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Obama Political Appointees Tell DOJ,

"We Want you to Ignore 'Motor Voter Law'”

Of all our Constitution-granted rights, “franchise,” the right to vote is the most essential. Recently, however, Obama’s political appointees to the Department of Justice have adopted a policy of only enforcing voter laws and voter cases in line with the interests of Obama himself. Wiping repeat voters, dead voters and fraudulent voters off the voter rolls; and stopping voter intimidation against White voters is apparently not considered to be in line with the nation’s interest.

In the world of Barack Obama and the Obama administration, “racism” is a one-way street. In that world racism can only be expressed by Whites toward Democrats or Blacks, Hispanics and other minority groups and only by policemen against these same minority groups . . . in the Obama world racism can apparently never occur the other way around.

Today, the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) is scheduled to file its case against the second of Arizona’s two anti-illegal immigration bills. The specter of this case apparently filed by the Obama administration to agitate some Democratic-leaning Hispanic voters, is troubling enough (the Obama administration is apparently trying to rescind the 10th Amendment of the Bill of Rights of the U.S. Constitution) . . . but Rajjpuut has just learned from friends in the media that the very same lawyers chosen to prosecute that case within the DOJ, have already proven themselves less than competent and more than politically corrupt supporters of Obama style racism. These Obama toadies, in their disposition of a case from Election Day, 2008 involving the New Black Panthers, have crawled through miles of broken glass to give Barack Obama the legal decision he wanted . . .

Of all our Constitution-granted rights, “franchise,” the right to vote is the most essential. The right to vote regardless of race, creed, color, religion or political persuasion is fundamental. The case involved is one where New Black Panther members in Philadephia appear in black or navy-blue military get-up and taunt incoming White voters with racial slurs while one of them brandishes a night-stick. Since political representation in our republic is based upon the democratic principles of one man one vote, one uncoerced vote . . . this is about as serious as any voter intimidation^^ case one’s likely to see. The fact that the man with the night stick is shown in separate video of a separate instance (when he was trying to agitiate passing Blacks on the street) carrying a microphone and shouting, “I hate White people, I can’t stand them crackers . . . we need to kill some crackers . . . we need to kill they (sic) babies . . .” only goes to prove how bankrupt the DOJ refusal to prosecute the voter intimidation case vigorously actually is.

The fact that DOJ members guilty of dropping this case were quoted as opining that civil rights laws were created to protect only the minorities from the majority Whites is shameful. The fact that on top of that, a Black Republican poll watcher was told by the Panthers “not to show your ni__er face” and repeatedly terrorized by the group gives a far more complete picture of the nature of racism and political bigotry by the intimidators. Black’s who don’t follow the Democratic party-line (the Clarence Thomases of the world) are just as much a target as the Whites all too many of them hate.

Equally important but thus far drawing less criticism or attention in the media is the fact that an Obama political appointee, a Ms. Fernandez has commanded a roomful (reportedly 40-50) people) of DOJ employees not to enforce the ’93 motor voter law. Thus under Ms. Fernandez, wiping repeat voters, dead voters and fraudulent voters off the voter rolls; and the aforementioned stopping voter intimidation against White voters is apparently not considered to be in line with the nation’s interest.

Richard Cloward and Frances Piven of “Cloward-Piven Strategy” infamy were present when Bill Clinton signed the motor voter law into effect. Many political observers at the time called the motor voter law “a license for unlimited voter fraud.” Cloward and Piven (after their “C-P manufactured crisis strategy” created the American Welfare Rights Organization which swelled state welfare rolls by eight million persons and bankrupted New York City in 1975 and almost bankrupted New York state) in 1976 called for C-P strategy to be applied to housing (as ACORN did) and voter registration (as Clinton’s law did and ACORN did) and now the Obama folks have decided not to enforce even greatly weakened voter laws. If voter franchise is the most cherished right in our republic, then voter registration fraud is its greatest threat.

It’s clearly OK under present corruption for the Obama administration to agitate race relations negatively by claiming Arizona police are inherently racial profilers; it’s OK for president Obama** last year to call Cambridge police actions stupid (when he acknowledged he didn’t yet have the facts) and to insinuate racism in mild-mannered TEA Party members whom he’s never met . . . it’s OK for Blacks to only support McCain with 5% of their vote . . . but anyone pointing out racism by Democrats or by Blacks or other minorities is a Fascist hate-monger. What a brave new world you live in, Mr. Obama, brave new corrupt world.

Ya’ll live long, strong and ornery,


^^ Now let’s talk about the fact that this is NOT the first time Obama’s cause has been aided by these type of shenanigans. Obama’s very first victory during the primaries occurred only because of bussing of large groups of “voters” from Illinois to Iowa. Obama devotee voting tricks (such as illegal bussing and intimidation shenanigans similar to the one by the New Black Panthers on Election Day) cost Hillary Clinton thirteen of the fourteen caucus states (many of which held split popular vote-caucus set ups where she won the popular voting earlier in the day but where caucus site intidmidation won Obama those primaries and the eventual nomination) during the Democratic primaries and cost her the opportunity to be the president but, both
Democrats and the media ignored this corruption just as willfully as Democrats and the media are now ignoring the New Black Panthers' atrocities.

** Now lets talk about even earlier (2007) when Raila Odinga in Kenya asked for Obama’s help and . . . .

A. Obama then went campaigning for a communist Odinga for the presidency of Kenya

B. Obama at campaign stops for Odinga twice appeared in Muslim garb

C. Obama’s letter to Odinga infamously advised him if he lost the popular vote to claim voter fraud and to then use violence to get a foothold because of the likelihood of his being eventually made part of the government and then indeed those events happening in precisely that order. Odinga was months after the election and violence appeased by being made prime minister of Kenya.
Odinga signing a secret letter of accord with the Muslims (roughly 12% of Kenya’s

population are Muslims, there are several other religions represented in Kenya with Christianity

at 43% being the largest) to institute Sharia Law in the country akin to what the Taliban has in

other countries. This agreement was discovered and the discovery basically ended Odinga’s

slight chances of becoming president . . . Odinga said the letter was a fraud and a lie but then

later signing another accord with the Muslims (the original letter was blatant and would have

made Islam the religion of Kenya and made missionary work by religions other than Muslims

against the law and banned radio and television missionary programs as well). The eventual

rapings, burning of Christian churches and killings of many Christians and other citizens of

non-Muslim religions. Odinga never speaking
up to stop the violence and indeed benefitting from it.

Obama never acknowledging the violence
or his own role in it . . . all of this ties in with the present
Obama administration policies.
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