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Air Travel Carbon Credits and more

The EU has signed on and only needs the US, China and India to agree to disclose data and embrace the pay to pollute carbon scheme. What a load of BS that airlines would pay for their carbon footprint that exceeds some limit set by a committee and to pass on the cost to the customers, which essentially makes it a world wide tax.

In addition to that tax our own EPA has delayed the increase in alternative fuel requirement for the US gasoline producers, which also require them to buy carbon credits traded as a commodity. Trading carbon credits are a money making scheme for those who have pushed the carbon credit and trading Ponzi scheme on the world. It would be an amazing story if it were fiction, but it is true. The western world has agreed to pay fines for carbon pollution and the men who designed and pushed the system will make billions. What a scam and a huge waste of money in the form of penitence and a world tax.

This is but one of the pledges that Obama has made to fight pollution in the US and world wide. It also re-distributes western wealth.


Add these taxes onto the nation and company carbon credit trading Ponzi schemes and you have a complete web of money making wealth re-distribution load of BS. People like AL Gore and George Soros own the trading companies and billions will be made brokering all of these various carbon credits. 10 Trillion dollars a year could be made if the US joins the world in this program. Always follow the money! No one could make something like this up and they have sold the world on it via the Kyoto and other global warming treaties. These also require alternative energy which is not commercial so it does drive up costs and diverts more tax dollars to various groups, e.g., ethanol, wind mill and solar panels producers.

 The US should denounce these schemes use all of natural resources and let the market place develop alternative energy as it becomes economically viable. WE have hundreds of years of resources and these world wide taxes and exchanges are nothing but money, power and control for the ones who control them.


If the US will drop these and use our resources jobs will return with lower energy costs. Perhaps some of these people want to see less jobs and a weaker US?


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