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Does “Power from the Barrel of a Gun”

Threaten “100 Flowers?”



               The bailouts of GM, today known as “Government Motors,” and Chrysler by the federal government and the $787 Billion Obama-stimulus are two of the most hated actions by Barack Obama and his administration. To oversee these travesties, Obama appointed one of his 43 un-vetted high-paid czars (none of whom would have survived even the most harmless questioning by the U.S. Senate if it had been allowed to have talked to them) a neo-Marxist named Ron Bloom. Technically Bloom was the “manufacturing czar” but that’s a lot less important than the man’s ideology as expressed here:


“Generally speaking, we get the joke,” Bloom said, “We know that the free market is nonsense. We know that the whole point is to game the system, to beat the market or at least find someone who will pay you a lot of money**, ’cause they’re convinced that there is a free lunch.”

“We know this is largely about power, that it’s an adults-only no- limit game. We kind of agree with Mao that political power comes largely from the barrel of a gun. And we get it that if you want a friend you should get a dog.”


Mao Tse Dong (or Mao Tse Tung) was, of course, arguably the worst tyrant in human history, having brought about the death of 60-70 million of his own subjects during peacetime. He was 100%-convinced in the rightness of Marxism and a totalitarian communist who reduced every soul in the most populous nation on earth to absolute slavery to its central-planning government bureaucrats. Mao’s star rides very high in the progressive (liberal) sky. For example, Obama's former Communications Director Anita Dunn regarded Mao as one of her “favorite political philosophers” according to a graduation address she gave in 2009.  She and Bloom are not alone.  Mao is cherished by BHO himself who admitted to taking courses from only the most left-wing of professors during his days at Occidental College. 

Anyway, getting back to Ron Bloom who recently quit the Obama administration . . . just this past June he was interviewed by Florida Republican Representative Connie Mack at a hearing held by the House of Representative’s Subcommittee on Regulatory Affairs, Stimulus Oversight and Government Spending.  During that hearing Bloom was forced to explain the “dentist chair” bargaining technique favored by labor unions (grab the dentist by his testicles Mack further pressed Bloom about his role in the General Motors and Chrysler bailouts, asking numerous tough questions regarding several of Bloom’s remarks listed above.  Mack also asked Bloom if his union background should have disqualified him from heading the Obama initiatives.

Bloom denied any fondness for Mao and tried to laugh the whole line of questioning off. You and I know better . . . and bringing the Bloom story up-to-date the leftwing blogsite ran the Bloom resignation story and ended it this way:

In reference to Obama’s continuing efforts to forge a partnership between manufacturers in several states, unions and academia — in order to revitalize American factories — Bloom apparently saw something Mao-esque in the way government was attempting to support private business, stating the approach would,let the great thousand flowers bloom in America” -- Mao’s exact wording was “a hundred flowers,” and there is absolutely no question as to where the phrase originated.

Back in the summer of 1957 in the People’s Republic of China, a movement emerged called theHundred Flowers Campaign,during which the Communist Party allegedly encouraged those with diverse view points to step forward and share their ideas with a view to “letting a hundred flowers blossom and a hundred schools of thought contend as a policy for promoting progress in the arts and the sciences and a flourishing socialist culture in our land.”

Tragically, it was all a sick-sick ploy that a lot of Chinese intellectuals and free-thinkers fell for . . . a sick ploy with the aim of snuffing out as many free-thinkers and dissidents as the regime possibly could.  Not surprisingly, Mao severely punished many who participated in the Hundred Flowers Movement until finally re-imposing his oppressive policies on public expression once the hundred flowers had been crushed under jack boots and rather than pressed between the pages of a book. Once again Rajjpuut would suggest the reader look up the Obama czars and their personal histories and their words in video online; as well as reading Dreams from My Father Obama’s first autobiography; and read Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals, the Chicago University course that Obama taught for five semesters.

It’s also helpful to remember that before it was removed in recent editions, Alinsky’s second book (Reveille for Radicals was the first) featured this “dedication page” . . . .

"Lest we forget at least an over-the-shoulder acknowledgment to the very first radical:  from all our legends, mythology, and history (and who is to know where mythology leaves off and history begins -- or which is which), the first radical known to man who rebelled against the establishment and did it so effectively that, with a total starting capital of one snake, he won his own kingdom -- Lucifer."

            And it’s even more important to remember that also ran this revealing article by Barack Obama’s dad from the East Africa Journal when the boy was four years old (Dreams from his father, indeed) in which he praises “scientific socialism” a.k.a. communism and talks longingly of the possibility of “100 taxes” upon the rich. Back in 1925, Rudolf Hess took dictation for Mein Kampf by Adolf Hitler . . . like Bloom’s and Dunn’s and Alinsky’s words; and the words of all the Obama czars and those of the great man himself and his father . . . too many people do humanity a huge disservice when would-be tyrants are allowed to speak with impunity with no good people bothering to listen.


Ya’ll live long, strong and ornery,



** Bloom said at another time “someone who will support you because they believe there is such a thing as a free lunch,” but Rajjpuut cannot now find the quote.

By the way, Rajjpuut owes this logic to a friend:

If you can answer this correctly, you can answer the
question on what action to take on raising the Federal debt ceiling.

               You come home from work and find there has been a sewer
backup and you have sewage up to your ceilings.

               What do you do……raise the ceilings, or pump out the shi_?



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The Baker’s Dozen Most Dangerous
Publications in History
          Today Rajjpuut the Audacious, with his usual effrontery, goes where no Libertarian sympathetic to the TEA (“Taken Enough Abuse”; ‘Taxed Enough Already”) Party has gone before: compiling a list of the 13 most dangerous liberal; progressive; communist; or totalitarian publications in history. His logic may well amuse you, but hopefully it will make you think as well.   The inclusion of some of these illustrious works will absolutely shock you. The countdown from #13 to #1 begins now, Enjoy: 
13. Drama-Movie/Musical: Grease 
Unlike the powerful and laudable books by S.E. Hinton, Grease goes well beyond revealing the truth about a dubious sub-culture into unshackled naked glorification of it. Rajjpuut gives two-thumbs up to Marie Osmond for her role in #13’s  history. Our first entry in the category of most dangerous publications in history will undoubtedly surprise many: perhaps if we’d listed the cartoon show The Simpsons you might have been more than surprised and absolutely shocked . . . but The Simpsons is excellent satire (even though it has long irritated a certain segment of the ultra-right) that tends to intelligently cut both ways across the political spectrum. Grease can claim no such evenness of hand. After its 1971 premier in Chicago, Grease quickly became one of the most popular off-Broadway plays in history. 
Later the play became the #1 most popular ever performed on Broadway running to 3,388 performances before its 1980 close. Later this record would be beaten by several plays, Cats and Chicago to name two. The 1978 film version of Grease was originally planned to star Henry Winkler (the Fonze from the Happy Days TV program) and Marie Osmond but instead lit fireworks under the careers of John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John. Osmond turned down the part even though the movie looked like “a lot of fun” because she didn’t like the ending with the girl having to “turn bad” to get the boy.   And that is precisely the point, the heroine of the story starts out as an admirable young woman and becomes a cheap imitation of other cheap females . . . albeit more popular . . . .
The movie was the highest grossing movie of 1978; the highest grossing movie musical ever at that time surpassing 1965’s The Sound of Music and wound up being the third highest grossing film of the ‘70s behind only Star Wars and Jaws.  The danger in Grease is that the film is such a fine nostalgic piece; that it IS so very much fun; and most importantly, that it was so extraordinarily successful both on the boards and on the silver screen; and of course, it comes down to this:  a super-fine girl chooses to become mediocre and lower-class and to decimate her standards to be popular. I have heard a lot of parents raise some of these points, but uniformly the teen audience is mesmerized by Grease and loves it without anyone of them questioning the reverse-heroine journey that Sandy makes into cheapness. Yeah, we know, Rajjpuut is an old “fuddy-duddy” ain’t he? But the very least that needs to be said is that wise parents talk to their kids about such matters . . . and Rajjpuut doubts very much that very many parents ever took up that teaching moment.  Kids have an enormous difficulty battling with integrity vs. popularity. The greater the artist, the greater the art:  the greater the responsibility to uplift our young people rather than to suggest capitulation to mediocrity.
12. Music/Record: Cocaine
The most popular version of Cocaine was the Eric Clapton cover version and the song rose to #1 in several countries although only topping out on the Billboard charts in this country at #30 . . . but it was very popular for a long, long time. The lyrics and music are powerful and . . .  Cocaine is one of the best rock and roll songs ever to dance to . . . despite Clapton’s claim that the song was “anti-drug,” it was exactly what America and the world didn’t need: a great artist creating an ambiguous song about a drug with no socially redeeming features (even heroin and morphine have serious medical uses). Later Clapton would add the lyrics “that dirty cocaine” to tone down the songs ambiguity. He claims never to have sung it at any of his concerts. IF it really was an anti-drug song with a clear message, why not? The Beatles had glorified drugs, but they tended to hide the message (Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds = LSD) sometimes rather cleverly. Today, a new type of music has taken up the banner of glorifying the unseemly: Rap!   Rap as a genre not only glorifies drug use and wife-beating but also cop-killing. All such overt glorification of the seedy and evil is just following in the footsteps of those who debased their art as the Beatles and Clapton did.
11: Drama: Pygmalion by George Bernard Shaw
Perhaps nothing feels so evil as undisciplined intelligence (think of Charles Manson!). Perhaps nothing IS so evil as disciplined narcissistic intellect. Shaw’s terrific play Pigmalion has so captivated English audiences from 1912 on and, of course, became perhaps the very best Broadway musical of all time My Fair Lady. Shaw's Pigmalion was based upon an old Greek myth about a sculptor who falls in love with the girl he creates out of stone  . . . but Shaw goes above and beyond in his tale about a down-and-out cockney working girl who is transformed into a lady by a linguistics expert betting on the matter with a friend. 
The problem with Pigmalion, of course is that it was the play that cemented Shaw’s fame in England and America and Germany . . . . and with that fame, Shaw (who lived to be 94 years old) now had an appreciative audience for all his crackpot ideas such as eugenics; and Keynesian Economics long before Keynes thought of it; and progressivism . . . which is, of course, deliberately slow, sneaky Marxism slipping under the radar of otherwise solid societies and economic systems to lead us first to abject socialism and eventually communism. Shaw was the most infamous of the Fabian Socialists and a founder of the Fabian Society. It says volumes that the emblem of the Fabian Society was a wolf in sheep’s clothing.   You can now see the emblem; and then see it again in the infamous stained glass “Fabian Window” depicting Shaw (with a smithy’s hammer) and others “destroying the world to save it” at this link:
            Shaw’s belief in eugenics is lightly touched upon in his none-too-popular play The Doctors’ Dilemma but he was also filmed a good twenty times letting the world know how important eugenics was. One of our other infamous writers, Adolf Hitler, took Shaw at his word, which was:
"The moment we face it frankly we are driven to the conclusion that the community has a right to put a price on the right to live in it … If people are fit to live, let them live under decent human conditions. If they are not fit to live, kill them in a decent human way. Is it any wonder that some of us are driven to prescribe the lethal chamber as the solution for the hard cases which are at present made the excuse for dragging all the other cases down to their level, and the only solution that will create a sense of full social responsibility in modern populations?"
Later, Adolf Eichmann architect of the Hitler’s “Final Solution” would attempt to defend himself using Shaw’s claim of humanitarian eugenics via Zyklon- B gas in the concentration camps.
10. Music/Record Album: Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band by the Beatles
Despite being in the U.S. Navy at the time, Rajjpuut, like a helluva lot of American kids took his first tokes from a joint while listening to this album.   While SP’sLHCB seems very tame by today’s standards, of course, at the time it was a huge departure from anything that had ever been done. The Beatles were the most popular and skilled and powerful message-senders in the mid and late 60’s and they sold out the youth of the world with this unabashed glorification of the drug culture. 
Before SP’sLHCB the counter-culture in America was a limited number of crackpots and impotent malcontents . . . after SP’sLHCB, the counter-culture (that became today’s leading political voices of progressivism) had for a time become almost unstoppable. Oh, and by the way, hashish and heroin were offered to some of Rajjpuut’s friends, the same night he took that first toke of marijuana.
9. Book: Bubble of American Supremacy: Correcting the Misuse of American Power by George Soros
Rajjpuut will NOT comment on Soros’ writing at this time as he intends to dedicate two individual blogs to discussing #9 and #8 on our list.
8.   Book: The Crisis of Global Capitalism: Open Society Endangered by George Soros
Rajjpuut will NOT comment on Soros’ writing at this time as he intends to dedicate two individual blogs to discussing #9 and #8 on our list.
7.  Book: Untitled, Unpublished Sequel to Mein Kampf by Adolf Hitler (sometimes called Mein Kampf II)
      This book appeared to being headed for publication in 1929, but unfortunately it never was. “Unfortunately” we say, because perhaps this book would have been read in America and England and perhaps history might have changed for the better. Let’s talk briefly of this book’s predecessor . . . . The powerful evil of Mein Kampf written in 1924 in Landsberg am Lech Prison and published the next year -- despite being a blue print for the Nazi horrors that followed Hitler’s initial rise to power in January was largely ignored inside Germany and throughout the rest of the world. This second Hitler book was even more evil and yet it is virtually unknown. Hitler documented how after succeeding in Europe, the Third Reich would defeat the United States and institute Nazism around the world.  
Among other things the world under the Nazis would be Jewless, Gypsyless, free from Slavic peoples, homosexuals, free of retarded folk, free of those with birth defects, free of cripples of all sorts, free of most “intellectuals,” free of Jehova’s Witnesses and many other religions, and eventually free of Non-Aryans period. Originally intended for general release, it was so revealing and so detailed of Der Fuehrer’s future plans that only a few copies were printed before Hitler and Nazi leaders decided to keep it under wraps.
Hitler’s second book is in many ways more important than Mein KampfMein Kampf is cluttered with a great deal of highly unreliable testimony about Hitler's own past which appears to have been invented in some instances out of blue sky. This book is the Bible of Beneficial War. Hitler believed war was the single greatest achievement of mankind . . . a purifying force that had played and would always play the central role in human affairs.
In Hitler’s view modern capitalist world economies that augmented individual freedom had no future – zero, zip, nada.   He expounded on Mein Kampf‘s theme that the answer to the economic development of Germany - rich in human potential, but poor in resources - was to seize land and raw materials from other people, so-called "living space" or “elbow room.” Darwin was right, man is no better than animals:   the struggle for existence was the only reality for nations and races, and warfare expressed that struggle magnificently.
Much of the sequel detailed even more of what Hitler saw as the worldwide struggle against the Jews. It was the glory of Germany and of Nazism that they had the honor of eradicating the “Jewish Virus.” which he and his party had to lead.   One of the main reasons Hitler returns to time and again saying “warfare as both natural and necessary,” is that with the raw naked power of Aryan soldiers they could CLEANSE the world of the evil Jews.
6. Book: Dreams from My Father by Barack Obama (?)
This book, based upon several handfuls of notes and a collection of transcripts from interviews that Barack Obama taped in Africa, first brought this communist son of a communist father to the attention of the Democratic Party.  In the 2nd link below Barak (YES, that IS correct spelling) Hussein Obama, Sr. discusses communism, socialism, and 100% taxes in an article written when his son was four years old . . . this is the dream the two of them share.
Obama had little hand in actually writing the book. His neighbor and friend in Chicago (Weather Underground 70’s bomber now grown respectable) Bill Ayers, wrote the book for him based loosely upon the notes and interviews with Ayers’ clever prose giving the book coherence and lucidity. The Communist poet and mentor to Barack, Jr., Frank Marshall is alluded to but not named. The words “communism” and communist are never mentioned . . . but Ayers the communist and Obama the communist know what they’re talking about, even as they gussy it up and hide its essence from the unaware among the rest of us. Without this book, published in 1995, Barack Obama who was an ACORN lawyer in 1995 and 1996 would have had zero political future . . . virtually all the Oval Office evil of the last 30 months never would have happened and the economy would be sailing along in a fine recovery right now.
5.   Book:  Mein Kampf by Adolf Hitler
Most people don’t know that the 13 million estimated concentration camp deaths (6 million of them Jewish) pales in significance to World War II’s total cost . . . . What more can be said about a book so evil it helped launch a war that killed an estimated 55 million people (25 million military and 30 million civilian deaths around the world). Too bad so few people took it seriously!
4.  Book: Das Kapital by Karl Marx
The Bible of Communism was written by one of history’s greatest losers and malcontents. One has but to document 126 million democides (killing of a nation’s people by the STATE) under communist rule in the 20th Century to justify #4’s inclusion on our list. Still the Mao and Che t-shirts are popular all around the world. How quickly they forget!
3. Book: The Little Red Book by Mao Tsedong
In the case of most of the communist democides, war at least could be blamed for a lot of the loss of life. Not so with Chairman Mao. 65 million Chinese lost their lives because Mao was an ideologue pushing full-fledged communism upon his people despite the absolutely foreseeable cost. The Little Red Book (quotations from Mao about Chinese Communism) is worldwide the second best-seller behind the Bible.
2.      Movie: An Inconvenient Truth by Al Gore
The great Greek Hippocrates gave the greatest advice ever written: “First do NO HARM.” He was talking about doctors, but he could just as well have been discussing politicians and scientists (or should we say, “pseudo-pscientists?”) or public policy makers of all ilk.
This movie about “Global Warming” won an Oscar and a Nobel Prize for Al Gore. It should have been titled “A Very Convenient Lie” for it not only won those awards but also almost made Gore the world’s first “Green Billionaire” -- if the U.S. Senate had been able to pass the carbon-trading “Cap and Trade” legislation already passed by the House of Representatives, Gore and about sixty of his cronies would have begun raking in a fortune under the auspices of the CCX (Chicago Climate eXchange). Gore would have become a multi-billionaire in a very short time. Instead the very liberal London Times was one of several European newspapers breaking the news about fraudulent science, fudged figures, struggles for political power and money by scientists with an agenda, deliberately leaving out the 350 year history of the Medieval Warm Period in climate computations . . . in a very sordid affair which has come to be known as “Climate Gate.”
Today in Europe, extremist environmentalists get a lot less respect than they do on this side of the Atlantic. Radicals with an agenda beyond real environmentalism pushing Global Warming nonsense in Europe are now called “mean greenies” and “watermelons” (green on the outside but pink or RED on the inside implying that the lies of global warming were just pretexts to pass legislation leading quickly to virtual totalitarian states). In the United States the cost of carbon-trading tax legislation would reach $10 Trillion yearly or 40% of the economy without producing a good or service. Since the entire real economy is worth only $15 Trillion that means that costs of all other goods and services would rise 67% with the profits going to Gore and his cronies ($10 TR/$15 TR = 67%). Nevertheless Gore and his buddy George Soros are still pushing global warming and carbon trading via the United Nations and Soros’ toady Barack Obama has pledged to comply with whatever programs the U.N. comes up with. He has also pledged a) to bankrupt the coal industry and b) to institute energy policies that “would necessarily make the cost of electricity skyrocket” . . . once the Cap and Trade laws failed Obama has sought to institute carbon trading, etc. via presidential fiat within the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). These links make it all clear:
1.          Book: Silent Spring by Rachel Carson
Whatever was said about global warming pseudo-pscientific pshenanigans is true in spades about environmental “research” into products that keep humanity safe . . . such as DDT.
While the verdict is still out on Cap and Trade legislation, Ms. Carson has quietly passed Jack the Ripper, Ted Bundy, the Cuban combo of Castro and Che Guevara, Pol Pot, Genghis Khan, Hitler, Stalin and Chairman Mao to move onto the throne as the all-time #1 mass murderer. She did it with her little science-FICTION book masquerading as real science:  Silent Spring. Despite documenting no actual science, Ms. Carson was able to practically create the extremist wing of the environmental movement single-handedly; and to influence the American government and the United Nations to institute a worldwide ban on DDT, the most effective and most harmless insecticide ever created.
By 1972, deaths from just one tropical mosquito-borne disease, malaria, had dropped to 41,400 worldwide. Now and for virtually every single one of the 38 years since the DDT ban took effect malaria deaths stand at roughly 2.1 million yearly, not to mention the even greater number of surviving millions who will now spend every third day of their life suffering the ravages of malaria’s fever. All told, considering all the nine deadly tropical diseases dramatically reduced using DDT which are now running rampant, Ms. Carson has killed about 98 million people.
Rajjpuut has been told about a showman who purportedly would drink DDT as tea and also use it as salad dressing. The safety of the substance is seen in the fact that it was sprayed directly upon U.S. servicemen in World War II; and upon their clothing and tents; and that today many African nations are starting to avoid the DDT ban and use DDT again – their favorite way? They spray their huts inside and out three times yearly.
Despite Ms. Carson’s undocumented claims of testing, no human has ever been proved to have developed cancer from DDT exposure; no animals with fewer than six legs has ever been shown to have been harmed by DDT; and DDT has never been shown to actually make birds’ eggshells thinner: QED.  But lack of DDT, definitely kills 2.1 million people a year.
Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,

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       General Motors a.k.a. “Government Motors” (henceforth referred to as GM) in late 2010 agreed to sponsor a propaganda film celebrating the 90th anniversary of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP):   your bailout cash hard at work!  The now completed film, whose title literally translated into English is “The Great Achievement of Founding the Party,” will open all over China on June 15th.  The film produced by the Cadillac division of GM glorifies the CCP, which under their patron saint, Mao Tse Dong, sent some 60 million Chinese souls to heaven a bit earlier than planned.  Young Mao and his lover are featured in the film paying homage to the author of The Little Red Book, he of the face so often seen on T-shirts these days.

       According to an announcement posted on Shanghai GM’s official web site yesterday, the film will discuss events that led up to the formation of the CCP following the 1917 Russian Revolution. When the movie first went into production GM signed up Cadillac as the “chief business partner” with the Communist Party, stating: “Cadillac whole-heartedly supports the making of The Birth of a Party.”

       In the same way that the CCP has married totalitarianism with capitalism; and fools the Chinese people and her guests with entertainment extravaganzas like the recent Olympic Games . . . so too the Obama administration has married the American Communist Party with progressive Democratic political correctness so that today only those songbirds among us echoing the Obama dogma 24-7; or the most abject imbeciles can prosper in the Brave New World of Barack’s Crony- Capitalism.  That the once proud General Motors eagerly takes part in creation of such a shameless propaganda output shows you how easily one loses integrity in the shadow of the Obama White House.  Of course, based on the high quality of GM products like its electric car the Volt, there’s a good chance that the great film will start with a series of snippets from the Usama Bin Laden porn cache with a voice-over of Barack’s most inspiring speeches all served with popcorn and chop suey – phooey!


Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,


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China’s Rise, Episodic Stossel Career
Highlight Free Market’s Resilience and Power
Journalism, skeptical independent journalism, used to be called the fourth estate. The meaning of the phrase in American life was that along with religion, government and business . . . the institution of the free press served as a “watchdog” over our society while keeping a free citizenry informed as they must be in a democratic republic. Today that phrase “fourth estate” has lost all meaning. Some have talked about a “fourth house of government” meaning that as the government itself has become a special interest group whose main purpose is growth and self-perpetuation, the mainstream news media have virtutally become a fourth branch (after the presidency, house of representatives and the senate) whose major purpose is also self-aggrandizement and self-perpetuation based upon their pro-government symbiotic relationship. Certainly today’s journalism as practiced by NBC, CBS, ABC and CNN is incestuous, at best^^^ *** and at worst a relationship contrived to protect the leftwing darlings of the media and their projects.
They apparently have been taken in by revisionist history$$ and intend to propagate the benefits they believe that kind of government brings:
What does Rajjpuut mean? Franklin Delano Roosevelt “transformed” government with his “New Deal.” History tells us he was elected as an overwhelming popular choice to escape the uncaring government of the Hoover years. History, at least the history written in progressive history books (those that want us to progress beyond the Constitution), that history is a record of lies. Hoover was a progressive Republican who had the same dreams as Woodrow Wilson. Hoover departed markedly from the Harding and Coolidge years by creating programs for the unemployed and several government programs for farmers. So, by understanding Hoover we understand that Roosevelt could not have won by campaigning to be like Hoover. In fact, reading the newspapers of 1932 we get a totally different picture.
FDR ran against Hoover campaigning like Reagan and like Obama. He was elected president after promising pretty much what Warren Harding delivered in 1921-22 when the “invisible Depression was cut down to size by cutting taxes 40% and cutting government spending over 49%. To be precise: FDR won the 1932 election on the promise of a 25% reduction in federal spending, a balanced budget, a sound currency based on gold, to end the “extravagance” of Hoover’s farm programs, and to remove government from areas that “belonged more appropriately to private enterprise.” The Progressive Woodrow Wilson had put us into a Depression and Harding’s efforts got us out; and Coolidge’s continuation of Harding’s policies gave us the Roaring Twenties “the single-most economically-positive decade in American history. For the first time in history a large percentage of people owned such devices as radios and refrigerators and their own automobiles and had electricity in their homes. For the first time in history, farm families mostly had both electricity indoor plumbing. So FDR ran on repeating Harding’s and Coolidge’s policies and then GASP kept NONE of his promises.
Now think clearly on this: FDR created 39 new agencies (and several others) concerned just with the three-R’s: relief, reform and recovery in his first eight years in office. Mr. Obama has already created over ten times that amount of new government agencies just as part of his Obamacare health care “reform” bill. One new law and 400 new agencies. Is that socialism?
Year after year, independent media overseers have attributed a pro-left (bigger government advocacy) bias that shows up in the news as a ratio of between 3-1-1 and 4-1-1 in story treatment. That is, for every single actually neutral treatment or every single negative reference to big government in the media, typically three or four stories glorifying Big Guv are printed or broadcast. Big journalism has thus become an advocate of Big Guv. Certainly what’s also been true is that for over 40 consecutive months now, mainstream journalists have also been unabashed supporters of today’s main messenger of the unending benefits that Big Guv can bring to all of us: Barack Hussein Obama.
While examining the role of journalism in our about to become socialist state, a very good place to start is with the career of John Stossell, an important individual in the field for well over thirty consecutive years now. He began as a crusader, a consumer-oriented reporter finding fault in big business and its products and its effect upon the every day lives of American Citizens. Almost immediately Stossel transformed into an advocate of higher taxes and bigger government which would protect the consumer from abuses of the voracious and greedy. Soon he was pro-left government all the way advocating deep government involvement in the marketplace and all sorts of watchdog Big Guv agencies to protect us from corporate greed, malfeasance and dare Rajjpuut say it? He was advocating greater government as a tonic for the evil nature of business itself, the misbegotten spawn of satan that it is . . . . Stossel gained a huge following and his career took of straight to the top at ABC News. But Stossel still retained his basic journalistic objectivity which came out in rare moments in revelations of the huge waste and continued abuses of government against both citizens and businesses. Suddenly, Stossel was seeing the world through different eyes . . . . and he stopped winning Emmy awards (he had won a total of nineteen early in his career. His coverage which used to attack corporations, now increasingly began to attack government.
He had seen in his long career, that increasingly the greater government intervention that he’d been calling for evolve into a greater problem than had existed in the first place. He began to re-examine his stance. “I viewed the marketplace as a dog-eat-dog cruel place. I saw people needing government and lawyers to protect them from business. But once I’d started seeing more and more government regulations at work, I came to believe that markets are ‘magical’ and the best protectors of the consumer.”
The magical link above, Rajjpuut avers, tells the story of the free market better than any other . . . .
Returning to Stossel after viewing up close and personal the costly failed debacles that resulted from virtually all the Big Gub solutions that he, his media friends, and the politicians they were backing had prescribed for society’s ills and watching these programs become expensive millstones around the taxpayers’ necks while making tolerable situations untolerable . . . Stossel changed dramatically. “Solutions invariable wound up creating larger problems at the cost of billions of dollars.” Stossel is now a free-market libertarian and author of two books. In October of 2009, tired of having his anti-big government exposes drowned out at ABC by the crescendo of cheerleading for Barak Obama’s prescription for America Stossel left ABC News after twenty-eight years with them, and took a position with Fox News, the clear and away “most free-market oriented network in America.” The public, by and large agrees with Stossel’s assessment. Survey after survey shows that about 64-67% of all viewers regard the mainstream media as too liberal while only 20-22% of viewers regard the media as too conservative. Those reports from Gallup over the last ten years have come as mainstream media have lost respect from the age 25-54 key demographic of consumers and viewers of news programming and suffered an across the board 40-45% drop in viewers. At Stossel’s new gig, Fox News program after program has soon viewership climb from 30-60% over the last couple years.
Today Fox has more viewers than CNN, MSNBC and CNBC CONBINED and has been the nation’s top network for well over one hundred consecutive months. Stossel’s own program thrives not on Fox News but on Fox Business Channel but he is a frequent visitor to Fox News where he delights in the fact that he seldom gets “softball questions.”
The mainstream media today is about 90% caught up in advancing Obama’s socialist agenda without ever mentioning the word “socialism.” They have, for example, totally ignored the question of “Climate Gate” giving virtually no coverage at all to the story, which is clearly the single most important “scientific” hoax of the last sixty years. Climate gate is a clearly Socialist attempt to put huge portions of our economy under government’s thumb under the guise of protecting us and protecting the environment . . . so clearly Climate Gate deserves a neutral hearing in the mainstream media, one might guess. Rajjpuut, continuing the theme, asks you the reader the following series of hardball questions that never get broached on the mainstream media even by their comparatively most objective journalists. If you can’t answer these questions logically, but still favor Obama’s agenda, perhaps Stossel might describe you, like Big Guv, as part of the making the problem worse.
1. If leftism (larger government role, more government interference in business and individual lives and much more government spending) is the answer why did communism fail so spectacularly in the Soviet Union and the Warsaw Pact (eastern European) countries?
2. If socialism is so great, why was a wall around Berlin built and an “Iron Curtain” necessary to keep people from flooding out of Berlin and the socialist communist countries?
3. Why does the mainstream media never talk about the $108 TRillion boondoggle that the combination of Social Security, Medicare and the federal side of Medicaid has become? Can they not understand that this is our children AND grandchildren’s future at stake?
4. Why does the mainstream media never remind Americans that while Hitler’s policies killed almost thirteen million CIVILIANS, Stalin’s cost the lives of almost twenty-eight million; and Mao’s policies killed fifty-five million CIVILIANS in PEACE TIME?
5. Why is it that the resurgence of Chinese power, culture and influence in the world juxtaposes with the adoption of capitalism there?
6. Why is it that Barak Obama’s “Dreams from My father” (his first autobiography) was never properly vetted by the mainstream media? . . . it clearly is a glorification of socialism, is it not?
7. Why did the mainstream media never explore Barak Obama’s communistic upbringing? We know fifty times more about the mercurial John-John Kennedy’s homelife than we do about the childhood of our 44th president, wouldn’t you say?
8. Why is Black racism never explored? 96% of Blacks voted for Obama while he received more White votes (almost 48%) than Kerry and Gore did, yet don’t the mainstream media repeat without any investigation every trumped up charge of racism, bigotry and hate-mongering against conservatives, is that neutral media coverage?
9. Why have Barack Obama’s connections to avowed communists; to violent radicals; and to out and out nutcases like the Ehrlichs and Holdren never been brought up, much less explored? Why despite one debacle after another has he had not one week since 2007 where his negative media coverage outnumbered his positive coverage?
10. Why has the mainstream media refused to explore Obama’s campaigning for a communist presidential candidate (Raila Odinga) in his father’s native Kenya? To show pictures of Obama dressed in Muslim garb twice? To explore Odinga’s “memorandum of understanding” (sharia) with the Muslim community in Kenya which in the event of an Odinga victory would have made Kenya a Muslim nation by law; banned missionaries; and banned religious programming other than Muslim on radio and TV. Why was nothing reported about Muslim riots, arson, and rapings and murders against Christian Kenyans? The nature of Obama’s connections to Kenya is a real news story, is it not?
11. Why is it that Barak Hussein Obama, Sr.’s name has become corrupted to Barack with a ‘C’ and why is it that there is no history of the names of Barack our president by the media? Barak Obama, Jr. , Barak Soetoro (his second father’s last name – at the time Barak was attending Muslim schools in Indonesia), Barry Obama, Barry Soweto and finally Barack Obama are all significant moments in Barack’s young life, no? And why has Barry Soweto’s (his name as an undergraduate during his clearly most communist and radical years) existence been completely covered up? Didn’t President G.W. Bush’s youth receive roughly one-hundred and fifty times as much coverage?
12. Why is it that Barak Hussein Obama, Sr.’s defense of 100% taxes in Kenya not deemed important, his son wrote a whole worshipful book about “Dreams from My Father” and this is an important part of those dreams? In the first paragraph of Obama’s father’s most famous economic monograph (Problems with Our Socialism) he defines the “scientific socialism” he prefers as “communism,” shouldn’t that have been of interest to neutral journalists?
13. Why is it that Stanley Anne Dunham and Stanley Armour Dunham’s unabashed communism, never been explored in the mainstream media? Isn’t the influence of the two most key people in raising our president important?
14. Why have Jeremiah Wright’s anti-Americanism; Louis Farrakhan’s anti-Americanism and anti-semitism; and Al Sharpton’s anti-semitism never been seriously discussed . . . these are three key Obama supporters, no? And why does the media give Obama a free pass on not placing his hand over the heart or repeating the words when the Pledge of Allegiance is given? What is it about this man that encourages the media to look the other way as one red flag after another is revealed to them? Perhaps the question should be re-phrased, what is it about the media that makes them willing overlook serious warning signals that Barak Obama is NOT really good for America?
Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,
$$ One issue often discussed is the difference between socialism and communism: revisionists see NO relationship between the two. However, socialism begins with government interference in markets and progressively in the lives of private individuals; communism begins as government involvement increases and may progress to say, 100% taxes (as advocated by Obama's father) 100% control of the means of production; and even 100% control over or at least dominance of virtually every act of the individual. The United States has had socialistic aspects since Hoover and especially since FDR. Should Obamacare stand we are definitely a socialist country. Socialism is an economic approach that stifles creativity and freedom and does not produce abundance for its citizens . . . the greater the degree of socialism, the less creativity, the less freedom and the less abundance.

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There was a time in this country (say from about 1885 to 1917) when the communist party and the unions were just about the only ones who gave a damn about the working man in factories, mines, and other dangerous places where a dollar a day was big pay . . . a time when the unions, in particular did a lot of good. And then the unions became politicized, growing large war-chests to influence elections and the once noble, selfless unions became the corrupted mess they are today; making it impossible for American business to compete with China, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, etc. Today the largest labor union in the country and the single-most influential union of all is the National Education Association (the teacher's union) because, of course, they're the ones influencing the thinking of our children. The NEA has been guilty of revisionist history for almost four decades now. They will almost never let on that anything undesirable could be associated with unions or socialism or even marxist-communism.

Once upon a time there was a Marxist young fellow who wrote a lot of songs, some of them very good, others not so great. His name was Lennon and he thought there was a lot of wisdom to be found in the words of a political-minded fellow from a few wars earlier and he attributed a lot of karmaic strength to the fact that the guy from the early 20th Century had a name almost exactly like his but spelled “Lenin” instead of “Lennon.”

The young song writer liked to put all sorts of strange stuff in his body and some of it seemed to affect his mind and he began to constantly imagine a Utopian society based upon the words the earlier Lenin had proselytized about this classless, borderless, possessionless, Ideal World where all people lived in harmony, happily ever after. Indeed one of the last of his famous songs was named “Imagine” . . . some of the words were:

. . . . Imagine no possesions
I wonder if you can
No need for greed or hunger
A brotherhood of man

Imagine all the people
Sharing all the world . . . .

In the song, he was, of course, referring to the famous communistic ideal “to each according to his needs, from each according to his abilities.” Unfortunately, all his pot-smoking and LSD use, etc., had blinded him to simple facts like the twenty-five million killed by one Joseph Stalin just to keep his little Soviet Communist Utopia humming along – over twice as many civilian deaths as the Nazis and Hitler brought about . . . and this figure is not including the Ukranian Holocaust called “Holodomor”** in which the grain grown by the “rebellious” Ukrainians was all removed and a carefully orchestrated mass killing by hunger took place. The Soviets deny it happened, the Ukrainians say seven million were starved to death purposely, but for the sake of argument, we’ll take Stalin’s word for it and say those seven million deaths never happened. Apparently, the rest of the Soviet State as personified by Stalin had a greater need for the Ukrainian foodstuffs than the Ukrainians did . . . so spiritually, you can understand that, can’t you, that those deaths just shouldn’t be counted? Well, no one said Utopia was perfect . . . . what’s thirty-two million deaths in a perfect world anyway?

A far greater hero to those socialist sympathizers of John Lennon’s ilk and to today’s Obama administration is Red Communist Chairman Mao Tse Dong. While a great deal of the deaths orchestrated by Stalin did take place during the days before, during and after World War II, the sixty-five million Chinese civilians that died under Mao were all peacetime victims. Almost twenty million peasants died during one “Great Leap Forward” span of fifteen years (three consecutive five-year plans) when Mao refused to believe that his economic policies could possibly be causing starvation on such a mass scale. Ah, well, a few sacrifices for the perfection of mankind in the long run easily worth it when we look back from Utopia, eh?

Che Guevara, of several decades of perpetual t-shirt fame, reportedly was a sadist who personally killed some one-hundred eighty plus people and oversaw the deaths of hundreds more. The rock bands who’ve expressed adoration of Che are countless . . . one problem: Che punished ownership of Rock ‘n Roll records, lyrics and posters with death. Of course he was hard on ownership of forbidden books too. So the only question about Barak Obama’s noble experiment in ridding the United States of capitalism is how much misery will his misguided dreams cost us? And what chance do we have that the teacher's union will help our children see the truth instead of union propaganda bracing up Barak, the annointed?

Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,



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