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By Oscar Y. Harward


For nearly 50 years, I practiced expanding a Conservative Republican Party; first, volunteering on Jim Gardner’s 1968 NC Governor’s campaign. Then, Sen. Jesse Helms (1972 through 1996), Gov. Jim Holshouser (1976), Sen. John East (1980), Gov. Jim Martin (1984), Sen. Lauch Faircloth (1992), 3 Ronald Reagan campaigns (1976-1984); and many others.


Being totally disabled, I attempted assisting Pat McCrory’s two ‘gubernatorial’ campaigns.


In October 2013, I requested Gov. McCrory consider granting a Commutation’ to a friend and former employee convicted of a felony in 1998; a crime induced with and directly associated to ‘illegal drugs’. While incarcerated, this individual has vowed to never again associate with ‘illegal drugs’ or any other illegal activity, has cultivated his daily ‘Christian’ life, growing his life professionally, and has ‘NO’ infractions nearing 6 years.


The only ‘self-serving’ requests I ever sought were to be appointed to my local Board of Elections and elected as a Delegate to the 1996 GOP National Convention. I never requested any favors that were improper, illegal, or immoral. My entire goals include helping others in their lives; personally, politically, and professionally.


Now, all communications go ‘only’ through McCrory’s staff; never allowed thru Gov. McCrory, himself; and certainly left saddened.


Oscar Y. Harward

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Democracy North Carolina Executive Director Bob Hall is asking for an investigation GOP contributions? 


Were Democracy North Carolina and/or Executive Director Bob Hall even alive during Gov. Beverly Perdue’s corrupt campaign and/or Gov. Mike Easley’s administration?  Both of these 2 Democrats were found guilty on several cases and came up very short of becoming residents and behind the bars in our NC Prison system.  Even with Democrat Party Speaker of the House, Rep. Jim Black and Agriculture Commissioner Meg Scott Phipps investigated and becoming inmate within our Prison system, that may have been just a start.


While there were several cases for NC Board of Election’s Chairman Larry Leake to investigate, prosecute, and, perhaps, convict of cases submitted to his attention, the Board of Elections usually voted with and for the Democrat Party majority; 3 to 2 in denying any independent investigation against  the Democrats.


Every North Carolinians should be made aware that each of these appointments are based on ‘partisan’ politics.  Executive Director, Gary Bartlett and/or his predecessor, Executive Secretary-Director Alex K. Brock did not get his initial appointment, or his continuous position re-appointments, because he was a good administrator.  They were both ‘good supporting’ Democrats.


Prior to the 1st Republican Governor in 100 years, the Governors made the nominee choice as Executive Secretary-Director of the NC Board of Elections. 


With NC Gov. Jim Holshouser’s election win in 1972, the majority Democrat Party changed the NC General Statues, denying Gov. Holshouser this Executive Secretary-Director selection any many other appointments. 


Wow!  Then the majority Democrat Party changed the NC General Statues again in 1977 after a new Democrat Party Governor, Jim Hunt, providing Gov. Hunt and members in the NC Legislature appointments. 


Again, when GOP Gov. Jim Martin won the General Election in 1984, the majority Democrat Party changed the NC General Statues again denying Gov. Martin’s appointments.  


Again, in 1992 after Jim Hunt won another election, the majority Democrat Party changed the NC General Statues again providing appointments to newly elected Governor.


In November, 2012, and with the ‘Blessings’ of North Carolinians providing GOP victories as Governor, Lt. Governor, and a GOP super-majority in both, the NC House and NC Senate, there is no reason to worry. 


NC elections, and other State government departments, will continue on a ‘professional’ basis under new leadership.


Wake up, Democracy North Carolina and Executive Director Bob Hall.  There were many times for you and your organization to call for investigations against Democrats, while at the same time assisting North Carolinians; but, you turned you head and walked away from cleaning up NC government and its’ attendees.


Oscar Y. Harward

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