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A picture is worth a thousand words, and if ever a person needs to know how four years of Obama have impacted our nation, take a look at "Obamanation".


"Obamanation", painted by Jon McNaughton, uses 60 or so images to illustrate Obama's many betrayals, failed policies and backlashes on everything the USA stands for. From "Cash for Clunkers" to slighting our allies while currying favor to Islamic radicals, to various policies unconstitutionally shoved down Americans' throats, the painting is impressive, shocking and eye-opening all at once. McNaughton, whose website features his artworks, also painted other artworks you may have seen on the Internet like "The Forgotten Man" and "One Nation Under Socialism." More impressive than "Obamanation" itself is the fact that visitors can click on each image in "Obamanation" to see how that image (backed up by links to sources) specifically relates to the disaster that has been Obama's presidency. Each image in the painting tells its own story, but all put together on one canvas, tells the bigger picture that is "Obamanation."


McNaughton's video discussing "Obamanation" is below. I advise you to visit his website, see the painting, and hover your mouse pointer over each image in the painting for more information. McNaughton has challenged Obama supporters to study the painting and review each image: ""Do you still support Barack Obama? If so you are a part of the Obamanation."


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