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A Democrat will win the Presidency no matter if Trump or Hillary win the nomination. Trump has, indeed, high-jacked the debunked Republican Party.  First, he is a wolf in sheep's clothing.  He already wants to debase the first Amendment, in that, he wants to hold liable the Press for printing oppositional speech against him. He would be using the Office of the Presidency to oppress those who have harmed him in the business world, with a vendetta, utilizing Executive Order Power to do so.  

Trump will have replaced the Republican Party with Trumpian Fascism Party.  He will have, also, made Obama a Saint and Martyr for his cause and promotion of it.  He will have gone beyond Progressivism; beyond recognition. There is nothing that the paralyzed Republican Party can do to reclaim itself under his reign. Once he silences the Press he will have complete power over any expression of speech that he feels offensive to him. Yes, be suspicious of his corruption!  He owns all of those lackeys who suck up to his awesome ability of the 'deal'; Christi is his main lackey. How naive are his followers?  Are they all blue collar worker mentality?  

Trust these words:  Under Trump or Hillary the Bill of Rights and the Articles of the Constitution will be secondary to the citizen of the USA, meeting,instead, the needs of the Power Structure replacing it; if not abolishing them,entirely, deeming them impediments to job creation, and progress.  Con man and Hillary Progresive are just the beginning of the end of our notion of what is freedom in our Nation. Sovereignty of persons and States will exist nomore, and all boundaries will be erased under the guise of Progress.       


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Proverbs 8:17 KJV!!


✝Proverbs 8:17 KJV✝

✡ Jesus Christ Loves Ye All✡


“I love them that love Me; and those that seek Me early shall find Me.”

Proverbs 8:17 KJV

Jesus Christ is KING of kings, LORD ( Adonai ) of lords, He is the Alpha and Omega, the First and the Last!! Jesus Christ in the WAY the TRUTH and the LIFE, No one comes unto the Father, but through Me ( Jesus Christ )!! Thus: Jesus Christ is the only WAY to enter into Heaven!!

God Said: “Trust in the LORD ( ADONAI ) with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct thy paths.” ( Proverbs 3:5-6 KJV )!!


✡“Please PRAY for Our Judeo-Christian Nation USA”✡



“Love Always, Shalom YSIC, Kristi Ann”


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Tea Party Patriots, Let’s pray for America. 6-14-14

Dear Lord Jesus, we thank you for all your blessings; you give us America the land of the free and we trust on you my Lord, our nation is on God’s side. Our congregation prays for our salvation, we prayed to accept you as our Lord and Savior, Lord we are sinners in need of forgiveness, let the Holy Spirit work on us, we ask to be redeemed and be forgiven for all our sins.

Lord we know that you are our salvation, we prayed and you answered. Lord now we understand that you made us a family, our brother’s keeper, America is on your side, not on the side of what we can get from taxing or controlling others. Lord we will be activists, we want moral leaders to stand for America and our Christian principles and God’s law “One Nation Under God”. Our beliefs and faith grow to millions, one-by-one because the work is done as individuals showing and telling one another the way to the right kind of change. Change one soul! Help change the core-belief or way of life of one person! Let the Truth change you, yourself, first and others by accepting and working God's plan while there is time. We can change the world Here's how if you want to pursue being on God's side for change. Be an activist for Christ our Lord, America is a nation under God and we obey God’s law, not man’s law.

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By John W. Lillpop

With the nation, his presidency, and the American form of self-governance under siege, is it not time for Barack Hussein Obama to face reality and spare the nation yet another two + years of grief?

From the use of the IRS to persecute political enemies, to reckless spending which added trillions of dollars to the bloated and dangerous  federal deficit, to deliberate lies about a flawed Marxist health care program repugnant to most Americans, to abandonment of border security, national sovereignty, and refusal to enforce immigration law, and to inept, naive mismanagement of foreign affairs, has not Barack Obama already done enough damage to America?

On top of all of that, e-mails produced in response to a Freedom of Information Act(FOIA) suit reveal that the Obama administration withheld evidence concerning the Benghazi slaughter of 2012, which cost four American diplomats their lives, and which may have been covered up just weeks before the 2012 presidential election in order to protect Obama’s foolish campaign claim that Al-Quaeda had been decimated!

Under the circumstances, is it not time for the American people to demand, “Enough is enough!”

Clearly, Barack Obama has lost his good sense. He can no longer be trusted with national security or important functions that require mature judgment. He has zero credibility with the public, Congress and the world.

Barack Obama needs to leave Washington, D.C. as soon as possible. Waikiki Beach is calling and Barack Obama is urgently needed there.
POLL:  Should Barack Obama be Impeached?
Learning from History:

In 1974, America was confronted with a rascal in the White House by the name of Richard M. Nixon. Unfortunately, Nixon was a despicable crook.

But in 1974, the Republican Party was blessed to have a few leaders with cajoles and a passion for America. Those noble Republicans walked into the White House at an appropriate time and let Nixon know that his time had elapsed and that, in the interests of the nation and himself, it was time to go.

To his credit, Richard M. Nixon did the honorable thing by resigning the presidency. On August 9, 1974, President Nixon boarded an Air Force helicopter on the lawn of the White House and made his way home to California.

America was grateful for the fact that our “national nightmare was over” and the healing process began immediately!

Today’s challenge: America needs three or four Democrats with or without cajoles to deliver a Nixon-like message to Barack Obama.  Namely, “Mr. President, Your Time Is Up!”

By leaving now, Mr. Obama can accomplish the most noble and patriotic act of his presidency. And America can begin healing.
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A Few Good Men & Women


It’s rather difficult to realize that the Old Democratic Party believed in the Jeffersonian Democracy – they believed in our Constitution, very limited executive authority, state’s rights and civil liberties. 

They realized that our economy would flourish with limited business and commerce regulations – they believed in very limited control of businesses and commerce.  Those were the good old days when some staunch Patriots weren’t afraid to stand up and fight the devil toe to toe. 

As time went on and our Nation suffered through the Great Depression and Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal, the Democrats did an absolute about face favoring big government taking control of businesses and a nanny state.  They became lax on the Constitution sort of taking on an attitude, “We’ll do as we please, thank you.”

Then we had the GOP (Grand Old Party) who believed in fiscal responsibility, also free enterprise and they did not like the welfare state idea at all.  They truly were a grand old party pretty much dominating the Democrats for 70 years plus until, like the Democrats they lost their way.  No longer were they public servants – they became political leeches.

The Grand Old Party eventually eroded leaving a bunch of misfits who concentrated on keeping their cushy positions in the White House while America was attacked from all sides by the Socialist, Communists and Liberals.

 GOP joined the politically correct crowd and turned their once strong party into a grasshopper elite club jumping from one side to the other without protecting our Nation and Americans – they are the " has beens" who talked a good talk, but didn’t walk the walk. 

Tis true that the Jefferson crowd and the Grand Old Party were made up of a few good men who believed in our Constitution, limited Executive control and limited regulations on businesses and commerce, but both parties self -destructed and  now America we have a big mess on our hands. 

History is repeating itself and in 2014 we have a few good men and some awesome women who believe in limited Government, secured borders, a budget, our Military, limited control of businesses and commerce along with our freedoms and rights as handed down to us by our forefathers in a roadmap called a Constitution.

The sad part of this story is this – these Patriots are being beaten up unmercifully by Democrats, the Old Republican establishment and the Liberal News media.  These brave men and women realize that our Nation is tottering on a weak foundation – they know that the Obama Administration with the able assistance of the Democrats, Old Republican establishment and Liberal News media have kept Americans divided and distracted for five years.

As I’ve said many times,  the war is on our turf, we must stand up and fight for our Nation and our children.  Let’s not leave a fallen Nation for our children, but a legacy that they can wrap their arms around and embrace with pride. 

Support these few brave men and women in their fight to “take back our country America.”  It’s time to restore our freedom, our families and put our Nation back as “One Nation under God with Liberty and Justice for All.” 

Americans it’s up to us to support these Patriots, take back our Government and run our Country.  We’ve been AWOL for too many years and now it’s time to fight for the greatest Nation in the World – let’s be the Nation on the hill that all eyes are upon… 4063796326?profile=original

As Always,

Little Tboca

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Your voice is the heartland and your message is the movement!

We are fast approaching the stage of the ultimate inversion: the stage where the government is free to do anything it pleases, while the citizens may only act by permission; which is the stage of the darkest periods of human history, the stage of rule by Brute force.” — Ayn Rand

Your voice is the most powerful weapon that exists in the arsenal of America’s weaponry. It is the voice that sounds the words of freedom and it is the voice that gives rise to the clarion calls for justice. That is why the move to defund Obamacare is not an exercise in futility, because to believe that is to believe that the power of the voice of America is a lie.

It is your voice that awakens your sleeping child to rise and give his all on a school day and work through problems that will help him become a freeman. It is your voice that guides a daughter to embrace a loving God and a U.S. Constitution that will not make her as a woman a slave and servant of government.

Julie Prince, a longtime constitutional defender, leader, mother, wife and Ohio businesswoman believes that limited government, fiscal responsibility, personal responsibility, support of constitutional rights are more than hollow words. She, like millions of Americans, believes they are conservative values and principles that are the framework of American society.

That is a primary reason why her national, Ohio-based organization Conservative Warriors has launched an initiative called “Operation Cure the Nation.” Conservative Warriors believe that Obamacare is undoing and destroying those basic conservative rights and principles.

The goal of Operation Cure the Nation is simple. Conservative leaders in the congress like U.S. Senators Ted Cruz, Bill Lee and Rand Paul and others need help. You have an opportunity to create a quick and simple five to ten second video to send a clear message to those fighting Obamacare in the congress that help is on the way.

Your voice is the heartland and your message is the movement!

The how is simple: Say your first name, the state you live in, and the words “Defund Obamacare – cure the nation.” Be creative if you wish and let your personality and conviction shine! Send your video to:

Each voice will reach Americans where they live, touch their heart and energize their soul now, as in the time of the American Revolution. The collected voices will fuel a legacy for the generations born and unborn.

Your voice is more than a video moment in time. You are notifying the nation that Obamacare is dishonest because it is a lie. It is morally wrong because it gives exceptions to the congress, to the president, to the unions, to the friends of Obama who have the money, power or influence to exempt themselves.

This is your moment in time when the spoken word is indeed more powerful than the written word. If a picture says more than a thousand words in print, how about ten words spoken and seen by thousands, if not millions, of people!

Operation Cure the Nation is the medicine that children need to relieve the diarrhea of injustice that Obama’s unraveling Obamacare wants to shackle their future to.

Operation Cure the Nation is the opportunity to take full ownership and pride in the sovereignty of your voice. Stake your claim to a future unbridled and untied to weak leaders in congress who want to make deals with a president who says that the U.S. Constitution is unnecessary and unfit for the 21st century.

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Had O-nough?

Vince HaleySpecial to AOL NewsFeb. 24, 2010In 1946, Republicans ran on a campaign slogan of............................"Had Enough?" mobilize voters who had grown tired of 16 yearsof Democratic control of Congress.Yet only one year after electing him to office, voters have grown tiredof President Barack Obama, or more precisely, his agenda to "transform"the United States. So much so, in fact, that the 1946 slogan is againfinding traction. With a nod to the ubiquitous Obama campaign logo,the simple question that frustrated Republicans, Democrats and Independentsare asking family and friends is now:............................................."Had O-nough?"..........................................There's a joke going around Washington.President Obama can take credit for exactly three new jobssince he's been in the White House:one in Massachusetts, one in Virginia and one in New Jersey.And now he's creating a fourth in Indiana, where Evan Bayh is walking away fromthe U.S. Senate. Bayh was surprisingly honest on CBS' Early Show last week:"If I could create one job in the private sector by helping to grow a business,that would be one more than Congress has created in the last six months."It sounds like Bayh has...............................................Had O-nough..............................................The Department of Labor announced last week that 473,000 new unemploymentbenefits applications were filed. Picture the crowd at this year's Super Bowl inMiami's Sun Life Stadium. Now multiply by six. Yet, the White House insists that2 million jobs have been created, and Vice President Joe Biden assures us that"the best is yet to come." Biden may believe this, but almost nobody else does.A recent CBS News poll notes,"just 6 percent say the stimulus package has created jobs ...".................................................Had O-nough?.............................................When the Bush administration put forward a plan just before he left officeon energy exploration in the Outer Continental Shelf, public comments rantwo-to-one in favor (which is in line with public surveys on the question).But as the Wall Street Journal's Washington Wire reported, Obama's InteriorDepartment was more interested in hiding this fact than acting on it."The Secretary may get questions about this ... while he's in Houston,"an e-mail said. "We do have a preliminary tabulation of the comments,it has not yet gone to the Secretary. So the Secretary can honestly sayin response to any questions that he's not yet seen the analysis of the comments."...................................................Had O-nough?..............................................Americans' frustration with Obama's agenda goes beyond jobs.A week after the Justice Department announced 9/11 terroristKhalid Sheikh Mohammed would be tried in a federal court in New York City,the Gallup organization found, "By 59 percent to 36 percent, more Americansbelieve accused Sept. 11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed should betried in a military court."Yet, the White House adamantly defends the rights of terrorists..................................................Had O-nough?................................................Let us not forget the health care debate.Rasmussen Reports noted "61 percent of U.S. voters say Congressshould scrap that plan and start all over again."But Obama insists on trying to ram it through............................................Had O-nough?.........................................Evan Bayh took the easy way out.The question remains whether or not American public opinionwill rise to such a boil that President Obama changes his agenda –but one thing is for sure, and that is the question every American is asking:.......................................................Had O-nough?....................................(Vince Haley is vice president for policy at American Solutions,which recently launched – an online portal forcitizens to let it be known that they have had enough with PresidentObama's agenda and want a new direction.)
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