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By: Juan Reynoso, WTP Activist  -

Americas must realize that self-scrutiny is not treason. Self-examination is not disloyalty.

Truth and knowledge diffused among the people are necessary for the preservation of our Democracy, rights, freedom and liberties.

Open letter to: the presidential candidates

Dear candidates, “WE THE PEOPLE” Want to work and elect the next president of our country. It is time for us to select and place in office a man that we trust and have at hearth the true interest of the American people.

Mr. Candidate, we Americans main interest is to take our country back and re-store our freedom and our economy and welfare of the American working class.

The following are the issues of important to the American people.

Unemployment – Corruption- Budget deficits- The welfare system- Corporate business- Bank business- National security- Police militarization- education- Tax reform- Natural resources. And our ill foreign policies.


1-     Unemployment- A- Create jobs for Americans by revising all free trade agreements. Trade deficits must end. B- Focus on an economy development through the financing of small business in all 50 states of the union.

2-     Corruption –Prosecute all government personnel that were engage in corruption during the Bush and Obama administration. We must demise corruption and set a path for moral leadership in government.

3-     Budget deficits- Reduce federal budget deficits by implementing a system of accountability and auditing that justified expenses and eliminate waste in all areas of government programs. Taxpayer’s money should be expended wisely to benefit the general public not especial interest.

4-     Welfare system- A- End the free welfare system; we must help the people in need of economy assistance to re-store their dignity by working for the money they get as assistance while they go through an economy hardship. B- No American should be homeless and hungry in America, we must form cooperatives, funded by the State and Federal government to develop self-supported business for the homeless and become a productive class.

5-     Corporate Business- A- monopoly and oligopolies must end.  The control of more than eighty per cent of the market by one or two corporations it is not in the best interest of the US consumers. B- Predator corporatism and the demise of small business by big corporations by monopolism should end and declare to be against commerce business etiquette.

6-     Bank Business- A- All State banks and credit Union should be register under state laws and do business in support of state financial needs. All interstates Banks should register with the states to support the needs of multinational corporations and interstate corporations, but they should not be in operation to compete with local state banks.

7-     National security- A – the NSA should be responsible for implementation of a system that is in agreement of our constitution and the rule of law, all agents must follow our constitution and the law, not one in a position of government is above the law. B- Border security, is a must to ensure that only people friendly to the US and with a legitimate need or to do business in our country are allowed to enter our country. B- Spying on any American citizen is a violation of the law and any one that is in violation of the law must be prosecuted and punished by the law. Impunity for crimes committed against the people and in violation of our constitution must end.

8-     Police Militarization- We must end the police state system and the militarization of the police forces must end. The duty of police officers is to protect the people not kill any one; any killing done by police officers must be investigated by an agency that is not connected to the police to demise the cover-up and corruption in the police force.

9-     Education- A- An education reform is the most important issue to get our country on the path of prosperity. The federal government key function is to set the goals of the country on education and the financing of education.  B- Delegate to each state of this union the complete duty and responsibly of the education of the citizens of their state. C- Education Foreign students that are illegals in our country, should be the responsibility of each state, but the federal government should compensate the state for the cost of educating this segment of the student population.

10-  Taxes- A- A tax reform should be implemented to stop the concentration of wealth by the few at the expenses of the working class. B- US Corporation should be tax for the exportation of capital and equipment to foreign countries to be use in the production of goods to the US market for the purpose to compete with products made in the USA. C- Importation of goods by us corporations in competition with goods made in the USA should be tax, to protect US business.

11-  Natural Resources- Our natural resources should be protect and use in the best interest of the people’s future and generations to come.


1-     Wars and military intervention-End all military interventions and non-declare wars. Congress must follow our constitution regarding a declaration of war.

2-     Investigate and prosecute-Americans have the right to know the truth, the next president must promise the American people; that will be a true investigation of the events that lead us to the wars in the Middle East. The truth will set our country free, and not soldier should be send to war and die for our country under the pretense that they are fighting for our security and Democracy.

3-     Set new strategy on foreign policy- Change our foreign policy, we want to be the world’s leader and be trust by the world community. All our dealings with foreign countries must be done under the concept of fairness integrity and of benefit to both parties.

4-     Close military post-Close all the military post. US military presence has expanded dramatically worldwide for the control of humanity’s economic, social and political activities under the helm of US corporate and military power. Underlying this process are various schemes of direct and indirect military intervention. These US sponsored strategies ultimately consist in a process of global subordination. We have become the world’s bully and the oppressor of the world community. This strategy of world control is creating enemies “The so call terrorist”.

5-     Stop spying on our friends-Stop the wiretapping of countries that we call allies or friends of the USA.

6-     Stop the overthrowing of foreign governments- Stop the undermining of foreign countries political elected governments by bribery, coercion, corruption, assassination or military interventions.

7-     Re-store our moral leadership in our government-Re-store our moral leadership in our government and work for world peace and prosperity. Wars are of not benefit to any one; it creates chaos poverty and hate.

Mr. Candidate, we the people will choose our next president, we will choose our candidate; support our candidate and all the money that we contribute will go to our candidate, not to the party.  We know that the best investment that we can make on this election is being part of the promotion of our candidate; we will become an activist for the man we want in Washington. May God give us the wisdom, determination and courage to place in office the man that will change this path of corruption and set our country on the path of moral principles and prosperity.

We the people.

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WHEN DID THE conversation become all about money?  It didn’t start out that way. Sure, we wanted to evoke the Founding Fathers and the American Revolutionary spirit, so we thought of the Boston Tea Party, and the Taxed Enough, Already, movement got started.

But it wasn’t really about money. It was about Good and Evil.

When the discussion was about Good and Evil, we knew who we were. We were the good guys. Our rallies were famous for lawn chairs, portable barbecues, funny hats and relaxed attitudes.

When the speakers were finished, they would more than likely pull up a chair under somebody’s sun shade and share a hamburger. In the midst of almost total governmental darkness, we laughed and joked and shook hands all the way to a House majority and a filibusterable Senate.

Then it got grim.

 Somehow, it always gets grim. Conservatives are distinguished for being decent people, and far too often this leads us into talking about what the other guy wants to talk about. The result is that the other guy gets to dominate the conversation.

 The other guy, this time around (and pretty much always), is mammon.

 “Mammon,” too-often translated simply, “money,” is more than money: it is the secular world system of money-driven power. It is the system that regards, “it makes money,” as a moral statement, and thereby subordinates morality to the profit motive. It is the system that opposes God, because God tends to get in our way.

 God tells us we cannot serve both Him and mammon (Matthew 6:24). The reason for that is that, if we serve God, everything—including the profit motive—is subordinated to morality. And  not just any old morality, not a morality that we make up for ourselves, but Godly morality: the sort that holds the integrity of the family—every family—sacred, and sees human beings—all human beings—as living icons of Christ, however scarred those icons might be. Godly morality proclaims the dignity and the intended Divine destiny of  man, and hence the inestimable value of every life.

 If we reduce all of that to “fiscal responsibility,” we find ourselves, albeit inadvertently, playing the opposition’s game, on the opposition’s field, with the opposition’s borrowed equipment.

 So, how’s that working for us?

 Where is that easy-going good nature the TEA Party movement started with? Where is that ebullient confidence we all had, that came from being part of something not just logical and sensible, but Right—not as in Right and Left, but as in Right and Wrong. When did our determined optimism turn to angry defensiveness?

 When did we start losing?

 I think it was when we began to redefine “patriotism,” away from preserving our Godly and moral culture and toward preserving our bankroll.

 The result is that we’re beginning to look just like the Left. “Our” media are all full of “scare-selling,” to try to get our attention (and sell us protection against The Inevitable Disaster), supermarket-tabloid scandal-mongering, (as if that were the only way to hold our interest) and nasty, even profane blather on our discussion groups.

 This isn’t how we started. This isn’t how we won. This is how we started losing.

 We need to get back to saying what we want to say, our way, in our words, without embarrassment and without letting the Left set the rules for the conversation.

Recently, a conservative conference was announced. Some didn’t want to have anything to do with the moral conversation, so it split into two “conservative”  conferences. I frankly hope no-one attends the “fiscal-only” conference, because we just don’t need any more selling-out to mammon.


America has never been an immoral nation. It has never been an amoral nation. It has never been an atheistic nation. It has been a Christian nation for its entire life, until the Left sucker-pinched us in the 60’s and began to dominate the cultural conversation. If we are truly conservative Americans, we will work to rebuild the country that became the greatest nation on earth, and we will stop caving in to the demands of the Left that we join them in tearing down the moral foundation upon which our every strength—including our fiscal strength—was built.


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In Defense of Ugly War


January 15, 2012

"It is well that war is so terrible -- lest we should grow too fond of it." *Robert E. Lee*

They're dead, kaput, blotto, room temperature, pushing up opium poppies. DEAD!  Hey, maybe good old American brand urine helps to ward off blow flies and dung beetles. Really, how does a young Marine peeing on a guy he has just killed make the dead guy any more dead? Frankly, Marines, having won a victory in combat, marking that victory with a group leak on the bodies of their vanquished enemies is about six degrees more virtuous than anything you would see at at university frat party.

The images of four, young  United States Marines piddling on the carcasses of Taliban soldiers has seemingly ignited a firestorm of indignation across the globe. I assert that the "indignation" is feigned; a pathetic attempt by high-level politicians and media twits to appear politically correct and oh, so apologetic to Afghan sensibilities. Inwardly most Americans are cheering the act of young men who just won a victory in battle behaving like young men who just won a victory in battle.  The "sadness" expressed by John McCain is a load of hooey. Leon Panetta's knee-jerk call for a probe  into the urinating incident is political posturing from an administration sympathetic to our Islamic extremist enemies.  I don't need to go into the depth of depravity and danger presented by Taliban goons. I am simply defending young men being young men.

The Marines in question won a death defying fight against foes who would kill them in an instant, and their mothers, and their children if they had any, and would enslave their wives if they happened to live in Afghanistan. But above and beyond the victory over a depraved group of enemy combatants, this was the act of soldiers making the point that their enemies suffered a final and ignominious defeat.

Some have called this an "act of desecration."  The word "desecration" infers that something sacred has been violated. There is nothing sacred about the Taliban whom were justly taken out by our Marines. These young Marines were desecrating nothing.  They were simply warning others that an ugly fate awaits those who defy American forces.  The apparent ugliness of peeing on the bloody remains of an enemy is actually a pretty good deterrent to future acts of aggression by an adversary. Good old American brand urine may actually, in the long run, save lives.

Robert E. Lee stated that "It is well that war is so terrible -- lest we should grow too fond of it." It is a good thing that war is ugly. The sanitized and tentative war fought, not to win a decisive victory, but to minimize civilian casualties, is also the protracted, expensive, bloody, destructive, futile war.

Let victory be what it is, especially victory over a particularly venal enemy. Our military servicemen and women are in what is called "combat" on a regular basis. That means that there are grotesquely bad guys out there who will use any and all means to kill them, including strapping an explosive belt on a child and sending said child out as bait to the good guys who have an instinctive compassion for children. Islamic extremists use American tolerance and compassion against our soldiers, and our system of government.  When those bad guys kill our good guys, they will not only urinate on the bodies of dead Americans, they will drag them through the streets, separate their heads from their torsos, light them on fire, hang them from bridges, and pull them to pieces before a delighted audience of women, children, old men, and video cameras which will then upload the images of dismembered Americans to be broadcast on Al Jazeera and Youtube.

War necessitated by the actions of national enemies from whom the United States must be defended is not immoral. Men and women who fight and kill in the name of their country are not committing wrongful acts. They are conducting themselves morally within the framework of national conflict in a contest between good and evil, freedom and oppression, life and death. It is not wrong to fight to win an authentic war, in all its blood, dirt, pain, and intensity. It is wrong to pretend that war is not war. Brothers and sisters, we are at war. Marines marking a victory by humiliating further their adversaries, dead and living, by urinating on their corpses is no more than an exclamation point to the sentence of death to barbaric and bloodthirsty foes.

By Marjorie Haun 1/15/2012


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