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Kenya's Answer Again, "Butt out, Barack!"

For the second time in five years, Barack Obama has sought to influence the future of Kenya. For the second time in five years, Kenyans have said, “Butt out, Barack!” But, of course, Barack still continues along the path of evil . . . alas, alas.

Your tax dollars from Uncle Sam have recently been proposed by one BHO, Jr. for the august purpose of bringing abortion to Kenya despite the fact that Kenyans, men and women, are virulently opposed. $23 million American dollars have been spent on the “Kenya Constitution Vote.” In Nairobi, the country’s capital, the constitution referendum, requiring among other things the legalization of abortion in the country, has received funds from the U.S. taxpayer for this constitutional election while promising much more money IF the referendum passes . . . in effect this is an effort to bribe Kenya to pass a new constitution whose main change is the inclusion of abortion.

Rep. Chris Smith of New Jersey cited a U.S. Agency for International Development, or USAID, report estimating over $23 million in U.S. funds have been spent on the referendum, and overtly support the abortion law. The problem? Two American laws have been violated.

1) It’s against U.S. law for taxpayer funds in any fashion to be used to influence foreign elections.
“Under no circumstances should the U.S. government take sides,” said Smith at a news conference earlier. “But, that is precisely what the Obama administration has done.” Smith and other lawmakers accuse the Obama administration of offering incentives to Kenya to approve the controversial new constitution, promising that passage would “allow money to flow” into the nation's coffers.

2) Another federal law known as the Siljander Amendment makes it spefically illegal for the U.S. government to lobby on abortion in other countries. While the U.S. clearly should not be interfering and definitely NOT backing either the ‘yea’ or the ‘nay’ factions; and (by the Siljander Amendment) clearly never should be backing abortion in Kenya or any other country . . . the Obama administration has taken to openly backing the pro-abortionists.

Obama, in 2007, went to Kenya to back communist Raila Odinga’s failed attempt to become president. Odinga, educated in East Berlin well before the fall of the Berlin Wall, is not only a communist but was supported primarily by Muslims and more importantly by Muslim terrorists. Odinga promised Muslims in a secret document that Shariah Law would be imposed upon the country (Islam would become the official Kenyan religion and rules akin to those brought to Afghanistan by the Taliban would be imposed on all its citizens) despite the fact that Christianity (47%) is the single largest religious belief in Kenya and Islam only covers about 11% of the populace. While Odinga's chances of election were always slim, they dropped precipitously when the secret Muslim accord document was made public. Odinga then signed another accord with the Muslims with watered-down provisions while claiming that the first document had never occurred and was fraudulent.

Mr. Obama, while campaigning about ten days for Odinga, is supposed to have spoken twice to purely Muslim crowds and at least one picture of the president in Muslim attire while in Kenya has been circulating the internet for almost three years. Much controversy arose including supposedly valid e-mails discovered immediately after the election purportedly from Obama to Odinga advising that if he lost the election to claim voting fraud and then to resort to violence and extort a position in the government . . . which is precisely what happened. Muslim rioters attacked Christians and Christian churches inflicting arson, murder, rape and maiming upon the Christian populace and eventually the re-elected President offered Odinga the newly created “prime minister” position which Odinga now holds.

The “dreams” implicit in Mr. Obama’s first autobiography “Dreams from My Father” can perhaps be represented best by:


in which “scientific socialism” a.k.a. “communism” for Kenya is discussed as well as such enlightening concepts such as “100% taxation,” confiscation of private lands and private businesses, confiscation of foreign businesses, redistribution of wealth now in Kenyan White and Asian hands into Black ones, etc., etc. Apparently, our president not only wants to bring us communism, he aims to do it to Kenya also.

Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,


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Obama’s Great Blessing -- Christians Misunderstand

the Doctrine of “Turn the Other Cheek!”

One of the very few places where Rajjpuut agrees with Barack Obama occurred in 2007 when Illinois Senator Obama said, “The United States is NOT a Christian nation.” Some Christians get angry to hear that from Rajjpuut as well as from Obama. Nevertheless, Jefferson, Franklin, Washington, both Massachusetts Adamses and virtually the entirety of the founding fathers believed precisely that way, that it was important NOT to be a Christian nation but rather to be a nation where religious tolerance as well as true separation of church and state existed.

Of course, Obama, interprets the statement “ America is NOT (or, no longer) a Christian Nation” in a very negative and controversial manner and Rajjpuut interprets the statement in a very uplifting manner. Obama interprets that statement to mean that he can abuse Christians in this country virtually with impunity as he and his administration feel the need to side with other groups for political gain. More specifics on this will follow in a few paragraphs. Rajjpuut means it this way: the evils done to some adherents of some religions by others (for examples by Catholics and Protestants to each other in Ireland and Northern Ireland, to Non-Anglican Christians such as the Quakers by the Brits, Jews suffering in Russia and Germany, and Muslims in Bosnia, etc.) ; all the evils that have been done in the name of corruptions of Christianity historically to other religious and non-religious people; the evils that state-mandated religions all over the world have done; and all possible evils associated with BIG RELIGION . . . all of this is controlled by the law, by the Constitution, in America. No one in America can be forced to follow a given religion or dissuaded from following their own spiritual leanings in America.

As for Obama’s intolerance toward Christianity, lets examine just three incidents:

#1 After hosting 50,000 Muslims for three hours on Capitol Hill September 25, 2009, at the the National Day of Prayer for Muslims, today, May 7, 2010,Mr. Obama cancelled the 2010 National Day of Prayer Ceremony at the White House saying “ . . . we don’t want to offend anybody.” Apparently Christians, Jews and other non-Muslims are not considered to be “anybody.”

#2 While liberally sprinkling about nasty terms ( racists, haters, stupid, Nazis, extremists, astro-turf, storm-troopers, hood-wearing; etc.) in reference to the TEA Party movement, Obama and his people have made an impossible-to-miss effort at a ridiculously extreme form of political correctness (for example in 70 pages discussing the Ft. Hood shooting, where not once were the words “Jihad,” “Terrorism,” “Islam” or “Muslim” to be found . . . that is, the core motivation for Major Hassan’s attack was literally impossible for them to put into “politically-correct” words while they have no trouble finding insults for the “extreme right,” insults they cannot back up with evidence ever. But who exactly is the “extreme right?” According to Mr. Obama? “…Christian right, has done a good job of building these organizations of accountability, much better than the left or progressive forces have. But it's always easier to organize around intolerance, narrow-mindedness, and false nostalgia. And they also have hijacked the higher moral ground with their language of family values and moral responsibility.” In other words Christianity, at least as practiced by conservative individuals is his philosophical enemy.

#3 Back in 2006 while a senator and again when he was already campaigning for president, in 2007, Obama interrupted his activities to visit the homeland of his father, Barak (no ‘c’) Hussein Obama, Sr. in Kenya. He went nominally on fact-finding missions on taxpayers’ money but ‘paused’ while there to help the presidential campaign of Raila Odinga (purportedly the then-senator Obama’s cousin for which no verification could be found other than Odinga’s claim). Odinga was university educated in East Berlin some years before the fall of the Berlin Wall and is a non-apologetic communist, just like Barack’s father Barak (no ‘c’) was. Whether or not the two are cousins, both of their fathers were also unapologetic communists. In the top link immediately below, Barack’s birth dad in a well-known African periodical talks about the benefits of “100% taxes on the rich” and also describes his favorite political system as “scientific socialism” which he quickly clears up by saying “communism.”



Socialism and communism are, of course, closely related . . . far more importantly for this blog, in many communist regimes freedom of religion is very problematical if not impossible. Raila Odinga’s character and Obama’s actions are the question here, however . . . .

Obama made at least fifteen campaign stops for Odinga. Purportedly, he donated $950,000 to Odinga’s** campaign, Rajjpuut is still looking for a second confirmation on that one (if true, the next question is where did that money come from?). Mostly Obama wore a dress shirt and tie when campaigning. However, at least twice he dressed in traditional Muslim garb while addressing Muslim groups. Mr. Obama, despite his claim to be a lifelong Christian and to have “never practiced Islam” spent parts of five years of his youth attending a Muslim school^^ in Jakarta, capital of Indonesia and was reportedly a “prize student.” This is at best, a small issue. However, the character of Mr. Odinga is no small issue. Here’s what Rajjpuut means:

As a communist candidate, Mr. Odinga ran under the banner of “change,” but did not ever breach 50% popularity during the campaign. However, it appears he definitely LOST the election because of a secret deal he made with the Muslim community in Kenya that was reportedly leaked by a disenchanted aide.

Christians are the biggest worship group in Kenya, constituting 45% of the nation’s populace. Muslims are just about 11%. Odinga signed a letter of agreement with the Muslims to make Islam the nation’s official religion and institute “sharia” law. Beside instituting the traditional Muslim treatment of women that the two sides agreed upon, the law would have banned other religions’ access to TV or radio broadcasting. All person-to-person missionary work by other religions would have been banned . . . in short, Mr. Odinga would have curtailed religious freedom and freedom of speech while imposing hateful restrictions on women and girls and thus proved himself the lowest of scum and well- prepared to betray his country.

Within days, the content of the letter of agreement was known all over the country and Odinga was lambasted in the press and public opinion. Pretending the copy of the agreement “captured” was bogus propaganda from the incumbent, Odinga produced a much more “reasonable” agreement and said it was the only one ever negotiated between himself and the Muslims. Mr. Obama never commented when asked about Odinga’s shenanigans. Later as defeat loomed unmistakable, an e-mail from Senator Obama before the election purported telling how Mr. Odinga should handle the matter (violently) was published . . . Rajjpuut could NOT find a second source to confirm Jerome Corsi’s “The Obama Nation’s” claim that the copy of an Obama e-mail advising claiming election fraud and stimulating violence was a probably successful course of action for Odinga. In any case, however, when Odinga lost, Muslim violence coincided with his claim of “widespread election fraud.” An outbreak of violence (against Christians mostly but any non-Muslim) at this Odinga announcement against numerous Christians and Christian churches suffering attacks, maiming and death and wanton arson. Rape was one of the favorite expressions of violent disapproval by the Muslim perpetrators. Obama again claimed no connection. Odinga never apologized or showed regret. To quell the violence, Odinga was offered the newly created post of prime minister by the victor and accepted.

OK, Obama is not crazy about Christians, so what? The problem increasingly is that of Christian passivity in the face of clear and aggravated injustice. Rajjpuut’s reading of the Bible is that “turn the other cheek” is actually an act of courage and aggressive Christian expressionism and not merely crawling back toward some corner to hide. The best examples, one from a Christian and one from a Hindu, are the actions of Martin Luther King, Jr. and Mohandas K. Gandhi which demonstrate non-violent but utterly courageous resistance to unjust behavior by one’s “enemy.” This is one reason that Rajjpuut is so enamored of the TEA (taxed enough already) Party – the fact that active resistance to injustice is adopted at every turn of events.

The evidence (often revealed by Rajjpuut on this blogsite) shows Barack Obama’s mother, grandfather and birth father were all communists (and opposed to Christianity and most religious expression); it also shows that his two longest serving mentors, Reverend Jeremiah Wright and poet Frank Marshall Davis are both communists; and it shows that he attended Muslim school for parts of five years and was highly regarded as a student. So, knowing that Barack Obama is an unjust enemy . . . active resistance by Christians and conservatives is called for every step of the way and non-violent dignified protest is the key.

Ya’ll live long, strong and ornery,



^^ http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/35402169/

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Is B.H. Obama, Jr. a socialist?

The answer is yes and no. As the great sage Forest Gump remarked frequently, “stupid is as stupid does.” And socialism is clearly what a socialist does. Rajjpuut has set out numerous times plentiful proof positive of Obama’s not mere socialism but rather his being raised as an abject communist. The material from his autobiography #1 “Dreams from My Father” although he goes well out of his way to omit the words “communism” and “socialism” and the writings and life of his father Barak Hussein Obama, Sr.** (and that is the correct spelling of the older man’s first name and the son’s birth-name spelling: a common Muslim name; the "c" in our Barack's name was added much later during his higher education) clearly reveal strong communistic leanings and influence but then again the worshipful mainstream media forget to tell people about that book while getting all hot and bothered by his second and more circumspect autobiography “The Audacity of Hope.” The citizen voter should make no mistake, however, socialism on the road to an eventually desired communism is right up Barak's alley.

Here, below this paragraph, is a remarkable link to a Glen Beck answer to the question that led off this blog, “Is B.H. Obama a socialist?” First Beck shows video of a softball journalistic inquiry yesterday, by the lamestream media with Obama’s expected response . . . then Beck's listing of the strongest influences in his life in broad general terms with 12 telling links many of them in the words of the “guilty” give one a great smoking gun answer to the question . . . . However, the most damning evidence of all is found in the footnotes to this blog provided by everybody's hero: Ol' Rajjpuut. In any case Obama's every action, aim, and process and every personal connection since Election Day, 2008 for anyone with eyes yields up the Forest Gump proof positive, "stupid is as stupid does" ^^ . . . .


Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,


** When, by the way, did Harvard stop teaching classical economics and slip into the Keynesian glorification of big-spending inflationary policies that mark all communistic states? Was it in the late 40’s? Even the small bit of the old man’s education that took place right here in America played right into his communist sentiments.

^^ http://jammiewearingfool.blogspot.com/2008/02/desperate-clinton-staffers-circulating.html


Unfortunately Beck leaves some of the most interesting and “rather inflammatory” material, that is, Obama first campaigning for Raila Odinga (purportedly a cousin) in 2006 and then Obama’s interrupting his own campaigning in 2007 to again visit his father’s homeland and campaign for Odinga, the communist (university educated in East Berlin before the fall of the Berlin Wall) candidate, for President of his father’s native land Kenya. Obama on two occasions put on Muslim garb to talk to the crowds. Odinga meanwhile had signed a “document of understanding” with Muslim leaders. The content of that document (a memorandum of understanding with the Muslims to expand a policy known as “sharia” in Kenya) when it came out ruined Odinga’s chances. To wit: Islam would have become the official religion of Kenya. No other religion could broadcast by radio or TV and no missionary activity would be allowed. A few days after the discover, Odinga revised the paper to eliminate all those objectionable features. He did nothing and said nothing, however, to stop the Muslim attacks, and tribal violence, rapes and arsons on opposing tribes as well as Christian settlements and churches that followed. Ob ama, of course, has not publicized his activities on Odinga’s behalf. To make this clear: some of the Christian attacks occurred earlier and the tribal violence in general occurred after Odinga lost the election. A few months later to pacify the Muslims, Odinga was named Prime Minister by the newly-elected President.



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The most incredible thing about Barak Obama is that after three years in the public eye, he is still an absolute unknown to 95% of the American public. Imagine John Fitzgerald Kennedy in 1960. Except for his dalliances with women other than Jackie, which the adoring press conveniently didn’t reveal to us until after his death, the man’s life was an open book. This is in 1959 – 1963, the veritable stone ages. Today, half a century later, computers, the internet, genealogy, public records acts, and the multiplication of the press by cable and internet makes it impossible for public people to maintain secret lives, unless their initials are Barak Hussein Obama, Jr., that is.

It's important when making investigations and revelations such as this one to never jump to conclusions but rather to always seek full truth and verfiable truth, for example . . . .
Some of us, all too few, know an awful lot about the man who is Barak Obama, 44th American President, and his Marxist upbringing . . . and even know enough to NOT get excited about the bronze statue of Ho Chi Minh standing at honor at his Hawaiian prep school as its most prestigious graduate (the idiots on the extreme right, learn that and go bonkers, because they've never actually learned anything). We don't get excited because we know that Ho was honest and a Vietnamese patriot and that he came to the west FIRST on at least two occasions in meetings with the OSS (forerunner to the CIA) with two documents resembling, in some cases word for word, the U.S. Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution and asking for our help or at least our non-interference with Viet Nam's revolt against French colonialism after World War II. We, of course, did the opposite and supported the French with arms and money, thus denying the people of Viet Nam the very revolution that created our nation and our freedom.
We also know that Ho was a great help to us and our British Allies** in keeping the Japanese at bay in Asia during World War II while the leadership of French Indo-China collaborated with Japan. We know that the OSS did not forward his plea to either FDR or Truman and that our entry into Viet Nam after supporting corrupt dictators there was a huge strategic mistake. Because we have a real rather than a superficial education and understanding of the facts and their significance and we understand that things are not always what they seem we tend to have a charitable heart. As we give Ho Chi Minh the benefit of the doubt and the researchable facts, we do the same for Barak Hussein Obama, Jr. We do not, for example, condemn Barak because of the upbringing his father, mother and grandfather gave him. We did NOT condemn Ho Chi Minh's ideological shift to the communists when the west turned him down, in his place we might have done exactly the same. Communism and Barak Obama were early companions through no fault of his own. We do, however, condemn his actions and words and broken promises since coming into the public eye in February 2007. Some of us are Libertarians (fiscal conservatives, moderate socially) and othes come from other places on the political spectrum, but we want truth and we don’t jump to conclusions in support of the two corrupt major parties. We don't know everything, but we know a lot, in fact an awful lot . . . why the mainstream press doesn't seem to want to let you know this, all of this, that is an awful travesty . . . .

We know that for his grandparents’ sake and to make life in American schools much easier, Barak became Barry, and remained Barry Obama, for much of his young life.
We know from his public words and actions and his two autobiographies that Barak believes that he was born to be a leader and that if he merely repeats something often enough people will come to believe it and, indeed, seemingly that his very repeating will make it so. We know that his mother, Stanley Ann Dunham, was an unabashed, unsecretive communist even from prep school days in Seattle. We know that his grandfather, Stanley Armour Dunham, was a very rich semi-secretive communist. We know that the well-known columnist and communist poet Frank Marshall Davis was a frequent visitor in their home in Hawaii and that he was Barak’s chief mentor about being Black in a White man’s world.
We know that his African father, Barak H. Obama, Sr., was an unapologetic communist who lost his job in the Kenyan Economic Development Office for being not only outspokenly pro-communist but even writing papers against Kenya’s economic direction (not socialistic enough and not fast enough and not explicit enough) in which he twice mentions the possibility and laudability of “100% taxes:” and the necessity of forcing financial equality upon White, Asian, Black and Mixed members of Kenyan society. We know that Barak's first autobiography, "Dreams from My Father" never mentions his father's out and out communism but does show a deep reverence for the man and his politics.

(one incidence of the “100% tax” thing is on p. 31 of the East Africa Journal magazine, page 8 of 10 of the topmost of these two links)
We also know that Barak Obama spent a lot of time at Muslim schools and that his second father was a Muslim. We know that besides the time he confesses about being involved with alcohol, marijuana and even cocaine . . . he spent even more years as Barry Soweto. We don't know where that particular name came from, but he attended Occidental College and a few other American schools under that name. He came to Occidental as a Fullbright Scholarship recipient under a program aimed strictly at people with dual citizenships. We know that this second identity has partly obscured the trail for many superficial seekers of the Barak Obama past. But mostly we know that although Barak Obama has numerous degrees and a fine academic resume,` he is not a "western man" not an American. We know this from listening to the man talk . . . watching him work as president, one thing is very obvious . . . . Barak Obama is NOT "an educated man" in the American sense of that phrase. He doesn’t know American history or geography or for that matter have a freshman high schooler’s grasp of science. His grasp of both history and psychology, in fact, can best be described as “wishful thinking.” Wishful thinking about “Utopia” to be precise, that is the one subject that Barry Soweto/Barak Obama has mastered perfectly. He has so mastered that version of future history that he is able on demand to create the picture of that Utopia where “saying so, makes it so” into the mind and very soul of gullible Americans who really ought to know better.
Witness his recent State of the Union address. To anyone with a street kid’s knowledge of economics, it was all lies piled upon lies upon more lies: Don Quixote’s impossible dream. But to the faithful, the Barak Obama worshippers, it was manna from heaven. His deep approval numbers with Rasmussen Reports jumped from 24% to 32% and his overall approval leapt from 44% to 51% overnight. Of course two weeks later those numbers have fallen back to where they belong as people start to wake up once again without their Barak Speech Fix and realize Barak Obama is NOT what he seems; as people realize that there is no sincerity about Barak Obama and all his promises are a ruse designed to achieve his version of Utopia, a dream that conflicts 100% with the American Dream.
The Barak Obama version of Utopia is not necessarily Utopia for you and certainly not Utopia for a open-minded, outspoken critic like myself . . . that would be foolish. If there’s one thing Barak Obama is NOT, that is foolish. In his heart of hearts he knows the price to achieve the BHO, Jr. Utopia is paid by never stopping to rest but always pretending to do so, pretending to apologize or reverse direction (think of me as the job’s president, Mortals) as he always takes the most direct approach toward it.
Despite his illiteracy about real economics, Barak even sort of knows real history, he understands that somehow his big Utopian dream failed in the Soviet Union and in the Warsaw Pact countries, but of course that was because of failed men. In Barak Obama’s Utopia a perfect system will be put in place and then mankind under that perfect system will be perfected in turn whatever the cost. The fine dream, this Utopia, of course is a communist state where the resources of society come “from each according to his ability” and are then channeled “to each according to his need.”
Let’s detour from this Dystopian nightmare of Obama’s to Coolidgeville. Coolidgeville is a place that looks a lot like the United States of the Roaring Twenties when a series of Progressive Presidents (Republicans as well as Democrat) leading up to Woodrow Wilson and followed by the out-of-touch Warren G. Harding (not a progressive, just stupid enough to surround himself with crooks) who was replaced after death (from a heart attack while in a closet with a maid? That’s one story) by the great Calvin Coolidge. Under Coolidge’s benign leadership, low taxes and total non-interference the country blossomed as never before. Of course, Silent Cal said, “I do NOT choose to run" in 1928 and Progressive Republican Herbert Hoover took his place to be in turn replaced by twelve years plus of Progressive Franklin Delano Roosevelt.
Coolidgeville looks a lot like the Camelot of JFK; and the more recent America during Reaganville years when the Soviet Union, Warsaw Pact and Berlin Wall all fell. The guiding light in Coolidgeville is NOT “Das Kapital” but the United States Constitution, a document based upon the fact that we humans are imperfect and can presumably never be made perfect, but we are worthy of great government, nevertheless; a document that offered humanity full liberty guaranteed by an incredible “Bill of Rights,” numerous incentive for bringing out their best, and an incredible system of checks and balances to make humanity’s inevitable corruptions quite manageable. No Utopia here, just a hard-nosed realistic plan for a much better life courtesy of a non-interfering, benevolent government limited in scope to doing a very few tasks and then doing them very, very well. Unlike Barak’s static future Utopia where the government does everything and does it so incompetently that we are NOT safe from our enemies and we are NOT free . . . Coolidgeville is a living-breathing dynamic and REAL place available at any time in history including NOW!
Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,
** Compare Paris to other European Capitals. Compare Saigon, the "Pearl of the Pacific," -- these places went unravaged by the war. The French, under Petain, meanwhile were collaborating fully with the Nazis in Europe and Africa; and with the Japanese in French Indo-China . . . that is, they were fighting against us and supporting the Japanese and Nazis who fought against us . . . . Why wasn't Petain taken to Nuremberg, tried and convicted and hung with the ten top Nazi's on October 16, 1946? And why did the Zionists never fully attack Petain's top officials for their collaboration in the Holocaust? The French have lived a charmed life much akin to that lived by Barak Obama, Jr. just because the full extent of their treachery is not openly displayed for all to see and understand.
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Barak Obama has uttered a string of lies that will probably never be equaled by any man or politician if the earth lasts 50 billion years. Among his last 10,000 or so prevarications, Ol' Rajjpuut here lists some of the most obvious affronts to the truth. In selected cases comments have been added . . . .

"I will serve out my full six-year senate term. You know, Tim, if you get asked enough,
sooner or later you get weary and you start looking for new ways of saying things. But my thinking has not changed. I will not run for president or vice-president in 2008..”

"This stimulus money will prevent unemployment from reaching 8%."

"I am not an ideologue."

". . . will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States."

"This is NOT socialized medicine."

"I am NOT a socialist, I’m not."

"There will be no increased taxes for the middle class."

"There will be no tax increases for persons making $200,000 yearly or less or families earning $250,000 or less."

"I will be the jobs president."

"We will clean up Washington."

"We’ll run the cleanest, most open and transparent administration in history."

"We’ll have C-SPAN right in the room with us during the health care proceedings."

"I’m always open to bi-partisan suggestions . . . ."

"I do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States . . . ."

"This bill will reduce the deficit and lower the national debt."

"Before this all happened, I made every possible effort to prevent the housing crisis."

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cloward%E2%80%93Piven_strategy Actually, Obama was an ACORN attorney helping the corrupt Cloward-Piven styled organization use shake-down tactics to abuse the three mortgage-guarantee laws and force banks and other lending institution into making dozens of thousands in bad loans to would-be home owners without ID; without jobs; with horrific credit ratings; without downpayments in most cases; to illegal aliens in some cases. Just as C-P's original organization, the NWRO (National Welfare Rights Organization), bankrupted New York City and just missed bankrupting the entire state of New York in 1975 by abusing and overloading the welfare laws . . . ACORN with attorneys like Obama, used the same intimidation tactics to create the sub-prime lending crisis and brought the entire nation to its knees by the end of 2007. The laws in question were all passed by Democratic congresses: Carter's Community Reinvestment Act of '77; the '92 expansion which forced Fannie and Freddie to take part in the same type of mortgage-guarantees; and the Clinton '98 expansion that put the whole process on steroids and played right into ACORN's hands.

"Winning the war in Iraq has always been very important to me."

"Our energy plan will decrease the need for foreign oil."

"I will bring the troops home all of them."

"We’re not going to take over the automotive business, we’re just helping the car companies get over a rough spot . . . . "

"We have created or saved 600,000 jobs."

"We have created or saved 2,000,000 jobs."

"The Atlantic coastline is not the place to look for the answer to our energy problems." Yesterday he gave a confusing set of directives that appear to set in motion a renewal of offshore drilling from the Florida Keys to New Jersey.
"The Recession is over." He's made that statement four different times, perhaps, eventually he may be right when he says it.
"Israel is our most important Middle-East ally, we will never turn our back on Israel." The deliberate creation of a 'crisis' between Israel and us and the recent shunning of the Israeli Prime Minister in the White House speak volumes about our ex-Muslim President's commitments.

"There have been an awful lot of lies told about what’s in this bill, here are the facts: this legislation will improve health care delivery and lower costs for families and businesses and reduce our deficits." The less said about the falsehoods contained in the Obamacare law and the sick process used to pass it the better . . . but those four statements are outright lies.

"America wants this bill."

"I have never been a Muslim. I have never practiced Islam. I have always been a Christian." Actually, Barak Obama was a star student in the Muslim school he attended in Indonesia. He also twice willingly put on Muslim attire to campaign in 2007 on behalf of the Communist candidate for president in his birth-father's country, Kenya. Raila Odinga, that candidate, signed a "Memorandum of Understanding" in exchange for Muslim votes that if elected he would make Kenya a Muslim country. When the 'memorandum' was discovered the revelation of the features of the understanding were so objectionable that purportedly that discovery alone wrecked his chances of election. The Muslims in Kenya wanted laws against radio programs promoting other religions; laws agains missionary activities by other religions; etc. Barak Obama was a knowing part of that. Odinga (educated at the University of East Berlin before "The Wall" came down) and the Kenyan Muslims were responsible for the subsequent riots and arsons against the Christians in that country, but Barak Obama lent his name to Odinga's candidacy and rallied the Muslims to his cause.
"America will have five days to look over this bill."

(at the “Bi-partisan summit”) "That is just not true, we need to get our facts straight." Obama, supposedly moderating this conference impartially, continually interrupted every telling fact or idea of the Republicans attending to call them lies or "talking points" and re-emphasize his own misguided or false principles.

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