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Rajjpuut Technique for Weight Loss

Gets Another Adjustment

Rajjpuut is currently going over three studies on the effects of fructose, the ubiquitous sweetner, in the diet of countless Americans. All of the details are still NOT understood, those crazy scientists use so much scientific jargon, shame on them, that occasionally getting to the meat of their research is akin to taking a bio-chemistry class . . . but one thing is clear, if you care about your health, avoid fructose like the plague . . . literally, like the plague.

The American obesity epidemic (65.2% of us are clinically obese and roughly 30% of us are “morbidly obese”) owes much to . . .

A. More than anything else, a sedentary lifestyle embraced by legions of couch potatoes

B. excessive milling and refinement of grainfoods to give us products like white rice and white wheat flour and white bread and numerous other junk food derivatives all totally devoid of nutrition and health-giving yield and full of empty calories

C. the abandonment of natural sweets like fresh fruit, raw honey, real maple syrup, sugar cane and beet sugar eventually replaced by highly refined white and brown sugar.

All this is well-known. However, the story of artificial sweeteners is an ugly tale indeed. If it should come to a decision between refined sugar or artificial sweeteners, for the most part, Rajjpuut recommends small quantities of sugar.
Aspartame, Sacharin, S__nda, Sucra__se, Sw__T ‘n Low, NutraSw__t, and other godawful concoctions recommended by the FDA at one time or another are pathetic excuses for food: they go by a thousand names and they are uniformly health disasters. Many are carcinogens, many have numerous nasty side effects, and create weird allergic interactions, all provide an excuse for consumption of great quantities of utterly nasty diet food, and none have the nutrition that real sweeteners provide, yes, even the much- maligned white sugar. Rajjpuut recommends stevia** to replace sugar and all sugar substitutes NOW. If you give a damn about your health forget about “DIET Foods” they work unmitigated horrors upon us and eventually they all make you fat or fatter. In case no one has told you before , Rajjpuut will: DIETS DO NOT WORK.

There is only one realistic plan for losing weight and it GASP! Involves good nutrition and exercise. And anybody who says anything else is blowing smoke up thy anus.

A quick word on fructose, it sounds good this word “fructose,” like perhaps it carries the natural sweetness of fruit and of course, all those natural benefits as well: WRONG , fructose seems to be natural only in this: it has a natural affinity for expanding the millions of fat cells in the human body. Avoid it. Rajjpuut after reading the research on fructose did an inventory of what he consumes and found out that the particularly-healthy grapefruit juice he imbibes contains fructose; the wonderful yogurt he eats has an even higher percentage; and the lemonade he’s commonly offered by his chess-playing friends has fructose as the #1 ingredient. Since the Ol’ Health Educator leads (by comparison to most of his less conscientious readers) a pristine and virtually Edenlike existence including nutrition beyond reproach, Hak-Koff, he cringes to think what his loyal readers, in less than blissful ignorance, have been ingesting fructose-wise.

OK, here’s the newly adjusted Rajjpuut Technique for wise, effective, nutritious meals and lasting weight loss:

1. Find a way to add exercise to your life: a good start is 30-40 minutes of walking 5-7 days a week. After 5-7 weeks consider adding greater intensity and greater duration to this aerobic ex. Some sort of muscle-building is essential (even simple pushups, situps and pullups and chinups will do the trick). As exercise becomes more intense look to do very easy stretching before and after. Two-three times a week add a brief “sprint component” to your exercise), for example: if you’re walking relatively slowly for 30 minutes a day, “sprint” by walking relatively faster or walking a bit faster but uphill for 10-20 seconds 4-5 times during your walk. Use your head on this, we’re NOT talking about pulling muscles and suffering heart attacks so LISTEN TO YOUR BODY. If over 35 or if you have any doubts, talk to a good physician. By the way, obviously if you enjoy your aerobic activity, clearly you’re more likely to keep with it; one good idea is adding variety: tennis, dancing, hiking, swimming, biking, nordic skiing, raquetball, basketball, etc. all have aerobic benefits as does downhill (alpine) skiing if you do it for at least four hours.

2. Eat a good breakfast every day. Eggs are great food, despite the FDA’s idiocy. Protein like oatmeal and other whole grains as well as the eggs and items like turkey-bacon; and lots of fruit are all good ideas. Breakfast should be your largest meal . . . re-arrange your waking and going to sleep time as necessary . . . it’s that important. One of Rajjpuut’s first-meal favorites: cold 7-ingredient cheeseless pizza; some people like to warm it up, that’s OK, too.

3. Eat 4-6 meals daily decreasing steadily in size throughout the day. Six is best, but who can do that? Five is next best.

4. Eat lots of veggies and fruit after breakfast. Light use of legumes (peas, green beans, beans, peanuts, etc.) at the second and third meal only is recommended.

5. Red meat and other flesh such as fish, fowl, and pork are great . . . just try to decrease the amount of these protein rich foods at every meal as the day wears on.

6. Eat off smaller chinaware. It's an oft-documented fact that people who eat off plates 50% smaller eat 35-40% less food.

7. Avoid all heavily refined and junk foods; almost all fried foods and things like gravies, cream- and cheese-sauces; and avoid artificial sweeteners of all kinds.

8. Salsa is great on baked potatoes (another great food that gets bad press) and lemon slices and or lemon juice make excellent salad dressings.

9. Drink a tall glass of water with lemon juice and stevia roughly one-half hour before at least two and preferably three of your meals.

10. Try to put 11-14 hours between your last meal of the night and breakfast. It’s virtually impossible to “fast” for 12 hours and NOT lose unnecessary weight over the long haul, 13-14 hours is better yet. Finishing a meal at 7:30 p.m. and beginning breakfast at 6:30 is about the least you can expect to do.

11. Chew all your food about three times as much as you’ve been used to doing, it helps the gastro-intestinal tract, but also makes you feel full quicker.

12. Visualize yourself much more healthy looking, feeling and acting; much more slender and happy.

13. Step on the scale every 1-2 weeks ( a body fat scale is a cheap and wise investment and much more helpful than a regular pounds-only scale). Judge your success mainly in how much better you feel; you look; and your body measurements including drop in overall body fat percentage.

14. Good luck!

Ya’ll live long, strong and ornery,

**Stevia has been semi-successfully attacked by conflicted interests in many studies but neutral studies show that stevia has actually a basic anti-diabetes effect. Other than for pregnant women (the jury is still out on them), stevia appears to be a great and healthy sugar substitute and it's natural.
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