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GOP establishment hack mitch mcconnell is once again showing his colors as an enemy of the Constitution, We the People, and liberty.  He has reportedly made a deal with devildemocommiecrats to vote for unconstitutional legislation that will give government Gestapo agents authority to confiscate firearms from veterans and other patriots (

Typical of mcconnell and the gop establishment, they are more interested in securing seats at the table of tyranny in the new world order global dictatorship than honoring the oath of office they took to uphold the Constitution.  The gop has been a group of TRAITORS for decades, opting for personal wealth and power over integrity and honor.  They put their hands on a Holy Bible and swear an oath ending in the words "so help me God" so are spitting in God's face even more than they are ours.  The Bible Book of Revelation describes the horror and suffering people will experience in the Lake of Fire, telling what their eternal fate will be.  The Lake of Fire is described as a place of constant torture, suffering, and pain that will last for eternity and there is only an entry door, no exit.  Once there suffering is for eternity.  I don't know exactly how long that is but it sounds horrible and eternity sounds like a very long time. 

I can't imagine how anyone would risk that for a short time as very wealthy and powerful but those who lust so greatly for wealth and power in this life don't believe in the afterlife of eternity in Heaven or hell.  Refusing to believe it doesn't change the reality of it.  The Bible also tells us that "every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus is Lord" of all.  It is better to submit now while choice is available than wait until there is no choice.  Once forced to submit the next step is into the Lake of Fire.  They won't be asked nicely, they will be sternly ordered to bend the knee.  People can ridicule and disparage me all they want to because I know my eternity will be one of joy because I bend the knee to Jesus now.

I know that almost everyone who reads this will be conservative and likely to believe as I do.  If you have friends or family in the other camp please share this and urge them to change sides now, both for mortal and eternal reasons.  Once the Gestapo starts kicking doors in and killing patriots it won't stop until we are all dead or a full scale war breaks out.  My hope is that the war will start early, before they can kill enough patriots to give themselves an advantage.  Repentance and prayer are the best weapons We the People can employ in the fight for liberty.  Our founders employed them to win the Revolutionary War and establish America as the great nation it became.  The nation has fallen greatly as it has strayed from the values it was founded on and the quickest way back is to once again embrace what made America great to start with.

Americans are the most caring and most generous people in the world.  Without the support of American patriots the entire world would be under despotic rule already.  World Wars I and II could not have turned out the way they did without the physical, financial, and prayerful support of Americans, victims of countless natural disasters have seen American citizens come to their rescue when no one else could or would sacrifice for them.  I am proud to be an American citizen, a veteran, and a patriot but most of all am thankful for the life and opportunities given to me by Almighty God through the life this nation has provided.  I have made a lot of bad decisions that have led to my life being much less prosperous and comfortable than it could be but my life is still much better than those in most of the world.  Some have lived their lives with no opportunity like I have seen and some never will so I value and appreciate what I have.

With Memorial Day just past I think of the hundreds of thousands or more who died to preserve liberty for me and the millions who have suffered serious injuries for the same cause.  I am fortunate enough to have survived and not suffered any serious injuries so try to show the gratitude due those who didn't come out so well.  They deserve the respect and admiration of every American, rich or poor.  Sadly, many choose instead to denigrate and belittle the sacrifices that gives them their liberty and use that liberty to destroy the nation.

 The devildemocommiecrats actually hate the military and veterans because those people are the greatest threats to their lust for global power.  Some athletes, overpaid and overly full of themselves, kneel when the flag is displayed and the national anthem sung as a sign of their disrespect for the values and system that allow them to receive more money and fame than they deserve.  I kneel for Jesus but stand and salute the flag and our national anthem, as everyone should.   Those who disrespect the country I served do not have, nor do they deserve, any respect from me.

 The ultra wealthy liberal elitists can have their wealth and fame now because the price they will ultimately suffer will be well earned by them.  I hope they enjoy what they have now because they can't take it with them.  I once heard a joke about a very wealthy man who put in his will that he wanted all of his wealth to buried with him.  When he died his wife wrote a check for the entire amount and put it in his casket to be buried with him.  I see that as a very appropriate way to send nutty nan and her ilk into the grave, with a representation of their ill-gotten gains but not with anything real.  The wealth they amass in this life can't be used in the afterlife, despite what those pagan fools believe.

I submit this in the name of the Most Holy Trinity, in faith, with the responsibility given to me by Almighty God to honor His work and not let it die from neglect.

Bob Russell

Claremore, Oklahoma

June 23, 2022



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