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Conspiracy Theory - or a very real Conspiracy?

On September 11th, 2013, numerous people across the United States noticed something wrong... but were unable to explain it.

Concerned Citizens had heard about the "million muslim march on Washington DC" (on the anniversary date that muslim terrorists murdered 3,000 people in NYC) and the Patriots response the "2 million Bikers to DC" ride.


Funny thing happened; the Washington DC traffic camera's seemed to be non-functional and when Concerned Citizens attempted to view the camera footage  - they either received a "site not available" webpage - or they received looped footage of some previous date, some of it with SNOW present on the ground.... in Washington DC in September!


It seems to me, either the rest of America desperately needs to wake up and realize we have a very real conspiracy afoot to deceive Americans and hide what the obama administration desperately does not want you to see - or we lose our freedom to a despot usurper who has done nothing his entire time in office but lie to America and drag this Nation into debt.


If the media and press would get off obama's bus - and board the American Citizens bus, we stand a chance of reclaiming our Nation before it is completely destroyed from within. The media seems to think it will fare better under the oppression of the obama administration - but they lack the foresight to understand that eventually the truth will come out - and their profits and business will suffer... extremely.


What is it going to be media, press?

Are you Americans or are you something else? You alone can put a stop to it by showing the American public the truth - all of the truth................




Aubrey Mason

San Antonio, Texas

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Open letter to KGB Dictator Putin

Open letter to KGB Dictator Putin

Dear Mr. Putin,
You and your blood sucking murderous KGB Mother Russia want to be now equal with every country, after over 30 Million innocent people killed and raped by your KGB Gestapo which never paid for their crimes, and after ruined economies and lives of many families behind the Iron Curtain. Now you gonna teach us how to be a good Christians? You are fake and you are a pretender. You are not a friend of America. You always take side with enemies of America. Go and screw yourself.
Rafael Brom


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