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Hello everyone, I know lots of people are psyched with the latest news out of Virginia.. I know I am!  I am one of the unlucky residents of Massachusetts who is unable to afford healthcare.  My employer doesn't offer it, and instead of the state offering to assist me in purchasing it, they decided to fine me $2,000 in 2009.


I am currently in a court battle with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.  I know there are many Massachusetts residents who know about my ongoings but I don't believe it's reached nationwide coverage.


The Boston Herald has run several articles on my case, I've been interviewed by several radio shows, and did a quick television interview on NECN.


I should also  add that I am representing myself in this lawsuit against the state, considering I cannot afford to hire an attorney.  His or her fees would outweigh the cost of the fines anyways.  I have filed a Motion for Judgment with the Superior Court and I have a hearing scheduled on January 6th, 2011.  I honestly have no idea what's going to happen!


If any of you folks are on Facebook I'd love for you to visit the page I setup to keep people in the loop.  Here's the link: Merlina vs. Massachusetts


The state has hired a private law firm to fight me.  The latest news from the Herald is that they are paying those lawyers $125/hr to fight my case.  It must be nice to have unlimited resources.  I on the other hand am just a 29 year old guy who cuts glass for a living in Peabody, MA for a small family business. *sigh*


Keep up the good fight!


Michael Anthony Merlina

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Over the past 18 months, I have learned more than I ever thought possible, and done things completely outside my little private lifestyle, as have hundreds of thousands -- no millions -- have done. A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step. What we saw happening got us out of our comfort zone, to become engaged in unknown territory, because the very definition of Conservatives is non-combative, who works hard to earn a decent living, and take care of family.


I can almost hear our Founders saying, "Ya done good!"

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It's not surprising to see the Democrats in denial. When have they ever taken responsibility for the result of their actions, especially this narcissistic leader? The most comical of all was Obama's statement comparing Scott Brown's victory to his own! Scott Brown rode to victory campaigning against everything Obama and his administration stands for.THE MEANING OF BROWNBrown ran on a very specific, very clear agenda. Stop health care
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It's been a long time since America has been under a Democratic rule without some kind of balance, and every time they have such power, it doesn't take long for them to remind us why we don't like them. We are a center right country, with strong Christian values, no matter how much noise the far left radicals are compelled to make. America was taken for a ride last year, and the timing couldn't have been more ripe.THAT OLD OBAMA MAGIC IS BACK
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With so much on the line, the Dems are pulling out all the stops. The SEIU busses have "rolled into town" and the ACORN "boots" are on the ground. Let's pray there are enough lookouts out there to keep it at least honest, and that the backlash is so phenominal there will be no question who has won.Massachussetts Armageddon: Dems Going “All Out” for Coakley in Final 3 Days
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As today's politics become more and more totalitarian, the overreach of the far left radicals in this administration is beyond belief. A big part of American exceptionalism is our freedom, and voting rights is right up there in the top five. We now have a government hell-bent on transforming America back to the day of King George and the British Empire.Dem Scheme: Seat Brown Late If He Wins, Until After Health Care Gets to Senate
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In an interesting poll analysis, Massachusetts shows weak support for the Democrat health care bill. This is a state that knows first hand what government health care brings -- disaster. Amazing, for a state that has far more registered Democrat voters than Republican.Even in Massachusetts, Weak Support for Dem Health Care Bill
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In an email yesterday, Scott Brown is alerting us about a final push by and the SEIU in Massachusetts. Since we all know how they fight, it's not pretty, so here is their request for help:An Alert From the Scott Brown Campaign in Mass. Jan 19th to MoveIn to Massachusetts.
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The Massachusetts Senatorial special election to be held January 19th will be the tipping point for Republicans. It will allow them the critical 41st vote and enable them to filibuster, not to mention defeat the obaminable government run health care if it goes back to the Senate after reconciliation.Will Health Care Reform Tip Senate Race to GOP in Massachusetts?
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