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       If Barack Obama were caught on camera raping . . . how much support, if any, would he lose in the liberal mainstream-lamestream media?   Would the headlines read: “Obama Makes Outreach to . . . ?”

After Using U.S. Constitution for Toilet Paper
King Barack, the Deceiver, Still
Praised by Liberal Lamestream Media
ITEM: The Obama administration (which cheer-led the opposition to ex- Egyptian strongman Mubarak and which has been praising the so-called “Arab Spring” movement to replace virtually all Middle-East dictators with Jihadocracies associated with the Muslim Brotherhood, Al Qaeda, Hamas or various and sundry terrorist groups) has approved $2 Billion to help out the new Egyptian regime whatever its politics. Given that the last six weeks have seen an American reporter raped in public by Egyptian mobs; stoning of Coptic Christians (10% of Egypt’s population) and burning of their Christian churches; and angry mobs yelling, “Kill the Jews!” as they demonstrate against the thirty-year peace treaty with Israel – none of which was even half-imaginable under Mubarak over the last three decades -- it seems likely that Mr. Obama has just given aid and comfort to America’s enemies one more time. Investigation by the liberal press into this matter: non-existent.
ITEM: The President took time off from golf and pick-up basketball to proclaim June “National Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans-gender Pride Month. Meanwhile he hasn’t had enough time to actually put forth a serious budget; to do any serious work on eliminating the deficit and national debt; or had his Democrats seriously address the budget and debt-cutting that all spectators and participants have long acknowledged must precede the debt-ceiling expansion he’s been so vociferously calling for. Investigation by the liberal press into this matter: non-existent.
ITEM: Mr. Obama has deliberately dishonored the War Powers Act as he’s continued the U.S. involvement in Libya beyond the 60-day period maximum period that law requires without consulting with Congress and getting congressional approval and funding to continue. By the way, like the situation in Egypt, it appears that the likely beneficiary of our bombs in Egypt will be Al Qaeda leaders. Investigation by the liberal press into this matter: non-existent.
ITEM: Mr. Obama without congressional approval suggested the virtual abandonment of the one free society in the Middle East and our biggest ally there, Israel, without a single liberal media voice being raised in question, much less opposition. Mr. Obama has consistently painted the Israelis as the blood-thirsty ones in the Middle East not as the recipient of unwanted missile, mortar, suicide bombing, sneak raids on innocent families and other attacks. While Rajjpuut is NOT a big fan of Israel and is sympathetic to the dismay and anger of those displaced by its creation in 1948, terrorist groups like the (pre-1933 Nazi-connected) Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas calling for the slaughter of “all Jews from the face of the earth” is probably not the answer to the problem. Mr. Obama has been disingenuous on every single Israeli policy decision he’s made over the last twenty-nine months. Investigation by the liberal press into this matter: non-existent.
ITEM: Mr. Obama’s policies have led to the departure of 74% of the companies drilling in the Gulf and contributed greatly to the present spiked in gas prices. Mr. Obama’s interior department has reneged upon several drilling permits for operations in Alaska as well. Investigation by the liberal press into this matter: non-existent.
ITEM: Mr. Obama has a string of forty-two key promises made while campaigning in 2008 that have all been broken. Investigation by the liberal press into this matter: non-existent.   Details can be found here:
ITEM: Let us discuss briefly roughly half of the broken promises. Since about 2/3 of these promises were aimed at satisfying Obama’s liberal backers, it’s really quite surprising that the President’s trail of broken promises has not raised more ire on the left. Of course the promises most routinely broken by Obama have concerned creating a new more transparent and responsive Washington, D.C. During the first three hundred and twenty days when he held an invincible majority in both the house and senate, the president failed to even try to get his promised “comprehensive immigration bill within the first year;” centralize ethics and lobbying information for voters; allow five days comment before voting on bills; create tougher rules countering the “revolving-door” policies for lobbyists and former officials; planned human missions to the moon for 2020; give an annual “State of the World” address; enact windfall profits taxes from oil companies (this boondoggle approach has been cheered on by Dems since 1973 incessantly; those same Dems stopped all new refineries in the country since 1974 and have constantly constrained drilling in this country . . . thus raising oil prices and oil company profits); within the first year the entire automotive “fleet” in Washington, D.C. was to have been converted to electrical plug-in cars; recognition of the Armenian genocide;  negotiate every aspects of the health care “reform” negotiations televised by C-Span; no family making less than $250,000 will see any form of tax increase; close Guantanamo Bay Detention Center; allow imported prescription drugs; create a foreclosure prevention fund for homeowners; and about a dozen specific different promises to increase transparency, openness and accountability of the federal government all have been broken; the promise to run the most “bi-partisan” administration in history has been shattered, of course; not to mention his promise to be the first post-racial American President. Again visit
to find out about all the various broken Obama promises. Investigation by the liberal press into these matters: non-existent.   
ITEM:  Besides dozens of times breaking promises associated with some version of “the buck stops here,” Mr. Obama has never called the economy his but constantly referred to the lie that the previous administration created the financial meltdown of 2007 (thirty years of CRA ’77 legislation with five expansions – four by Clinton – created the sub-prime lending crisis by forcing home lenders to make knowingly abysmal loans to terribly unqualified buyers; all this was exacerbated by the liberal ACORN organization which Barack Obama was a part of for two years . . . we could go on and on exposing this lie with proof all over the internet, but the liberal media wants no part of the truth, it’s too much fun continuing to kick George Bush around. Bush sought to repeal CRA laws in January, 2005 and for thirty months thereafter. Finally a too-weak version, was passed too late in July, 2007. It helped immensely but was not enough to stem the meltdown.) The liberal media could save America if they wanted to just by printing and broadcasting this little piece of the truth they’ve been deliberating obfuscating for six years.
ITEM: The promise that the auto-bailouts and other bailouts and his $787 billion Obama-stimulus would prevent the jobless rate from ever going above 8% is the biggest obvious broken promise.
ITEM: His cash-for-clunkers program was initiated with the promise that it would save jobs and make the economy heal faster. Instead it was an expensive boondoggle that gave a small temporary boost to the auto industry but no lasting push. It also has raised the prices of used cars by an average of $1,860 each over the last eighteen months. Again Investigation by the liberal press into these matters: non-existent.   
ITEM: Then there’s this matter of a little promise to halve the budget deficit by the end of his first term. Investigation by the liberal press into this matter: non-existent.   
ITEM: Imagine if John McCain had been elected president in 2008, isn’t it likely that each and every single broken promise would have become a cause célèbre? That each failing would be hyped in the newscasts day after endless day? How incompetent must the president be before liberals ask him tough questions in interviews? How often does the President have to treat the U.S. Constitution like toilet paper before one liberal press voice calls him on it? 
The question is: if Barack Obama was caught on camera raping a tee-ball team of ten-year old girls, how much support, if any, would he lose in the liberal mainstream-lamestream media?   Would the headlines read: “Obama Makes Outreach to Youth Sports?” The liberal press’s fair-haired boy seems to have an unexpiring lifetime pass preventing him from ever facing the consequences of his actions in their eyes.
Ya’all live long and strong and ornery,
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Hating Gadhafi, Country Commits
to Expensive Blind Date with Terrorist Rebels
            Leave it to Barack Obama and his administration to hopefully change one of the murkiest foreign situations in recent memory into the absolutely murkiest one ever . . . no end game description of what we’re trying to accomplish has been provided; no knowledge of the recipients of our beneficence is available; and no limits to our engagement have been hinted at . . . one could call the Libyan action a “pig in a poke” only at risk of a class-action suit for defamation from ordinary pigs in pokes . . . .
Item: The day-to-day changes in strategic oversight have not only been dramatic from Defense Secretary Gates; Secretary of State Clinton, NATO leaders; the U.N. coalition; and, of course the President, but each one of these parties have each given at least three different appraisals to the world’s press. Obama has muddied the waters worse than all the rest of them put together.
Item: Reports from the field and from NATO experts say that elements of Hezbollah, Al Qaeda, Hamas, the Iranian terrorist group Vivac, and the Muslim Brotherhood are found among the so-called “Democracy-loving Rebels” now opposing Moammar the Transvestite in Libya. One high-ranking NATO general, however, put us all at ease saying that a “flickering” of Al Qaeda presence had been found so far. Undefined is the word “flickering” . . . does it mean 2%? 20%? Perhaps 60%?
Item: The suggestion from knowledgeable moderate Muslims in the United States is that in the less moderate Islamic countries, up to 90% of their populations are in favor of Shariah Law instituting among other things: stoning to death for adulterers; public floggings; severe oppression of females including requirement for wearing of the burkha; institutionalized rapings (a female victim must provide four male witnesses to the rape or risk being condemned for lack of chastity and stoned to death) condoned by the justice system; cutting off of hands as a punishment for theft; beheading of infidels; and beheading of Muslims who convert to other religions; etc., etc. ad nauseum.  The question is then . . . even if not one terrorist is involved, are these rebels interested in replacing the secular state now in Libya with a new Islamic Jihadocracy akin to the Taliban?
Item: Despite claims to the country, the United States is dominating and leading the operation. In the matter of Tomahawk missiles for example, the U.S. is putting in $56 million worth of them daily. Total expenditure by the rest of the so-called “coalition” so far? Four. Total U.S. cost thus far is more than $600 million for over 235 American Tomahawks compared to just nine by our “allies.” The proportion of air sorties has been similarly unbalanced.
Item: Meanwhile in the Middle East, President Obama is now upping the ante with more talks every day about arming the rebels. President Obama has also renewed his call for an “independent Palestinian State (he first mentioned this last September with a “deadline” of one year) to be put in place by this September, 2011, despite being embroiled in Libya. And Obama has also said that turning over the operation to NATO is now being “reconsidered” in accord with the U.N. doctrine of “Necessary Protection.” The Arab League and other Muslim countries have suggested that the “Protect” doctrine would justify them sending inspectors into Israel to document abuse of Muslim citizens there. Last time Rajjpuut checked, the human rights violations from Muslim states upon Muslim citizens outnumbered the ordinary failings of Democracies like America and Israel by say, 10,000 to 1 . . . .
Item: The Egyptian military is now talking with the Muslim Brotherhood (who gave us 9/11, bless them; read The Looming Tower: Al Qaeda and the Road to 9/11 for the full history). As most of you know, Egypt has always been not only the most populous Middle Eastern country, but also one of the most modern and secular. A study of opinions in Egypt two weeks before the opposition to Mubarak surfaced showed that 85% of the Egyptians queried favored institution of Shariah Law in their country. Of what use is a democracy of savages? Democracy is totally unimportant compared to other little considerations like basic human decency and rights; not to mention real justice.
            In sum, unless he is personally and deliberately seeking to instigate the Biblical version of events known as “Armageddon,” there is absolutely zero sense to the Obama Middle East policy decisions of the last three months and the notion of going on a blind date with (arming) the Libyan rebels made even less sense than getting involved there in the first place. Events in Libya via the U.N. are all about French and British oil interests and not one single other thing and getting involved in someone else's civil war and deciding to institute a regime change is never a good idea.
Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,
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