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Bill Maher issued a challenge to Republicans on Friday's Real Time: put your money where your mouth is already and just impeach President Obama. Maher argued, "If you really believe Benghazi is that serious and Obama is that big a crook, then you should impeach him tomorrow." And, Maher said, it would actually help the president, because a partisan attempt to impeach him would trigger a popularity surge.

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Maher compared Republican "blather" on Benghazi to "trying to relate to someone who's tripping when you're not." He tore into the GOP and Fox News for having a near-single-minded obsession with Benghazi above all else, in a bubble where "rational arguments don't matter" and Fox will ignore whatever Obama says unless it's about Benghazi.


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I wrote a blog article                         becoming-a-police-state/   a while back pointing out how Barack Obama (Osama bin Obama) is putting the finishing touches on turning America into a police state. I have caught a lot of flak for my views, and have been called paranoid and a fear monger for pointing out the things I see happening to my America.   It seems pretty clear to me what is happening and I know many people agree with me on this while others disagree to varying degrees.

What really surprised me was to hear Bill Maher agree with me. To me, Bill Maher has always been a left-wing pompous jerk, with no semblance of reality apparent in anything he had to say.  When I saw this video clip I was astonished to say the least.  Bill Maher saying the same things I have been saying???  Maher must have lost his marbles or my ears were playing tricks on me!!!  But as I watched the clip I began to see something in him that changed my perspective.

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Bill Maher – Let’s Call A Spade a spade

Some say he’s sick, others call him slick, but he’s really know as the backyard “Brick(P).” His resume reads hates Conservative women, God, Jesus, the Bible and all Republicans and he tops the Liberal list for the most uninformed misinformed dolt of 2012.  4063487774?profile=original

Yep, Maher is a Heinz mixture of aphrodisiomania, ecdemomania, sophomania who’s lost his grip.  In layman’s terms Bill Maher is a volatile sex pot of sorts intrigued with the LGBT and women’s body parts, extremely self centered existing under the delusion that he’s incredibly intelligent.  4063487783?profile=original

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