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By Oscar Y. Harward

Did 2 New York City police officers die on December 20, 2014 due to the criminally led leaders of public officials?  Should tax-evading Al Sharpton be indicted for encouraging a crime as they walk the streets chanting out: "What do we want? Dead cops! When do we want it? Now!" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z_qkvXLuGsc

Should Democrat Party’s President Obama, Attorney General Eric Holder, Obama’s leading tax-evading Al Sharpton, and others like New York Mayor Bill de Blasio and Republican Party Sen. Rand Paul’s unprofessional remarks be held responsible for encouraging the killing of 2  New Your City police officers?

President Obama, Attorney General Eric Holder, and Obama’s leading tax-evading Al Sharpton encourage criminal activity to protest, riot, vandalize, loot, and burn their communities.  Al Sharpton leads protestors in New York City as they shouted to what they want was “Dead Cops”.

President Obama and his Attorney General Eric Holder should be leading the way to prosecute and ascertain convictions to all leaders organizing criminal activity.  Left-wing activists, led by the White House, are destroying our nation; using the First Amendment, ‘Freedom of Speech’ as their ‘Right’.

Sen. Rand Paul has gotten onboard with some leftists as he expresses his desires to put more restrictions onto our Police officers whom face their own deaths daily. http://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2014/08/14/rand-paul-police-militarization-makes-americans-esp-blacks-feel-gov-t-is-targeting-them/

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) says (y)our police officers are too busy militarizing their police departments.

While Sen. Rand Paul is attempting to attract more minorities into his political camp while he campaigns in an effort to become a GOP candidate for President of the United States, he is criticizing our police officers and their police departments.

 On this issue, it is time for Sen. Rand Paul to fold his campaign tent and become more interested in protecting our US Military, our federal, state, and local law enforcement organization before he assists Al Sharpton’s left-wing criminals who continue to protest, riot, vandalize, loot, and burn others properties.

 To stop the criminal activity, everyone involved, including our political leaders, must be held accountable.

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4063895697?profile=originalCongressman Charlie Rangel wanted to talk.

Adriano Espaillat, a state senator and top rival, had just labeled Mr. Rangel’s mock phone conversation during a Wednesday night debate “an embarrassment.” The Hotel Trades Council, a union with growing clout, was about to back Mr. Espaillat. And the 83-year-old, facing what many see as an uphill battle, was left to reflect, in a wide-ranging interview, on what could be an unceremonious end to a nearly half-century-long political career.

“These campaign people are afraid that what I’m going to say to you is damaging to me,” Mr. Rangel said as he opened a half-hour phone interview yesterday with the Observer. “My conversation here can change the whole campaign.”

In the second debate of the 13th Congressional race, Mr. Rangel stunned the audience and inspired a segment on The Daily Show when he pulled out his cell phone and proceeded to chide both of his opponents, Mr. Espaillat and Pastor Mike Walrond, in a lengthy imaginary phone conversation. The tactic was intended to mock the allegedly thin résumés of Mr. Walrond and Mr. Espaillat. Both contenders, unsurprisingly, took offense.

POLL: Is Global Warming junk science with a political agenda or is it real?

Mr. Rangel explained that he came up with the idea because he figured the debate moderators would never ask the proper questions.

“I knew looking at the format, there would be no questions there dealing with any accomplishments. I knew the center sponsoring this was just as much concerned with their agenda,” he said. “There were questions about poverty, homelessness and what not, and public officials have same emotion about the same issues including the minister [Mr. Walrond], but none of the topics appeared to suggest who would be better prepared to do the job.”

“I also knew who won and who lost could be considered on who brought the most people here, who shouted the loudest, who was entertaining,” said Mr. Rangel, whose supporters were far outnumbered in the church.

Mr. Rangel’s seat in Congress, now spanning upper Manhattan and the Bronx, has been threatened before. Mr. Espaillat nearly ousted him in 2012, coming within 1,100 votes of victory in the now-majority Latino district. And two decades ago, Adam Clayton Powell IV ran a furious but unsuccessful challenge.

But the congressman–who is on the cusp of losing the endorsement of every influential labor union in the city, and was already denied the backing of major city pols like Comptroller Scott Stringer and Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito–has never been so endangered.

Mr. Rangel recalled one elected official, whom he refused to name, “balling up his fist with utter contempt” and telling the Harlem lawmaker his defection was “political, not personal.”

“How the hell are you going to hurt an old man?” he said when asked whether he was upset or offended by the defectors.

Read more at http://observer.com/2014/05/charlie-rangel-reflects-on-a-race-not-going-his-way/#ixzz31vy6SHtU

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The New York SAFE Law offends the spirit and word of the US Constitution.  The Bill of Rights will cease to exist if we permit it to be rewritten by knee jerk reactionaries and political opportunist seeking to centralize power in a government of the few.

The US Constitution will be relegated to a museum artifact memorialized as a quaint idea of self governed people.

It is a falsehood of the thinnest pretense, that free people are incapable of keeping their own safety to the point where State Managers criminalize it. Along with the crime of imbibing a soft drink, a hired City Manager concludes we must be protected from.  The dishonest cries of we must give up these freedoms to save lives are an insult to our human dignity.

The contagion of this hysteria driven, prefabricated crisis have infected willing accomplices, throughout New York and among members of County Legislatures, in lock step with the notion of Lords and Masters over you and I.

Some feigned they had no technical knowledge of firearms, when all they were elected to do was have a reasonable working knowledge of the Bill of Rights.

Instead, we bear witness to a willing acceptance of a capricious and arbitrary law passed in the dark of night that created over 5 million criminals in that instance.  Not to mention, the entire law enforcement community along with them.

There were over 5 million legal firearms owners in the State of New York.  The SAFE Law overnight created criminals in all of them, because among other things, a seven round magazine does not exist.

The use of the word ‘commonsense’ in a debate absent reality is useless.  It is a propaganda ploy to color anyone who disagrees with them as lacking it.

Every elected official swore an oath upon their honor to preserve, protect and defend the US Constitution and the New York Constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic.

New York State’s Constitution clearly states that all Bills must be seasoned, or rest on the desk for an excess of 72 hours. Governor Cuomo wantonly violated it, under a falsehood of urgency.  The Governor and his accomplices should face impeachment for this attempt at perpetrating a fraud on the honest people of New York.

All elected employees who voted to pass resolutions and support the SAFE Law expressed contempt for the Constitution and violated their oath.  They have dishonored themselves and abdicate the customary title of “honorable”, which of tradition precedes their name.

There is no intellectually honest argument yet presented, that can bear the scrutiny of inspection, fact or cross examination, which remotely can begin to abrogate or infringe upon the Second Amendment.

History will bear witness that in our day, these misguided usurpers made a blatant attempt at displacing our founding documents incrementally, harboring an insidious agenda of disarming us.

There be none in the People’s legislative body, from the White House to the State House, who can begin to improve upon the majesty enshrined in the Bill of Rights.

The Bill of Rights guarantees your freedom of speech, religion and worship because it limits the power of government to disarm you.  We will never need it, until they try to take it.

The SAFE Law strips you of that inviolable right; anyone who voted for it, committed treason against every soldier who fell defending it.

In this article, Freedom of the Press is now the last line of intellectual defense by drawing upon all the powers of persuasion that can be mustered in an appeal to nothing more than the commonsense you own.

To you few, who shame your elected office, your days are numbered and your honor is stained, for history will bear this out.

If a day should come, where one drop of blood is spilled or one hour of liberty is denied to one honest American, in an attempt to enforce it, that curse be upon your head.

To any, who seek to restore their honor, find courage in the redemption of renouncing this contemptible attempt at supplanting the idea of self government with the stench of the Oligarch.  Repeal the SAFE Law and oppose everyone who voted for it, by word and deed.

Anthony Mele, MA, Diplomacy, International Conflict Management
President, AMI GLOBAL SECURITY, LLC   www.amiglobalsecurity.com

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Pay up or get out.

Con Ed has given the Ground Zero mosque an ultimatum: Pay the $1.7 million you owe in back rent, or we’ll terminate your lease and take back our property.

Con Ed and mosque developer Park51 have an unusual, uneasy alliance, sharing ownership of a site slated to be one of the most controversial projects in city history.

The utility owns a former substation on the western half of the property, at 51 Park Place, and the mosque developers own a five-story building on the eastern half. The buildings were connected years ago and used to house a Burlington Coat Factory store.

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VetsforNY Press Release:

According to Lalor, "The fundamental problem with

government at all levels is that it is populated with

self-serving politicians and bureaucrats. True reform

can only be achieved if we elect candidates who will

put the interest of the people first. Since veterans

have already demonstrated selfless service to

country they make the ideal candidates to address

the many problems we face."

Continued Lalor, "As conservatives our candidates

will give voice to hardworking patriotic New Yorkers

who believe in limited government, free enterprise

and traditional values."

Lalor is also the founder of Iraq Veterans for Congress

, a federal PAC that supports conservative Iraq and

Afghanistan veterans running for Congress. In the

2010 election cycle the group has raised more than

$100,000 from over 10,000 donors in all fifty states

and has made major contributions to more than a

dozen campaigns throughout the country.

"Iraq Veterans For Congress has helped many

veteran candidates running for Congress and I am

confident that we can duplicate and improve upon

this success at the state level," said Lalor.

Vets For New York's website (www.VetsForNY.com)

lists its initial slate of endorsed candidates. Lalor

plans to release formal endorsement press releases

in support of each candidate in the days to come

and says that the group is researching other veteran

candidates around the state. Concluded Lalor, "A valid

complaint about the Republican establishment in New

York is that they have for decades failed to identify

and support a new generation of exciting and dynamic

leaders. Vets For New York is addressing this problem

by simultaneously supporting a handful of principled

incumbents while also helping a number of fresh faces

with new ideas get their start."

Vets For New York (VFNY) is a registered political

action committee supporting the campaigns of

conservative Republican veterans running for

federal, state, county and local office in New York

State. VFNY looks for conservative Republican

veterans who are determined to become a voice

for our troops, veterans and hardworking New

Yorkers who believe in limited government, free

enterprise and traditional values.

VFNY was founded by Kieran Michael Lalor, an

attorney and Marine Corps veteran of Operation

Iraqi Freedom.

VFNY Contact:
Kieran Michael Lalor
(845) 616-3509


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“Say, Betcha Didn’t Know . . . .”
the Story Behind a NY Times “Retraction”
After her excellent comparison of the courage exhibited by Arizona Governor Jan Brewer compared to our wimpy President’s non-efforts to protect the nation’s borders, perhaps Sarah Palin ought to be making statements about the New York Times publishers, editors, reporters, columnists, op-ed writers, bloggers (and everybody but the janitors) all combined . . . lacking the “cajones” of a one-celled protozoan . . . Let’s talk about one “retraction” in the Times . . . .
Some months ago, the liberal media was alive with a story about TEA Party members yelling the N-word fifteen times (or twenty-nine times in one paper) at Black members of congress as they walked up the capitol steps on that sunny day in March when Obamacare was passed. This was considered BIG . . . front-page news cussed and discussed in every liberal broadcast for weeks to come. Only one problem, it never happened. The $100,000 reward offered to anyone who can show “verifiable video footage,” showing one instance (not fifteen or twenty-nine) of the n-word being used has been offered lo, these several months and no one has offered documentary evidence, much less collected the reward. Similarly, no video footage of any Black congressman or any congress member being spat upon on that day has ever emerged.
Just the other day, (and this is August 5th) almost five months after it purportedly happened, the New York Times finally (having researched the story carefully – hah!) ran a retraction/correction . . . well, sort of . . . .
What they did actually was not even deign to draw attention to the retraction/correction by putting it off as a separate item at all. Instead they boldly went where few retractions/corrections have gone: they placed it inconspicuously at the bottom of another story. To wit:
“The Political Times column last Sunday, about a generational divide over racial attitudes, erroneously linked one example of a racially charged statement to the Tea Party movement. While Tea Party supporters have been connected to a number of such statements, there is no evidence that epithets reportedly directed in March at Representative John Lewis, Democrat of Georgia, outside the Capitol, came from Tea Party members.”
“All the News that’s Fit to Print?” Really???? Perhaps the Times ought to change their motto to “All the Gutless Lies Obama Would Prefer We Print.” First of all, that, whatever else it is, is neither a correction nor a retraction. There is NO “we got it wrong and we apologize” aspect to that piece of garbage by the piece of garbage Times.
1. Notice that the actual event is left muddy, there’s no mention of the n-word or Mr. Lewis’ race . . . nothing that could make the “apology” meaningful.
2. Notice that the retraction/correction was certainly NOT page-one news like the original story was . . . .
3. Notice the retraction/correction refers to “one example” . . . when the Times -- by March, 2010 – had already been printing such accusations about the TEA Party and conservatives virtually non-stop without basis for over a year . . . and meanwhile has continued to spout out this nonsense ceaselessly since March, 2010.
4. The retraction/correction is over four months late and it’s not actually either a retraction or a correction and it does not apologize . . . it just says, “There is no evidence . . . epithets . . . came from TEA Party members” which is, at best a half-truth since . . .
5. The retraction/correction does NOT say “There is NO EVIDENCE any epithets with n-words were hurled by anyone at all.
6. The retraction/correction says “While Tea Party supporters have been connected to a number of such statements,” but doesn’t say for every two thousand such accusations (not connections, but “accusations”) perhaps one** is true.
7. The retraction/correction talks about “a generational divide over racial attitudes” . . . that, my friends, is what has been known as a “weasel phrase” or possibly “a (or an) euphemism” . . . but which is actually just an old-fashioned LIE, not a half-truth, a LIE. It’s acting like . . . a) some sort of generation-gap exists and b) the TEA party (with older members?) treats differences in race one way that’s presumably at least a bit racist and c) the Times and its readers knows better because they are elite, intelligent, etc. but . . . RACISM, you Times morons, is RACISM, and lies are lies, and p_ss-poor journalism is pi__-poor journalism.
8. The Times seems to have never gone to the “horse’s mouth” for final verification of the event’s truth or falsity. Since Representative Lewis, a Black Democrat, is reportedly one of the few congressmen of either party, any race, any gender, any age who has been repeatedly and fairly called “honorable.” Yet Mr. Lewis has repeatedly refused to corroborate the stories about being spat upon or having the N-word hurled at him. Perhaps the Times should have asked Mr. Lewis, if his silence itself on this matter was “honorable” (since the only probable reason for this silence was to NOT gainsay his fellow Democrats)?
9. The Times has continuously run as straight-news, each and every liberal’s or left-wing Democrat’s accusation of RACISM as undeniable fact for at least the last ten years IF DIRECTED at CONSERVATIVES . . . but which has never attributed the barely 4% of Black votes going to Mc Cain while Obama received more and a larger percentage of White votes (almost 48%) than Kerry or Gore as having any racial significance at all. Isn’t it strange that the Times, which regards itself as so urbane and sophisticated in oh, so many ways, is so gullible that after ten years it has never figured out that the unending refuge for progressive (wanting to “progress” beyond the outdated and faulty Constitution) scoundrels is labelling all their opposition as “RACISTS.” How sophisticated is that? Just so the Times understands Rajjpuut clearly, he is saying the Times is guilty of not only abetting reverse-racism, but also of continuously and consistently falsely charging and abetting false charges of racism by others against Conservatives and conservative groups.
10. a) The Times recently OMITTED publishing news about a speech being applauded by the NAACP wherein a Black preacher and a couple of thugs who helped him beat up a Black entrepreneur (the man made a fortune in 2008 selling Obama buttons, but tried to sell “The audacity of dope” buttons featuring the president with a joint between his lips) were defended and lauded. The speaker repeatedly praised the preacher and the other thugs and called the entrepreneur repeatedly “an Uncle Tom.” b) the Times has also NOT investigated the story about the Black Panther voter intimidation suit being dropped nor c) the story about Obama appointee Deputy Attorney General Julie Fernandez ordering a roomful of Department of Justice employees to “forget about investigating voter intimidation and racism cases where the victims are White and the perpetrators are Black and d) nor have they run the story about Ms. Fernandez ordering DOJ employees to forget about “investigating violations of the Motor Voter Act” that is, e) like Ms. Fernandez, the New York Times is acting like racism is just something that Whites do to minorities, it can never happen the other way around.
The Times which, (in keeping with the “all-non-progressive’s are racists theme”) has ceaselessly slandered FOX News . . . but, in fact, the Times isn’t worthy of one-ten-thousandth the esteem which FOX’s real journalists earn every minute of every day. Cowardly, cowardly, cowardly, cowardly, cowardly New York Times. Until such time as the same New York Times effort that’s gone into propagating these lies is shown for dispelling them and pointing out those who so blithely and continuously speak them, until that day . . . cowardly, cowardly New York Times.
Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,
**Rajjpuut who has attended three TEA Party events and never seen one instance of hate or racism does know of two instances worth mentioning since March, 2009 (a year before the Obamacare passage) . . . .

#1 In a specious incident, a fellow was shown on FOX News carrying a sign partially clouded over by their editorial staff that presumably said something like, "F_ck the N_ggers." In that 20 second-incident he was quickly confronted by about five male TEA Party members, an argument ensued, his sign was torn from his hands trampled upon, and he was physically escorted from their midst. FOX also showed coverage of three other networks' newcasts which just showed the man holding his sign with the word “nigg_rs” clearly visible in a still photograph.

#2 Within a supposed TEA Party splinter faction, (Rajjpuut has seen evidence that makes him believe it was used by Harry Reid in Nevada to choose his least capable opponent, Sharon Angle, to win the Republican nomination -- but who knows it could be a valid organization pursuing TEA Party goals) known as the TEA Party Express , there was an upper echelon official who is supposedly "a shock jock" who on his personal blogsite spouted hate attacks on Barack Obama and referred to Islam as having "a monkey god." After, what Rajjpuut believes was an inordinate length of time the shock-jock was forced to resign. In any case the TEA Party express has zero credibility with any of the TEA Party membership outside themselves.
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