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Quick Rant: Obamacare a shysters dream con.

In all of Obama's speeches prior to becoming president, he told the world, that he believed in redistribution of wealth. He went on all the talk shows and said it, time after time. When he realized that Americans weren't to keen on the idea of taking from one person to give to another, he changed his tone.He began to target the rich, and say they need to, "pay their fare share". So no more outwardly saying "redistribution" but instead, he created class warfare.Many Americans initially fell for this rhetoric, but soon began to realize, that the so called "rich" oBama targeted, was the middle class. Yes, it was the middle class that would ultimately suffer from the dreaded "pay your fair share" scheme. No way would oBama target his rich friends, who controlled the most powerful unions or his friends on wall street and in congress. The "pay your fare share" scheme, lost steam, so it was time for a new con. Obamacare!!Obamacare has little to do with healthcare. It is a redistribution of wealth scam. Think about it, it forces, every American to purchase insurance. Now if you can not afford the insurance, don't worry, your neighbor will pay for you. If you make the minimum amount of money to buy your own insurance, that's great, even though you may have to miss a few meals or go cold during the winter. But as long as you make those monthly payments for something you can't afford or don't want, you will be safe.If your a small business, you better offer insurance to your employees, and by the way, it has to be comparable to what your employees would get if they were on Obamacare. So what if you can't afford it, and it may put you out of business. Hell maybe you should not have been in business in the first place. One more thing, if you don't provide your employees with compatible insurance, the government will fine you $2000 per employee, oops, did I say fine? I meant to say tax.Wait, that doesn't seem fair. What happen to targeting the rich? What about Wall Street, the powerful unions and the government? Oh that's right they're exempt.As I stated above, Obamacare has little to do with healthcare, and more to do with redistribution of wealth. It was never meant to work. It was created to drive cost up for the middle class(working class), but will not stop there. It is just the first step toward a single payer health care system.
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Author: Brian D. Hill

Source: USWGO Alternative News

Why is the three branches of Government Important? Why is the Separation of Powers Important? and how is Obama Threatening the threebranches of Government? Well lets all start with the basics.

First of all what are the three branches? It is the Legislative Branch (Makes and debates laws), the Judicial Branch (Decides what lawsshould be enforceable depending on whether they are Constitutional ornot), and the Executive Branch (Executes laws).

So the three branches of Government are well connected but at the same time physically separated and the powers are separated. Now whywould separating the three basic functions of any Government beimportant? Well because in Tyrannical dictatorships and corrupt kingdomsone Administration or one man having too much power can lead us downthe path of corruption which is detrimental to a free society. TheSeparation of Powers prevents one centralized Government from goingcompletely mad with power and prevents needs for constant civil wars.This means that peacefully a Administration cannot turn a country into adictatorship without being held accountable by the other two branches.That is why when a President or Fuhrer acts up he/she can be impeachedbecause then that leader has violated the Separation of Powers and is athreat to the other two branches. All three branches are limited inpower to prevent too much power.

So in order to have complete Tyranny in any country including America you would first have to infiltrate all three branches and hold astrong alliance with those in the other two separate branches in orderto have complete control of all three branches. Although this can betrue but alliances can also break apart and so some methods atyrannical leader can keep control would be threats of violent acts,and simply kill those that threaten the power alliance. Also the poweralliance must be kept secret or else the people would know the truthand demand that the traitors answer for their crimes of High Treasonagainst the country. This explains how a High Treasonous criminal cantake control of all three branches.

The Importance of the 3 branches

Although how is Obama dissolving the Separation of Powers and infiltrating the three branches?

If Obama, even though he is just an elite puppet, was to ever become a Dictator of this country to force the new world order down our throatshe would have to control the people to prevent any kind of uprising,and then take control of all three branches of Government to secure hispower regime.

First of all the Executive Branch has been complete taken over and infiltrated by czars that support the Presidents ideologies. This meansthat the entire Executive Branch is under control by only one man or bya secret alliance that is lead by the President himself.

When your in an alliance you have to be completely loyal and never betray your allies because doing so would ruin your position of power soif Obama is indeed in a hidden alliance with all of the czars thismeans that Obama has to sacrifice his longing for good deeds and only dowhat is best for only the alliance.

The second successful infiltration is installing fake democrats into the Legislative Branch, and/or at least make sure a majority ofdemocrats are in this hidden alliance. This alliance means that any lawsthe President or majority of alliance leaders wants to pass can bepushed through without checks and balances. This kind of tyranny canhappen along with other corruptions such as Corporate Lobbying and otherspecial interest groups that may have given some goodies to alliancemembers.

Also Obama has the power to threaten, intimidate, or even kill people and politicians so this means if Obama played his cards right he willhave complete control over the Legislative Branch in no time at all.Already the FEC is going after Campaign for Liberty and Ron Paul.

This means that the Executive Branch and Legislative Branch are both totally under Complete Control by a elite alliance of human beings thatdon't care about what happens to the country or the humans that areCitizens of that country.

Next if Elena Kagan which is ProObama wins the Supreme Court nomination, and if Obama builds asecret alliance with the Supreme Court plus their nine-member bench thenhearing how certain laws are Unconstitutional may become a thing inthe past because the Supreme Court will agree with Unconstitutionallaws by calling them totally Constitutional even though that's a lie oreven ignore Unconstitutional cases aka a Kangaroo Supreme Court. Thismeans that if the Supreme Court is compromised then this means allthree branches is under dictatorial control thus undemocratic and makesour dear republic fall to it's doom.

But all is not Lost

If all three branches of Government are taken control of which equals Tyranny then the only solution would be to bring fourth statesecessions and that after we have many state secessions we as statesshould build another Union to make the Tyrannical corruption obsoletewhich OrlyTaitz talked about in my Interview.

So if your concerned about the death of the three branches of Government then start petitions in your state, in your community, andthose neighboring your community the importance of state secessions andthat you believe that we the people of that state would be better offat the time to secede from the Union. If enough states secede enoughpower can be created to crush the current 3 branch infiltration andreinstate a completely uncorrected three branch system.

So in other words state secession would be the way to prevent a dictatorship if all else fails.

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