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4063777309?profile=original  Methodist Minister found guilty of performing gay marriage

Somewhere in heaven God has to be wondering what in tarnation is wrong with the shepherds who claim to serve him and pledge to follow his word.  Even though it is abundantly clear that same sex marriage is not accepted in the church a Pennsylvania Methodist pastor decided to officiate a gay wedding.  Rev. Frank Schaefer, according to the Philadelphia Enquirer held matrimonial services for his gay son’s  wedding.

Even though the Methodist Book of Discipline is very clear in forbidding this type of wedding ceremony, the pastor stated that “he tried to follow God’s command to minister to all,” suggested the Philadelphia Enquirer.  The only problem with that, the church officials of America’s largest Protestant denomination begged to differ.  In fact, the errant minister was brought up on charges by the church hierarchy even though the church itself has accepted lesbian and gay members in its congregations.

Rev Schaefer stepped over the line and apparently decided to push the church’s moral envelope in deciding on a church trial instead of simply agreeing to not engage in the forbidden practice again.  It is not clear why church officials waited several years to bring charges against the Methodist minister for his son’s gay marriage ceremony which took place in Massachusetts.

What is clear is that the minister, who has been ordained for 20 years, decided that the punishment which ranges from a simple official reprimand to being stripped of his pastoral credentials was worth the risk. He stated, “”I love the United Methodist Church,” and even he agrees with a great number of its tenets, except for the gay marriage provision.

And there lies the problem with ministers like Rev. Schaefer of Pennsylvania or Bishop Allyson D. Nelson Abrams, 43 of Detroit who married a female bishop and hid her act from her church; you cannot rewrite the word of God in the bible.  Being an ordained shepherd is not a menu which allows you to select which holy tenets of God you feel like obeying and others you can conveniently ignore.


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Calling All Patriots!

I wrote Bill Nelson (FL) a while back expressing my concern about F-16s and Tanks going to the "Muslim Brotherhood" run Egypt at the tax payer's expense. I got a response and it is below. Please feel free to TWEET the S.O.B and let him know what you think about his spineless Obama Lap-dance

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Please do not reply to this e-mail.  If you need to send another message to Senator Nelson, please use the form on his Web site:
Dear Mr. Batten:
     Thank you for writing me about the sale of U.S.-made F-16 fighter jets to Egypt.  
     The deal to transfer 20 F-16 jets was signed two years ago, before President Morsi was elected. The jets are part an annual assistance package to Egypt, in support of the 1979 Camp David Accords with Israel. The continued observance of these accords helps protect Israel, and helps maintain the broad, strategic partnership that we have had with Egypt during the last thirty years.
     Please know that I share your concern about recent developments in Egypt.  As the Morsi government continues to take shape, and as we re-evaluate U.S. policy, sanctioned repression cannot not be tolerated. This is why I cosponsored S. Res. 44, which supports democracy and the peaceful transition to a representative government in Egypt.  The resolution articulates my concern about organizations that espouse extremist ideology, including the Muslim Brotherhood, and underscores the vital importance of the Egyptian government honoring the peace treaty with Israel.
     I appreciate your correspondence on this important issue. You can be assured that I will continue to closely monitor new developments in Egypt.
                                   Bill Nelson
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