting.  So where Congress won’t act, I will." BO  thinks he's king and is forgetting the Constitution....again! Maybe he learned something at the G-20.

11/4/11-Unemployment rate fell to 9.0 percent in October. A Demoncratic Congress and Senate gave BO $787 billion of our money in Feb. 09.  (He said that unless he got it, unemployment COULD go as high as 8%. It hasn't been anywhere close to that since Bush was President.) Now, less then 3 years later, he wants another $447 billion.   
House Speaker John Boehner: "Today's report underscores the need for immediate action on the more than 15 bipartisan, common-sense House-passed jobs bills (called the forgotten 15) that are piled up at Senate Democrats' door. Senate Democrats are out of excuses and the president must call on them to act. The House has voted to remove government obstacles to desperately needed jobs -- and we've done it in a bipartisan way. At a time when these bipartisan jobs bills are stalled in the Senate, it is unacceptable for the White House to be anything less than 100 percent engaged in the legislative process."

I love this: The House of Representatives passed a bi-partisan resolution Nov.1 reaffirming “In God We Trust” as the official motto of the United States. The 396-9 vote came at the request of Rep. Randy Forbes (R-VA) , "Obama’s refusal to correct remarks he made that misstated the motto as “E pluribus unum” instead of “In God We Trust.”
"I trust God, but God wants to see us help ourselves and put people back to work." BO-11/03/11(What an ass!)

Thank you for being CarolynsVoice, because I don't have one. 

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Hello Tea Party Patriots...

Here is my story.  When Heard President Obama state that we were no longer a Judeo Christian Nation...I woke up.

1.  I did my homework through Wallbuilders and The American Heritage Series.  Then I completed two online courses through halearn.com/Heritage Academy/American Constitution and Government Part I and Part II.

2.   I put my papers into a book and was able to get it published through Authorhouse.com.  Dr. W. Cleon Skousen published The Five Thousand Year Leap:  A Miracle That Changed The World.  His book is easy to read and brought the confusion of politics into clear focusw.  Dr Skousen said many times that the Founder's success formula would solve nearly every problem we have in America today.  Really?  Can any knowledge be more helpful to the rising generation of Leaders in America?  The purpose of my book, The Writings of an American Mother in 2010:  Principles of the Founding Fathers and Current Issues...planting the seeds of Leadership is to encourage people to review our past, our history as a country, the 28 Principles of our Founding Fathers and how they relate to current issues...then develop your own viewpoint through critical thinking and doing your own homework...becoming an Active American Citizen!

3.  I sent a hardcover copy of my book to 40 high profile people.

4.  I created a web page for my book, www.maryaeli com , which offers a view of the book or you can go to amazon.com or barnesandnoble.com

5.   A Youtube Video was created for my book as part of a 200,000 email campaign.  You can view the video at YouTube/Writings of an American Mother in 2010.


Would love feedback!

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BEST KEPT SECRET OF THE CENTURY: Laws our Government Agency Leaders don’t know, or are purposely keeping from the Taxpayers! 


By Alexis Stuart, the Credit Whisperer®


Question: can an individual donate to Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and/or The Department of Defense and write it off as a tax-deductible charitable gift on their taxes?


Can you guess which government agency still refuses to provide a written answer?

Can you guess which government agency provided the correct answer?

Can you guess why any government agency would not want taxpayers to know the Best Kept Secret I have discovered?

Can you guess why none of our government officials or any current presidential candidates are suggesting this idea?


Uncovering this “BEST KEPT SECRET OF THE CENTURY” all started in 2006, with an idea I had to help The Social Security Funds.  I first thought, “Why not donate to Social Security?” Then, I thought, I could start a nonprofit and get people to donate to our mission to help Social Security.  We could use the donations to help people buy or start businesses, create jobs and at the same time contribute to the economy and increase revenue to the Social Security Funds.  In a few years our nonprofit could donate to Social Security Funds when it is scheduled to run out of money.  As a Real Estate Broker and business owner, always looking for another good business to buy, I would follow the progress of small businesses for sale on the Multiple Listing Service. Many times, if the owners could not sell the business, they would end up closing.  I wanted to help employees build their credit power so they could buy the business from their boss, keep it alive and keep all of the employees working.  


This raised the question, “can a nonprofit donate to social security?” Better yet, “can an individual donate to social security and write it off as a tax-deductible charitable gift on their taxes?”


To find the answer I called The Social Security Administration Commissioner’s office on February 2, 2006 and was told by the secretary that she had never been asked that questions before. I was put on hold while she tried to find the answer. The secretary returned and told me she could not find anyone that knew the answer. Because no one in the office knew if donations were allowed, or if an individual could write them off on their taxes, she told me to write a letter to the Social Security Administration Commissioner and pose the question. 


It took three months to get an answer, but I received a letter dated 5/3/06 from Annie White, Associate Commissioner of Social Security Administration stating  “You may be interested to know that section 201(i)(1) of the Social Security Act currently provides for tax-deductible gifts to the Social Security trust funds”. The entire letter is available online at www.creditwhisperer.com/solution.htm   


I did form a nonprofit organization; Credit Power Educational Foundation, Inc., and part of our mission is to “STRENGTHEN our national economy and Social Security Fund”.


After watching many news reports on how the Department of Defense is the main purpose of the Federal Government and how Medicare and Medicaid were also running out of funds, I decided to ask them the same question I asked the Social Security Administration.


On March 14, 2011, I first called the Medicare and Medicaid office and the female who answered the phone said she had never been asked that question before. She put me on hold and then told me she could not find anyone that knew the answer and they would need to have someone call me back. I did not get a return call.


Next on March 14, 2011, I called the Department of Defense, and just like my call to the Social Security Administration, Medicare and Medicaid, was told by the Public Communication Responder for the Department of Defense that he did not know the answer so he put me on hold while he asked someone else. He returned and said they did not know if donations were allowed or if you could write them off on your taxes, so he put in a written request for an answer.


I did receive an email confirming my question and the following is a portion of the answer:

 “Unfortunately the Department of Defense does not accept monetary donations but we thank you for your interest and support.  We encourage you to visit our Community Relations website which lists a variety of pre-screened charitable organizations focused on supporting the military community.  http://www.ourmilitary.mil/help.shtml


Question Reference #110314-000075


   Topic Level 1: Department of Defense

   Topic Level 2: Policy and Programs

    Date Created: 03/14/2011 02:06 PM

    Last Updated: 03/15/2011 04:14 PM

          Status: Solved





Because of other business activities I did not get back to my quest for an answer with Medicare and Medicaid until May 19, 2011. I again called trying to get an answer to my questions.  I was told to send a letter.  I called back and asked for the Director of Medicare and Medicaid and was transferred to Danette Greenwood, the personal secretary of Dr. Donald M. Berwick. I asked Danette “Can an individual donate to the Medicare or Medicaid Trust Fund and write it off as a tax-deductible charitable gift on their taxes?  Danette was very quick to answer “NO!” 


I asked Danette if I could speak to Dr. Donald M. Berwick and she said “I handle all of his calls”.  I asked if they do not accept donations could Dr. Berwick suggest that Congress, the Senate and President Barack Obama change the law. Danette suggested I contact my congressman to suggest a change in the law. I told Danette that I had already written to many congressmen and Senators and only received a few automated responses.  I suggested that Dr. Berwick has connections it would make more sense for him to bring it to the attention of the IRS, Congress, the Senate and President Barack Obama that we need to change the law so individuals can donate to the Medicare and Medicaid funds and write it off as a tax-deductible charitable gift on their taxes.


Danette finally agreed and told me to email my idea in and she would forward it to Dr. Berwick.  I sent an email on May 19, 2011. I did not get an answer, so I called Danette on June 3, 2011 and asked if she forwarded the email to Dr. Berwick. Danette said she forwarded my email to a group of people who would be responding to my email. Danette said she would check to see if any progress had been made in getting me an answer. I asked Danette if she would please put the answer in writing. Danette said she could not put her verbal “no” answer to my “can you donate question” in writing, but she would send me an email confirming that she received my email.  


I called Danette again on June 6, 2011 at 1:14pm

A man answered phone: “OFFICE OF THE ADMINISTRATOR”. He asked what it was concerning and put me on hold, came back and told me Danette had just gone into a meeting and he said he left a message at her desk.

I asked for his name and he refused to give it. He said it was none of my business and he did not want to be involved in the middle when my business is with Danette.


I then asked for Dr. Berwick and the man who refused to give me his name said he would never forward me directly to him, that Danette takes care of his schedule.


I called back on June 7, 2011 at 12:14 p.m.

I was able to speak to Danette; she said they would be getting back to me next Monday on June 13th.


Danette still would not send me an email with the verbal “no” answer to my “can you donate question”. She said the other group of people will get back to me.


Danette agreed to send me a confirmation with a time line to get an answer to my question. She also agreed to send me an email after she called the other people to push them for an answer and let me know when I might expect an answer.


I called Danette again on June 8, 2011 at 11:55 a.m. I think I spoke to the same man with no name. He said Danette was in a meeting and she already had my message from before. I asked his name and he refused, saying, “I do not give out my name to anyone outside CMS”.



On June 8, 2011 at 1:21 p.m., I called Danette again and spoke to the man with no name. He said “Danette is busy, it is ongoing”. He refused to let me hold for Danette. I asked if Danette was avoiding me. He claimed Danette was not avoiding me and suggested that I email her.  I told him I was a taxpayer and wanted to hold. He said “That is not going to happen”, and hung up on me.


I sent Danette another email and received a response.


Wed, Jun 8, 2011 at 1:47 PM

RE: Response requested

Hi Alexis,

I will follow up with the component today to see exactly how long they will be in getting you an answer and get back to you as soon as possible.





To see the email go to www.creditwhisperer.com/solution.htm


I still do not have an answer as of July 12, 2011 from Danette, Dr. Berwick, or the “component”.


On June 30, 2011 Danette finally told me to contact Dianne Heffron, the staffer working on an answer.  It took six days for me to finally connect with Dianne Heffron who is the Director of Financial Management Group of the CMSO


Dianne told me she had not received my email. She was able to find my email while I was on the phone. I refreshed her memory as to the fact Danette Greenwood had forwarded my letter and emails to her. Dianne said she was still working on an answer for me. So far she believed that I could donate to Medicaid on the state level, but not to their department. She suggested I contact Toby Douglass, the Secretary of the California Department of Health. She said they only match the state payments. (Another wrong answer)


Dianne said she was still doing research on the Medicare side. She did not know who would even be able to take the donation. She was sure that her department not able to take any donations.  I asked if she could put her answer in writing. Dianne said since the letter was addressed to the Director, Dr. Donald M. Berwick, she could not answer my letter or questions in writing. Dianne said Dr. Donald M. Berwick would need to down-grade the response to her.  She said that could take two weeks to get the down-grade.


I suggested that I send another letter addressed to her so she could answer it. Dianne said that would work, so I re-sent the letter, and another email, addressed to her on July 6, 2011.


I phoned Dianne Heffron on July 12, 2011, but she did not answer, so I left a message. I still do not have an answer.


I sent a letter to Dr. Berwick on June 15, 2011 informing him of the additional information I had uncovered concerning donating to the Medicare and Medicaid Trust.  A copy of the letter is available at www.creditwhisperer.com/solution.htm

Most people are unaware of this option, including Ms Greenwood.

I continued my research after I was told by Danette Greenwood that an individual cannot donate to the Medicare or Medicaid Trust Fund and write it off as a tax-deductible charitable gift on their taxes. 


It seems that contrary to the information I was given by Danette, an individual actually can donate to Medicare and Medicaid and write it off as a tax-deductible charitable gift on their taxes.


I contacted the IRS and spoke to Jacob, i.d. #1054973526.

Jacob put me on hold while he searched for the answer to my question, which was:

“Can an individual donate to Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and/or The Department of Defense and write it off as a tax-deductible charitable gift on their taxes?”


Jacob told me to look in Pub 78 to find organizations that are currently tax exempt. He said Pub 78 lists most organizations but does not include all organizations and it does not list Federal, State and Local government organizations as they are not required to file for tax exempt status.


I asked Jacob for more details of how donations to a government agency can be written off on your taxes.  Jacob had to put me on hold again to search for additional information.  Jacob instructed me to search for Pub 526 on their website and to look at Table 1, page 2. Table 1 defines “Deductible as Charitable Contributions” for “Federal, state, and local governments, if your contribution is solely for public purposes (for example, a gift to reduce the public debt)”.


Here is the link for pub 526: http://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/p526.pdf


I asked for additional information to clarify the terminology “public purpose”.


Jacob was unable to answer my question and transferred me to the Tax Exempt and Government Entities Division of the IRS. I spoke to Miss Lee, i.d. # 1001181273.


Miss Lee was also unable to answer my question and needed to put me on hold to find the answer: She did not find anything to further clarify the terminology “public purpose”.


Miss Lee said, Federal, State and Local government organizations are not required to apply for formal recognition. She also said any government organization could request an Affirmation Letter to show that donors could donate to their organization and write it off on the donor’s taxes. 


Miss Lee also suggested that I look at Pub 557, page 30, which defines what a “government unit” includes.


Here is the link for pub 557: http://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/p557.pdf


I asked Miss Lee if I could get an Affirmation Letter to prove I could donate to a government organization.  She said if I could give her an address, she would search to verify if the government organization was in their system. If she found them in the system she could then send me an Affirmation Letter.


Because I had already spent 1 hour and 45 minutes to get to this point with the IRS, I asked if she could hold while I gathered the addresses for Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and the Department of Defense.


As I found each address, Miss Lee was able to first confirm the Social Security

Administration, then Medicare and Medicaid, but was not able to confirm the Department of Defense.


Miss Lee said she would send me separate Affirmation Letters for the Social Security Administration, Medicare and Medicaid, that confirms that I can make a charitable donation. I have received the two Affirmation Letters and a copy is available at www.creditwhisperer.com/solution.htm


I asked if I could speak to a supervisor as Miss Lee could not explain why she could not find the Department of Defense in their system. 


Two days later a supervisor, Mr. Cordell, i.d. # 1000196899, returned my call. Mr. Cordell said, “The Taxability of Donations account for the Department of Defense was not active”.  He said if I could contact someone at the Department of Defense and ask them to call (877) 829-5500 they would be able to verify and reactivate their account by phone.


Mr. Cordell said because government organizations are not required to file a 990, their account can go inactive. Once the Department of Defense calls the IRS, they will be able to verify the account and have it placed back into an active status.  After that, I will be able to request an Affirmation Letter for the Department of Defense.

You would think if the head of Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid and the Department of Defense and any other governmental unit could raise extra money via a tax deductable donation they would be talking about it and encouraging as many people as possible. Isn’t this solution better than relying on taxes being raised.


It does raise the question, how to control the spending? We need to get control of the spending and we need reform.  If our government officials were more responsible in how they spend our tax dollars, then the public might be more willing to donate.


It is understood that we need to reform Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid and the Department of Defense. We need to eliminate the fraud and keep our officials from using the funds for unauthorized purposes. The wealthy would be more willing to donate if they had more confidence that the government would protect the funds, and if a firm plan was in place for reforming the systems. The reform is needed no matter if we voluntarily donate or the money is taken from us as a tax.

I have been told by The Social Security Administration, The Medicare Office and The Department of Defense that no one has ever asked if an individual can donate to their organizations and write it off as a tax-deductible charitable gift on the donor’s taxes.   


Once I discovered government employees didn’t have a clue, to prove my point this is the “BEST KEPT SECRET OF THE CENTURY”, I decided to call a few CPA’s in several states and posed the same question. Surely, they will know.  I found that most CPA’s did not have a clue. The CPA’s also did not have any clients that had ever donated to Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid or the Department of Defense or had ever asked if they could. The nicest and most knowledgeable CPA I spoke to was George Williams in Allen, Texas. Thank you George, for your kind words and interest in my quest.


So why do we have laws to allow us to make a charitable donation, yet our government officials, employees and CPA’s don’t know about it?


Why has no one educated the public about this solution to help the entire country?


I feel our country is more important than any embarrassment any government official may fear. Our government officials need to start making the public aware.


Recap as to knowledge of the tax law:


The Social Security Administration has been aware that an individual can donate and write it off as a tax deductible contribution since May 3, 2006 and has not notified the public.


Danette Greenwood gave me an incorrect verbal answer. Danette is the personal secretary to Dr. Donald M. Berwick, the director of Medicare and Medicaid and is still unaware of the law unless Dr. Berwick has read my letter dated June 15, 2011. Dianne Heffron the Director of Financial Management Group of the CMSO

is working on a written answer, but the verbal answer I have received from her is incorrect. I finally received an email response from Danette Greenwood on July 26, 2011 citing IRS Publication 526 after I pointed out this publication in my letter to Dr. Berwick on June 15, 2011.


I sent a letter to Dr. Berwick on July 27, 2011 asking the following:


Now that Peter M. Kelchner, CPA, at CMS, has researched Publication 526 and recognized that the Federal government is considered as a qualified organization for charitable purposes, I again ask the following questions:


  1. Will you please set up a donation page on the website for both Medicare and Medicaid?
  2. Can you bring this matter to the attention of the public, and the employees of the Department of Health and Human Services? You can even go further and ask the public to voluntarily donate to Medicare and Medicaid instead of relying on their taxes being raised.
  3. Can you start an ongoing educational campaign to bring Publication 526 and Section 170(c)(1) to the forefront, so people will realize there is the possibility to donate to Medicare and Medicaid?


On August 20, 2011, I received a letter dated August 15, 2011, from Joseph Dion, Lead Ethics Administrator with the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). Obviously he did not understand the questions I posed to Dr. Berwick in my letter dated July 27, 2011.


As of August 22, 2011, I have not received an answer from Dr. Berwick to my letter dated July 27, 2011.


Department of Defense sent me a response which was incorrect and may still be unaware unless they read my email dated June 13, 2011. The DOD still needs to contact the IRS at (877) 829-5500 to reactivate their account. I have made multiple calls to the Department of Defense. Commander Kathleen Kessler told me to send a letter to the Secretary of Defense. She told me no one has the authority to connect me to someone that can call the IRS to reactivate their account.  I sent a letter on 7/8/11 to Leon Panetta, the Secretary of Defense. As of August 17, 2011, I have not received an answer from Leon Panetta to my letter dated July 8, 2011. I phoned the IRS to ask for an Affirmation Letter on August 16, 2011 and spoke with Miss Lee, i.d. # 1001181273 again.  Miss Lee told me the Department of Defense is still not showing as an active government unit. Miss Lee submitted a referral asking for a letter referencing the Department of Defense as a government unit as tax deductable. She said it may take 30 days to get a response.


All documents can be viewed at www.creditwhisperer.com/solution.htm


I am just one of the little people. I need the help of government officials, media, teachers and the public to spread the word. You can all make a difference.


Alexis Stuart, the Credit Whisperer®,

is the author of “CAPITALIZE on CREDIT POWER”

This book will build a better country!


You can purchase the book at www.capitalizeoncreditpower.com

or www.creditwhisperer.com

© 2011

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Why is George Soros and Obama so hellbent on collapsing our economy? Why? How much more Money does Soros and Obama want? They can't spend what they have now. How much more power does Soros and Obama want?
Why? There is no common sense reason behond their thirst for even more money and even more power. How much is enough?
Obama is always telling us that he does not know why we, as Americans want so much?
Obama wants to know why we have to have what we have?

Obama thinks we are too spoiled, to rich, have to much.
Yet Obama and Soros thirst for power and riches are never ending.
Why does not even one Senator or Congressman acknowledge what we already know?
Are our Congressmen and Senators affraid?
Are they greedy and want even more spoils?
When will the American people say: "Enough is enough".
The American people as "one" have more power than imaginable yet we cower to these monsters.



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I wrote this in response to a young man who was fired for writing a patriotic song. He was a public school football coach and made the mistake of having a politcally incorrect viewpoint. Links to the song are below.


Priniciple Curtis, Williamson County School District, Franklin TN

chrish (at) wcs.edu

Way to go, Principle Curtis!

"Mmm, Mmm, Mmm! Barack Hussein Obama!!!" Wouldn't it have been nice if that was what Mr. Glover chose to record? He could have had the whole school sing along then, no doubt. (You cant help but notice that the teacher involved with THAT musical masterpiece received no disciplinary action whatsoever...hmmm.)

Way to show your students and your community what vicious liberal censorship looks like. Believe me when I tell you that what you have done is going to end up costing the district - you just gave yourself and your school a self-inflicted black eye in the PR department and a lot of people will be looking at making some changes in Williamson County SD as a result. To top it off, you single handedly gave a bunch of bright young athletes a slap to the face for their hopes for this football season...again, GREAT JOB!! I am sure Mr. Looney is proud of you and your actions... Hmmm?...

So, Bravo! All of you so-called "progressives" love squashing any opinion you don't agree with - Brian Glover and Juan Williams in the same week!! Stalin and Mao would be so proud of you.

Apparently, you don't understand that the 1st Amendment of the Constitution exists to protect the speech you DON'T like and not the speech that YOU approve of. You used your power like a tyrant - and tyrants deserve nothing but overthrow and rebellion.

CENSORSHIP is one of the MOST UN-AMERICAN actions you could have taken. NPR is going to suffer and you and your district will too. You couldn't destroy this man's music, or his message, so you destroyed his career. You should be ashamed, but you're not - and that makes your particular (politically motivated) retaliation even more beneath contempt.

Freedom of Speech...FOREVER.
Good luck with the public scorn.... enjoy it! The story is now so fully viral that the song has now reached MILLIONS. Probably didnt see that coming, did you?

Sick and Tired of Politically Correct, Social "Progressives"! (AKA The New Face of Fascism.)

Robert F. Stewart


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“ . . . the result of 45 years of feminism is that we’ve destroyed the American family, made motherhood something to be apologized for and created a carping, bitter useless class of women leaders so on the alert for discrimination and unfairness under every paper clip that they’ve become miserable malcontents totally UNsuited for all but one profession: academic feminism . . . propagating further female misery. Worst of all, the feminists have corrupted the advancement of human potential revolution known as the ‘Women’s Movement’ into something shallow, hideous and destructive. Only one group has prospered from these insidious changes: the progressive wing of the Democratic Party.” Rajjpuut
Crocodile Tears of the Left
Flood America with Corruption
as the “BIG LIE” Dominates
Part III: Victim #3, Responsibility and the Human Potential Movement
In this blog series, we’ve been exposing the self-described “victimhood” of progressives at the hands of their evil, racist, etc. conservative oppressors and showing you where the real victimhood is:
In part I of the series (the link immediately above) the victim was “TRUTH” and among six key areas we hit Rajjpuut documented and exposed this truth:
Using the same Cloward-Piven** strategy that DELIBERATELY created the bankruptcy of New York City earlier between 1967 and 1975 by deliberately overloading the welfare rolls . . . beginning especially after 1992, ACORN, OBAMA, First ACORN PRESIDENT Bill Clinton, and oodles of progressives (98% of them Democrats) DELIBERATELY were pushing the car toward a 500-foot cliff. George W. Bush jumped in and grabbed the steering wheel and hit the brakes. Bush was able to create a controlled-skid and guide the car to rest in a friendly-looking ditch!
The chain of evidence producing that statement is something that every American ought to be aware of, just as every American ought to be aware of the identities of Saul Alinsky, Richard Cloward and Frances Piven and be able to articulate what Cloward-Piven strategy is . . . the fact that most Americans are totally ignorant of these things means someone hasn’t been doing their job.
In Part II of the series we examines the “Fourth Estate” and how their willful actions and inactions and choreographed responses (the scandal known as the “JournOList” which many Americans have not heard of because it’s too embarrassing for the liberal media to reveal that over 400 of its people have been colluding on how stories ought to be presented – to the benefit of the progressive political movement in this country) have sabotaged the nation and freedom and the Constitution. In Rajjpuut’s J-school classes reporting was all about revealing TRUTH in an ‘inverted-pyramid’ of Who? What? Where? Why? and How? That immediately put the most important facts at the top of the story and gradually petered out as less important details were shown. Today the inverted-pyramid has disappeared and unsupported opinion has replaced TRUTH in much of what passes for “NEWS.” Now let’s look at how the false victimhood of the progressives (we must “progress” beyond the outdated and flawed U.S. Constitution) has created another real victim:
Victim #3: Responsibility
Americans are very proud of freedom and rightfully so. However, there has always been a dark side to freedom: license. License is the unabated expression of freedom without exercising responsibility. The reason that progressives want to limit our freedoms and our free markets so much is that they don’t trust human nature without government controlling its every ebb and flow. Since they’ve been so instrumental in creating the culture of sexual license in particular it’s easy to see where their fears come from. There are perhaps a hundred key areas of American life that have been corrupted by the false-victimhood of progressivism, but just one will expose the root insanity of it all . . . .
So now let’s talk about a third victim of progressivism in America, RESPONSIBILITY. No area of progressivism so cries out for a full and deep disclosure of truth than progressives creating the victim mentality by insisting upon irresponsibility for their own lives and the lives of other so-called victims. Let’s start out with an attack on another of their sacred cows: single-motherhood, the very crux of feminism (not the women’s movement, feminism). Feminism is another area built up from lies, half-truths and myth having no relation to reality, history, or American culture.
First, however, let’s clear up what the “women’s movement” was and contrast it to feminism. Rajjpuut put his ex-wife through law school and (in her words) was the driving force for her eventually becoming a municipal judge. He also was the early childhood educator of his daughter and her first coach in five or six sports (tennis, swimming, 800 meter dash, chess, soccer, cross-country, and basketball). His daughter set the still-standing 800 meter dash record at her middle school; was a chess champion; earned the MVP honors on her freshman basketball team and on her C-squad basketball team; and an athletic and academic scholarship to college. The women’s movement is really, then the “human movement” where we seek full successful expression of every individual regardless of gender, color, etc. etc.
Feminism is an ugly expression only loosely related to the women’s movement. It’s been built on lies from the start. “A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle”; “Every act of sexual intercourse, including on the marriage bed, was a rape.” “Great leaders” of the feminist movement began by proselytizing lies like that and the only two things that have changed since they began are that the lies are much more subtle and often statistically based today, and they’ve used the lies to maintain the jobs of 12,600 Women’s studies professors and other feminists for about 40 years now all the while making the world a much worse place. Roughly half the human race is female and half male . . . nothing in the six million years of our evolution has been so important as our families, infant human beings need a minimum of twelve years of care before they’re ready to face the world and that care comes at a huge cost to their parents. Suddenly, out of nowhere, the lies of a few angry women are placed above the truth of our human history . . . .
Beginning with Betty Friedan, American feminists have claimed that women who prefer to be full-time wives and mothers are parasites, leeches upon society and that patriarchal society which created these ‘weak-willed, helpless creatures’ must be overturned. The result of 45 years of feminism is that we’ve destroyed the American family, made motherhood something to be apologized for and created a carping, bitter useless class of women so on the alert for discrimination and unfairness under ever paper clip that they’ve become miserable malcontents suited for only one profession: academic feminists propagating further female misery.
Worst of all, the feminists have corrupted the advancement of human potential revolution known as the ‘Women’s Movement’ into something shallow, hideous and destructive. Only one group has prospered from these insidious changes: the progressive wing of the Democratic Party. Because so few women bother to question the illogical underpinnings of feminism, 54% of female voters support the Democrats.
While it is true that until the recent invention of items like the sanitary pad, the tampon, reliable contraception and especially “the pill,” for the most part women did not have a whole lot of control of their own bodies . . . and were often “imprisoned” somewhat by their own bodies . . . and by male dominated society . . . let us attack the great sacred cow of feminism: the single mother. Feminist would have you believe that since their movement arose, women are much freer now than they ever were.
The truth is that feminism has been a self-inflicted nuclear attack upon America and devastation to womankind; and more to the point feminism has enslaved American women into voluntary poverty and destroyed the American family. The crux of the feminist movement is the single-mother; she lies as the glorified desiderata of feminism. A bold, intelligent and free woman using some man or men as sperm-donors and raising her child or children free of evil male involvement. Why is the single-mother so important? As we’ll show very soon, single-motherhood is the single largest predictor of poverty for women and children and for criminal behavior in children once the teen years are reached. Single-motherhood has devastated the lives of American women in general and most specifically of Black American women . . . more later . . . .
Feminists want their cake and to be able to eat it too. Of all the tenets of feminism the most illogical and most hallowed is that women should be free to act like men in sexual matters. Indeed, thanks to feminism, a new breed of highly irresponsible men have arisen alongside the sexually-free feminists -- men scattering their semen across the hitherto virgin landscape . . . men who feel freer than ever (not necessarily happier, but certainly freer in sexual matters) to impregnate women and create families they’ll never be responsible for.
Why is the statement “Women should be as free as men in sexual matters” illogical? DUH! Men don’t get pregnant. Men don’t wind up with a disruptive (often times unwanted) guest inside their bodies for nine months. Men, under the rules of our new and enlightened feminism don’t have a new human being thrust upon them and into their lives for the next 18 years or so. Men don’t have to pay for and care for and be involved with the newly conceived human beings. Men have been utterly freed by feminism’s sexual freedom; women ironically have been enslaved by it.
“Wait! Wait!” you say, “what about birth-control? What about abortion?” Well what about them? Abortion pretty much on-demand has been the law of the land for 37 years now (that’s one and a half generations of women) so single-motherhood and unwed motherhood ought to be pretty much wiped out, no? The United States has the highest percentage of single-mother families in the world. Not talking widows. Not talking even divorcees (although the de-emphasis and hate for men spawned by feminists has seen divorce jump from 4% in 1955 to 56% today and that’s a dramatic undermining of the American family in and of itself) . . . just talking about true single-mothers. This is the supposed age of sexual enlightenment as well as freedom . . . how do, why do we Americans experience this massive onslaught of single-motherhood? Obviously . . . .
If birth-control were 100% effective . . . .
If women were 100% perfect in their applications of birth control . . . .
If, birth-control failing, anything close to 100% of women inconveniently impregnated opted for abortion . . .
If any of these three conditions, particularly the last one were true . . . single-motherhood would not be found except in miniscule numbers. But besides its other shortcomings, the feminist movement has made the single-mother into a progressive cultural icon and hero. She’s virtually always depicted as a heroic, intelligent, strong-charactered young woman who knows what she wants out of life perfectly balancing children and career in her utterly self-determined life. Sort of a Virgin Mary without a hymen, eh? Young girls are shown on all fronts the glory of single-motherhood on TV, in movies, in magazines, on the internet, etc., etc. Glory? What are the facts? Well, as one way of expressing this glory -- “Mugged? Thank a single-mother!”
Before going further, remember we’re talking about American RESPONSIBILITY being a victim of the false-victimhood mentality pushed everywhere upon us by the progressive-left movement. So far incidentally, we’ve seen that large quantities of men freed dramatically from the need to feel responsible for sexual acts or their consequences have become far more irresponsible in this area than at any time in American history.
We’ve seen that many women striving to live up the standards of the most licentious of men from a bygone era now claim the right to act sexually-liberated without the corresponding responsibility to realize that all responsibility for the consequences of sex can and very well might be borne by them and them along.
And we’ve seen a carping sisterhood of b_tchy feminists who have undermined the American family at every turn since about 1965 and who glory in the so-called “gains” of their movement, while taking no responsibility for its decadent effects upon America, and American women; feminists who portray the single-mother as a heroic standard-bearer of their movement. Ahem, so what is the truth about that single-motherhood?
Just as the whole feminist agenda, single-motherhood is a propagation of lies about victimhood. All traditional interactions between men and women are suspect as part of the patriarchal hostility of men toward women. Gloria Steinem’s famous dictate “Every incidence of sexual intercourse, even on the marriage bed, constitutes rape” is the classic example of this principle.) Unless the whole scheme of intergender interactions are shifted 100% toward the feminist delineation of perfection in these spheres they remain examples of evil men dominating and exploiting women. In other words, women have no free will at all unless it’s imposed by feminists? How far have we strayed toward that despicable goal? At the 2001 Academy Awards, three of the five women nominated for Best Actress played “strong, successful single women” and one played a long-time widow. No need for those “pesky men.”
Ann Coulter, in her magnificent expose Guilty: liberal “victims” and their assault on America, devotes her 39-page second chapter in the book to single-motherhood. She begins, “The most worshiped figure in modern America is the “single mother. Politicians tout their programs explaining how they will help single mothers . . . a sure way to draw applause from the crowd is to introduce single mothers in the audience.” Ah, yes victimhood. “Jesse Jackson,” she says, “. . . compares single mothers to Mary the mother of Jesus.” Terms like “unsung heroines” are bandied about frequently while the phrase “single mothers hardest hit” shows up somewhere in speeches, liberal media reports and policy-making bodies perhaps a hundred times each week. Single mothers are the ultimate phony victims. Remember contraception? Remember the morning after pill? Remember abortion? Remember GASP! “choice?”
That is the key word, the choices and compounding of their choices means that more than a million unmarried women every year CHOOSE to needlessly expose themselves to pregnancy and CHOOSE to bear a child out of wedlock . . . not considering that the consequences to themselves, their children and the very fabric of American society are horrendous. While the progressives like to lump widows and divorcees into the category “single mothers.” Widows, on average, do almost as well as married moms financially and in the outcomes of their children. Divorcees usually not nearly so well as married women, but compared to bona fide single moms, divorcees and all other groups of women with children are socially aware and noble plutocrats. Divorced women are not solely to blame for the hardships they and their children face . . . divorced men share some of the blame. So what is the outcome of single motherhood on American society?
Whether the pregnancy is unplanned, unwanted, accidental, or even connived for . . . this makes little difference. The choice to bear children without a father is devastating to the child, the mother and society at large. Girls raised without fathers are far more promiscuous and more likely to become single mothers or to have their marriages end in divorce. The strongest predictor of a child spending time in prison is single parenthood and overwhelmingly single motherhood, 70+%; juvenile murderers72%; rapists, 60%; all of the following situations teenage births, school dropouts, suicides, runaways, juvenile delinquency, and murderers of their own children . . . 70% or more were raised by single mothers.
Here’s a key factor that explains much about so-called Black victimhood . . . if single-motherhood is taken out of the equation for both Black and White crime statistics, there is NO difference between the races in criminal activity. The deliberate creation of and the great expansion of the welfare state by the progressive left has shattered the solid Black family in existence in 1950 or 1960 and has created not only false-victims, but also a vicious cycle of new victims. And these victims beget new methods among Blacks . . . 84% of all prison inmates, 92% of all runaways and active gang members, and 89% of all homeless children are associated with single motherhood. Did we remind you, this was a choice? By 2005, more than one third of all children born in the United States were illegitimate; in the Black community the number is closer to 48%. 90% of welfare recipients are single mothers regardless of race. Half of all single mothers in the country live below the poverty line and children of single mothers (they tend to repeat their indiscretions) are six times** more likely than other children to live in poverty. We have the sainted single mothers and the feminist strategy of false-victimhood almost singly to blame for the disintegration of the American family and for the devastating consequences that followed in its wake.
While old-fashioned “Scarlet Letter” approaches to single-motherhood are despicable by modern standards, one thing is certain, they seemed to work. The social pressure to conform and “is a good girl” in ages past when reliable contraception was unknown was dramatically effective. What is the answer? Rajjpuut would suggest a GlennBeckian approach along those ancient lines . . . NOT OUTSIDE PRESSURE, but a new understanding by girls and women of the true reality of single motherhood outside of the glorified “single motherhood” image now being propagated by feminists and by Hollywood should lead them to a new pragmatic morality for the benefit of themselves, their children and America.
Next Time: First Crocodile Tears, then Dismemberment Part IV
Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,
** How can this shocking statistic be true? Are single mothers literally breeding a whole new “underclass?” Yes, single moms do tend to give birth to other children out of wedlock but this is hardly the “cause.” One reason is that America has more than twice the teenage pregnancy rate as other developed nations. Whereas a French single mother, for example, might typically be 28 or 33 years of age, and have a career and an education, huge amounts of American single mothers are teenagers with neither a career nor an education. Neither “just say ‘NO!’ nor contraception, etc. seems to work because so many Americans are raising girls to be irresponsible, to have low self-esteem; and seeing the glories of single motherhood flaunted around them in the media. Another reason is that in most of the rest of the world the ‘extended family’ is still a viable social model. People elsewhere are far more likely to care for their extended family then to leave their fate to welfare. Family is important, especially when you get in a bind.
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Author: Brian D. Hill

Source: USWGO Alternative News

Even though it's taking longer then expected to get all the case videos out because of slow upload speedand it takes a lot of time to process the raw High Definition videosfor both youtube and Blip.TV but even so I already uploaded two casevideos for my Brian Hill's "Rise of the new right" debunking spreevideo series to my Blip.TV profile. The first casewas defending Alex Emerick Jones(Alex Jones, and the second case of defending Orly Taitz and thatwas the video that has gone Viral.

Now why do you think it's gone Viral well it landed on Orly Taitz's websiteso now Orly Taitz has seen the video and then showcased it on herwebsite. That is why the view counts started going way higher then theirusual view counts because of Orly taitz.

Thank You Orly Taitz for showcasing my video. My video will now be going viral all overAmerica and everybody will stand against propaganda that Chris Matthewsputs out.

Chris Matthews of MSNBC your going down the American people aren't going to take propaganda and forced vaccinations shoveddown their throats anymore. Yep Chris keep submitting to yourBilderberg masters and eventually you will be held accountable for youractions.

[stream flv=http://uswgo.com/rapidleech/files/goneviral-SD.flvimg=http://uswgo.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/06/GoingViral.jpghd=http://uswgo.com/rapidleech/files/goneviral.flv embed=true share=truewidth=710 height=480 dock=true controlbar=bottom bandwidth=highautostart=false /]

For those who aren't blocked from my website you can read the original and possibly more recently updated articleat USWGO.

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Obama Seeks to End-Run the Constitution,
Gain Alien Votes

Ex-Constitutional Law prof Barack Obama is going to try another end run around the U.S. Constitution. Of course, while teaching that course in Chicago, Obama was simultaneously teaching Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals”. . . so who can be surprised. Obama is now campaigning for universal amnesty for all illegal aliens in America and may well end by using an executive order as his “magical hammer and sickle-type wand.” The idea is that by granting American citizenship to parts of or all the illegal aliens, the Democrats would potentially gain about 85% of the thirteen to twenty million new voters created over night.

If done early enough the 2010, election could be salvaged and his own 2012 re-election would also be assured. Howsomever, the only thing that matters is the latter. Once set into motion, Obama’s little ploy could practically assure progressive control of the house, senate and presidency for the foreseeable future . . . . such murky dirty tricks (of the sort communists have made infamous throughout history) are becoming commonplace for Mr. Obama.

Item: Overt bribes of at least half a dozen senators to swing voting for Obamacare (Cornhusker Kickback, Louisiana Purchase, etc.) angered much of the nation. The desired end: a fillibuster-proof senate for the Dems.

Item: naming one Republican senator part of his cabinet and seeking to convince another to also make the same move so that Democratic governors could replace** them with Democratic senators, again in the name of a fillibuster-proof majority in the senate.

Item: Even though it's still very early in the trial of ex-Illinois governor Rod Blogojevich, phone conversations with White House staffers Emanuel and Axelrod (from the FBI recordings) show that Obama himself was involved with scheming to secure Valerie Jarret the ex-Obama senate seat. We already know about the efforts to get Sestak and Romanoff to drop out of primary races to benefit Obama's favored candidates, Chicago-style politics is certainly attractive, eh?

Item: The Obamacare bill was treated as if it were an emergency war measure with its vote scheduled for 1:00 a.m. in the morning. Financial reform recently passed at 3:30 a.m the day before yesterday. Any ridiculous ploy to get the opposition voters to fail to show up.

Item: Obama fooled Michigan Representative Bart Stupak and ten of the eleven other “pro-life Democrats” into delivering the needed votes to make Obamacare a “GO” in the house by giving Stupak a worthless piece of paper on which Obama (the most pro-abortion president in history) pledged that Obamacare would NOT fund any abortions. The paper is less than worthless but Stupak happily accepted it and the measure passed by five or six votes.

Item: Hoping to get two extra Democratic Senators and five extra Democratic Representatives and a million new Democratic voters the Democrats about six or seven weeks ago tried to make Puerto Rico our 51st state (perhaps Mr. Obama hoped to create jobs for flagmakers?) which the Puerto Rican people are themselves against.

Item: When his cap and trade got mired down dead in the Senate, Mr. Obama had the Environmental Protection Agency state by edict that “Carbon Dioxide is a dangerous gas” (in keeping with the myth of global warming). Only trouble? The EPA was violating its own rules by doing this. The agency is required to base any such conclusions and regulations based upon them ONLY ON ITS OWN RESEARCH. So by adopting the shoddy “climate-gate” results they and Mr. Obama proved themselves morally bankrupt again. Several states sued and the edict was dropped.

Item: slow response on the Gulf spill has activated the progressive left and has them calling for Obama’s Cap and Trade bill to be passed and oil drilling to be halted everywhere, but especially at sea. Unmentioned, the reason we’re drilling at these depts now is that the environmentalists have stopped new drilling on land and at much shallower, and safer, depths. Little known fact, the actual start of problems for British Petroleum in the Gulf was NOT the late April explosion, but rather February 3, when a series of leaks began appearing at the macondo wellsite where BP’s Deepwater Horizon rig was operating. Then the whole rig nearly blew up. Salazar and Obama knew about all this no later than Valentine’s Day but did not tell the American people and treated it all as “no big deal” and continued to treat it that way till at least late-middle May. The president would like to get the country feeling in such crisis mode that he can either get the necessary votes to pass Cap and Trade or call it a condition of emergency and declare an executive order with Cap and Trade in effect as part of “necessary emergency response.”

Item: Of course Obama has no right or power to use an executive order to do this or to grant amnesty and citizenship to illegal aliens (the “Nirvana, he’s seeking to allow him to control the country, more or less as a dictator), but certainly he has not so far allowed such considerations to get in the way of “fundamentally transforming America” into an echo of Communist Cuba. No president has ever had these powers, but by the time the courts get it all unwound, a lot of damage could be done, it could already (he hopes) be too late for America.

Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,

** or, if necessary, with progressive-Republicans but that deal fell through
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Author: Brian D. Hill

Source: USWGO Alternative News

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What is going on right now is the president and the US Government wants totreat all US Citizens like little kids that must be controlled and allhabits must be tamed.

Right now I found out that the president signed an executive order to get ready to start controlling our health with forced diets, foodrations, forced vaccinations, and forced medication. Also I warnedmonths ago about the fact that Obama's Healthcare plan would end therights of citizens to lounge the buffets.The whole idea sounds crazy but it is what is happening right now underthe guise of stopping obesity the government has even considered putting a rising tax on sodas and other junk foods while GMO is being put in almost to all foods considerably healthy and contaminants (and other Toxins) are being put in herbal remedies and supplements.

Also with the universal health care Obama is installing along with MichaelMoores support for preventive care did Michael Moore ever think aboutabout the fact that to have a successful preventive care you must forceall patients to get vaccinated and take drugs against their will andtake away the free will of all who are under universal health care.

So in other words pro Socialists like Michael Moore, and Obama want BigBrother to take care of all of us, make us stupid with fluoride, andthen treat us like little children for all of our lives and those thatagainst the Will of Big Father (Big Government Father) will swipe downand kill you. We aren't far from that now that Obama has the power to assassinate Americans under the guise of protecting public safety.

So under his socialist care anybody who is tired of or doesn't want to begiven any mercury poison is better off shot in the head, and that iswhat will make socialism a cold hard killer.

So why is our government under control by the globalist bankers so interested intosocialism now? Why do they want to force medicines down our throats andforce vaccinations into our arms? Why does the Federal Government wantto make all these safety mandates? To treat us not as citizens but aslittle children and that we must treat the president as our daddy andthe first lady as our mother.

govs ur daddySo right now our government thinks they always know best like they are ourmothers and daddys? Well that is the mentality our government has nowthat we are little kids that need to be watched, have hundreds ofdifferent elite controlled porn filters (To them politics is porn soblock all political speech as well), and anybody who behaves unique ina society that is of a utopia of the elite must have their head choppedoff in public as a message to the higher up gods that anybody whorebels must be sacrificed to the elite gods in order to keep theirenslaved utopia.

In the future the government will control your thermostats (Slaves don't get good heating so shape up!!!), thegovernment will watch you all over your home even the potty and shower,all the streets and stores will be set up with literally thousands ofcameras for stopping crime and protecting the safety of theproducts...err I mean people, each month you have to try a newmedication for Big Pharma Socialist care and anybody who gains morehealth problems must be killed, and society will be controlled to thegrit of the teeth to make sure everybody acts orderly that thegovernment never take any advice from the people that they are alwaysthe experts, that they are respectively gods that cannot be talkedagainst.

If we lived in a society like that we wouldn't be free, we wouldn't have free will even though God gave his creation free willto make decisions for themselves, and there will be no human rightsbecause the government believes the only people who want human rightsare criminals and terrorists.

But do you really think the government would really want to treat us like little children or little robots???

Although will we comply or will we resist it no matter what???

To The Government we ARE Robots

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U-Tube Video Puts the Question
to Gullible American Voters

As you may know, in keeping with his pledge to "fundamentally transform America," Barack Obama has failed to live up to his pledge to keep unemployment figures under 8%. Currently he’s glorying in a recent report that shows that 443,000 new jobs were created last month. Not mentioning that 411,000 of them were temporary government census worker positions. One thing also not mentioned is that despite the nation’s job woes, Obama has seen to the expansion of government employment undercutting the private sector and killing the creation of REAL (productive) jobs. While the private sector has lost over 4.3 million jobs on Obama’s watch the public sector has expanded by over 460,000 jobs.

Note in some studies, when it comes to permanent jobs, the Federal government pays up to $12 MORE per hour for the same job as a private sector employer will and offers “through-the-roof” benefits and the option of retirement at age 52 with accordingly through-the roof lifetime benefits and extreme high retirement pay closely akin to what the union workers in Greece were getting before that country’s collapse. Throw in his Obamacare health "reform" program and his attempts at job-killing cap and trade legislation and anyone with a brain ought to be able to see that on performance alone, he is radically restructuring this country and destroying our children's and grandchildren's future. As if all that were not bad enough:

U-tube pulled the original, must be communists running their site, so go to:

http://www.sodahead.com/united-states/a-video-barack-obama- does-not-want-you-to-see/blog-345923/ will work, but you may need to select it, copy and paste in your address bar

Rajjpuut has watched this ten-minute video four times and while he's NOT deeply impressed with the spirit of the first 30 seconds of it, he's done a lot of research and concurs with roughly 99%** of the facts and about 92% of the spirit of this video. Every American voter ought to see the video check it out with their own research and make up their own minds. If you feel as strongly as Rajjpuut does about the implications of the first two paragraphs of this blog and the clear socialistic pattern shown in the video, he’d be honored if you’d pass it on to your e-mail list. Thank you.

Ya’ll live long, strong and ornery,


** The video is overly aggressive at the start and woefully inadequate in a few other places later. For example talking about weaknesses: Rajjpuut does not like at all the many “birther implications” in this video . . . yes there is a “technically” strong argument. However, in the true spirit of things, no matter how evil and screwed up his mother was (she was making these decisions for him during his childhood not him making them for her) he was born to an American woman and in “spirit” is an American citizen.

Some places that Rajjpuut sees the video dropping the ball are these: he would describe the religion of both Obama’s mother and birth-father as either “none” or atheism. Most importantly the video doesn’t reveal enough about Barak (without a ‘c’), Sr.’s communism which was conveniently NOT mentioned in Barack, Jr’s first autobiography “Dreams from My Father.” That can be found here:


Notice the reference therein to “scientific socialism – inter alia communism” on the first page of the article; and later discussion of the benefits of “100% taxation”; takeover and nationalization of foreign businesses in Kenya; need for redistribution of wealth out of Kenyan Asian and Kenyan White hands to benefit Kenyan Blacks and the whole litany of desires of a typical “fellow traveller” (died-in-the-wool communist).

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In honor of the memories of Harry S Truman (just a letter no middle name), Ronald Wilson Reagan and John Fitzgerald Kennedy, three of the most diligent and competent statesmen in world history, Rajjpuut will be awarding a monthly Truman-Reagan-Kennedy Award for statesmanship. Whole encyclopedias could be written about these three men.
Truman, a hero in World War I made the courageous decision to drop the atom bomb ending World War II and saving an estimated one million American fighting men from death or wounding. He also inspired the Dixiecrats to leave the Democratic Party at great political risk to himself, Truman who was raised a segregationist, integrated the armed forces. And unlike his successor Eisenhower, Truman was an immediate and powerful vocal opponent of Joe McCarthy and his communist witch hunts.
Reagan personally intervened to get the final funding and stinger missiles that spelled the defeat of the Big Red Soviet Military Machine in Afghanistan. His confrontational style (“Tear Down This Wall, Mr. Gorbachev!”) but willingness to talk face-to-face helped bring about the fall of communism and the Warsaw Pact, the end of the Soviet Union and Cold War and yes, the smashing of the Berlin Wall: not a bad legacy for “the Great Communicator!”
Kennedy inspired warm hope among jaded American voters. He, like Reagan, made a courageous speech in the shadow of the Berlin Wall. Most importantly, Kennedy stood tough upon discovering that the Soviet Union had moved missiles to Cuba just 90 miles off America’s shores and put the whole world on a nuclear disaster watch by blockading the island and demanding removal of the missiles. Like his book “Profiles in Courage,” Kennedy, a World War II hero, practiced what he preached.
The May, 2010, Truman-Reagan-Kennedy Statesmanship Award WINNER is:
Arizona Governor Jan Brewer
As the chief executive of the state of Arizona, Jan Brewer has done what the chief executive of the nation, Barack Obama, will NOT do. She has put in motion steps to help protect her state from the endless swarm of undocumented aliens illegally crossing into her state. The impact in Arizona just on law enforcement these illegals have brought into the state has been horrendous. Drugs and drug dealers, other felons and petty criminals now overload the Arizona system and some of their crimes include murder and kidnapping. Next to world drug capital Bogota, Colombia, Phoenix, the Arizona capital city is now the #2 hotspot for world kidnapping. The cost to the state in overloaded health care, welfare and school resources is bringing her closer to bankruptcy like her neighbor state California every day. Brewer oversaw creation of a state immigration law based upon the federal immigration statutes and had the courage to stand up to the immense pressure brought by Obama and his minions.
Let us congratulate the May, 2010, Winner of the Truman-Reagan-Kennedy Statesmanship Award: Arizona Governor Jan Brewer
Ya'all live long, strong and ornery,
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What Liberals Need to Understand about Exactly

What Progressives are Threatening to Take From All of Us

On the national scene are three classes of people proving themselves most important right now within the wide-ranging debate tearing our government and our nation apart and the “scorekeeping within this public debate as resolved at the ballot boxes. These three major classes are the Constitutionalist or Conservative; the Liberal; and the Progressive. The formerly important “Moderate” has all but disappeared. At present it appears the Conservative force is attracting a huge national following in fiscal-matters owing to the nation’s runaway spending, deficits, and national debt and the growing opposition to Progressive programs to expand government. The Progressives seemingly (having the votes in the House and Senate) are calling all or virtually all the shots in law-making and spending. The important law-making they control includes burdensome taxes; expAnsive new expEnsive programs that impinge upon individual freedom and the free markets and place the government into the dominant realm of our nation’s activities rather than in its naturally-expected realm of being subservient to the people’s wishes. The feeling of the Conservative element is that the Progressives are running roughshod over the country and the Constitution. Where formerly there was a Moderate element, now tinges of Moderation are found in the tiny proportion of liberals who vote bi-partisan opposition to the President’s sweeping programs but no real moderation is found, mainly polarity. The Democratic Party under the gross and ill-advised Progressive leadership of Pelosi, Reid and Obama and their loyal followers has unquestionably moved the nation into deep socialist waters. The underpinnings of this socialism is a powerful forcible re-distribution of wealth: that is, THEFT.

A. The most basic principle of our American government is freedom. The American experience, the American constitution and the spirit of America are tied to freedom. That means the citizen is in charge of the government and not the other way around. Liberals tend to see the citizen as the always available FUNDING Source for the federal legislators. Progressives see the citizen as an obstruction, a bump in the road to their efforts to create (their version of) a perfect world. There are only 17 specific powers allotted to the federal government by the government and there are ten amendments (the Bill of Rights) limiting the power of the federal government over both the states and the individuals. All too often lost in the nonsensical arguments raised by Progressives (those who see the Constitution as “flawed” and who say we “MUST PROGRESS BEYOND” the Constitution), is that there is a gross difference between rights and needs. We all have needs and it is our own responsibility as individuals to employ our rights and our self-will to take care of those needs. The “NANNY-STATE” advocated by Progressives sees an unending number of basic needs (they call them rights) which the Federal Government is OBLIGATED to fulfill . . . the cost of fulfilling this cradle-to-grave catalog of needs is the loss of our real rights and our real freedoms to the increasingly powerful all-controlling federal government.

B. Rights are not negotiable they come to us from God and not from the government; they belong to the individual as our basic inheritance for being human. Rights are NOT needs, however. For example, there is no natural right to health care; no natural right to have the government bail you out if your business fails; no natural right to the resources of others just because you are needy. Taking resources such as money and labor or goods by legal force from the individuals and the individual states** is theft. It is power from the barrel of a gun used to hold up some citizens for the benefit of others. The federal government has no right to deny freedoms to any group of people to advance the well-being or to benefit others. There is NO natural right to EQUALITY, except the equality of opportunity. The Federal Government has an obligation to defend the freedoms of each and every one of us and to protect us when our rights are violated but no right to force all of us into equality of means. Freedom means equality of opportuntiy to be free, it does not mean forced equality.

C. The most basic rights and freedoms protected by our Constitution against the infringement of the Federal Government are the freedoms guaranteed by the 10th Amendment, the last Amendment within the Bill of Rights and clearly the most important. The Obama administration has willfully stomped all over the 10th Amendment while stomping all over the American Dream on the one hand and willfully ignored their obligations under the Constitution. In other words, they have done everything that they shouldn’t do, and very little (for example, protecting our borders) that they are required to do. In fact, according to a leaked document in the news today, they are plotting to within nine months make 13 million illegal aliens into citizens because they believe that they will receive 80-85% of those new citizens’ votes and will be permanently locked-into the halls of power. This cynical attempt at permanent power, they say, is based upon the fact that our Immigration laws are “broken.” Over 220 years our immigration and naturalization laws have faithfully served the nation. They cannot be changed willy-nilly to benefit one political party over another, they must be amended in the Constitution and only in that may they be changed. The cynicism and Marxist grab for power of Barack Obama constitutes the single most damming threat to our nation in its 221 year history.

That is the most important thing that Liberals need to understand and that Progressives want to steal from all of us: our American freedom and the Constitutional American traditions that have made this the greatest most powerful and most just nation on earth by eternally defending and renewing our freedoms to pull from each of us the intrinsic strength that Americans has thrived upon for over two centuries.

Ya’ll live long, strong and ornery,


** right now Obamacare will temporarily ease the Medicaid burden upon the individual states, however, that changes quickly and the increasing share of Medicaid forced upon the states by Federal Medicaid requirements commanded by federal law will in due course bankrupt each and every one of them.

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Barack Obama Sets Another Record for Incompetence

with Elena Kagan Nomination to Supreme Court

With the Sotomayor nomination and now the Elena Kagan nomination to be a United States Supreme Court Justice, Barack Obama is setting a record. Yes, yes he is attempting for the first time to place three women on the nation’s highest court. Yes, yes, for the first time it will be possible that the U.S. Supreme Court will not have a Protestant justice (Kagan is Jewish) . . . but more importantly, for the first time it will be possible that the U.S. Supreme Court would feature two justices who have seen their interpretations of American law overturned by a 9-0 or 8-0 contrary vote (against a Sotomayor judicial decision; and a Kagan advocacy position). The obvious assumption? Kagan, like Sotomayor, is a “living constitutionalist” that is she believes in creating law or attempting to create it from the bench or the advocate's chair or even the Dean's chair rather than making sincere efforts to respect the United States Constitution.

The shocking matter is that both cases featured the two ladies advocating great expansion of government powers against individual liberties. Sotomayor was clearly unqualified for the Supreme Court seat because in her two cause celebre`s one favored affirmative action that took away earned (by test scores) promotion from twenty-some firefighters of mixed races but NO Blacks in favor of affirmative action promotion of Black candidates who failed the test; and in another she sided with the state’s power to force an individual to sell his land over his objection so that a corporation could build a potentially lucrative shopping center. Like Sotomayor, Kagan, also, stands right in the crosshairs of legal philosophy. You’ll recall that Barack Obama insulted the Supreme Court attendees at his state of the union speech by cutting them down for their alignment 8-0 on corporate free speech and campaign donations. Kagan was the lawyer, technically the “solicitor general,” arguing the case for Obama when he tried to shutdown corporate free speech.

Kagan’s most clearly controvrsial actions as Dean of Harvard’s Law School were banning the presence of military recruiters on the campus and her defense of the action by referring to her distaste for “don’t ask don’t tell” standards for soldiers and other military citizens. Conservatives across the board favor denying federal funds to schools that oppose military presence (ROTC programs, recruiters’ visits and guest speakers for the most part) and this alone makes her highly suspect. Voicing her opposition to the policy is totally, OK. Rajjpuut disagrees mightily with her opinion, but free speech is guaranteed. Banning the recruiters is totally out of line . . . she was taken to court on the matter and when it reached the Supreme Court, surprise, surprise, her lower court wins were overturned and the school was denied government funding.

Kagan has been very guarded and even ingenuous about her views. Feigning a belief in constitutional limits regarding one matter in her only semi-open interview, she was pushed later in the interview for clarification and she would only say, she was referring to present status of the law, not necessarily her own views. The Obama administration has not allowed her since then to talk to the press. They engineered a phony-interview with an Obama administration sending her softball question and released that videotaping to the various press outlets apparently fearing another gaffe. So the opponent of free-speech is protected by denying the country a free-speech interchange with the news media??

She’s lived a circumscribed life in Academe and government, never had a real job and has always been aligned with the progressive-left leadership. Every action and word indicates that she’s like all those who in their ivory-towered stupidity believe we must “progress” well beyond the U.S. Constitution . . . ready, perhaps eager, to progress us over every available cliff in search of political correctness and expansion of government. Elena Kagan will definitely NOT exhibit a “principled view of the U.S. Constitution. Nor of common sense . . . she kicks the United States military off her campus and want federal funding for her unilateral UN-American show of political correctness??? Horse Pucky! Peter Beinart, no conservative he, puts it this way:

“On the day he or she is unveiled, conservatives will announce that they are approaching the selection with an open mind. Ten minutes later they will declare, more in sadness than anger, that the nominee has the judicial philosophy of Chairman Mao and the temperament of Dennis Rodman. Ten minutes after that, liberals will rise en masse to defend the nominee as wise, brilliant and humane, a person who restores our faith in humankind. And the kabuki theater will continue like that all summer long.

“I can’t blame my fellow liberals for playing along; if the other side fires, we have to fire back. But there’s one exception. If Solicitor General Elana Kagan gets the nod, conservatives will beat the hell out of her for opposing military recruitment on campus when she was dean of Harvard Law School. And liberals should concede the point; the conservatives will be right.”

Beinart has just committed the ultimate sin of political incorrectness in supporting a conservative argument and been proved right beyond the shadow of a doubt by the U.S. Supreme Court's rejection of Kagan's ugly argument 8-0, If only the United States Senate had Beinart's guts and integrity . . . .

Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,


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